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  1. Concerning the books that are already out, I already said/wrote what I wanted, so - case closed and I'm out until TWOW's release. Nowadays I mostly visit this forum just to check whether there's any new info on the upcoming book or about the shows.
  2. The reason the show killed Barristan is because, unlike in the books, there was no Blackfyres in there, not only no fAegon. And in the books both of them are Blackfyres (in my opinion), furthermore Barristan is fAegon's father (again - only in my opinion (for now, until GRRM will reveal it as the truth)). He may not recognize her. First of all - because she is not Ashara. In my opinion, and I am absolutely sure that I am right, Lemore is Jeyne Swann. The other readers may deny it however they want, but when this will be revealed by GRRM, they won't be able to continue with that denial. Lemore=Ashara is a popular theory, which doesn't mean that the people who think so are right. In my opinion, Lemore is Jeyne, and this means that maybe Barristan met her only once - in early 281, a bit more than 19 years ago. Or maybe he had met her before, not only that one time, because he used to know the other Swanns. He even served as a squire to Ser Manfred Swann, and maybe that Manfred was either Jeyne's father or her grandfather. She could have been born many years after Barristan left Stormlands (after the Burning of Summerhall) and relocated to King's Landing. So maybe he used to know her ancestors, but haven't met her prior to their single encounter at the Kingswood in early 281, when they conceived fAegon. Except .... she's Jeyne. The way he will die is already known, and it won't happen at Essos - he will meet both Lemore and fAegon, at the 7K, and he will know that fAegon is his son, and then the three of them will die together - Florian the Fool, his Lady Jonquil, and their son - the Mummer's Dragon: "One man-at-arms was dangling the puppets of Florian and Jonquil from his hands as another set them afire with a torch. Three more men were opening chests, spilling more puppets on the ground and stamping on them. The dragon puppet was scattered all about them, a broken wing here, its head there, its tail in three pieces." (The Hedge Knight). <- fAegon will be killed/ripped/cut apart by Robert Strong (the Mountain)), the guy who also killed the real Aegon (son of Rhaegar Targaryen). -> " "Sweet lady," said Florian, "all men are fools, and all men are knights, where women are concerned." It was a good show, sad and sweet both, with a sprightly swordfight at the end, and a nicely painted giant." <- fAegon will be killed probably in a trial-by-combat, and then Barristan and Lemore (fAegon's parents) will be also killed in the aftermath of that duel, and they both will burn, same as those puppets of Florian and Jonquil in The Hedge Knight novel, that GRRM had used to give a foreshadowing to the readers about how Barristan's story will end -> "It was a good show, sad and sweet both, with a sprightly swordfight at the end". From Google-Translate: sprightly she was quite sprightly for her age (especially of an old person) lively; full of energy. Barristan at the time of that fight will be ~63-65 years old. Thus - "sprightly swordfight at the end".
  3. Lemore is Lady Jeyne Swann. Quaithe is Shiera Seastar. Ashara Dayne is Jyana Reed. It is known. (Not really ). Yes - the Blood and Cheese incident, when Queen Helaena Targaryen had chosen for her firstborn son Jaehaerys to be spared and said to the butchers that they can kill her younger son - Maelor. But that means absolutely nothing, it doesn't prove that Elia would have done similar thing - that she would have agreed to switch her son with the Pisswater Prince to save the real Aegon, though would have kept her daughter at the castle where she then was killed alongside with her mother and the fake Prince.
