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  1. Could be that Jory and Beth Cassel are working for Varys.
  2. 1. Then read again. Because it is there. The clues. There are a lot of them. A LOT. And they are not even subtle. Like - "In The Testimony of Mushroom, the fool says plainly what few dared say at the time: that there must surely have been another conspirator, lord and master of the rest, the man who set all this in motion from afar, using the others as his catspaws. The “player in the shadows,” Mushroom calls him. “Graceford was cruel but not clever, Long had courage but no cunning, Risley was a sot, Bernard a pious fool, the Thumb a bloody Volantene, worse than the Lyseni. The women were women, and the Kingsguard were used to obeying commands, not giving them. ... Drazenko perished first, choking to death upon a piece of bacon. Lysandro drowned when his opulent barge sank whilst carrying him from his Perfumed Garden back to his palace. Though a few would insist that their deaths were unfortunate accidents, many more took the manner and timing of their passings as proof of a plot to bring down House Rogare. The Faceless Men of Braavos were widely believed to have been responsible for the killings; no more subtle assassins were known to exist anywhere in the wide world. But if indeed the Faceless Men had done these deeds, at whose bidding had they acted?" That "player in the shadows" was Johanna Swann, Larra's mother. She robbed Rogare Bank and used their gold to hire Faceless Men. The mother and daughter launched simultaneous attacks on Rogares both at Lys and at the 7K to bring down House Rogare. Because both Johanna and Larra were Lysandro Rogare's prisoners, and to get out from under his control they conspired to kill him and other Rogares. Out of Lysandro's children only Larra was Johanna's child, the other 8 and 16 bastards were born by Lysandro's other wives and concubines. People in Essos practice polygamous marriages, a man there is allowed to have more than one wife. Examples - Aenar the Exile, Dothraki Khals, Cleon the Great, etc. 2. Viserys and Larra conspired with Gaemon Palehair to kill Aegon. Both Viserys and Gaemon had a grudge against Aegon. Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Aegon abandoned Viserys, who then was seized by pirates, and furthermore, when they got reunited, Aegon forced Viserys to sent his dragon egg away to Dragonstone. Aegon managed to escape from the pirates and later became a King, all thanks to his dragon (if Viserys had a dragon and Aegon didn't, then Viserys could have escaped from the pirates, and then after Aegon II's death, him, not Aegon III, would have became the King of the 7K. Aegon, having a dragon, and Viserys, not having a dragon, was all the difference that made one of them the King and the other was this close -.- to being sold to a pillow house as a pleasure slave and for his body to be used there for sex by rich, fat, ugly, old men). And by separating Viserys from his dragon egg, Aegon made sure that Viserys won't ever have a dragon, because without a dragonseed nearby, the egg won't hatch. Aegon abandoned his little brother to save his own skin, and then he also additionally spited Viserys by denying him his right to have his own dragon. So Viserys hated Aegon, and because of his wife's influence decided to kill Aegon and take his Throne. Gaemon was Aegon II's bastard (or at least that's what the boy believed). Aegon II was poisoned by someone at the Targaryen court, and the person who benefited the most out his death was his nephew, Aegon III, who then became a King. Also don't forget that Gaemon's mother, Essie, was tortured and then hanged by Aegon III's people, and Gaemon was seized and then became Aegon's food taster and a whipping boy. Think about what it means -> if someone will want to poison Aegon, then Gaemon will be the one who will die instead of him. You think Gaemon gave his consent to become Aegon's food taster and to die for him? I think not. Also, whenever Aegon misbehaved or did something wrong, Gaemon was beaten by Gareth Long. So, even though Gaemon and Aegon on the surface appeared to be friends, deep down Gaemon H.A.T.E.D Aegon. So it wasn't hard for Larra and Viserys to convince him to participate in their plan to kill Aegon. They convinced Gaemon that his father got killed by Aegon III, poisoned on his command. Thus - an eye for an eye - you poisoned my father, I will poison you. Something like that. To understand what GRRM wrote, you need to "read between the lines" a lot. Aegon died from ToL and then his body was shadow-glamoured to look like Gaemon's corpse. Larra created "Aegon-shadow-costume" that was then in turns worn by her, Gaemon and Viserys. Gaemon poisoned Aegon and the Queen Or maybe at that dinner Gaemon was actually Larra in shadow-glamour. So Aegon was possibly poisoned by Larra, who was staying close to make a fast replacement as soon as the poison will start working. Then somewhere