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  1. Megorova

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    There's no thematic reason to keep them alive, because they have already served their purpose - to bring Bran to that cave. So now they are unneeded, and thus could be offed. And there is a purpose in killing them - it's to make Bran to realise, that the Children are evil little monsters, and that he has to get out of there ASAP.
  2. Megorova

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    Yes. Jojen was killed by the Children, and, probably, Meera too. Both of them were missing, when Bran returned from that other cave, where he ate weirwood paste, with what seemed to be blood. My guess, is that when Bran will wake up, he will see, that the weirwood tree is growing thru his body, binding him to that cave. So he will warg Hodor, and will make him rip those roots out of the ground, and the two of them will escape via undergroud river. And because Hodor will be able to carry only one person, it means, that Bran is the only one, who will get alive out of those caves.
  3. Megorova

    The identity of the Promised Prince and the Night's King

    I think, that three heads of the dragon, all of them promised in prophecies (from Westeros, Dothraki, and Asshai), are: 1. Dany - she will wake dragons from stone, actual three dragons (Drogon, Rhaegel, Viseryon) and a metaphorical dragon. She will reveal Jon's real identity, that he is son of Lyanna and Rhaegar, he is winged stone beast from Dany's vision: "From a smoking tower, a great stone beast took wing, breathing shadow fire. . . . mother of dragons, slayer of lies". Dany will slay a lie, that Jon is Ned Stark's bastard, same as she will slay a lie, that fAegon is Rhaegar's son (mummers dragon - parallel to Biblical Antichrist, and the beast out of the sea, with one mortally wounded head), and that Stannis is Azor Ahai (king without a shadow). 2. Rhaego - Dothraki prophecy about his birth has many parallels to Biblical prophecy about Jesus. Actually, all three of them (Dany, Rhaego and Jon) are GRRM's parallels to Jesus, and Second Long Night is GRRM's version of events described in The Book of Revelation, the last part of the Bible, about Apocalypse. Rhaego, who is the Stallion that mounts the world, and Khal of Khals is a parallel to Jesus, who was referred to as King of kings and Lord of lords. Also it was said in the Bible, that Jesus is the great shepherd, that will lead all nations, and about Rhaego it was said in the prophecy - "The stallion is the khal of khals promised in ancient prophecy, child. He will unite the Dothraki into a single khalasar and ride to the ends of the earth, or so it was promised. All the people of the world will be his herd." - so Rhaego is the great shepherd, that will unite all nations, same as Jesus in the Bible. 3. Jon - he is new Azor Ahai, and Dawn sword of Daynes is his Lightbringer. In the Bible Jesus called himself morning star. And in ASOIAF the wielder of Dawn is called the Sword of the Morning. Morning star is planet Venus, and its Latin name is Lucifer, which means "light-bringer" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer Jon will become a dragonrider, and his dragon will be Viseryon. Jon is a parallel to warrior-Jesus: "Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself." <- Jon's real name is Aegon, and he will have many crowns, because he will be the King of Seven Kingdoms (GRRM needed for Westeros to be 7K, even though Iron Islands are small and insignificant, they were still considered as one of 7K, because in the Book of Revellation Jesus was wearing 7 crowns.) Jon was killed and will be resurrected by the power of R'hllor. It will prove, that he is Azor Ahai reborn. So he's also a parallel to the Lamb of God - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamb_of_God And the song of Ice and Fire is a parallel to Biblical song of the Lamb. So if GRRM will follow with Jon's plot Biblical pattern, then Jon will marry with Dany, after it will be revealed, that he is rightful King of 7K. Dany is the Lamb's bride (also a Biblical figure). So there will be a big wedding, and they will build a new city, that will replace King's Landing, and they will invite all people of 7K to live with them in that city, and there will be no "night" there, like in the Biblical new Jerusalem. And this fragment of the Bible is describing Cersei's and King's Landing's fate: "As she glorified herself and lived in luxury, so give her a like measure of torment and mourning, since in her heart she says, ‘I sit as a queen, I am no widow, and mourning I shall never see.’ For this reason her plagues will come in a single day, death and mourning and famine, and she will be burned up with fire; for mighty is the Lord God who has judged her." Cersei will be burned, probably, by dragonfire. So three heads of the dragon is GRRM's parallel to the Holy Trinity, his version of it is the Mother (Dany, Drogon's rider), the Son (Rhaego, Rhaegel's rider), and the Holy Spirit/Ghost (Jon, Viseryon's rider; which one of them will ride which dragon, was hinted by GRRM in AGOT, Dany X). And the Night's King's identity is irrelevant, he's dead, and even if he and his Corpse Queen had children, it also doesn't matter. Because Starks themselves are carriers of "cursed" blood. They made a Pact with the Children, according to which they were supposed to give sacrifices to the Old Gods and their creations, the Others. So abbility of Stark-children to warg, and to see green dreams, is caused by their blood, those abbilities were given to them by the Children, as part of the Pact. Maybe, Bael the Bard was descendant of Night's King and his Queen, so thru his son with the Stark girl, current Starks are carriers of Corpse Queen's genes. But it doesn't matter, because they were "cursed" even before that. What is more significant, than Night's King's identity, is the identity of the Great Other, and that is Bloodraven. He is GRRM's parallel to wizard Merlin. So, most likely, he got binded to the Weirwood by Shiera Seastar, who is GRRM's parallel to the mix of three mythological characters - Merlin's lovers Morgana le Fay and Nimue (water fairy and the Lady of the Lake), and Morrigan (Crow Goddess and Queen of Phantoms - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Morrígan). So Shiera is the Three-Eyed Crow and shadowbinder Quaithe. Could be, that that story, about Night's King, that ruled for 13 years, is not a fact out of 7K's history, but actually is a clue from GRRM, it's a hint, that Bloodraven and Shiera are Night's King, and his Corpse Queen, that has lured him beyond the Wall, and caused his downfall.
  4. I think, that the Others are creations of the Children, so they don't kill Children. All of them are in some sort of symbiosis, where the Children feed the Others thru giving blood and living sacrifices to the weirwood trees. And greenseers, that are binded to those trees, are partially controlling the Others. When the Children made a Pact with the Last Hero, they agreed, that Starks (descendants of LH) will be "feeding" the Others, and in exchange for that, the Children will keep them far away in the north, in the Lands of Always Winter. But eventually Starks stoped sacrificing people to the Old Gods/trees/the Others, so the Others were starving, and thus they demanded "food" from the Children. For many centuries the Children were giving their own people and blood to the Others, to keep them fed, but eventually their numbers decreased, so the Others went to look for another source of "food", and started to kill people. What has happened at Hardhome, 600 years ago, is their doing. People there were also "feeding" the Others, but something went wrong. One of Night's Watch's Commanders, the Night's King and his Corpse Queen were also "feeding" the Others. Probably, on Skagos is also happening something like that. And, most likely, there are other people, who are also giving sacrifices to the Old Gods/the Others. People like Craster. So onions and other food was provided by Craster, who gave it to the Others/Coldhands, who then brought it to that cave. It's a barter. If originally the Children were masters of the Others, and created them, to use them as protection against First Men, then now it's more like the Others are masters, and the Children are milk cows. So the Others are keeping the Children alive, and are feeding them/providing them with food, to be able to keep "milking" them.
  5. Megorova

