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  1. No. I was gradually writing them in 16 separate Word documents, from January to May. Not at once. You funny girl. I'm out.
  2. @LynnS I won't veer off topic (at least I'll try ). + https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Lyanna_Stark "Appearance and Character According to a semi-canon source, Lyanna also practiced at tilting at rings.[21]" [21] - George R. R. Martin's A World of Ice and Fire, Lyanna Stark." You won't find that information in the book, because the source 21 is not "The World of Ice and Fire" book, it's the mobile app version of it called A World of Ice and Fire. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/A_World_of_Ice_and_Fire "A World of Ice and Fire, sometimes titled George R. R. Martin's A World of Ice and Fire — A Game of Thrones Guide,[1] is a companion guide available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. The reference work, which contains information about the people, houses, places, and maps of the Known World, was written by Elio M. García, Jr. and Linda Antonsson of Westeros.org with input from George R. R. Martin.[2][3]" GRRM thru that app provided additional information about some characters, including Lyanna. So George is the source of that information that Lyanna was practicing skills that would have been useful in a tournament. Even if Jon is dead (which I doubt), he will be brought back with fire-magic. And it's important that Lyanna was KotLT because maybe her appearance as a Mystery Knight was written in the prophecy. I think that Rhaegar eventually realised that Lyanna should be the mother of his third child because in the book "Signs and Portents" her masquerading as the Knight of the Laughing Tree was one of the omens that heralded the birth of the Promised Prince. Rhaegar read that prophecy, those signs, and incorrectly interpreted them that HE should become a knight, while actually what the book meant is that the mother of the Promised Prince will be a knight. The Knight of the Laughing Tree is the mother of the Promised Prince <- that's the meaning of omens written in the Book that recorded prophetic visions seen by Daenys the Dreamer. That book/prophecies recorded in it, is mentioned multiple times in ASOIAF and companion books. The Mystery Knight novel - "Egg lowered his voice. "Someday the dragons will return. My brother Daeron's dreamed of it, and King Aerys read it in a prophecy."" "Born amidst salt and smoke, beneath a bleeding star. I know the prophecy. Not that I would trust it.[6] —Marwyn, to Samwell Tarly" The source of Marwyn's knowledge of the prophecy is the same as Rhaegar's source. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/The_Book_of_Lost_Books "The Book of Lost Books is a book written by Archmaester Marwyn. In it, Marwyn claims to have obtained three pages of the legendary, long-lost Signs and Portents.[1]" Marwyn got those three pages of Daenys' book from Rhaegar, who possibly found the book's remnants at Summerhall's ruins. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Rhaegar_Targaryen#Early_life "Rhaegar often liked to visit the ruins of Summerhall with only his harp and when he returned he sang songs of such beauty they could reduce women to tears." "As a child he read obsessively, to the point that jests were made about his habits. He became a noted warrior later in life, although he did not initially seem inclined to martial habits. However, apparently by something he had read, Rhaegar became motivated to become a warrior.[20]" ASOS, Dany I - "Until one day Prince Rhaegar found something in his scrolls that changed him. No one knows what it might have been, only that the boy suddenly appeared early one morning in the yard as the knights were donning their steel. He walked up to Ser Willem Darry, the master-at-arms, and said, 'I will require sword and armor. It seems I must be a warrior.'"" " What fools we were, who thought ourselves so wise! The error crept in from the translation. Dragons are neither male nor female, Barth saw the truth of that, but now one and now the other, as changeable as flame. The language misled us all for a thousand years. Daenerys is the one, born amidst salt and smoke. The dragons prove it.