  4. In my opinion, the truth is this - the silk really was from Asshai, but the rest of the story is bullsh*t. I think that the grandmother, to whom that silk originally belonged, was Johanna Swann - the Black Swan of Lys, who, in my opinion, was kidnapped by the Triarchy's pyrates, when she was returning from her magic school, that she had attended at Asshai. She was sent to that school because in her family some women were born with skinchanging abilities. So originally she was a cat-skinchanger, and then she had learned at that school other forms of magic, such as fire-magic, blood-magic, shadowbinding, poisons, potions, etc. Then she was kidnapped by the pyrates and sold into slavery. For a few years she was a courtesan at the Perfumed Garden in Lys - a pleasure house (luxury brothel) owned by Lysandro Rogare. Then she somehow became either Lysandro's wife or his mistress or a concubine. The specifics in this case are irrelevant, the only thing that is important is that Johanna (in my opinion) was Larra Rogare's mother. Years later, already after the birth of Larra and prince Viserys' three children (Aegon IV, Aemon and Naerys), Larra for some time returned to Lys. There she used blood-magic that stopped her aging. More years later she was brought back to Westeros under a new alias - Serenei of Lys, and became her own son's last mistress. She died while giving birth to her and Aegon's daughter - Shiera Seastar. Same as her mother (Larra/Serenei) and maternal grandmother (Johanna Swann) Shiera is a cat-skinchanger, a shadowbinder, and a blood-mage (that's why she doesn't age - Aegon V said in The Sworn Sword novel that Lady Shiera was bathing in blood). Then Shiera for many years went here and there and everywhere, and then she settled for a few years in the Lands of Always Winter beyond The Wall. That's after she lured her ex-lover - Bloodraven, into the cave of night, where she binded him with blood-magic and weirwood seed paste to a magical tree. When Mance Raider was still in The Watch, happened that event. He was near a Shadow Tower attacked by a shadow-cat who was skinchanged by Shiera Seastar. Then his comrades brought him to the wisewoman, who turned out to be dead. And Shiera, who took over that woman's house, pretended that she is that woman's daughter, and then she treated Mance's wounds, and sewed his cloak with her grandmother's magical red silk from Asshai and thru it binded him with magic. Afterwards his personality got altered by magic and he deserted from the Night's Watch. Then he went beyond The Wall and unknowingly to him was for years executing Shiera's will - to gather all the Wildlings into a single tribe and to prepare them for the fight against the Others and the Unded Army. Shiera is a sort of a prophet and an apostle, a guide. She is the shadowbinder Quaithe and the Three-Eyed Crow. The End. P.S. More detailed explanation on those topics you can read in the thread, link to which is in my signature. The story about the shipwreck was fake, the part that the silk was from Asshai and that it belonged to the healer's maternal grandmother was the truth. Though Mance himself didn't knew the truth. He was Shiera's puppet, same as he is now Melisandre's puppet.
  5. What I wrote in this post is just a theory, based on my personal opinion. JonCon was exiled from Westeros in early 283, like in January or February (or their analogue at Planetos), after the Battle of the Bells, which took place in the beginning of 283 AC. So he joined Golden Company in very early 283 (it takes only 10 days or so to cross the Narrow Sea and to get from Westeros to Essos). He had spent there the next five years, until early 288. Then the next 12 years he had spent pretending that he is YG's daddy, until early 300. Joffrey died on the first day of 300 AC, it took some time to hold the trial. After Tyrion's escape, in Cersei's chapter there was mentioned either the Harvest Moon or the Hunter's Moon (I don't remember which one exactly). It appears that King's Landing is located in Southern Hemisphere, while Winterfell is in the Northern. In Southern Hemisphere the Harvest Moon appears in March or early April, and Hunter's Moon in April. So while Cersei is at KL under that moon, Tyrion across the