    King Tommen

    I think, that he will be killed by Sparrows, that will scale the walls of Red Keep, like the Mountain did during Robert's Rebellion, and Poor Fellows during Faith's uprising in 41AC, this - https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Raymont_Baratheon GRRM is often using repetitive patterns. The Mountain was scaling the walls with one other guy. Raymont Baratheon was also killed by two guys from Poor Fellows. Three is an important number in ASOIAF's world, so there will be a third time, when similar thing will happen again. In 41AC rebells tried to kill the King, but he was saved by Raymont Baratheon, who was member of the Kingsguard, and died then instead of Targaryens. Elia and her children were killed by the Mountain, on order of Tywin Lannister, and if he is Ser Robert Strong, then now he is member of the Kingsguard. So two Sparrows will scale the walls of Red Keep, and will kill King Tommen Baratheon, who is actually a Lannister, and thus a fake King, so his death will be some sort of twisted justice, and payback to Lannisters for death of Elia and her children. And then those two Sparrows, for assassination of fake Baratheon, will be killed by fake Kingsguard, Robert Strong - it's like a twisted mirror reflection, of what has happened previously, with the Mountain, who became a fake Kingsguard, and before that with a real Baratheon, who was a real Kingsguard, and was killed by the Faith Militant, so the Mountain killing those two Sparrows, after they will kill Tommen, will be like payback from KG Raymont Baratheon to those rebells, that killed him. When KG Robert Strong will kill those Sparrows, that will kill Tommen, it will close the circle.
  6. Megorova

    The three Kingsguard were loyal to Rhaegar, not Aerys.