between dinner and after-dinner Aegon felt ill, lost consciousness (permanently), and was shadow-glamoured by Larra to look like Gaemon, and then still looking like that, he died. Then Larra wore "Aegon-shadow-costume" and was in Aegon's room when the real Aegon was dying there looking like Gaemon. Or maybe Gaemon was Gaemon. In this case sometime after dinner Gaemon pretended that he's ill. Aegon summoned a maester. Aegon's servants that were with him in that room, left to fetch a maester. When Aegon was in his room without other attendants, only with Gaemon, who pretended that he is not well, he got seized by Larra or by Larra and Sandoq the Shadow. Either way something was done to him and he lost consciousness. Before the maester arrived there, Aegon (unconscious) was shadow-glamoured to look like Gaemon. When the maester came into Aegon's room, Aegon there was not Aegon, the real Aegon was looking like Gaemon. So then the real Aegon died, Aegon-Larra or Aegon-Gaemon then was joined by Viserys, and together they went to stay that night at the Queen's bed. If she died, then they would have also replaced her with someone. Though it seems that she survived. The exact details are irrelevants. Aegon died and was replaced by a shadow-imposter. Starting from the Secret Siege, who was who: For the rest you'll have to wait until June, because I won't post any of my threads until I will complete compiling all parts of my "grand theory", and there are 16 separate threads in it. One of them explains principles on which my theories are based, what "codes" GRRM is using in his books and how did I "deciphered" his writing; next one is about Johanna Swann (what is her role in the bigger picture and how did I connected her to Rogares and Aegon III's death), then next is about Larra/Serenei of Lys, then about her daughter Shiera Seastar, then about the real cause of the First Blackfyre Rebellion, other threads about who is Varys, who is fAegon, who is Melisandre, who is the Perfumed Seneschal, who is Petyr Baelish, why Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna, etc., and all of that is interconnected. And to understand it, you'll have to read all 16 threads from the beginning. Because even though in this post I provided some evidences/clues about what was actually happening, readers still won't get it, unless everything will be explained to them from the beginning. Thus - wait. Or don't. I at least won't make you wait for 10+ years, like GRRM with TWOW's release
  3. Sure. Because Euron's black armor is made from Valyrian Steel, and Rhaegar's armor, even though it was also black-colored like Euron's, wasn't VS. Rhaegar's armor got dented and crushed by Robert's war-hammer. If he was wearing VS-armor, then he wouldn't have died. And Jon's black-ice armor (in his dream in ADWD) was also VS, thus neither Jon's dream-armor nor Euron's armor aren't Rhaegar's.
  4. Euron will drown, while wearing that armor, and then it will be washed up (sans Euron) near Hardhome, when Jon will be there saving the Wildlings from the Others. Jon did saw himself in that armor in one of his dragon-dreams. So there's that.
  5. Dany killed Drogo herself, though the horse, that was one of the three sacrifices, wasn't killed by Dany - "In the center of the square, Aggo fed him a withered apple and dropped him in an instant with an axe blow between the eyes. ... Over the carcass of the horse, they built a platform of hewn logs... And there came a second crack, loud and sharp as thunder, and the smoke stirred and whirled around her and the pyre shifted, the logs exploding as the fire touched their secret hearts." Three sacrifices - Mirri Maz Duur for Viseryon, the horse for Rhaegal, Drogo for Drogon. Out of those three only one was killed by Dany's own hands. "“It is not enough to kill a horse,” she told Dany. “By itself, the blood is nothing. You do not have the words to make a spell, nor the wisdom to find them. Do you think bloodmagic is a game for children? You call me maegi as if it were a curse, but all it means is wise. You are a child, with a child’s ignorance." Euron knows the words, he is one of Shiera Seastar's ex-apprentices, same as Mirri Maz Duur. So his ritual will definitely work. Also, could be that he is harvesting all that blood not for a ritual. The thing is, if that much blood will be spilled into the sea, then it will attract all sorts of predators from the deep seas. The krackens, who are carnivores, will come lured by blood, even if there will be nothing magical involved. Could be that Euron is intending to use magic not to summon krakens, but to make his ships invisible to them. So the krakens will come attracted by blood in the water, and they will attack whatever other ships will be nearby, while not noticing Euron's ships that will be "invisible" to them, concealed under the veil of protective magic casted by Euron. And that ritual ("don't see me, I'm not here" kind of thing) won't require any sacrifices.