Narrow Sea is yet not with JonCon and YG. Which means that by the time when Tyrion joined them, it was already past January-February-March <- the likely time-frame in which JonCon 17 years ago had joined Golden Company, so by the time when that chapter (JonCon's arrival to the camp of GC) takes place, it has been already past 12 years since his departure from GC. So there is no inconsistencies concerning YG's age -> both him and the real Aegon were conceived on the same day (April 1st of 281 AC) and born on the same day (somewhere in January). So by the time when Tyrion met YG, past April of 300 AC, the boy was already 18 years old. And he was -> at that time he just recently turned 6 years old. That's when Illyrio and Varys decided to use plan B, which was to give the boy to JonCon to be raised as supposedly Rhaegar's son. Aegon and fAegon in 283 AC, when JonCon was exiled from Westeros, were already 1 year old -> they were born in January, and he was exiled either in January or in February. 5 years later, when fAegon turned 6 years old (in January of 288), some time later, after his birthday, he was given to JonCon. It happened in time-frame somewhere between the month of JonCon's enlistmen with GC (in 282 AC) and the month in which he arrived at their camp (in 300 AC) in ADWD. For example - he joined GC in February or March of 282 AC and were reunited with GC in April or May of 300 AC. No inconsistencies, everything fits. Illyrio's wife Serra, in my opinion, was Varys's older twin-sister (or she was just his older sister and not a twin, in which case Varys was born already after his father's death, maybe even in 261 AC, while Serra was born in late 259 or in early 260 <- or maybe they were twins, born on the same day as result of the same pregnancy) and their father was Maelys the Monstrous, the last Blackfyre from a male line. Their mother, in my opinion, Lady Jenny of Oldstones (wife of Prince Duncan Targaryen) was kidnapped by the Blackfyres (or by the Blackfyres and the Faceless Men, who on that project probably worked together) during the Burning of Summerhall in (probably) early 259. In 258 the Band of Nine had gathered under the Tree of Crowns, where they had vowed to aid one another in carving out kingdoms for each individual member. From ASOIAF-Wikia: "When told of these events, Prince Duncan Targaryen famously quipped that "crowns were being sold nine a penny", and afterwards the Band of Nine became known in the Seven Kingdoms as the Ninepenny Kings.[5] Most men, including King Aegon V and later King Jaehaerys II Targaryen, thought that the threat posed by these pretenders would be countered by the might of the Free Cities, or otherwise founder in Essos", + "The Band of Nine met their goals with initial success, conquering the Disputed Lands and securing the Free City of Tyrosh, setting up Alequo Adarys, the Silvertongue, as its ruler. Second, they conquered the Stepstones. From there, they stood ready to threaten the Seven Kingdoms." <- this was all happening in 258. Then in early 259 had happened the Tragedy at Summerhall. Maelys kidnapped Jenny, got her pregnant with his child (or children) and then in early 260 the Targaryen forces landed at the Stepstones and joined the fight. The war lasted for most of that year. Then near the end of 260 Maelys was killed by Barristan Selmy. In my opinion, Barristan's mother was a daughter of Aenys Blackfyre, so Barristan was a Blackfyre from a female line. So him killing the last Blackfyre from a male line was sort of symbolic. Also I think that Barristan is fAegon's father, so fAegon is also a Blackfyre from a female line - thru Aenys' daughter (fAegon's paternal grandmother). fAegon's mother, in my opinion, is septa Lemore, whose real name is Lady Jeyne Swann. In my opinion, the Swanns are bloodrelated to the Blackfyres, I'm sure that they had a common ancestor - the Black Swan of Lys - Lady Johanna Swann (in my opinion, she was the mother of Larra Rogare, and thus she is an ancestor (a great-grandmother thru Larra and her son Aegon IV Targaryen) of Daemon I Blackfyre, Aegor Bittersteel Rivers, Daeron II Targaryen (thru Queen Naerys and Aemon the Dragonknight, who was Daeron's real father), and many of Aegon IV's other children). In my