    Maybe Hightower (and other two) didn't switched sides, but he did vowed to Rhaegar - to guard Lyanna and Rhaegar's baby, in exchange for Rhaegar going back to KL. Aerys sent Gerold to find Rhaegar, and to bring him back, for Rhaegar to lead Targaryen army against rebels. But even though Gerold has found Rhaegar, doesn't mean, that he could have forced Rhaegar to go, if Rhaegar didn't wanted. And it's not like a mere KG can force Crown Prince to do, what he doesn't want. So it is likely, that they made a deal, and that's what the vow was about, not about those 3 KG swearing their loyalty to Rhaegar, and proclaiming him their new King, it was - I'll go = you'll stay.
  7. Megorova

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    Ok, can't argue with that. You're right.
  8. Megorova

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    And I think, that ASOIAF is not a typical fantasy story, because, in my opinion, it is based on the Bible, specifically on The Book of Revelation, which depicts Apocalypse. Dany, Rhaego and Jon are the Holy Trinity of ASOIAF, three heads of the dragon - The Mother, The Son, and The Holy Ghost; fAegon, who is the mummers dragon, is a parallel to Antichrist, or the beast out of the sea, with one mortally wounded head; Varys is a parallel to Biblical Dragon/Satan, and him and Littlefinger are fAegon's false prophets, LF is the beast out of the earth, the one with lamb's horns and dragon's voice, because he is, possibly, descendant of Aegon IV and his mistress and bastard-daughter, Jayne Lothston, daughter of Falena Stokeworth, so he has dragon's voice, because he is partially Targaryen, and he has lamb's horns, because lamb is a sigil of Stokeworths; Dany is also a parallel to Mother Mary, and to the woman of the Apocalypse/the pregnant woman clothed in the sun, that is chased by the Dragon; Rhaego is a parallel to Jesus, who in The Book of Revellation was referred to, as the great shepherd, and King of kings and Lord of lords, while about the Stallion that mounts the world, it was said in the Dothraki prophecy, that he is Khal of khals (which means King of kings), and that all people of the world will be his herd, i.e. he will be their shepherd; and Jon is also a parallel to Jesus, because he will be revived, and because in ASOIAF he will serve the same purpose, as the Lamb of God in the Bible, "slain but standing", by his sacrifice he will take away the sin of the world, so in the end of the series he won't be ruling as the King of 7K, because he will sacrifice himself for the sake of his people; The Bleeding Star comet is simultaneously a parallel to the Wormwood Star of Apocalypse (probably, GRRM's white Weirwood is inspired by it - Artemisia herba-alba, the white wormwood plant) and the Star of Bethlehem, that has lead three wisemen from the east to Mother Mary, after she gave birth to Jesus, in ASOIAF three eastern wisemen, that came to Dany, after she gave birth to Rhaego, were Quaithe, Xaro Xhoan Daxos and Pyat Pree; etc. I don't think, that I have just imagined all this parallels between the Bible and GRRM's ASOIAF. He was raised in a very religious environment, so either he is subconsciously using all this Biblical elements, or, which is more likely, he is using them intentionally, and the Second Long Night is indeed a parallel to the Biblical Apocalypse. If we will consider the Bible as a fantasy story, then, yes, ASOIAF is still a fantasy story, even if it is based on the Bible. Though Biblical tropes are not a typical for fantasy genre, so GRRM using them is him straying away from typical fantasy stereotypes.
  9. Megorova

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    Why would he? What exactly made you think so? Not all people followed Ned. No one rose in the rebellion against Lannisters, after they killed Ned. Not even all of Ned's ex-people and supporters were willing to follow Robb. There was no rebellion after Lannisters killed Robb and his people. No one tried to prevent Sansa's marriage with Tyrion. No one tried to get her out of Red Keep, and out of Lannisters' control. Thus - so what if he is Ned's bastard, Robb's heir, and Sansa's brother? -> People have given zero contribution to Ned, Robb and Sansa, so why would they be doing something for the sake of someone Ned's-Robb's-or-Sansa's? Also what's the difference in whether he will be chosen as a ruler, because of his sister/brother/adopted father, and him being chosen, because of his real parentage? -> Both cases are all about connections, and determining someone's value, or net-worth, based on who he is to other important people, not based on who he is himself. Isn't it basically the same thing?
  10. Megorova