[1] —Aemon, to Samwell Tarly " Lyanna was a dragonseed (I'm not veering off topic, I'm explaining). Her great-grandmother - Melantha Blackwood - (possibly) was a granddaughter of Aegon IV Targaryen (her mother was Aegon's daughter - Mya Rivers, Bloodraven's sister), so Lyanna was 1/32 dragonseed and Rhaegar's third cousin. She was a "dragon", in Valyrian language dragons have no gender, so when in the prophecy in her book Daenys wrote about a dragon-knight / the Knight of the Laughing Tree, - Rhaegar, maester Aemon and maester Marwyn - those who have read that prophecy - didn't realised that that part of it, the one about a knight, was about a woman, a "dragon"-woman who posed as a knight. GRRM in his books is frequently using parallels. There was a prophecy about a dragon-(fake)-knight, a tree, and a falling star. Though that prophecy was about more than one event with those omens. The first of them was about Duncan the Tall, who was a hidden dragon, because his parents were Daemon I Blackfyre and Daenerys Targaryen. There was a tree and a falling star on his sigil. And because of that sigil Rohanne Webber (the Ghost of High Heart, Jenny's woodswitch) recognized Dunk as the dragon-man who has to become the father of her child, and later that child (Jenny of Oldstones) during the Summerhall's burning gave birth to Melisandre (daughter of Prince Duncan Targaryen), at the same time when Queen Rhaella was giving birth to Rhaegar. Melisandre is the Kingmaker, she will crown the Promised Prince, it's all part of the prophecy. Because Rhaegar was born on that same day, he thought that he is the Kingmaker, he thought that he will make/create/father the child that will become the Prince that was Promised. So there's Duncan the Tall, a hidden dragon, his elm-tree and a falling star, his granddaughter Melisandre - the Kingmaker - born at the Summerhall, and Rhaegar, who also was born at the Summerhall, and who is the father of the Promised Prince - Jon - who was born at Starfall under the bleeding stars, and his mother - Lyanna - was a hidden dragon and a Knight of the Laughing Tree. There was a tree on her made-up sigil and there was a fallen star at Starfall (it's where the visions brought Azor Ahai, who then from the heart of that fallen star forged Lightbringer/Dawn of Daynes, and then his son, the first Dayne, build on the star's crash site a castle, at which thousands years later Lyanna gave birth under the bleeding stars to the Promised Prince), same as there was a tree and a falling star on Duncan the Tall's made-up sigil. Melisandre is the Kingmaker, and Rhaegar, who was born on the same day, is a Queenmaker, because with the crown of blue roses he crowned Lyanna as the Queen of Love and Beauty. It's a sequence - trees, falling stars, fake knights who are hidden dragons (neither Dunk nor Lyanna were real knights, though they were "dragons", and dragons are neither male nor female <- what maester Aemon said, so the KotLT was a female). It's all part of the prophecy, it's about the Prince that was Promised (Jon, son of Rhaegar and Lyanna), and also about his ancestors and the ancestors of the person who will crown him - Melisandre, the Kingmaker. So Lyanna being the Knight of the Laughing Tree is relevant because it's the part of the prophecy, it was a sign, an omen, thanks to which Rhaegar realised that Lyanna should become the mother of his third child. Rhaegar and Lyanna eloped together not solely out of love, but because they were using that prophecy as a guidance. And don't blame me for all of that being so convoluted and incorrigible, and scattered all over the place, because it's GRRM who wrote his books with all those encrypted twists and turns that mislead the readers. Though back on topic - it is relevant that Lyanna is KotLT not solely because it's a parallel to events that has already occured in the distant past (I'm talking about Dunk&Egg and Robert's Rebellion), but because GRRM is using in his writing not just any kinds of parallels, he specifically uses trinities - certain events in made-up by him history will happen three times. The first time dragon-knigh-tree-falling star-event has occured in early 200's, the second time it happened in 280's (Harrenhal's tournament, Robert's Rebellion, etc.). And the third time it will happen in the following books. Lyanna as KotLT is tied in the middle of a triptych of events that were predicted by Daenys the Dreamer (three sequences of events predicted by the same omens; one prophecy and three separate events that fulfill it). [Triptych is a picture or relief carving on three panels, typically hinged together side by side and used as an altarpiece.] So Lyanna as KotLT can't be cut out of that picture, and Howland doesn't fit there, so he isn't KotLT. But you are free to keep believing otherwise. But that's not how GRRM writes his books. You can't (figuratively speaking) while discussing an alphabet to discuss A, B, M, U, Z, and to cut out/ignore the other letters present in it. KotLT is a part of a bigger picture, just one of the details that are interconnected in the bigger picture of ASOIAF's plot. You are just ignoring how KotLT is connected to that bigger picture, and what is his/her (whoever it was) role in it. Howland being KotLT doesn't serve any purpose, greater purpose, while Lyanna being KotLT is a part of a pattern connected to RLJ. Though even RLJ is not the end/edge/final of that Bigger Picture, instead RLJ is merely a beginning (or rather the middle, the second out of the three foretold events). You're focusing on the wrong place, but whatever. Good luck with finding New York on the map of Australia. Have fun.
