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  1. Constitutional reform and a new constitution are not mutually exclusive. The former is a broader concept that could include a full rewrite. My understanding is that the new document would be put to a public vote.
  2. It may be a moot point anyway as Pinera is signalling con reform. Let's see how that goes.
  3. Why does Bolivia not need fresh elections? Evo was breaching the term limit and shouldn't be running. RE: Chile, I am aware that the current set-up was agreed to under Pinochet - I just think that economic reform is more pressing than political/constitutional reform. I also think there are plenty of Latin Americans who would much rather be in Chile than any other country on the continent.
  4. Good to see Evo go in Bolivia, but what they really need now is fresh elections (with no Evo), which doesn't seem to be on the cards. On Chile, I'm not convinced that constitutional reform is the way to go. The post-Pinochet system hasn't served Chile badly on a relative basis and you would certainly rather be Chilean than, say, Argentinian at the moment (ETA: assuming you are not caught up in the police brutality :/). What surprises me is that Pinera even managed to win that last election if the mood in Chile is more towards big government and redistribution. We are almost in need of a Latin American politics thread with everything going on!
  5. On the subject of tie-breakers, I note that the ICC got rid of the (silly) boundary countback rule for future tournaments. From now on we will just keep playing Super Overs until a winner emerges. I agree that non-tournament matches such as the above do not require a decider. The Australian selectors must be scratching their heads ahead of next week's opening test of the summer. Pretty much every batting hopeful failed in the tour match against Pakistan. I guess it doesn't really matter as 'Gabba test has only one likely winner, but still, it's getting to the point where they will be trying to piece together the shreddings of S Marsh's phone number...
  6. A return to form this week with fsociety doing what they do best. The Price scenes were a little dull though and I wish Dom would find her mojo again.
  7. May has unsurprisingly stepped down as Greens leader. Makes sense to me - Canada's Greens should probably take the lead from other Green parties by promoting younger leaders with broader policy agendas.
  8. Smarties are nice enough, but really not a patch on M&Ms. Oh and m).
  9. I think the show has been quite clever and honours the approach of the comics. The comics often took us back to the time of the Minutemen, while focusing on the Watchmen of the 1980s. Now we have a new cast of heroes/anti-heroes in Sister Night, Looking Glass and co. contrasted against the original Watchmen.
  10. For mine, Silk Spectre has instantly turned this show from "interesting" to "great". Funny and bad ass. And a nice foil for Sister Night. Also, watching Irons dictate a letter to L'amour est un oiseau rebelle was perfect TV.
  11. All done with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which I think is easily the weakest installment of the series. The others are much more self-contained and have more narrative momentum, this one just felt like a slow set-up novel. Still struggling through The Night Circus. Next up is The End of Alchemy: Money, Banking and the Future of the Global Economy.
  12. A bit late to the party on this one, but I had to laugh at the outcome of Hanson's recent trip to Uluru. Her political stunt backfired when she got stuck and had to slide back down the rock, later admitting that she "could see the sense" in banning the climb. Onya Pauline.
  13. Do we think that Angela and Judd had a sexual relationship? Or was it purely platonic?
  14. It does seem to be getting very mixed reviews but I will check it out (mainly because I like Chalamet and it's an unusual role for him).
  15. Maybe Sister Night is being set-up as the successor anti-hero to Rorschach? She certainly went to town on that Nixonville attacker after previously describing the raid as "unnecessary."
  16. It is interesting that the WS winner came from the NL after the AL produced three 100+ winning teams (two of which were absolutely loaded and I expected to win it all). Those clutch players at Washington really came to the fore.
  17. I read this recently too and agree about accessibility. Funnily enough I actually enjoyed the strange little tangential stories (like the missing otter boy, Mole's abrupt yearning for home and Rat's encounter with the wanderer) much more than the central Toad narrative that I was familiar with.
  18. I've enjoyed the first two eps well enough (though wouldn't say it's anything amazing just yet). Curious to see where it goes. I did like Abar's call in episode 2:
  19. I'm with you on episode 4 - there has been a noticeable dip since the early eps this season. I wonder if they really needed to make it 13 episodes? And yes to your question! Strongly hinted at at any rate.
  20. Insane World Series really. Not a single home victory!
  21. Great night for Greinke. Nats looked cooked.
  22. That HR last night was one of the best blasts I've seen. I'd have enjoyed that even if it was a consolation run in a regular season defeat. Not a bad pitching match-up for Washington tonight assuming Scherzer is actually match-fit.
  23. Shakib is an IPL player though so I don’t have anywhere as much sympathy for him as for, say, Amir back in 2010.
  24. The Astros will have to do the impossible and win at home to take the WS! Stras brilliant again tonight, just five hits in a near CG.
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