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  1. Tywin Lannister - American Foxhound.  He's mean enough to enjoy the inhumane sport.  

    Walder Frey - Irish Wolfhound to hunt down Nymeria.  

    Tyrion Lannister - Chinese Crested.

    Jon Snow - Afghan Hound, said to be one of the least-intelligent breeds.  Jon needs a dog less intelligent than he is.  

    Marwyn - English Mastiff.

    Daenerys Targaryen - None, no dog can compare to Drogon.  

    Varys - Basenji, a silent breed that doesn't bark.  Much.  

    Drogo - Anatolian Shepherd.

    Barristan Selmy - Rottweiler.



  2. If ever a murder can be considered a heroic act, it is Bowen Marsh and his men stabbing Jon Snow.  This won't prevent all of the bad things happening due to Jon's actions but it will avoid the Night's Watch from becoming an enemy of the Boltons.  It is not about honor.  It keeps the Night's Watch from becoming the law-breaker and limits the guilt to just Jon Snow.  All of the guilt is on top of Jon's narrow shoulders.  

  3. 15 hours ago, The Lord of the Crossing said:

    The company she kept and keeps are only making Arya's condition worse.  A lot of the readers liked the Hound but he was messed up in his own way. 

    I will grant her that.  Bad company contributed to her emotional and mental damage.  Push Arya to the widlings side of the wall and keep her there.  I would accept that solution given she suffers from mental illness and young age.  Her insanity interferes with her decisions.  

  4. On 2/1/2023 at 10:17 PM, Bowen 747 said:

    Been said pretty much by everyone.  Jon being male puts him at the highest risk for going insane if he is the child of Lyanna and Rhaegar.  It seems the data implies Targaryen + Targaryen do not increase the chances but rather reduces the likelihood of the child going mad. 

    Valyria would not have ruled for 5000 years if their leading families were going crazy.  The Dragonlords and their families were close to genetic perfection.  

  5. On 2/3/2023 at 6:54 PM, Prince Rhaegar Targareyen said:

    Let’s just say for the sake of the argument, that Rhaegar was indeed planning on overthrowing his father. And the Tourney at Harrenhal was where Rhaegar planned to discuss it with the great lords. Why would Varys interfere? Aerys is, by multiple diffferent accounts, insane by this point. If Varys was indeed “for the realm” by this point, Rhaegar was clearly the better option. Was he already planting the seems for fAegon?

    Rhaegar was guilty of the worst treason if he was planning to overthrow his father.  Maybe he was planning to do that.  One might ask why, given he is the heir and Aerys was not in good health.  Because Rhaegar was passed over in favor of Prince Viserys.  A decision from Aerys which I agree with.   Yeah, so Rhaegar would try to overturn the king's will.  Varys is a good servant of the realm and of King Aerys.  He should oppose Rhaegar.   

  6. I can already tell the op is baiting for anti-Targaryen comments.  He or she will get no such from me.  

    The Targaryens were better in every way compared to the "Great" Houses of Westeros.  They had a vision to unite the realm and during their dynastic rule, made and passed laws which improved the lives of the commoners.  The commoners and the majority of Houses below the "Great" Houses benefitted tremendously from Targaryen rule.  The only losers were the "Great" Houses who could no longer do as they pleased.  But since there are only seven of them now, it is right to say the majority of the people were better under the central rule of the Targaryens.  

  7. It was very bad for the commoners.  The "Great" Houses and their vassals were in a never ending fight with each other.  The commoners were always the losers.  Rules and laws were arbitrary and based on the religions as well as whims of the person in the ruling seat of each regions.  For those reasons and many more, the commoners cheered when the Targaryens conquered the little kingdoms, forced the little lords to bend their knees, and built the realm we know today as Westeros.  The Targaryens slowly made laws which benefitted the commoners and improved their lives.  For example, they ended the lord's right to rape brides on their wedding day, a savage custom but a cherished tradition in the North.  

  8. The execution of Jon Snow is one of the most discussed topics.  Bowen Marsh, a minor character, was right in executing the rogue commander, Jon Snow.  The chapters leading up to it were very carefully written to show why Jon was in the wrong and why the Crows had to take him down.  

  9. Cruelty is part of what is used for law and order in most of the seven kingdoms.  Dunk and Egg saw corpses hanging in cages during their travels.  Theon Stark did worse to his enemies.  The Boltons flay.  The Greatjon and Roose enjoy the privileges of the lord's right to bed the bride.  Tywin murders families.  The Arryns throw enemies out of their moon door where they fall to their deaths; after subjecting them to the tortures of their hideous jail cells.  A king or a lord being cruel is not enough justification in Westeros to remove them from power.  Think about the cruelty of the Arryns and the Boltons.  The answer to the OP is no.  Aerys II was no more cruel than many of his great lords and lords.  His administration was providing the people with what they needed: security, good economy, and stability.  

    Rhaegar was an idiot in the way he managed himself.  He should have either killed Lyanna or used her as political leverage to stop the Baratheon-Stark from creating an alliance.  If she came to him already pregnant with Mance or Brandon's child doesn't matter.  If the Stark PR is telling it true, she was kidnapped, he should have used her for political leverage.  If one of the two deserved to die it was Rhaegar.  


