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  1. Texas Hold Em

    Bastards in Essos

    Bastards can inherit purely personal property like gold. What the law prevents them from inheriting are those properties that belongs to the realm. They cannot inherit land. The land belongs to the ruler in Westeros and can be passed only according to the laws of the ruler. The Free Cities are not feudal and they all do not have the same government. It depends on which city. Somebody who has the world book can chime in but it seems to me that they each have their own laws. Melonie was a slave before she became the Melissandre that we all know. R'hllor doesn't discriminate. The baby of a slave is a slave. The tattoo on the face mark them for life. They might earn freedom later on but the mark stays. Those born into slavery are slaves. They're at the mercy of their father master because they're property. I know it has to suck but slavery isn't nice.
  2. Texas Hold Em

    Is Maggy the most powerful witch in the series?

    I would refrain from using the word witch because it has negative associations. Is the Maggy the most powerful fortune teller in the series? No. That honor belongs to Daenys Targaryen. Daenys the Dreamer.
  3. The key is the underlined. If you want to believe it. I was not debating your point, I was making a comment. It's a clue, it's not proof. But like Lollygag commented, it is proof if you want to believe it. Cersei can always argue the fact that Aegon had blonde hair despite all of his mother's kin folks having dark hair. If you're somebody who likes the Lannisters and don't like Stannis, this is good enough for you.
  4. Correct. The greatest injustice in that world was being committed by the slave masters for thousands of years. A continent that practices and tolerates slavery is a good candidate for reformation. Essos has more resources than Westeros and in many ways more advanced. The grasslands can be farmed, the oceans can be fished, and the mountains can be mined for precious metals. There are an unlimited number of ways to use natural resources rather than exploiting people. Fighting to free the slaves is one of Dany's many acts of heroism. Roasting and punishing the slave masters should be another.
  5. Correct. Ending slavery is the right thing to do and it must happen. Growing pains is unavoidable but it will be worth it in the long run. The South suffered greatly after the Civil War and it took a long time before the children of slaves gained equality. But it doesn't mean we should have allowed slavery to continue. Essos has more resources than Westeros. It will take time but yes, Essos can prosper without slavery.
  6. Being aware of the black hair thing that runs in the Baratheon family is not proof. Just because the dark hair is more common than the blonde is not proof.
  7. Stannis touts justice when its convenient. He finds it easy to believe what he wants. But yeah, he has no proof.
  8. Texas Hold Em

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    It's a way to keep his body from rotting. This buys enough time plotwise for the Others to make it to the wall and do a mass wighting of the fallen. Jon will be one of those who comes back as a wight.
  9. Texas Hold Em

    House Targaryen, the First Family of ASOIAF

    Importance in the story. The impact they have on the story. The impact the families have on the world of planetos.
  10. Texas Hold Em

    Will Theon`s wounds ever heal?

    They will improve but please understand, the best Anti-Aesthetic Surgeon of their time worked on him. He will never be good looking again. Those scars will stay with him for the rest of his life.
  11. Texas Hold Em

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    It's too chaotic right now to hold an election for a permanent LC but Bowen can certainly fill the role temporarily. He will do his best to regroup and recover from Jon's fuck-ups. But no matter what happens, the wall has lost most of its defense because the wildlings are leaving to attack Ramsay. Anyway so it's too chaotic to bury Jon's corpse. This is where Bran's vision comes into the picture. The men will dump his body in a cell for temporary purposes. The Others will arrive and they might accidentally resurrect Jon, who becomes an ice wight.
  12. Texas Hold Em

    NW and Invasions

    The wildling ways will destroy the feudal system if allowed to get traction in Westeros. The First Men may not like the Andals but maybe they felt they can coexists if the worst comes. A highborn nobleman won't keep his status for long if the wildlings should take over their lands. The wildling way of not kneeling will destroy feudalism. So maybe they saw it as the greater threat. You don't want your smallfolk getting the same ideas. The Andals were not out to destroy civilization. The wildlings will destroy civilization.
  13. Texas Hold Em

    House Targaryen, the First Family of ASOIAF

    Sure the Starks are important but they are not as important as the Targaryens.
  14. Texas Hold Em

    House Targaryen, the First Family of ASOIAF

    Westeros is in really bad shape and it looks to get worse. The main trouble spots are the North and the Reach. War could break out between the Wildlings and the Boltons, thanks to Jon's meddling. Euron is attacking the mainland. The Iron Bank is desperate to collect what is owed them. The houses are destroying each other before the white walkers have crossed the wall. Whoever are left when Dany makes it over there will beg for her help rather than resist.