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  1. She wants Dany to remember that she is Azor Ahai. The proof to convince Dany is in Asshai. The adventurer once known as Elissa Farman is Quaithe.
  2. Who has the highest death toll so far? Past tense. Jaime Lannister set in motion the bloody war of the five kings. Whose actions will bring death to the most number of people in the future? Jon Snow. It was his job to protect everything south of the wall from the Others. He lost his devotion to duty and put the Night's Watch in a weakened state because he meddled in the game of thrones.
  3. House Frey has one of the better probabilities of surviving because of the number of children the Lord of the House has. Arya, Jon, and the Others will reduce the number of Freys but many who live in the southern parts of Westeros will have ample warning and sail for Essos before the wights kill everyone in their path. A wight Jon Snow will be among the armies of ice moving towards the south. Arya and wighted Jon might burn together in each others' arms at the Trident after Drogon bakes them with dragon fire.
  4. Robb Stark, Jon Snow, and Arya Stark have in common the dishonor of betraying their team. We know how it ended for the boys, they were killed by their own people. Arya Stark joined the Faceless Men and accepted their training. She betrayed them when she murdered Rafford in Braavos. It will not be Freys and Boltons who will kill Arya in the future. It will be an assassin from the Faceless Men and hopefully before Arya kills more people. The Faceless Men will send one of theirs to track and hunt Arya all the way to Westeros.
  5. Mirri Maz Duur earned her way into that fire. Mirri was an evil witch and that is what happens to her kind. Rhaegar was not going to sacrifice anybody. I think he was just sheltering an already pregnant Lyanna. Lyanna was like Gilly. A pregnant girl who wanted to protect her future baby. The men who are the usual suspects for getting her pregnant are Brandon Stark, Mance Rayder, and even Howland Reed. A man like Rickard Stark would want this pregnancy ended so she could be made to marry Robert. We can entertain the idea of Rhaegar planning a sacrifice though. If he was, he would sacrifice the daughter of the north because he was ordered by Aerys, the king. Not because of a magic ritual but to terminate Rickard's plan to marry her to Robert. That marriage is a danger to House Targaryen and must be stopped at whatever cost. Cutting off Lyanna's head would have worked marvelously. Rhaegar failed to get it done.
  6. Arya, Sansa, Bran, and Rickon are part Tully. Arya has already began to lose her fragile grip on sanity. Bran will become more dangerous if he should follow and lose his sanity. A greenseer falling victim to the Tully curse of insanity will be great for the story though.
  7. The Dothraki follow the strong. Daenerys is the "stallion who will mount the world" according to their prophecy. It was to be Khal-Prince Rhaego but that role fell to Daenerys when the infant died. Daenerys rides the strongest mount one could possibly have, the great Drogon. The Dothraki have all the reason in the world to follow their Khaleesi to Westeros, to save the world from the unholy alliance of the Others and the Starks. The dream when Daenerys and Drogon burn the "armies of ice" in the Riverlands will be fulfilled. A wighted Jon Snow will be the one to lead that army of ice.
  8. Bloodraven is no longer be the man we think he is. The staunch servant of the hero house Targaryen and defender of the Targaryen kings. The Children and the Old Gods corrupted the old boy. They are doing the same thing to Bran. What they really want most is push the humans out. The ones who stay must sacrifice some of their men to prevent them becoming a threat and make the trees stronger at the same time. Bloodraven knows this deal will not find acceptance and so he didn't contact Aemon. An emotionally compromised Bran will betray his teachings and push the darkness past the wall and into Westeros. Bran is the real Darkseer. The Great Other. Bloodraven wants a kind of arrangement between humans and Children. Few humans stay but they have to sacrifice blood. The balance he talked about. Bran will become berserk when he sees Jon dead. He will use his powers to drive the wights against the humans. The Starks will betray humankind. Jon already started. Bran will see the North fall to the White Walkers rather than letting the Boltons and Freys have it.
  9. It is Arya who will slowly become mentally impaired. Sansa will fall in love with Petyr Baelish and her life will end the same way like her Aunt Lysa. Petyr killing her after she becomes useless.
  10. Remove the symbolism of silver against werewolves and the future for the Starks still look bleak. That one family is responsible for the two rebellions. The latter, War Of The 5 Kings, is still not settled. Lord Commander Jon Snow will be the cause of the fall of the Night's Watch. Winter is the season of dying. The Starks cause the death of many. Bran's body will lose its function but he will not die. He will be the greenseer or the more appropriate, Darkseer. The Direwolves will be banished to the other side of the wall and then the winter will give way to sunlight. Silver was not involved in the stabbing of Lord Commander Jon. It was not Bowen who did the betraying. Jon betrayed them. Jon betrayed the watch. The stabbing was damage control. Silver was part of the payment to Roose Bolton but he would have done it for less to save the people from more harm from Robb the rebel.
  11. Bowen Marsh stabbed Jon to save the Night's Watch from Jon's incompetence. He didn't do it out of hate for Jon. Although Jon deserved it after he murdered Janos Slynt. Bowen will take the dying Jon somewhere to let him expire quietly and quickly. The job is done. The next is to sort Jon's mess and get the watch back to work instead of getting involved in the Bolton-Stark feud.