  10. 40 minutes ago, Craving Peaches said:

    Do you know when Rondo's new post about Bran is coming? I'm very excited and I can't wait. I hope it's out soon!

    I don't know.  You see.  The Stark side of the plot rarely interests me.  You can go through my comments of over six years time if you like.  Mostly, I support Daenerys.  I praise and defend the khaleesi, Queen of Westeros.  I beat up on the Starks from time to time because they are deserving.  You can already predict my opinion of Bran.  I would rather concentrate on criticizing Arya.   It is getting late.  Let me bid you good night.  

  11. 16 minutes ago, Maegor Targaryen I said:

    Not really. Say Robb got through the Twins and the Boltons hadn’t betrayed him. He could have EASILY held the North and destroyed the Ironborn. Even with Tywin alive he’d be in no danger in the North. The Riverlands were probably lost. But the North is unholdable unless you have the majority of support in the North.

    The time line of when Roose decided to cast his lot with the Lannisters is the pivot point.  Imo,  Roose can no longer go back to his Stark masters after he gave Jaime permission to leave.  Jaime would be back in Stark prison if Roose had picked to side with Robb.  He chose to put all of his playing cards with Tywin.  Jaime knew.  He knew death was coming for Robb Stark and sent his regards.  It's so obvious it's not code.  It's plain speak.  Roose is safe as long as the secret is kept.  Would you rely on the secret remaining so?  You would not.  I would not.  Roose had crossed the river of no return.  

    The birds flying to and from Harrenhall carried important messages.  Tywin, Walder, Walda, and Roose negotiated.  I don't want to know the details of the letter because the Stark side of the plot rarely interests me but Roose, Jaime, and Tywin planned the offer to entice Walder.  Walder's boys plotted the logistics of the wedding after dad put his signature on the parchment.  

  12. Jon betrayed the Nw and so they gave him a traitor's death.  Yeah, so there is my answer.  We are talking about comeuppance here so it has to be Jon.  

    Tywin deserved to die but not from the hands of his family.  If a relative of the families he killed were to do it, yes.  Not from the son he had supported with a lavish lifestyle.  

  13. One of the few What Ifs that I will answer.  I may choose to answer more in the future.  I want to look deeper into the politics of the north before arriving at the answer to you.  

    A lot of the high ranking families in the north were not happy about the Starks forcing them to go to war.  Lady Dustin passes for an experienced woman with intelligence.  If she grudgingly went along with Robb's call then there are others who were put in the same predicament by the Starks.  Bolton heir Domeric would answer the call and go but he will not be happy about it.  I do not expect anything would have changed except Ramsay would be out of the frame.  

    Trying to frame a picture where the Starks are right and everybody in the north should support their rebellion is illogical.  They supported Robb but only because the alternative was death.  Roose Bolton, Barbrey Dustin, and many others were reasonable to be pissed at the Starks for starting another war so soon after the debacle with Lyanna.  

    Domeric would support Roose.  He will have guilt and reservations like most but he would feel the same way his dad did.  Does he push the sword in Robb's like his dad did?  I think he might.  It was either accept Robb's poor leadership and loose more Dreadfort men or side with the Lannisters.  The Lannisters will demand proof of loyalty.  Robb was a danger to all of them.  The Boltons can't go back home after betraying the Starks if Robb was still living.  Domeric would conclude the truth of it.  Robb Stark had to die.  

  14. On 12/29/2022 at 9:37 AM, Aline de Gavrillac said:

    The Starks swore to honor this marriage.  The war is over.  A negotiated settlement where the Starks are allowed to return to the north and the Riverlands are returned to the Tullys.  The living Starks are back in Winterfell and it is time to pay Lord Walder.  Arya cries and throws a tantrum.  Do you believe Robb Stark will honor the promise to Lord Walder?  He should, in my opinion.  The Starks have a solemn obligation to marry Arya to Elmar.  But do you think he would?

    I have my doubts.  Robb would no longer need the Freys and that is the kind of man he was.  Robb doesn't do things for ethical reasons.  Robb does what he feels like doing.  And then tries to spin it as honor.  Just more Stark hubris.   

  15. @Adelstein  The Starks must be punished though.  Robb Stark accepted Walder's help and then broke his oath to the old man.  After the old man's son and heir had died fighting for Robb.  And Robb and Starks didn't have the decency to ask forgiveness nor offer compensation.  Robb had no trouble living with himself after humiliating the Freys.  There must be punitive actions taken against the Starks.  Ten percent of Stark lands is a little too small in my opinion.  A portion of the Stark's share of taxes for 20 years plus the ten percent of their land to the Freys is more like it.  

  16. On 1/17/2023 at 6:36 PM, Shierak Qiya said:

    That Lysa is nuts is evident.  Her son is underdeveloped emotionally, socially, and intellectually too.  There could be an issue with little Lord Robert as well.  Catelyn's sanity left her during her last moments as a living person.  So yes, there are causes for concern and the presence of a gene which predisposes the Tullys to going nuts is worthy of concern that should not be ignored. 

    Definitely cannot be ignored.  It's not proof but the evidence of madness in the Tully line is there.   It is surely more than enough cause for concern for any Tully or Stark fan because it means Catelyn's children inherited it.  

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