  3. She didn't rounded it up because maybe in Ned's household they were annually commemorating anniversary of Rickard's and Brandon's death. They died approximately in late October of 282, and Robb was born approximately in October of 283. Robb turned 16 in ~October of 299, and shortly prior that there was 17th anniversary of R&B's death. So there's zero reasons to round it up to 18 years, because only 17 years (and a few more days or weeks) passed since then. Edit: She said 16 years in both cases. Which means that 17th anniversary didn't happened yet, which also means that Robb's birthday is a bit earlier in a year than the date of R&B's death. Conclusion: Robb's birthday is in early October, while R&B died in the second half of October. So Cat said a tale 16 years old, because 17 years haven't passed yet.
  4. Yep, my guess is that Gerold Hightower was actually a Faceless Man (since way back, since the War of the Ninepenny Kings) and that he mortally wounded Arthur, though Arthur managed to kill Gerold before dying. Poor Jojen is already dead. Meera probably too. It was their blood in that seed paste that the Children fed to Bran to "wed" him to a weirwood tree. When Bran will wake up, he will see that there's a tree growing from within of his stomach thru his body - muscles, internal organs, bones - and that he is binded to that cave, same as Bloodraven and all those Children that Bran saw thru Hodor's eyes, while he was secretly exploring the cave. Will you be very disappointed if it will be revealed that Jojen is dead and thus instead of (how you phrased it?) - "overcoming the odds when they are not in your favor" and becoming a teacher for Bran, Jojen's story will end (actually has already ended, in Bran's last chapter in ADWD, that's why Jojen and Meera didn't returned - the Children killed them and used their blood as a part of a ritual to connect Bran to the Weirwood Network), and that will be the extent of what Jojen and Meera were - baits and sacrifices using which the Children got Bran? When Jojen got ill, he was supposed to die. Instead the Weirwood temporarely saved his life, and gave him several more years to live. And in exchange for that years later Jojen was ordered to lure Bran beyond The Wall and to bring him to the cave. During his coma-dream Bran managed to fly, the 3EC saved him. And Jojen during the similar experience has fallen down onto those icy spikes. Those spikes are the Weirwood Network, the source of the Others. Jojen got hooked, but Bran managed to escape and no matter how many Weirwood-dreams he had afterwards, the Children/Others/Bloodraven/Old Gods didn't managed to possess him. Thus, to get him they needed to manually connect with him, and that's why Jojen lied to Bran that the 3EC wants them to go to that cave, and there they made him to eat Weirwood seeds, and now out of those seeds the Weirwood tree will begin growing like a parasite inside Bran's body. There, you know where Jojen died as soon as he served his purpose - to get Bran to that cave, and Meera afterwards became useless character and was "washed out" of off the plot. It seems that you don't understand what kind of books GRRM is writing. ASOIAF is not some sort of fairytale in which good boys and girls win and save the day by being brave and overcoming the odds. Remember the Red Wedding, what happened to Tyrion's Tysha, to Elia and her children, to Robert Baratheon's bastards (including newborn Bara), how fellow Night's Watchers butchered Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, how Oberyn Martell was killed by the Mountain, etc., etc., etc. ASOIAF is THAT kind of story. Get ready, summer child, because the winter is coming. Bran will get a cruel wake up call, and Jojen is already gone. Most likely. Because this kind of possibility seems to be more in the same pattern as what GRRM has wrote before. Have you read "The Song for Lya"? You know why Lya didn't came to say goodbuy to Robb, and didn't let him to see her for the last time? That's because she got infected with the parasitic mold and her consciousness merged with the mold's hive-mind. ASOIAF's Weirwood Network is the same kind of thing as that parasite from Lya's Song. What kind of place could there be for Jojen and Meera amongst the Children who are infected with the Weirwood and joined by it into a hive-mind? Do you really think that they will get away from there in one piece and will be victorious? Yeah, right. That's not gonna happen.