  12. The death will be fast in coming. His body will get the stiffening because of the cold ambient temperature. Bowen M will take Jon to the ice cells to let him die in peace.
  13. He wants Arya to avenge him. Jon inside the body of Ghost can do a lot of harm. Arya as Nymeria and Jon inside Ghost can do a lot of violence. Arya dies before she can return to the north but finds herself inside Nymeria. The Direwolves meet and together slaughter everyone they find.
  14. Jon has reached his end. I say that is the difference. Jon was a failure. He should not get another chance. He could come back like Catelyn or he might live inside Ghost from this time going forward. Dany has unlimited potential because of her many wonderful gifts and talents. She is a brilliant leader and a visionary who should lead Westeros.
  15. Daenerys Targaryen resurrected the dragons, conquered Mereen, commands the Unsullied, she is obviously a descendant of the Dragon Lords of Old Valyria. I believe she is the daughter of House Targaryen and the only legitimate heir to Westeros. She is the daughter of King Aerys II and Queen Rhaella. For debate's sake let us pretend she is not the daughter of the king and the queen. She still has dragons. She is a great leader and blossoming to become a greater ruler. If she wants the throne it should be hers. I would choose her over any of the other people who can put forth a claim.
  16. The Starks can get a second life through their wolves. Arya will still have teeth even after her death because she will merge with Nymeria. The beast is already bloodthirsty and leaves destruction in the riverlands. Arya's death will cause her mind to merge with that of Nymeria and create an even more dangerous beast.
  17. It's unfair to Gillie and her biological child. The plan came from a bonehead and that is why it will lead to the suffering of an innocent. The poor biological son of Gilly's will suffer the consequences of what Jon chose to do.
  18. The faceless men and the white walkers violate the dead. Skin-changers violate the living and enslave them to their will. All three are acts of evil.
  19. Jon's blunder stands at number 1. The business of plotting to take his sister across the sea to take her away from Ramsay Bolton will be the ruin of the ancient order of the night's watch.
  20. @Aashi It is more than intriguing. It is the one of the main points of "A Song of Ice and Fire." Daenerys is Azor Ahai. Jon Snow is not. I think that bothers the Dany haters as well as the Stark fans. It pleases me though. I like Daenerys.
  21. He already has. Revenge is never a good motive for governing. Another way to explain this is it is never good to govern when the desire is revenge. The same criticism applies to Jon. Just look what revenge led Jon to do. He murdered Janos. That act was the beginning of the downwards slide to disaster for Jon and the watch. Doran is doing the same thing but taking it slowly. Sending an inadequate son to do a man's job and making big offers they cannot back up was dumb. The son was a weak boy who went as far as trying to steal dragons. Jon and Quentin deserved what they received and got their comeuppance. Doran's day is coming.
  22. It was going to lead to war. The Targaryens have the right to protect their rule. Rickard Stark and his allies were going to challenge the Targaryen monarch. Their reasons were not benevolent. Rather those reasons were selfish and only served themselves. Aerys had his issues but Westeros was peaceful and prosperous. There was no need to upset the hierarchy. I am glad for the plot as much as I despise the Starks and the Baratheons. Rickard's treason and the aftermath brought Queen Rhaella and Prince Viserys to Dragonstone where the future Azor Ahai was born. Dany needed to be born and raised in Essos to fulfill her prophecy and become Azor Ahai.
  23. George R. R. Martin has carefully kept the western seas a secret. There is something on that side of the planet that Daenerys needs to see. It could be an island where the survivors of the winter can migrate to. I don't know exactly but it is important enough for Qaithe to expend her energies to communicate. Qaithe waited all this time for Daenerys and I don't think it is without cost to Qaithe herself. The message is so important that the woman kept herself alive to deliver to Daenerys. The Targaryen fleet will arrive somewhere on the west coast of Westeros. The biggest obstacle to the throne are the Lannisters and have to be dealt with first.
  24. What are your personal favorite theories? The Targaryens have their roots in the rulers of The Great Empire Of The Dawn. Targaryen is only their Valyrian name. The Maiden-Made-Of-Light and the Lion Of Night are the Sun and the Moon. Daenerys Targaryen and Bran Stark. Bran the Lion will once again send his wights to menace the land as he did in the past. Drogo is the Icarus. He got too close to the Sun and burned. His burning released forth the dragons. The third burning will bring forth a human child and fulfill the "one to love" prophecy. I don't think Daenerys will have a child through conventional means. Sansa will be the murderer of Robert Arryn. The real Prince Aegon was murdered by Tywin's men. This Aegon is a prop. A mummer's prop to steal the throne. Arya will commit mass murder the likes of which has not been seen before. The faceless men are plotting to bring down a major city and Arya is their loaded weapon. Tyrion will become the lord of casterly rock and reconcile with Jaime for a big battle with Bran Stark and the wights.
  25. Jaime needs to check into A$$hole Rehab and get a new personality. The Starks will try to kill him for what he did to Bran but he might survive until the end. A villain like that took five books to build. George Martin won't let Jaime die just yet. Jaime will find a way to temporarily escape Bran's wrath until near the ending. So yes, Bran will get his revenge on Jaime but not until near the end. The Starks will be total savages by then and Jaime will suffer before dying. I don't see Jaime getting redeemed. Jaime and Bran are both on course for their deadly personal confrontation.
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