opinion, when Aenys Blackfyre in 233 AC came to the 7K to attend the Great Council, before going to King's Landing, he brought his family to the Stonehelm castle - the seat of House Swann. He brought them there to put them under protection of their Swann-relatives. So when Aenys was executed on the order of Bloodraven, his family continued to remain at the 7K, with the Swanns. Then Aenys' daughter met Lyonel Selmy, who probably was a knight in service of House Swann. The Selmys were landed knights from eastern Dornish Marches - part of Stormlands where the Swanns were marcher lords. The Swanns were the second most powerful House of Stormlands, after the Baratheons. So, considering who they (the Swanns) were, and that their castle was not far from the Harvest Hall (the seat of House Selmy), it seems logical that Lyonel Selmy, who was a landed knight, served as a House knight for the Swanns. And that's how he met Aenys Blackfyre's daughter. They fell in love, got married or just hooked up, either way as result they became parents. In my opinion, they had twin-boys - the older one (Barristan), when the mother went back to Tyrosh, remained with his father at Stonehelm, and the younger one (Barristan's twin-brother - Daemon the Unnumbered Blackfyre), went to Essos together with his mother. They were evacuated away from the 7K, in span of the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion, by the Blackfyres and Bittersteel (who was Daemon's and Barristan's maternal great-great-uncle. Bittersteel and Daemon I Blackfyre were half-brothers, so Aenys was Bittersteel's nephew, and his daughter was Bittersteel's grand-niece, and her children were Bittersteel's great grand-nephews). That's how Barristan Selmy is a Blackfyre by blood thru his mother and maternal grandfather - Aenys Blackfyre. Also he is (in my opinion) partially Swann -> Johanna Swann + Lysandro Rogare = Larra Rogare + Viserys II Targaryen = Aegon IV + Daena the Defiant = Daemon I Blackfyre + Rohanne of Tyrosh = Aenys Blackfyre + wife = daughter + Lyonel Selmy = Barristan Selmy (he is 1/64 Swann and 1/4 or 1/2 (if Aenys' wife was his sister or cousin) Blackfyre by blood). And then Barristan served as a squire to Ser Manfred Swann, and then at Blackhaven he met Duncan Targaryen. Then some years later Maelys killed Barristan's twin-brother - Daemon, and then in 260 Barristan killed Maelys. Then in early 281 at the Kingswood Barristan met Lady Jeyne Swann. She tricked him into having sex with her, by using on him love potion, provided to her by her fake septa, who actually was Shiera Seastar in shadow-glamour. Those two women and the Kingswood Brotherhood and Symon Toyne (brother of Myles Toyne - captain general of the Golden Company) and the Smiling Knight (who actually was a Blackfyre from a female line, same as Barristan) and Arthur Dayne and Jaime Lannister and Barristan Selmy all met at the Kingswood, and all that was orchestarted by Varys ( who is a Blackfyre) and Shiera Seastar, to manipulate the course of history and to produce the Promised Prince. On that night when the real Aegon was conceived by his parents at King's Landing, the same comet that was seen over the castle, was also seen from the Kingswood, where on the same night had occured fAegon's conception. Thus the real Aegon and fAegon were conceived on the same night (April 1st, the Fool's Day), under the same comet (it was the wrong comet, not the star from the prophecy), and were probably born on the same day, in January or so. Lady Jeyne Swann, after conceiving her child, went to Essos to Illyrio Mopatis (Serra Blackfyre's widower and Varys Blackfyre's brother-in-law). Varys and Jeyne are also bloodrelated, because Varys is partially Swann (Johanna Swann + Lysandro Rogare = Larra Rogare + Viserys II Targaryen = Aegon IV + Daena the Defiant = Daemon I Blackfyre + Rohanne of Tyrosh = ......... Maelys Blackfyre + Jenny of Oldstones = Serra and Varys; ....... Daemon I Blackfyre + princess Daenerys Targaryen = Duncan the Tall + Rohanne Webber-Lannister (Jenny's woodswitch, the Ghost of High Heart) = Jenny of Oldstones + Maelys Blackfyre = Serra and Varys <- that's not a fact, that's my opinion. So in my opinion Serra and Varys by blood were 1/2 Blackfyres thru their father and 