  5. Though she did took it upon herself to fight off those three squires that attacked Howland. So there's a contradiction between your logic about what Lyanna would or wouldn't have done and what Lyanna actually did. It's a story about how met their mother (Ashara Dayne) and how he became indebted to Lyanna Stark (because she fought for him at the tournament as the Mystery Knight, because he was unskilled and couldn't have done it himself). And that's why he went after Rhaegar to find Lyanna, and then informed Ned that Lyanna is at Starfall, and why he went with Ned to the Tower of Joy to prevent the Kingsguards from leaving Dorne and telling about Jon. Jojen is there because he's a slave to the Weirwood/the Others. The Children used him as a bait to lure Bran into a trap. Bloodraven is not the Three-Eyed Crow. The 3EC never intended for Bran to wed with a tree, like she did it to Bloodraven. The 3EC is Shiera Seastar, and she is the one who trapped Bloodraven in that cave. It's a parallel to the legend about wizard Merlin's death - his lover, Lady of the Lake (the one who gave the sword to King Arthur), lured Merlin into a trap, and binded him to a magic tree in a cave.
  6. His grandson, the King just recently died, and he was the Hand, so I doubt that he had a lot of spare time to waste it on personal grooming. So it's likely that for days and weeks afterwards, after the Purple Wedding, while Tyrion was under trial, Tywin didn't shaved his head. If certain event had happened 16 years and several months ago, people won't be saying a sixteen years and months old tale/event. They rounded to closest date. If it would have happened nearly 17 years ago, then they would have said so, but because it had occured 16 years and several months ago, they just said - a tale 16 years old. No contradictions or mistakes in those two cases.
  7. Cersei and Jon. She was enamored with Rhaegar, and Jon has his father's personality. So I'm wandering whether Cersei would have seen beyond Jon's obviously Stark looks and felt who he really is - Rhaegar's son. Dunk and Targaryen Court. Would have been interesting to see how he was treated by noble courtiers when he first came to court. They think that Baelor's death is partially his fault (and everyone loved/respected Baelor), but Dunk is Prince Aegon's master, so they can't outright mock or bully him. Those interactions would have been really fun to read. Dunk and Daemon II Blackfyre, several years after events at Whitewalls. Aegon IV, Daeron II and the Dragonknight. Would have been interesting to read what kind of relationship those three had, because I think that Daeron was Dragonknight's bastard, not King Aegon's son. Aerys II and Varys, at the time when Varys came to Targaryen court and became Master of Whisperers. I'm curious how exactly did he managed to turn Aerys against Rhaegar, and what Rhaegar thought about Varys. So also - Rhaegar and Varys. Rhaegar and Jon Connington. I think that Jon is gay and he had a crush on Rhaegar. That's why he is willing to dedicate his life to raising Rhaegar's son and that's why, unlike Tyrion, he wasn't interested to watch Lemore's bathing. Would be interesting to read what was so special about Rhaegar, why people fell for him (Lyanna, Cersei, Jon, Marwyn, etc.). Bloodraven and Serenei of Lys. Was he aware that Serenei actually was his grandmother - Larra Rogare? Did he knew that his beloved Shiera was a product of incest between a mother and a son? Interaction between Bloodraven and Shiera, when he woke up and saw that she "wedded" him to a tree.
  8. He was 7 not in 281, but when Aerys' people were pushing him to name Viserys as his heir, already during Robert's Rebellion, in 283, when Viserys was 7. GRRM several times did the same thing - he "placed a cart before the horse" and wrote together about two events that had occured not at the same time, though nevertheless were written by GRRM together, and this made readers confused. Like this: Two events - 1. Rhaegar's departure from Dragonstone, 2. Lyanna's kidnapping - written together. Actually 1 and 2 had occured months apart, but because of the way GRRM wrote them together, readers thought that those two events happened one soon after the other, and some of them even thought that Lyanna was thus kidnapped in the beginning of 282, and thinking backward that between her kidnapping and the tournament at Harrenhal nearly a full year has passed, they mistakenly thought that the tournament also had occured in the beginning of a year, not near the end. They thought that the tournament was held in the beginning of 281, and Lyanna was kidnapped in the beginning of 282, while actually both of those events had occured close to the end of the year. And Jaime's traveling in that year (between his knighting and his joining the Kingsguards) is an evidence of that. Though, back on topic @LynnS No one is arguing with you that that great helm that Meera has, is (possibly) the same helm that was worn by the Mystery Knight at the Harrenhal's tournament. Though, just the mere fact that the helm used to belong to that Knight, and now Howland's children have it, does mean that Howland is that Knight. Could be that the Knight left the helm and Howland took it. Lyanna is KotLT, that's why it was mentioned in the books that she was secretly training with her brother, and that she was a "Lyanna is noted to have been a skilled rider who loved to ride.[18][19] According to Harwin of Winterfell, Lyanna rode "like a northman",[18] while Barbrey Dustin describes her as a centaur,[19] and Roose Bolton states that Lyanna was "half a horse herself".[20] According to a semi-canon source, Lyanna also practiced at tilting at rings.[21]"
