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  1. She may expose some backstory about the negotiations that went on prior to the wedding. Who was promised what in exchange for their services.
  2. @the trees have eyes Bowen Marsh has a good understanding of the roles and duties of the Watch. Jon's understanding is almost as good. The main difference between the two is dedication to duty and fitness for command. Those things which Jon never had. While Jon may have began with the idea of saving mankind, he took the wrong turn after his little sister married Ramsay. He could no longer function as a man of the night's watch because he was an emotional man who was too loyal to the Starks to be any good at commanding an army who came from many different backgrounds. Jon was an unfit basically. It was mistake to vote him to lead the Watch. Jon is incapable of objectivity. He's too emotionally bound to the Starks. To Arya more than the others. Bowen Marsh is the better man in those last chapters. He understood the true duties of the Watch.
  3. The most Noble of them all, Drogon. What skill with fire he has. This gourmet loves his food well-done as we see from the litter of charred bones in his lair in the middle of the Dothraki Sea. I love the dragon. He easily makes my list of 5 favorite characters. Stannis Baratheon cooked his own men for eating the dead. Mellissandre cooks leeches. God knows what else she cooks off-page.
  4. Immediate consequences will be a storm of swords between the brave men of the watch and the barbaric free folk. Bowen Marsh may not survive the storm. He knew and he willingly risks his life "for the watch" to remove his crazy lord commander Jon Snow. The dangerous Jon Snow was killed to save the watch. He had to be removed"for the watch" and by that, for the sake of humanity. Bowen risks capital punishment to save the watch. He did it for the watch to save mankind from Jon's bad decisions.
  5. Far-fetched and inventive of a theory presented for our consideration. I am not buying but it is nonetheless worthy of discussion. Mance Rayder has been watching Winterfell. We know for sure it wasn't for the silver because the Starks are poor. He had a thing going with Lyanna Stark. The years have not dulled his infatuation with Lyanna.
  6. Stannis brings harm but he is not the "big villain" in the story. That would be love and emotions are the villains. Love guides the human heart. Love for family and pride in family cause the highborn to make damaging decisions which bring harm to most. A classic example is Jon Snow's betrayal of his job at the Wall because of his love for the Starks. This one decision will prove the most harmful to the people of Westeros.
  7. House Frey will fall. Along with just about every House in Westeros. Walder will be murdered by Arya. But the cause of the downfall will be the same for just about all of the Houses, the long winter and the White Walkers. The Starks will rise up in the north and retake Winterfell but they won't have much of a people to rule over because they will all become wights. The White Walkers can only get to the Trident by passing through the North. Just about everybody in the north, including Jon, will be wights. Rickon or Bran will rule over a land of the walking dead.
  8. It may be irony but Arya's madness will make her more savage. She will be mental and unbalanced but she will make it back to Westeros to carry out her gruesome goal. Walder, Cersei, and Roose arguably deserve it. But Bowen Marsh does not.
  9. The Magister would be a solid choice for Daenerys after she puts Westeos back together and rules. Littlefinger has the skills but he cannot be trusted.
  10. The Starks will have their family conflict and it will not be unlike the ones facing the Greyjoys and the Martells. I believe this bloody conflict will be between Sansa+Littefinger and the team of Jon the Wight and Arya.
  11. Jon and Arya are fated to fall in love. Arya isn't at all squeamish about handling the dead. I don't think she would mind marrying a zombie Jon beneath a weirwood tree. Jonsa is another interesting mated pair but the triangle is not supposed to work that way. Maybe Gendry, Arya, and Jon become wights and form a romance triangle.
  12. The most likely captor for Davos are the Skagosi. And it won't be a grudge. He's just part of their main course.
  13. Cersei would have him killed. He was part of the attack forces against K L. However, there is no reason for Daenerys and fAegon to kill Davos.
  14. More like the Seed is Wrong. There are too many families. We should see a reduction as the story builds to its conclusion. Robert Strong will almost certainly be the only prominent Strong in the remainder of the story. Per Bran's dream, Strong will menace and threaten the Starks in the future. Direwolves are the ancestors of wolves. They are, IRL, larger but not as developed as wolves. Smaller brains and such. Unadorned. Simple. The German definition of the word probably has no meaning in the story.
  15. Jon was 100% wrong. Janos did not do anything that deserved a death sentence. Time in confinement was the more appropriate sentence. Jon's lack of leadership talent resulted in an unjust sentence.
  16. No bond. Milk brothers is not a formal relationship. It's a nice way of saying the two were together as infants and suckled from the same breasts.
  17. It's the duty of his office to execute Mance Rayder. Jon was using double-standards and that never ends in justice. There is no way to excuse Jon. He was a crap lord commander.
  18. Jon and Janos were not foes. They are Brothers of the Night's Watch. Both men were stubborn for holding onto the past. But the greater burden is on Jon to make the relationship work because he is the Lord Commander. He should have been thinking about what was best for the N W and the realm instead of what he feels for Janos. There is no way to give Jon a pass. He was wrong. Factor in his refusal to punish Mance Rayder and an injustice really took place. Janos was not a rebel. That bitter label hits closer to Jon. Jon has broken more N W rules. It wasn't Janos who was breaking rules right and left. Which Jon has been doing since he got to the wall.
  19. You have it backwards. Decisions of the heart, emotions, impulsivity, are made by Ice. Just look at the tragedy of Jon Snow. Jon is the classic example of somebody who screws up because he is a slave to his own emotions. He decides with his heart like Robert decides with his sausage.
  20. What if Viserys and Daenerys were captured at Dragonstone? It is obvious. The Usurper's Dogs would have killed them. Dany will punish Stannis for his lies. Stannis and his priestess is passing him off as Azor Ahai. Dany is Azor Ahai and can execute Stannis for many reasons. Stannis is not the honorable man that you think he is. He's no better than Roose Bolton. I think a lot of the Stark supporters like Stannis because he is a friend to the Starks. Look closer and Stannis is a monster.
  21. It's skill, but also the importance of a custom plan for fighting the Mountain. Oberyn used a spear. So a skilled user of the same weapon, say an Unsullied, should be able to apply the same technique. Neither Oberyn nor an Unsullied are guaranteed success. The Mountain always has the edge in the fight. But the use of the spear compensates for the Mountain's size advantage. Jaime would have less of a chance because he uses the same weapon as the Mountain.
  22. Gilly will become a source of information for Daenerys with regards to the Wildlings and White Walkers. Her own son is in harm's way. Mel won't believe he isn't a Rayder.
  23. House Lannister and all of the other houses will be in a sad, sorry state by the time Daenerys Targaryen comes to her Westeros. It will be too late to rescue and save most of the houses. Westeros will need to be rebuilt from the ground up. New nobility will rise up to replace the Lannisters.
  24. Jon was not only wrong to murder Janos Slynt, he acted unjustly. The murder of Janos Slynt was very inappropriate. Jon was a failure at the wall because he lacked ethics. I can see why Bowen Marsh felt the need to remove Jon.
  25. Fire will burn a weirwood tree. A stray flame from a campfire or even lightning will do in a weirwood tree.
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