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  1. The guy with eyes of blue is a false Azor Ahai. It's Stannis Baratheon. He is deceiving people into believing he is Azor Ahai. The ritual at the end of A Game of Thrones already proved that Stannis is not Azor Ahai. Dany killed her husband, red comet was around, and she hatched her dragon eggs. Aegon is not Azor Ahai but it's still possible for him to be Rhaegar's biological son with Elia. The lie is pretending to be Azor Ahai. Jon will be the third faker and his lie will also be slain.
  2. The rebirth, the killing of Khal Drogo, the dragons, etc. All are proof of who she is. The archmaester is not an online tech support dude. He wants to be at her side and be part of her court. Watch out for the maesters. Point out the evil maesters among the order.
  3. He had no way to know if Dany had one in her possession. He doesn't want to send a one way message. He wants a conversation. Dany is the Prince(ss) promised to come into House Targaryen. Many know this person by another name, Azor Ahai. He wants to be her maester. Prophecy is easily misinterpreted. Rhaegar and Egg badly messed up because they read it wrong. Dany is much smarter and has so far handled prophecy wisely. Marwyn wants to be at her side to help with the reading and interpretation of prophecies. He knows the far east and can help Dany with the people of the bay.
  4. 1. Mine happened in Astapor during her meeting with Master Kraznys. It called for Daenerys to put on some oscar worthy acting skills. 2. Mountain Clan and Tyrion. Feeding his to the goats. (honorable mention)
  5. Impeachment is a modern invention. These crazy fellows are not stepping down just because some committee decided they needed to. Aerys ruled because of his right by birth. It's not about being the best man for the throne. Jon was elected by the narrowest of margins but he was not going to let anybody or anything to stop him from helping his little sister. I am doubtful if Maester Aemon and Sam could have talked Jon out of his foolish plan to help Arya. Force was the only way available to Marsh to deal with Jon. The Recall is an interesting topic on its own but not applicable in this matter or anything in a medieval setting. A recall does not remove an elected official from office. It justifies another election. The office holder could win again. I have actually never participated in a recall but I was living in the U.S. during the recall that brought down Grey Davis. He was replaced by Schwarzenegger.
  6. Daenerys didn't make mistakes in the Bay. The problems in the Bay are caused by the masters who doesn't want to release their slaves. It's not even a debate who is right and who is wrong. No other leader could have done a better job than Daenerys. The resistance from the masters, who are the bad people in this conflict, are the cause of the issues. I have complete confidence in young Daenerys because she is the best at thinking her way out of a problem. She always has been good at problem solving.
  7. There are two types of magic. Ice magic,which is the magic of the Others and Starks, were always present. Death is always present. Cold is the absence of warmth. The Red Comet is fire magic. The Red Comet brought the fire magic back at about the same time when Daenerys was reborn into Azor Ahai. Fire magic has to return in order to protect life from the cold. Cold brings death. Fire vs. Ice.
  8. And they won't be totally wrong. Jon's body will be brought back to some semblance of life by the Others. We know it can happen and has happened. Coldhands was a wight who kept his wits. Jon will be the same. People will see him as a threat.
  9. The only issues will come from the Martells. The rest of Westeros could care less about a stupid boy who tried to steal a dragon. They will have a good laugh at Quentyn's folly. Foolish boy, thought he could steal a dragon! Bar-B-Quentyn they would call him in bars and parties. The Martells will be angry but it is not much of a loss. They were crappy allies from the start. An ally who will not stick his neck out to help you is not very useful. The Martells are not good allies. Losing their support is not going to matter.
  10. The apparitions of kings in Dany's vision were the male versions of Azor Ahai long ago. The world goes through a cycle like the seasons. Man and nature adapt to the cycle. Humans build cities and increase their numbers. The Long Night destroys what they built and reduce their numbers. They rebuild and repopulate. Azor Ahai, Dany in this case, always rebuilds after the end of the Long Night.
  11. Dareon didn't deserve to get sent to the wall in the first place. Perhaps there will be justice in the end. Rowan's daughter and Arya Stark should get a dose of their own medicine.
  12. Sansa is involved. She's not an innocent bystander.
  13. A slow decline in health, which would lead to his death. Sansa has already started poisoning the kid.
  14. It's not simple to hide the birth of a Targaryen bastard. People keep up with such things. A new name would cause people to suspect. He should bribe a needy family like the Westerlings to cover for the circumstances of his birth and use their name.
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