1/8 Blackfyres thru their mother (who was a granddaughter of Daemon I Blackfyre). They both were 5/8 Blackfyres, so more than 50% Blackfyres by blood. And thus Varys as a Blackfyre was invested in the Golden Company and wanted to put a Blackfyre on the Iron Throne. That's why he created this fAegon-project -> both of fAegon's parents, Barristan and Jeyne, are Varys' relatives, thru Swann-lines and Blackfyre-lines. That's why they were chosen by Varys as the parents of the Blackfyre Messiah. And Illyrio got in the first place involved with Varys and got married with Serra, because he is also connected to their blood. In my opinion, his mother was a bastard-daughter of Aerion Brightflame Targaryen (or rather Aerion's Lyseni-child probably was Illyrio's grandmother or maybe a grandfather, based on the timing -> Aerion got sent to Lys in 209 and he had spent there a few years, so his Lyseni-bastards were born in 210+, their own children were born in 225+, so Illyrio, who was born approximately in middle-to late 250s, is, most likely, a great-grandson of Aerion). She (Aerion's hypothetical daughter, or maybe it was a son) was born at Lys, and then by the Faceless Men was brought to Braavos and joined the Sealord's court. Illyrio's father, in my opinion, was a descendant of that son of princess Saera Targaryen whose father was a Triarch of Volantis. Thus Illyrio is at the same time is a descendant of Saera Targaryen and of Aerion Brightflame Targaryen. He is a dragonseed, same as Varys and Serra, that's why he joined forces with them and later also became a part of the plan "let's put a Blackfyre on the Iron Throne". Though, originally that Blackfyre, who was supposed to rule over the 7K, was supposed to be Serra and Illyrio's son. Though the Sealord of Braavos sent the Faceless Men to Pentos, and they caused there an epidemy and under the guise of it infected Serra with greyscale and she died. Thus Illyrio and Varys switched to plan B - let's find someone else with the Blackfyre blood and let's make that someone to produce for us a Blackfyre-baby, whom we will raise and put on the Throne. So Illyrio's debts of affection and the fact that he always knew fAegon is a prove that fAegon was born at Illyrio's mansion and had spent there the first 6 years of his life - from January of 282 to past-January of 288, when he was given to JonCon. And his mother - Jeyne Swann/septa Lemore went with him. No, she wasn't. Varys and Illyrio had to switch to plan B, exactly because Serra, whose future child was supposed to bring Golden Company "home" (plan A), died. Or the similarity in the names is a clue that Illyrio's wife Serra was bloodrelated to him, because he was a descendant of Saera Targaryen. Illyrio, having at his mansion a statue of him in his youth, a statue created by famous sculptor, and Illyrio being a water-dancer, before he arrived to Lys (his mother's place of origin) and met there Varys, is a hint that he was born at Braavos and that he was part of the Sealord's entorage and a bravo who served at court. That's why he was significant enough that the famous sculptor created his statue -> that was a farewell present for the Sealord, who was fond of Illyrio (because Illyrio was born and raised at his court). And then, a few years later, the Sealord had sent assassins to kill Illyrio's wife. Because Illyrio was using for personal gain the information that he found out at the Sealord's court (the info about the Promised Prince prophecy, about the three dragon eggs that were owned by the Sealord, etc.). Illyrio was intending for his and Serra's future son to become the Promised Prince the Awakener of the dragons and the King of the 7K. That's why the Sealord killed Serra. Though, not Illyrio, of whom he was still fond. Serra's death was a punishment for the betrayal of trust. Though they all (Varys, Illyrio, Golden Company, Shiera Seastar, septa Lemore/Jeyne Swann) believed that fAegon is the Promised Prince, because he was conceived at the night of that comet. Thus, practical or impractical, and what hardships they would have met on the path of puting fAegon on the Iron Throne, didn't mattered to them, because -> they are FANATICS and they believe that what they are doing is FATE and THE WILL OF GODS.
