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  1. Texas Hold Em

    Rhaego? Really?

    Very possible because this is George. It doesn't make sense in the plot though. Dany saw him burn in her vision. Dany's role is on the same path as that of Bran's. Something very dear had to be lost in order for them to accept their roles. No chance of becoming a knight for Bran, no chance of fathering a child with Meera, no chance for a normal life. For Dany, the lost of her husband and child. To the point, no chance of having a nuclear family. No red door. The red door is a mental concept of an innocent and simple life. Which is now impossible because she became Mhysa. Knighthood is manhood to boys like Bran. That is no longer possible. Removing that option drove him to that tree. Bringing Rhaego back to life would remove much of the lost for Dany.
  2. Texas Hold Em

    What are your favorite POV's?

    I'll give you a list of my favorites. Five of them. Drogo's cremation, the birth of the Dany's dragons, and Dany walking out of the fire. The last chapter in Game of Thrones. This chapter is the best of all. Qarth at the Palace of Dust, where most of our juicy prophecies come from. Dany and Drogon defeat the warlocks. The Unsullied liberation from their masters at Astapor. I kinda liked Kraznys and his dialogue with Missandei was cute. Dany pulled off an amazing victory over the masters. Braavos. Samwell, Gilly, Dareon, and Aemon stuck in the city. Aemon's fever dream of dragons. Touching scene to me. The stranger waits outside the door. I even liked Gilly in this section. I'm repeating the others, Daznak's Pit. As perfect as a point of view chapter can be.
  3. Texas Hold Em

    Who is more legitimate, Stannis or Aegon?

    Understood. The Targaryens taking Westeros back will not be considered a reconquest but rather taking back what was theirs all along.
  4. Texas Hold Em

    Who is more legitimate, Stannis or Aegon?

    The Lannisters have taken the throne. King Tommen is a Lannister. On both sides. There is nothing about him that has Baratheon blood. You can't have it both ways. You can't say Stannis is the true heir because the Baratheons won it through right of conquest and then turn around say the Starks are still the true owners of Winterfell. The Starks lost and lost very badly.
  5. Texas Hold Em

    Does Stannis have a chance at winning in the end?

    Sure, he can cut a deal with the White Walkers and the Starks. He can rule in exchange for helping them take the north. He gets the south and the Starks rule the north on behalf of the Others. He is feeling entitled enough to believe he should rule even if it means killing the majority of the people in Westeros. So yes, Stannis has a chance but I am backing Dany. I want Dany to win the game of power and rule Westeros.
  6. Texas Hold Em

    Why did Rhaenyra have the 3 strong kids?

    It is hard to prove bastardry and even much harder to prove legitimacy. The accusation coming from the side with the most to gain was also suspect. The greens wanted to believe what they want to believe. They were looking at any possible reason to take the throne. The reader himself has not been given solid evidence of who fathered the children. Would Rhaenyra herself know? Was she sleeping with only one man? After all, a gay man might switch from time to time and do it out of duty.
  7. Texas Hold Em

    Euron or Jon Snow?

    It may refer to Jon Snow. All memories of warmth has left his body. Should he be resurrected it will be the white walkers who do it. Then a dream can be just a dream and nothing more.
  8. Cersei could react that way but even she would not know for sure who the father is.
  9. Texas Hold Em

    Did GRRM really say Meereen would end like Iraq?

    Because George is not that naive on politics. George is not a complete pacifists. The war in Slaver's Bay is more justified than any other conflict in the story.
  10. He'd still be a little prick. Robert is not father of the year. The Baratheons are not free of the cruel streak. I would say Robert is a better person than Jaime but neither would play a role in his life.
  11. Texas Hold Em

    Favorite characters

    1. Daenerys Targaryen - Reading her chapters is the highlight of the series for me. I root for Dany to win the game of thrones and rule for as long as she would care to. She has outsmarted a lot of men and I like that. 2. Margery Tyrell - Another woman who uses her head. She escaped a bomb when Joffrey died. I would have liked to see how she would handle that marriage. 3. Missandei - She's a wonderful supporting person to the Khaleesi. Her skills at language is amazing for her age. 4. Brienne - This big gal is not blessed in the brains department but her dedication to honor is admirable. She's a tool and I don't find her chapters that good but she's got guts. 5. Lord Walder Frey - I wish he had a point of view chapter. A tough old man who takes a lot of crap and gives it right back. 6. Galazza Galare - A villain to be sure. Another woman who uses her head and keeps power in a world typically dominated by sausages. 7. Jorah Mormont - One of the most thoroughly invented character. His life before meeting the Targaryens and his transformation is what people really mean about a character going through changes. I know he sold people to slavery for poaching but redemption is coming if he makes the choice to fight the slave masters. 8. Tyrion Lannister - Is the real gray character. His bitterness and self-loathing make him vulnerable to the bottle. He needs a goal like a lot of young men do. Aimlessness will be the death of him. Daenerys will hopefully give him a purpose. 9. Gilly - I think this gal is set for the adventure of a lifetime if she makes it to Slaver's Bay with Marwyn. There's a chance to learn to read during the long sea trip. Quhuru Mo, Penny, and Gerold Dayne are three other minor people who I think will have larger roles in the future. 10. Qaithe - I don't want to spoil it for those who've not read "Fire And Blood". Clues to her identity might be in those pages. Let's leave it at that. In the order listed, with #1 being the character I like best.
  12. Texas Hold Em

    Ser Barristan Selmy- truly a "True Knight"?

    I agree. It is a difficult matter for some people to understand but this is what a pilot in the Air Force can expect. The pilot doesn't get a chance to decide who to drop the bomb on. He (or She) made the decision to become a fighter pilot. With that decision comes the realization that this person will give up the right to make those kinds of decisions. The pilot is commanded to fly and drop the bomb on who his government told him to. People who have chosen to serve in the military in some capacities know this ahead of time. They cannot back out later on if they disagree with an order. The decision to obey was made when they chose to train and become a pilot.
  13. Texas Hold Em

    An Evil Name

    George says he is more like Samwell Tarly than Tyrion. Samwell is the farthest thing from brave. Is this George Martin's criticism against bravery? Sad if it is.
  14. Texas Hold Em

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    In all fairness, none of the banner lords were completely loyal. Most bit their tongues and answered the call because they feared what the Starks might do to them. Kinda makes you admire the houses who defied their lords paramount to support the crown. I would say Roose was within his legal rights to undermine the Starks because they were rebelling against the ruler of Westeros. They are all, Starks and their banner lords, subjects of the crown. The Starks were in the wrong and Roose can legally claim himself a loyalists to the crown.
  15. What lesson could that teach the reader? The players have got to have choice. It's the choices the players are making right now that are causing the Others to move. Martin can't teach his readers a lesson if his actors are victims.