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    What's with your reaction? I could be right about all of that. And I'm not wrong about Jon being partially Dayne, thru Dyanna Dayne, if he is Rhaegar's son. Dyanna Dayne + Maekar Targaryen = (1/2 Dayne) Aegon V + Betha Blackwood = (1/4 Dayne) Jaehaerys + (1/4 Dayne) Shaera = (1/4 Dayne) Aerys + (1/4 Dayne) Rhaella = (1/4 Dayne) Rhaegar + Lyanna = (1/8 Dayne) Jon. And Rhaego could be alive, because besides words of Mirri Maz Duur, there's no evidence of his death, not even his corpse. And she said, that he was born dead, but it's a lie, and there's evidence in the book, that Rhaego was alive, when he was born. This is Rhaego's POV in Dany IX, what he has experienced inside Dany's body, during his birth (it's his experience, not Dany's, and the hall with stone arches and the red door is a birth canal and vagina): "She was walking down a long hall beneath high stone arches. She could not look behind her, must not look behind her. There was a door ahead of her, tiny with distance, but even from afar, she saw that it was painted red. She walked faster, and her bare feet left bloody footprints on the stone. ... She felt the dark behind her, and the red door seemed farther away than ever. ... She raced, her feet melting the stone wherever they touched. "Faster!" the ghosts cried as one, and she screamed and threw herself forward. A great knife of pain ripped down her back, and she felt her skin tear open and smelled the stench of burning blood and saw the shadow of wings (<- Dany's POV mixed with Rhaego's POV. It's the moment of the final push, after which the baby came out. Those ghost kings is, most likely, Shiera Seastar, who is also Quaithe and the Three-Eyed Crow, and them crying to Dany "Faster, faster" is actually "Push, push". Shiera was assisting Dany during Rhaego's birth <- You may not agree with my ideas, but just because you don't agree, doesn't mean, that I'm wrong. I could be right about this). And Daenerys Targaryen flew. (<- going thru red door and flying means being born.) ... The door loomed before her, the red door, so close, so close, the hall was a blur around her, the cold receding behind. And now the stone was gone and she flew across the Dothraki sea, high and higher, the green rippling beneath, and all that lived and breathed fled in terror from the shadow of her wings. She could smell home, she could see it, there, just beyond that door, green fields and great stone houses and arms to keep her warm, there. She threw open the door. ... And saw her brother Rhaegar, mounted on a stallion as black as his armor. Fire glimmered red through the narrow eye slit of his helm. "The last dragon," Ser Jorah's voice whispered faintly. "The last, the last." Dany lifted his polished black visor. The face within was her own." <- thru usage of Shiera's blood magic, in that chapter Dany saw events thru her own eyes, and thru eyes of her unborn child. And when Rhaego was born, and lifted up, he saw his mother's face, Dany was in his consciousness, and thus she had out of body experience, during which she saw herself thru eyes of newborn Rhaego. Let's wait until release of TWOW, I'm 90% sure, that Dany will be reunited with Rhaego in Vaes Dothrak, and that his kidnapping by his Dothraki relatives was first out of three treasons, predicted by the Undying - the treason for blood. The other 10% is that he was kidnapped by Shiera, and now he's in Asshai. He is half-Dothraki and half-dragonseed, so his kidnapping also could be classified as the treason for blood, if he was kidnapped by his distant aunt of Targaryen blood. I get it, that you, and majority of other posters on this forum, disagree with my ideas, but it doesn't mean, that my ideas are wrong.
  11. Megorova