  6. Don't worry, GRRM will translate my Tinfoil into proper English. Sorry if it annoys you (or others). Though, Starks being partially Targaryens, does makes a difference. The current generation of Starks are wargs because they are Aegon IV's descendants both on their mother's and their father's side (the inheritance of the skinchanging genes works similar to the inheritane of the red hair genes - both parents are supposed to be either red-heads (or skinchangers) or at least recessive carriers). Catelyn's ancestor, the founder of House Whent, is the son of the Bastard of Harrenhal, whose parents were Jeyne Lothston and Aegon IV. Starks, being wargs, is a significant part of the series' plot, same as Targaryens being partially Starks, because that's why all three heads of the dragon - Dany, Rhaego and Jon, are both Ice &Fire. So it is relevant and does makes a difference. Also, even though some people will be annoyed to read my "tinfoil" again and again, at least in some cases what I'm trying to convey will get thru their tin-foil hats and thru their thick skulls and will make their brains to actually think. Other people read this too.
  7. Both Marwyn and MMD are Shiera Seastar's ex-apprentices. All three of them were present in Drogo's tent when Dany was giving birth to Rhaego (Marwyn said then - Rhaegar was the last dragon). Marwyn personally knew Rhaegar and was his confidant. He knows all about the prophecy, from Rhaegar, maester Aemon and Shiera/Quaithe, and also he have read it from the direct source - "The Book of Signs and Portents" written by Daenys the Dreamer, in which she recorded all her prophecies - the Doom of Valyria, the rebirth of the dragons (Egg said to Dunk that King Daeron have read about it in an ancient book, that's the same book, reading which Rhaegar decided that he has to become a warrior), TPTWP, etc. Quaithe warned Dany about Tyrion, Victarion, Moqorro, Quentyn, fAegon and septa Lemore/the Perfumed Seneschal. Marwyn is the only one whom she didn't mentioned, that's because he is one of her agents.
  8. Not to mention that these marriages happened because of succession problems, whether these people felt anything towards their close kin or not. Edric and Jonnel's younger brother, Brandon, also married with his half-niece. So there are three Starks in the same generation who married with their nieces. Brandon's wife, Alys Karstark, is a daughter of a Karstark-husband and Alys Stark, Brandon's older sister, one of Cregan Stark's and Alysanne Blackwood's four daughters. The other three of Cregan's daughters - Sarra married with a Royce and their daughter, Lorra Royce, married with her first cousin Beron Stark; Raya married with a Flint, their son had a daughter - Arya Flint, who then married with her second cousin, Rodrik Stark; Mariah married with a Blackwood, and their daughter was Melissa Blackwood, mistress of Aegon IV and the mother of Bloodraven, Mya and Gwenys Rivers. Mya married with a Blackwood, and their daughters were Melantha and Betha Blackwood. Betha married with Aegon V Taragryen (prior he became King), and her older sister married with Willam Stark, who was her second cousin. So not only Starks are partially Targaryens thru Melantha Blackwood (who was King Aegon's granddaughter and 1/4 Targaryen), Targaryens are also partially Starks thru Betha Blackwood (who was Cregan Stark's great great granddaughter and 1/8 Stark). Rickard Stark was a second cousin to King Aerys and Queen Rhaella; Ned and Lyanna were third cousins to Rhaegar and Dany. So Jon and Dany are nephew and aunt on the Targaryen-side of their family, and they are third cousins once removed on the Stark-side of their family. Also, if you look closely at the Stark family tree, it's full of incest galore, same as the family tree of Targaryens. While Targs mostly married with their sisters or first cousins, Starks mostly married with their first, second or third cousins (also kept their Stark-blood as pure as possible, for similar reason why Targaryens practiced incest). Those rare people on the Stark family tree, who are not partially Starks themselves, are GRRM's tributes to his acquaintances - Harrold Rogers, husband of Branda Stark, is a tribute to Roger Zelazny (author of The Chronicles of Amber), https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/2757 Benedict Royce, husband of Jocelyn Stark, in the first edition of the World Book was Benedict Rogers, also as a tribute to Roger Zelazny https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Benedict_Royce#Behind_the_Scenes There was something like that about Robard Cerwyn, husband of Aregelle Stark, and Robyn Ryswell, wife of Jonnel Stark. Though I don't remember tributes to whom were they supposed to be. There was a site somehwre with a list of all tributes that GRRM added into his books, and both RC and RR from above were also there. So, my point is - Starks are also products of inbreeding same as Targaryens. Thus Jon+Dany will definitely happen, because GRRM did wrote this in ACOK - "A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness. . . . mother of dragons, bride of fire . . ." <- that flower symbolises Jon.