  9. Nevertheless GRRM is using Earth's astrology in ASOIAF. For example - Shiera Seastar is Cancer, her guardian planet is the Moon, and one of her heart stones is a moonstone. She's a parallel to the wife of the Sun/Lion-of-Night - Maiden-made-of-light <- the two of them caused the First Long Night. Bloodraven is Leo, his guardian planet is the Sun, amongst his heart stones are emeralds and sapphires. Bloodraven gave to Shiera a necklace with emeralds and sapphires - his heart stones, and she reciprocated by giving him a moonstone brooch (her heart stone), using which in The Mystery Knight novel Bloodraven was impersonating Maynard Plumm. Shiera is a shadowbinder Quaithe, and that brooch that she gave to Bloodraven was a shadow-artifact, same as ruby-bracelet that Melisandre gave to Mance/Rattleshirt. And this is Shiera and Bloodraven in Jon's wolf/dragon-dream: ADWD, Jon I: The moon in Jon's dream - Shiera was trying to reach him while he was sleeping. Shiera is the Three-Eyed Crow, and she was also using glass candles to get into people's dreams (that way she had contacted Dany several times), so she was trying to do the same with Jon. But the Ghost didn't let her. And the cave of night towards which he was running is the cave where Bran was with the Children and Bloodraven. Bloodraven is the sun (Leo, albino lion, Lion of the Night) that is hiding in a cave. And that cave is "the cave of night" because the Children created the Others and caused the Long Night.
  10. the tournament at Harrenhal - October-November 281, Aegon's birth - January 282, Lyanna's "kidnapping" - September 282, Jon's conception - "Christmas Eve" of 282/late December, Jon's birth - 23rd September of 283, Dany's birth - May 284 (she's Gemini), and the third dragonrider - Rhaego - was born in January, his sign of Zodiac is Aquarius, so all three dragonriders were born 8 months apart from each other and all three of them are Air signs - Jon/Lybra/September - 8 months later - Dany/Gemini/May - 8 months later - Rhaego/Aquarius/January. The Harrenhal's tournament was held in the last months of 281. Lyanna was kidnapped nearly a year later. Between her kidnapping and the end of 282 only several battles had occured - at Gulltown (lasted 1 day), Summerhal (three battles on the same day), Ashford. Then in early 283 - the Battle of the Bells, then Ned and Cat's wedding and Robb's conception, then in July - the Battle at Trident, the Sack of King's Landing and Dany's conception in August of 283, the lifting of Storm's End's siege nearly a year after it started - early September of 283, Ned went to Starfall where Lyanna gave birth to Jon in second half of September, Dany was born 8 months after Jon at Dragonstone in May of 284. GRRM said: https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/1040/
  11. The Knight had mismatched armor, because Lyanna was gathering equipment for herself all over the place. She "borrowed" that helm, and shirt and other items from various people (unknowingly to them). And because all that was junk, the original owners didn't noticed that those items were missing. The only distinguishable item amongst the Knight's equipment was the shield, which Lyanna "borrowed" from Howland. He himself had no idea that she took it, until he saw it during the tournament held in hands of the mystery knight. Howland left all his belongings, including that shield, at Ned Stark's tent, so that's from where Lyanna took it. So afterwards Lyanna left all the other items from the knight's equipment scattered around, because they were indistinguishable - just a helm, with no special markings, like a sigil or a figurine; the same thing with the bronze shirt. Only the shield was unique, because it was a Cranogmen shield. Amongst all the people present at that tournament, only Howland had a shield like that, thus Lyanna had to get rid of that shield, because if someone found it amongst Howland's possessions, or lying somewhere in a tent of Starks, then people would have suspected either Howland or Starks. And then the King would have ordered to question all of them. And sooner or later either Howland would have had to take the blame and to lie that he was the mystery knight (which would have been easily disprooved, because people saw Howland at the time when the Knight was fighting against his (but