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  1. Varys being the main villain is not going to teach the reader anything. A surprise villain might create suspense but not enough to generate deep discussion. The main villain in this epic is human nature. True evil people like Gregor, Green Grace, Faceless Men, Hizdahr, Ramsay, Arya, Cersei, Kraznys decorate the plot but are not the real villains. The villain is the nature of man. Emotional creatures who let feelings get in the way of duty. But who made humans this way? Who created humans to have these strong feelings? The religious will say God. Evolution says the scientists. George R. R. Martin poses questions and dilemma which even the astute reader may have little answers to. It gives us all something to debate and discuss. Something to pass the time like rooting for your favorite sports team. It may open the minds of some readers here. Most people only think about the problem in front of them. Maybe these adversarial discussions will prompt people to look beyond what is immediately in front of their eyes and see beyond. The existential crisis as some have written about on the boards. Ours is climate change. I think so. Most of us don't even think about where that plastic bottle ends up. We drink and toss without much care as long as somebody else hauls it away. Stuff like that. Is GM attempting to open a new consciousness in his readers? I would like to think so. The future is bleak if human nature fails to evolve. IRL and in Essos+Westeros.
  2. Arya and Jon are already dark murderers. And it's not for anything that advances the well-being of anybody. They didn't murder the people they did to benefit people. Jon murdered his own subordinate and sworn brother for revenge. Arya killed two people in Braavos who had not done her any wrong. I could be convinced to give Bran the benefit of the doubt. I have no liking for the Starks. But Bran seems unlike the others. The boy got thrown out of a window and lost his legs. With those legs his hopes and dreams. His elders screwed themselves and the kingdom and are disgraced. His brother rebelled and lost his war. His head and his pet too. Father is a known traitor. Bastard brother is now a known traitor who got himself executed at the wall. Both boys are disgraced oathbreakers. All in all the kid is handling it pretty well. He's not hateful too much. Bran is the one in that family who I would be willing to cut some slack. The rest can end in hell. By slack I do not mean become lord and master of the north. Something more useful. Like firewood!!!! hahah. Just kidding. I would be okay with Bran becoming lord of winterfell and the north.
  3. The alternative, the one that serves the best interest of the N/W and the kingdom, was for Jon to forget about Arya and do his job at the wall. Like every other men of the watch who have their own loved ones back home and yet still are expected to put all of that aside and do their jobs. I would not trust Jon to lead.
  4. Most people just do not care to comment on Harrold. Thirteen in cave man days is old enough for a mate. There is a disconnect between biology and modern beliefs.
  5. Wouldn't Daemon bring the eggs back to Dragonstone? Dragon eggs in existence are in the hands of wealthy collectors. But surely some archon or emperor in the east would have at least one in his treasury.
  6. Stannis is in his thirties and a grown man. Stubborn too. He is not changing. His battle plans may be adapting to the northern environment but the man himself is the same. He might be coming to his Waterloo.
  7. Bottom line, Jon could have helped Robb but it would not make any difference to the ending of House Stark. The red wedding still happens. Ghost would be dead alongside Greywind.
  8. Urinal ain't gonna be a problem when the little man has on his Air Targaryens! Awesome hang time.
  9. Bodyguard is what Jon would be. Jon's eyes did not open until he got to the wall and learned humility. He was haughty and over proud as a cadet. And that is how he would have been if he had gone with Robb Stark. Just another prick following Robb around like Theon.
  10. It means don't worry about the magic and the prophecies. What is important are the magicians and the prophets. The descendant of Daenys the Dreamer. Aemon's mind was on Daenerys at this time. She has ancestors coming from many families. Culturally, she is Westerosi, Valyrian, Dothraki, and Ghiscari. Daenerys also speaks many languages. The meaning of "song" across the story varies. Courtship, conflict, puppet strings among others. Fire and Ice oppose but one cannot get rid of the other. It is an eternal conflict. Song is also courtship. Frog was singing to Queen Daenerys in Meereen. Song is also the tune through which ice and fire dance to. The characters dance to this song. Some pied piper plays the song and people are manipulated to do things.
  11. I don't have a problem with anybody being a fan of a character even if I am not a fan of that character. Be a fan of whoever appeals to you. We may end up disagreeing on some topic about that person in the future. But that is an opening for a good discussion.
  12. Cannibal is a different species from the others. It's the best explanation to me.
  13. Dany is my favorite heroine. Here are two additional items for your list: What are the most contentious subjects on the forum? Anything that puts Jon Snow in a bad light. You cannot know the lengths Snowballs' excuse makers will go to in his defense. Anything that puts Arya in a bad light. Any comment which dares to criticize her sanity are guaranteed to bring out her attack dogs.
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