  9. In my opinion, originally both of Euron's eyes were blue. Then he went either to Asshai or to Qarth, met there shadowbinder Quaithe (who is actually Shiera Seastar and the Three-Eyed Crow), and became her apprentice. Thru blood magic Shiera is connected with Euron. She is able to see whatever he sees thru his "blood eye". That's why his nickname is the Crow's Eye, because he is the Three-Eyed Crow's third eye. Some time ago Euron betrayed his teacher and their paths separated. So now he is covering his blood eye to prevent Shiera from spying on him.
  10. In my opinion Mace Tyrell is not a fool. Based on multiple hints in the books (including in The Sworn Sword novel), I think that the Reachmen are and always were (as far back as 100+ years ago) Blackfyre-supporters. It's likely that after the Battle at the Redgrass Field, Bittersteel and the remnants of Daemon's army were transported across the Narrow Sea via courtesy of either Runceford Redwyne (Olenna Tyrell's father) or Runceford's father and the Redwyne-fleet. That's why Illyrio has a cask of wine from Runceford's private stores. That's why during Robert's Rebellion Mace Tyrell intentionally arrived late to the Battle at Ashford, only when it was already obvious whose side will win, and afterwards went to siege Storm's End, which was a useless deed. Apparently he had an agreement with Varys (who is a Blackfyre and the real leader of the Golden Company), that he will keep his army out of the conflict. He won't bring reinforcements to King's Landing, to aid King Aerys against whoever will come after him. Afterwards, Varys planned that Golden Company will arrive to Westeros and will join forces with the Tyrell-army to attack whoever will win in Robert's Rebellion. Though Tywin's intervention and his offer to marry Cersei to Robert, ruined Varys' plans. If Tywin's army fought against the troops that were brought to King's Landing by Ned, then Tywin would have won. Because Tywin's troops were fresh and Ned's troops were weakened from the previous battles and from their race to KL. Though a bit later Tywin possibly would have been defeated by the reinforcements brought by Robert. So afterwards, even if Robert would have won, he would have been left with weakened troops that have fought in multiple battles and suffered great looses. If shortly after the fall of King's Landing, Tyrell-troops would have arrived and attacked the city from the land-side and Golden Company with the Redwyne Fleet would have attacked from the sea-side, then Robert would have lost. Though, because of what Tywin did, the Sixth Rebellion of Blackfyres got indefinitely postponed. Seems that Varys promised to Tyrells that Margaery will marry with fAegon and will become the Queen of the 7K, when GC and Tyrell-forces will seize Iron Throne for fAegon. Though Tyrells got tired of waiting (same as Golden Company) and eventually started acting on their own and even went against Varys and conspired with Littlefinger, who is Varys' ex-disciple and his enemy. Also could be that Runceford's wife, Olenna Tyrell's mother, was either Calla Blackfyre or Daemon I's other daughter. We know that Calla was originally promised by Daemon to marry with Bittersteel, though GRRM revealed that they didn't married. Could be that Bittersteel offered to give up his bride in exchange for the passage across the Narrow Sea for him and his people. And thus Lord Redwyne got a Blackfyre-bride for his son as a payment for his assistance to Bittersteel. Roses + calla lilies is a typical bridal bouquet (Luthor Tyrell is a "rose" and Olenna is a "calla lily". And this looks very much like a sigil of House Tyrell - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luther_rose). That's why Redwynes and Tyrells for many years were supporting GC. Because Olenna is half-Blackfyre. Margaery is 1/8 Blackfyre and her first husband, Renly Baratheon, was 1/8 Targaryen. Tyrells got tired of waiting for a Blackfyre to come, and settled to marry Margaery with a partial Targaryen (Renly and then Robert's sons).
  11. @corbon Ashara Dayne is partially Targaryen, that's why her eyes are violet. Also could be that she is distantly bloodrelated to the founders of Valyrian 40 Dragonlord families. Rhaegar's great-great-grandmother, Dyanna Dayne, was a sister of Ashara Dayne's great-grandparent. Dyanna and her siblings were great-grandchildren of Rhaena Targaryen, who was half-sister of Viserys II, thus Dyanna was a third cousin to her husband, Maekar Targaryen. So Arthur, Ashara and Allyria Daynes were Rhaegar Targaryen's third cousins once removed, and 1/64 dragonseeds. Also, in my opinion, Azor Ahai had 5 wives and 44 sons (in parallel to the Fiery Hand and Hugor of the Hill). The children of Azor's first wife settled at Valyria and founded 40 dragonlord families. The children of the other four wives migrated to Westeros and founded there new Houses. House Dayne was founded by the son of Nissa Nissa, Azor's fourth wife, House Hightower was founded by Azor's second wife. That's why Daynes and Hightowers have Valyrian looks, that's because the founders of those two Houses and the founders of the 40 Dragonlord families were half-siblings. Also, even if septa Lemore does have Valyrian-colored eyes, same as Ashara, it doesn't mean that she is Ashara. In my opinion Lemore is Jeyne Swann, and House Swann was founded by the son of Azor Ahai and his fifth wife. And Azor was a son of the Amethyst Empress, that's why his descendants, not only Valyrians but also four Great House of the 7K, also have "dragonseed" looks.