  6. (Read the P.S.-section first.) It could have been induced with BB, in combination with other psychotropic substanses, because BB is not the only thing that the FM were using on Targaryens. Apparently they were using complex of medications that they "prescribed" individually for each of their victims, and they were staying close by and regulating the outcome by moderating dosages and what drugs are used to achieve desired effect. Haven't you watched any movies where a character was artificially driven to madness by people who were adding drugs into his/her food or drink, or even switching his/her medication with something harmful instead? P.S. Let's end this discussion here, because we are fluding this thread with posts irrelevant to its original topic. P.P.S. I saw your post in IronShell-thread, though right now I don't have time to reply to it, sorry. Also, I have read your theory, the one where "Bloodraven did it" , and if you have read some of my theories, then you know that I have a different opinion on that topic - I think that all that, what in your opinion was orchestrated by BR, actually was done by Shiera Seastar and the Faceless Men, though with the same goal in mind as in your theory - to manipulate the course of history and to create the Promised Prince. When I will have more time, we can discuss that topic later in another thread. Let's not do it here.
  7. I disagree. There was a clue in the books that the FM were using specifically basilisk's blood and not something else to make Targaryens "go crazy". I mean this -> (AFFC, Cat of the Canals) "This paste is spiced with basilisk blood. It will give cooked flesh a savory smell, but if eaten it produces violent madness, in beasts as well as men." + (AFFC, Jaime II) "A king has no secrets from his Kingsguard. Relations between Aerys and his queen had been strained during the last years of his reign. They slept apart and did their best to avoid each other during the waking hours. But whenever Aerys gave a man to the flames, Queen Rhaella would have a visitor in the night. The day he burned his mace-and-dagger Hand, Jaime and Jon Darry had stood at guard outside her bedchamber whilst the king took his pleasure. "You're hurting me," they had heard Rhaella cry through the oaken door. "You're hurting me." In some queer way, that had been worse than Lord Chelsted's screaming. "We are sworn to protect her as well," Jaime had finally been driven to say. "We are," Darry allowed, "but not from him." Jaime had only seen Rhaella once after that, the morning of the day she left for Dragonstone. The queen had been cloaked and hooded as she climbed inside the royal wheelhouse that would take her down Aegon's High Hill to the waiting ship, but he heard her maids whispering after she was gone. They said the queen looked as if some beast had savaged her, clawing at her thighs and chewing on her breasts. A crowned beast, Jaime knew." GRRM thru Jaime intentionally compared King Aerys with a beast, because (in my opinion) it's a clue that on that night Aerys behaved the way he did, because he was poisoned with basilisk's blood. And the Waif said that basilisk's blood produces madness in beasts, even though she (or rather GRRM thru her) could have phrased it differently, for example - "it produces violent madness, in animals as well as men". They both used specifically word "beast" because it is a clue that ties those two scenes together, and 1+1=2. In my opinion, Jon Darry was one of those KG who also was an FM. On that night (if I'm not mistaken) Jon-D was the only KG (besides Jaime, who is obviously not an FM) present at the castle. And because there are many many many other clues that point towards (VERY LIKELY) possibility that in every set of the Kingsguards there was at least one Faceless Man (since the time when this organisation (KG) was created), it appears that Jon-D is our guy, in a sense that - he was an FM and he is the one who on that night added BB into Aerys' food or drink, which caused Aerys to go on rampage. It wasn't the fire nor the execution what caused him to behave that way, it was the