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  1. The Coconut God

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    I'll give it up if Winds comes out and it doesn't happen.
  2. The Coconut God

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    You are right here, some things will be spoiled. At the very least, the ending of season 8 will certainly color future theories. But we can still play around with importance, order, the characters involved... and yes, even location! We fool ourselves into believing that geography isn't as flexible as humans because that's how things work in real life, but in a work of fiction they are both just as imaginary, mere words on the page in the books. If Sansa can stand in for Jeyne Poole in the show, who's to say Casterly Rock can't stand in for Volantis, or that King's Landing can't stand in for Braavos?
  3. The Coconut God

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    That would actually be interesting, if they manage to pull it off. There's the aspect of Jon being compared to Robb that you mentioned, but there are also Sansa's own experiences with men. She was in love with Joffrey's so she blinded herself to his cruelty until it was too late, she wanted to use Ramsay as an ally and she fell prey to a psychopath, she was relying on Littlefinger but he was manipulating her all along. It would be consistent with Sansa's character to fear that Jon might fall into either one of these traps.
  4. The Coconut God

    How far south will the Others get?

    Allow me to quote our friend Euron Greyjoy: Make of that what you will...
  5. The Coconut God

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    The Exodus is the keystone that makes everything in Feast and Dance fall into place! I could be wrong, of course, George will ultimately write whatever he pleases, but if you do the math this makes more sense than anything else. However, the reason I mentioned my theory (aside from the fact that I like to peddle it whenever I can) was to show that similar outcomes can be reached with wildly different stories (especially when said stories don't entirely need to follow any logic). It's a lot easier to do it retroactively! But let's indeed look at Meereen. In the books, the conflict with the other slave cities is the main plot line, and it ties together with the events in Storm and Clash. In the show it's kind of introduced, then waved away, and then the war is established an resolved within an episode and a quarter. At the point it actually came into play you can argue it could have been removed entirely. Assuming we didn't already have Dance, do you think you could have accurately predicted the story based on the show? Can you say Cersei will specifically blow up the Sept of Baelor in order to kill the High Sparrow and the Tyrells, or is it possible that she uses wildfire against Aegon, and might destroy a lot more than a single building? Extrapolating from the perspective of someone who is familiar with TV shows, wouldn't you say D&D would be more reluctant to give up King's Landing than George, since it's an important shooting location they would have to replace with something else? In that sense, if Aegon was replaced entirely by the High Sparrow, is it really because he isn't important, or because D&D wanted a smaller scale face-off? The same question can be asked about a lot of things. I'm quite sure Jon will become the king of the wildlings and the northmen, the first because he saved their lives and the second because Robb's will named him his heir. Will he be ruling over Winterfell? That would be a bit too quaint. Again, you have to keep in mind that from D&D's perspective, that's a set they already have (complete with a full digital model for aerial shots) that viewers also happen to be emotionally attached to. For them Winterfell is like the Hangar Deck in BSG, or Walter's house in Breaking Bad. From a narrative perspective Winterfell is just a husk, since almost all of the people who lived there in AGoT are dead.
  6. The Coconut God

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    But how do you know which particular situations are "point A" and "point B" and which are the shortcuts or inventions? That's the really tough question. You can't say Jaime going to Dorne to save Myrcella is a plot point from the book. You can't say Sansa marrying Ramsay is a plot point from the book either, since she was obviously assigned a different character's plot line. Will she be raped? It's impossible to tell if that is a plot point from Sansa's arc or simply something she went through because it happened to Jeyne (and frankly because it was inevitable given the circumstances). There are certain plot points where the show confirms or reinforces an already solid theory, such as R+L-J. The Cersei-Euron alliance also make sense, it's something I can easily imagine happening, but without the show it would have been a much less solid theory. That Dany and Jon would eventually meet was also a given, since all story lines must converge or at least intersect in order to justify being part of the same series. However, seeing how D&D removed entirely major characters like Aegon and completely reworked the Dornish plot line, I can't imagine them being too faithful, especially if it's an issue of production cost or complexity. I have to believe they would be very reluctant to introduce new characters and locations, especially cities*, and like I said in the previous comment, it would have been in their interest to delay and limit the magnitude of winter as much as possible. All of these things could have an enormous impact on the accuracy of the adaptation, much bigger than the fates of some secondary characters. You say the outcome will be the same, but how much does that mean? I've been theorizing that the remaining books will be about a massive Exodus to Essos triggered by the invasion of the Others. This couldn't be more different from what we've seen in seasons 6 and 7, as well as the bits and pieces from the season 8 trailer. My scenario features no big battle of Winterfell and no return to Westeros for Danerys... and yet if the Night King wins in episode 3 and the rest of the season is about stealing Euron's fleet so the good guys can take their people east (since it's already been established that the Others do not swim), the outcome will be the same. You should also keep in mind that D&D have proven themselves perfectly capable of lying when the stakes were high enough, they lied about Jon staying dead for a year. As for George, iirc he said they are using his ideas, which technically speaking also applies to the leaked outline George himself isn't following anymore. Neither of them has anything to win from admitting the stories are different at this point. Interest in the show might decrease if it comes out they're grossly deviating from the books, and George would somehow be blamed for it for not writing faster. Once Winds is ready to be published, however, George can easily say "Come read the real story!". *I firmly believe that the Hardhome episode is repurposing an attack on White Harbor, which is foreshadowed in Davos II, ADwD.
  7. The Coconut God