  12. Aliser - so far alive, later - who knows. Benjen - dead, his body became Coldhands. Syrio - alive, because he is Jaqen's original identity, the real face. Aegon - definitely dead. fAegon is a Blackfyre, son of septa Lemore (Lady Jeyne Swann) and Barristan Selmy (grandson of Aenys Blackfyre). Don't care about Daario. He's irrelevant. Other people who are alive - Shiera Seastar/Quaithe, Rohanne Webber/the Ghost of High Heart, Ashara Dayne/Jyana Reed, Sandor/Gravedigger, Tysha/the Sailor's wife, Rhaego (he is at Vaes Dothrak).
  13. @Mister Smikes Scenario 3: Alysanne Stark/Old Nan gave birth to Dunk's twin-children, a boy and a girl. The boy stayed with Nan at Winterfell, and eventually died during Robert's Rebellion, Hodor is this guy's grandson. The girl and her half-sister, Nan's other daughter fathered by Nan's husband, eventually married and moved out of Winterfell and out of The North. Dunk's daughter had at least two daughters, one of them married with the Clegane, who was a squire of Tytos Lannister, and had with him two sons - Gregor and Sandor; Dunk's second granddaughter married with a member of House Cafferen, and their daughter was Meris Cafferen (Wenda the White Fawn), who then married with Selwyn Tarth. Dunk's parents are Daemon I Blackfyre and Daenerys Targaryen. In House Tarth someone recently married with a Targaryen. <- I don't remember what's the source of this information, it was either in the World Book or in one of GRRM's SSM at the Citadel. Edit: here's that info - https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Brienne_of_Tarth/Theories In my opinion that someone is Selwyn, and that "Targaryen" is Meris, who is Daenerys Targaryen's great-great granddaughter. That shield belonged to Meris. Both Selwyn and Brienne are unaware that Meris is Duncan the Tall's descendant. Selwyn doesn't know that that shield belonged to Duncan the Tall. How did that shield ended up in Meris' posessions? -> Either Dunk left his shield at Winterfell (when he left there pregnant Nan, he left the shield for her, and years later she gave it to her daughter who was departing from Winterfell. That daughter kept that shield and later passed it to one of her own daughters and then to Meris.) or years later one of Dunk's children or grandchildren found him, when he already became a Kingsguard, so he couldn't have done anything for him/her and thus he gave to his descendant the only thing that he had left from his previous life, from the time prior he joined the Kingsguard - his shield. And that child or grandchild kept that shield and passed it to his own descendant. Or something like that. Meris left her shield at the Tarth armory, when she departed from Westeros and migrated to Essos. Selwyn lied to everyone that his wife died. Brienne had three siblings - brother Galladon and two sisters Arianne and Alysanne. This Alysanne possibly was named by her mother after her own great-grandmother - Alysanne Stark/Old Nan. Though there's one thing unclear about Brienne's family - did Selwyn Tarth had only one wife, or several? Did all four of his children were born by the same woman, or by different? From Brienne's thoughts about her childhood, it is known that her father took a new mistress every year. Thus, there's a possibility that besides Brienne, Selwyn's other children are bastards that were born by his mistresses. Or there's a possibility that Galladon was born by Selwyn's first wife, who died in childbirth, then Selwyn married again, with Meris Cafferen, then Meris gave birth to twin-girls, Arianne and Alysanne, who then died in the cradle, and later Meris gave birth to Brienne, and shortly after her birth left Selwyn and went to Essos. Or could be that Meris was one of Selwyn's mistresses, and that Selwyn's three daughters were her bastards, and out of the three of them two died and Brienne was later legitimized, though originally she was a bastard because her parents weren't married. There's many possible options, because we don't know who was Brienne's mother, whether she and Selwyn were married, and if they were whether she was Selwyn's only wife, or his second, or even third, or whether she was a mistress, while only Galladon's mother was Selwyn's wife (who died in childbirth). So there's that.
  14. 1. The proof is in the last chapter of F&B, The Lysene Spring. 2. Larra, Viserys and Gaemon Palehair. In shadow-glamour. 3. Blood magic. In June look here for the thread with this title - "Swan Song part 3/16. Larra Rogare, a chameleon and a cat-woman".
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