poison (which is actually some sort of psychotropic substance). And the FM were poisoning Aerys with BB for many years, that's why sometimes he had remissions and sometimes he was getting worse. That's because the FM were using BB on him from time to time, and sometimes they weren't, and seems that that substance doesn't have a lasting effect, that's why sometimes he was getting better. I'm sure that Aerys didn't had lead poisoning, or rather that the FM to cause his "madness" weren't using on him lead, they definitely were using BB. Because lead doesn't have an immediate effect, while BB affects the victim probably in 20-30 minutes after consumption. So if the FM wanted to make Aerys (or any other of their intended victims) to go crazy on a specific timing, then they would have (and did) used BB. And this is a prove of that -> (AFFC, Cat of the Canals) "A mouse will attack a lion after a taste of basilisk blood." Arya chewed her lip. "Would it work on dogs?" <- Jaqen H'ghar used BB on Weese's dog, to make her (it was a female-dog) kill him. He weren't poisoning the dog with lead for months or weeks, waiting while its accumulative effect will affect the dog's nervous system. He needed that dog to kill her master NOW, so he used on the dog the substance that worked shortly after it was eaten by her - basilisk's blood. Jaqen definitely used BB on Weese's dog, that's why when Arya and the Waif were discussing properties of BB, Arya asked whether it works on dogs, and the Waif before that said that it works on beasts same as on people, and in the same book (AFFC) Jaime mentioned that night on which Aerys behaved like a beast. Because he was poisoned with BB. By Jon-D, who was an FM. To achieve that sort of symptoms (madness) by lead poisoning, the FM would have needed to poison their victims for an extended period of time, and gradualy. So the effect would have appeared on the uncontrolled and unspecified timing. Also, to achieve that sort of effect immediately, they would have needed to poison their victim with a big Big BIG dose of lead, which would have just killed the victim, instead of making him/her go crazy. Thus, even though book described result could have been achieved by using lead, that doesn't mean that that's what it was. Just because certain animal has four legs and hooves, doesn't mean that it's a horse, instead it could be zebra, or a giraffe, or even a pig, figuratively speaking. So lead poisoning is definitely not our case - not the option used by GRRM in ASOIAF, because all the clues point towards it being the BB-poisoning.
  8. Targaryen brand of madness - characters (and the readers) think that some dragonseeds sinse their birth are aflicted with mental diseases, and that Gods decide whether this or that newborn dragonseed will be crazy or normal, or how Barristan Selmy phrased it - "King Jaehaerys once told me that madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin. Every time a new Targaryen is born, he said, the gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land." - ASOS, Dany VI. So supposedly the fate of those dragonseeds is decided by supernatural forces - the will of the Gods, magic, etc. Supposedly some of those people become crazy because there is something "wrong" with their blood, which is dragon-blood that has magical properties. Though, I figured out that those dragonseeds actually became crazy because they all were poisoned with basilisk blood by the Faceless Men (they were amongst the Kingsguards). Thus, the supposedly supernatural disease was actually caused by psychotropic substances, and magic or the will of the Gods had nothing to do with it.
  9. I don't want Sansa to become Queen (either of the 7K or even just The North, or The Vale). None of that nonsense. In my opinion, she's incompetent and she's a bad person, so I think that she doesn't deserve to rule. The theory in which, by the end of ASOIAF, the rulers of the 7K will be Tyrion and Sansa, as his wife and Queen, is what I hope won't happen. Tyrion as a King of the 7K, is something with which I am more or less OK, but Sansa as a Queen - Nooooooooo!!!