    Why did Obara want to sack Oldtown?

    The point is to provoke the crown into a punitive attack on Dornish territory, where they can use the sands to their advantage. Taking her hosts all the way to Casterly Rock could get them pinned down and would leave Dorne exposed. As for choosing Oldtown as a target, aside from the fact that Obara probably hates the city for personal reasons (yes, her mother was a whore there), Oldtown is the second most important city in Westeros and is close enough to Dorne to ensure she could retreat quickly. On top of that, it is part of the Reach and therefore under Tyrell protection. Since the Tyrells are the Lannisters' most important ally at the moment, they would be forced to respond or risk alienating them.
  8. The Coconut God

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    What's odd to me is that people are so certain about this. The entire Ramsay vs Jon story line from season 6 would fit like a square peg in a round hole in the books. What would it achieve, other than ruining Stannis's arc and delaying the arrival of the Others? There's no long standing rivalry between Jon and Ramsay that needs to pay off, no immediate stakes to drive the conflict - Ramsay doesn't have Rickon and he never abused Sansa. Why would we be invested in this story? Would there be any tension at all, would we really expect a freshly resurrected Jon to lose to Ramsay Bolton? Winds is the penultimate installment in the series, how could such a story line be seen as anything other than filler, eating precious page space from the real endgame? When it comes to the show, however, they had every reason to delay the Others as much as they could, because dressing up actors in prosthetics and CGI-ing zombies is expensive... And what's probably even more expensive is covering everything with snow, which they avoided doing for the longest time, even though the North should have been blanketed with thick layers of it as far back as season 5 (it would be a bit hard for the Vale army to reach Winterfell like that, or do much fighting at all). Even in the season 8 trailer snow looks like a light spring sprinkling. If you look at the specific circumstances of both the books and the show, it should become obvious that some story lines didn't come from George.
  9. The Coconut God

    What is this?

    Clearly it is a sign that Westeros will be abandoned and the wilds will eventually claim the Iron Throne, just like I always thought! Still, those recordings are... kind of creepy.
  10. The Coconut God

    Book & Show

    There are multiple possibilities, of course, but I believe George wanted the South to be as destabilized as the North by the time the Others get there, and Aegon's arrival is his means of achieving this, primarily by drawing Dorne (and perhaps some of the Tyrells further down the line) into a conflict with the Crown. If you want to go further down the rabbit hole, the Dornish plot line will have two other major consequences: So all in all, I imagine the events in Feast/Dance will be pretty solidly linked to the rest of the story.
  11. The Coconut God

    Book & Show

    It would be more accurate to say that Aegon was introduced to give Dorne a reason to restart the conflict in Westeros. The people who dislike Feast seem to ignore that Dorne and the Iron Islands were there from the start and their ruling families were clearly intended to be more or less on par with the Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons, etc, as evidenced by the fact that the Targaryen heir married a Martell and the Greyjoys started a rebellion which took all the other houses working together to quell. Leaving these two kingdoms out of the story, or minimizing their involvement, would have left behind massive plot holes.
  12. The Coconut God

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I don't think we'll see the Wall being breached in a PoV, and Jon won't be around when Winterfell falls (it will be under Stannis's control or simply abandoned again by the northern lords)... but I probably won't be able to convince you of that. Hardhome we won't see for sure, Mel has already said that nobody is coming back from there alive and in this particular case I believe her.
  13. The Coconut God

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    It's not quite as dramatic as it was in the show, at least it wasn't by the time Cotter Pyke sent his letter. But I think chances are high we'll get a large scale attack against a town in the books (one we'll get to witness through an actual PoV).
  14. The Coconut God

    Book & Show

    Hey, snark is my best response to stubbornness! But fair enough, I can't change your mind by force, no more than you can change mine.
  15. The Coconut God

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I'm pretty certain "Wight" Harbor will be TWoW's version of Hardhome.