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    I don't exactly agree with you on this. I think, that who his father was, is important, but not because his father was Crown Prince, or next in line of Targaryen inheritance, but rather because of their blood, their "dragon" blood. What matters, is that blood, because thanks to it, Jon is one of three heads of the dragon. If the prophecy about the promised Prince, and Azor Ahai with his Lightbringer, will come true, if it's not a red herring, used by Martin, but actually a "spoiler", of what will happen next, then it does matter. Jon is the destined hero of ASOIAF not because of what kind of person he is, but because he is a "dragon". Possibly, he will become one of three dragonriders, alongside with Dany and Rhaego (or fAegon, if Rhaego is really dead, which I don't believe), and he will be able to wield Lightbringer, which is, possibly, Dawn sword of Daynes, because he is both - a Targaryen and a Dayne thru his father (and Aegon V's mother, Queen Dyanna Dayne). Arthur Pendragon became King of Britain, because he was son of Uther Pendragon, and was able to draw Excalibur out of stone. People followed him, because in the prophecy it was said, that whoever will draw that sword from stone, is the rightful King of Britain. He drew the sword = he is the King. In the end of LOTR people has crowned Aragorn, not because he was a great war hero, but because he was son and heir of previous King. Jesus was Lord of lords and King of kings and Messiah, etc., because he was born by a mother, that was a virgin. His conception and birth was a miracle. If he was just an average human being, then people wouldn't have followed him. His half-God blood, is what made him able to do all those miracles, that he did. Cinderella was able to attend royal ball, and meet with the prince, because she was a god-daughter of a fairy (thanks to her ancestry, she had connections with the right people ). And she got married with that prince, because the shoe fitted. Jon is partially Targaryen, which will enable him to ride a dragon. And he is partially Dayne, which will enable him to wield Lightbringer/Dawn of Daynes. Stannis also has a bit of those same genes as Jon, but Jon's Targaryen+Dayne blood is purer than Stannis', Jon is 1/2 Targaryen and 1/8 Dayne, while Stannis is only 1/8 Targaryen and 1/16 Dayne, thus there's higher probability, that Jon is the One. Many people has followed Stannis, because he is sort of capable and people believed in him. But it all doesn't matter, because he isn't the promised Prince. The woodswitch has said to Targaryens, that Jaehaerys' descendant will be the One, while Stannis is descendant of Jaehaerys' sister, Rhaelle, so he doesn't fit into the criteria of the prophecy. And people of 7K won't be following Jon, just because he has gained respect of the wildlings, and let them pass thru the Wall. They will follow him, because he is the rightful ruler of 7K, as the son of the Crown Prince Rhaegar. One of Dany's dragon will (probably) let Jon mount it, because Jon is of dragon blood, not because of his personality, or his achievements. So I think, that it does matter, and this is exactly the point of the story. Robb has fallen. Stannis will also fall. And Jon and Dany will be leading people into the battle against the Others, not because of who they are, but because of what they are - they are blood of the dragon, and this is what this story is about. It's about magic and destiny predetermined by this magic.
  12. I think, that him writing his books from POVs of different characters, creates in the plot some sort of a cliffhangers in the end of each chapter of each character. It's a very neat psychological and marketing trick, to make readers to become more and more curious and interested in further fate of all characters. And because readers also see inner worlds of all those characters, know what they think and feel, readers are also able to connect/relate with those characters. And because there's a lot of them (Cs with POVs), that's the reason, why ASOIAF is more captivating, more impressive, and leaves bigger impact on minds of its readers, than other books. It's much easier to capture lots of fishes with a net, than with a fishing rod. Jon, Dany, Bran, Cersei, and other POV characters are a fishing net, while readers are the fish. So I think, that GRRM is such a good writer, and is able to make his characters so interesting, because he's a good fisherman.
  13. Megorova

    Stygai , city of the Night

    Both statements could be correct - that Valyrian dragons hatched near Fourteen Flames, and that they were given to Valyrians by ancestors of Asshai's people. For example, if the Shadow is actually a giant space ship, that was carrying dragons from some other planet, and crashed near Planetos, causing dragons to escape from broken ship to the surface of the nearest planet, and people/aliens from that ship, that were original masters/breeders/creators of those dragons, came together with them to Asshai. Then happened First Long Night. Azor Ahai was a citizen of Asshai, but when he has defeated the Others in Essos, he and his people migrated west from Asshai to Valyrian peninsula (and later from there to Dorne, where AA possibly has build Starfall). And when they were leaving Asshai, they took with them 40 dragon eggs. When they were passing by Fourteen Flames in Valyria, which created favourable conditions for the hatching, those 40 eggs has hatched, and their owners became 40 great dragonlord families of Valyria. So the eggs are from Asshai, but the dragons, that has hatched out of them, were Valyrian. Obviously, that all of this is just a speculation, but it could be correct.
  14. Megorova

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    There's a perfect way for Jon to quit Night's Watch, without breaking any vows. That is, if the Wall will fall, and there will be no need to guard the path from there to here, preventing the Others or wildlings to come thru, because once the Wall will fall, it will all become here. No Wall = no Night's Watch. Dany will be disappointed. Though, if he will find out, who he really is, and lead people of 7K against the Others, and then will die in the war, then he won't be sitting on Iron Throne, or ruling over those people in times of peace. So his death afterwards, when he will be done with his role of Messiah, also fits, as subversion of that "Cinderella" trope.
  15. Megorova

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    Though majority of people in 7K are not freefolk, and being half-Targaryen thru his father, gives Jon right to sit on Iron Throne, not to become the King-Beyond-The-Wall, so he's going to be King of those people, not King of freefolk. So it's not a subversion, more like it's a well placed red herring.