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  1. Technicalities no longer apply because Robert tore the law of succession apart when he made himself king. Targaryen, Lannister, Baratheon can make claims as well as Blackfyres. The one with the strongest army has the best claim.
  2. I would let Jon believe he had won. Don't get in his way. Send a bird to Ramsay with a warning message. Give the time of departure and the number of men with Jon so Ramsay can prepare a defense.
  3. Arya Stark could have gone unpunished for all of those crimes as long as House Stark was in power and the killings happened in the north. Arya Stark of the past enjoyed the same protection given to Ramsay. Bravos has its own laws and Arya is not covered. The Starks have also lost their power. Arya will get punished if she gets caught now. She will get immunity if she gets caught later when the Starks are back in Winterfell and masters of the north again. Madness is not enough reason to give her immunity from the gallows. The only thing that will matter is when she gets caught and which clan is in power.
  4. Arya gives off mad killer vibes. Arya will kill a lot of people and an entire town's population is on the table. The old lady mentioning wildfire and connecting Arya to Summerhal are clues.
  5. I have always been impressed with Dany from the time she jumped her horse over the fire pit on her wedding day. I knew then she is very special. She is a better leader. It doesn't mean Jon was bad at it but Dany is better.
  6. Revenge is not the point of the story but neither is forgiveness. Being able to work together with people they cannot forgive is the point. Those families who can put aside their hate and work with enemies for mutual survival will survive. That is not going to be the Starks unless Jon and Arya are both ripening 6 feet below ground. Serving the Others is what will enable the Starks to survive but they will be mankind's enemies. They will get their revenge on the Freys but it will cost them their humanity.
  7. The apparitions of kings in Dany's vision were the male versions of Azor Ahai long ago. The world goes through a cycle like the seasons. Man and nature adapt to the cycle. Humans build cities and increase their numbers. The Long Night destroys what they built and reduce their numbers. They rebuild and repopulate. Azor Ahai, Dany in this case, always rebuilds after the end of the Long Night.
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