  10. That doesn’t mean much, shades and even colours of Targ children vary a lot. Jaeharys I…with a pure Valyrian sister-wife…had children with eyes ranging from pale lilac to deep purple to blue to in one instance green. + JonCon already knows that fAegon is not Rhaegar's son. It seems that he knew it all along, or at least guessed the truth years ago. He's aware that fAegon is not who Varys claimed him to be, though JonCon doesn't care, because the role that he plays now, as fAegon's mentor/guardian/protector, gave him a purpose in life, and gave him an opportunity to avenge Rhaegar's death by bringing down people whom he blaims in Rhaegar's death and his own downfall - Baratheons, Lannisters, Starks, etc. He knows, and he (nearly) doesn't care. JonCon is using fAegon and Varys, same as Varys is using JonCon. This -> ADWD, The Lost Lord What are those other things that JonCon will make Varys to pay for? -> It's the deception that fAegon is supposedly Rhaegar's son. JonCon is aware that it's a lie, and that Varys is just using him to get fAegon to the Throne. There even were a few intentional give-aways on GRRM's part, like here: So originally the only three people that knew about "Aegon" and why JonCon really left Golden Company, were JonCon, Illyrio and Myles Toyne, so how did Harry Strickland also knew about this? -> He knew because Varys is a Blackfyre, and Illyrio's wife Serra also was a Blackfyre, and they (GC) knew all along about fAegon's existance, even before his birth -> they knew his mother - Septa Lemore/Jeyne Swann (the Swanns are bloodrelated to the Blackfyres - Larra Rogare/Serenei of Lys, paternal grandmother of Daemon I Blackfyre and Aegor Bittersteel Rivers (the founder of GC), was half-Swann thru her mother - Johanna Swann, the Black Swan of Lys. Though, that's not important, what's important is that GC knew about fAegon years before the boy was brought to JonCon). So they all were aware who fAegon really is, and they all knew that Varys lied to JonCon that the boy is Rhaegar's son - just read thru their reaction to what Jon was saying to them. They all know that he's a fool tricked by Varys into taking that boy under his protection. They all know that Varys thru his agents manipulated JonCon into joining GC, and that Varys was intending to somehow use JonCon in the future, and then a few years later Varys brought fAegon to Jon and lied to him who the boy is. So when JonCon with fAegon left GC, they all actually knew why and where did he really went, and at that point in time Varys and Myles Toyne/Blackheart, to trick JonCon, pretended that this is the plan and that no one should know about this, except the three of them -> "Varys had been adamant about the need for secrecy. The plans that he and Illyrio had made with Blackheart had been known to them alone. The rest of the company had been left ignorant. ... They know, Griff realized then. They have known all along. " He has realised years ago that fAegon is not Rhaegar's son, though he's still playing along with Varys (because this mission - to put supposedly Rhaegar's son on the Iron Throne, and that way to avenge Rhaegar's death, gives JonCon a purpose in life). And that lie is one of the things for which JonCon is planning to make Varys pay, after fAegon will become the King. So there won't be any soul-crushing scenes from JonCon, because he knows. P.S. Though, there will be a soul-crushing scene from Barristan Selmy, when he will find out that fAegon is HIS SON, and then he will have to make a choice - either to help his son to become the King of the 7K and to betray his Queen - Daenerys, to whom he gave an oath of loyalty, or to let his son die. The treason for love - a parallel to the choice that Jaime Lannister had to make during Robert's Rebellion - either to kill his own father, or to betray his King, and we know what he had chosen. And because in GRRM's books the history repeats, what choice Barristan will make, is also predictable (specifically because GRRM left in the books hints about this outcome).
  11. I think that Helaena was killed by one of the Kingsguards, and that KG was a Faceless Man.
  12. Though, what if he actually is a Blackfyre, and what if his birth, at just the right time, was not a coincidence? I wrote a theory how did that happened, who fAegon really is, and how is he connected to Varys, Illyrio and Golden Company, here -> Swan Song part 10/16. What happened at the Kingswood
  13. Wasn't Loras badly burned and wounded? -> "it is reported that Loras was horribly injured by quarrels, maces, and boiling oil in the battle." Though, could be that the report about Loras was false.
  14. JonCon sort of notted the difference between Rhaegar and fAegon, the difference in their looks and their behaviour: ADWD, The Griffin Reborn:
  15. Both of them actually were Faceless Men (i.e. - they were "replaced" by FM, same as Pate at the Citadel), so that's why GRRM in F&B ommited to give a more detailed info about either of them, because FM being in the Kingsguard is an ongoing mystery/secret of ASOIAF. P.S. You can find more info on this topic in the link in my signature -> The Iron Shell threads.
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