actually hers) opponents (because it was Lyanna)), or Ned would have tried to say that it was him, not Howland, which also wouldn't have sailed. Because at the time of that Knight's appearance people saw Ned too, same as they saw Howland. Same thing with Brandon and Benjen, they were seen at that time. At that time only Lyanna Stark was nowhere to be seen. That's why Rhaegar figured out who the Knight was. Because he noticed Lyanna during the feast, and since then he was always watching her. And thus he noticed her absence at the time when the mystery Knight had appeared. Afterwards Howland took the helm and the bronze shirt, as mementos, or for practical use. That's why Meera has them. Howland is not KotLT. People saw Howland and KotLT at the same time. "When his fallen foes sought to ransom horse and armor, the Knight of the Laughing Tree spoke in a booming voice through his helm, saying, ‘Teach your squire honor, that shall be ransom enough.’ Once the defeated knights chastised their squires sharply, their horses and armor were returned." Chastised means punished or disciplined. When those three knights were told to do that, how do you think were they supposed to do that? Obviously they asked either the Knight or their squires for what reason are they supposed to be punished, what have they done. Or do you think that they just told to their squires - "You're a bad bad squire. Bad squire! Honor! Learn!" Or something like that? To chastise them, they had to know the reason what for. And it's likely that when those squires were punished for what they did to Howland, they were also made to apologize to him. The Knight was observing over those three knights that were serving out punishment to their squires, and Howland was there receiving apologies from those squires. So the Knight and Howland were seen at the same time, and thus Howland is not KotLT.
  12. If that was so, then A2 would have summoned Tyrell-troops to King's Landing. If he was worried that Rhaegar may turn on him, then he would have kept Tyrells beside himself. Because what's the point of them staying at Storm's End? - From there they would have been unable to save him from Rhaegar or any other threat. If Rhaegar did turned against Aerys and Aerys had no troops HERE and NOW to defend himself, then what's the point of keeping them in reserve? It never made sense to me that Mace and his troops had spent nearly entire duration of Robert's Rebellion out of the fighting. The siege of Storm's End was absolutely meaningless. Because what would have they gained even if they did seized the castle? - Robert didn't cared about his brothers. He was aware that the castle is under siege, nevertheless he didn't sent his troops there. Even after he forged an alliance with Hoster, Ned and Jon Arryn, he didn't sent anyone to save his brothers. Nor did he sent anyone there to at least smuggle some food to them. Robert never was a family oriented guy. So, even if Aerys would have seized Stannis and Renly and demanded Robert to stop the Rebellion, Robert wouldn't have obeyed. All the troops, all the food, all the resources that originally were at Storm's End, were taken from there by Robert prior he went to Ashford. So sieging Storm's End was a waste of time and resources. Those 10.000 soldiers would have made a difference if, instead of lazing around at Storm's End, they were at King's Landing. Then they would have protected Aerys from Tywin, or from any other thread. Would that have been Robert, victorious after the Trident's battle, or Rhaegar, who turned against his father. Tyrells' actions during Robert's Rebellion didn't made any sense. But then I have read in ADWD about that cask of Runceford's wine; and then (after F&B's release) GRRM said that Bittersteel didn't married Calla; and on Tyrells' family tree there's "Runceford + Unknown wife" in place of Olenna's parents, and Olenna had appeared in two books and was mentioned in another four, so there were multiple opportunities to at least once mention who was her mother, nevertheless GRRM had withheld that information from the readers; and Olenna's age seems just right to be Calla Blackfyre's daughter; not to mention that roses (symbol of Tyrells) and calla lilies (because callas are lily flowers) are often placed together in a wedding boquet. So that's why GRRM named one of Daemon I Blackfyre's daughters Calla and why a rose is a sigil of Tyrells - because their combination is a hint that Tyrells are bloodrelated to Blackfyres, that's why they are working together with Varys and Golden Company. Though they got tired of waiting Varys promises, same as the Golden Company got tired of waiting and Varys constantly changing plans, so both Golden Company and Tyrells decided to make their own path without Varys. That's why Tyrells sided with Littlefinger, and Golden Company took fAegon's offer to go on the Conquest now, without getting Varys' permission first.
  13. In ASOIAF a deity named Bakkalon and the Pale Child and Bakkalon of the Sword, is a parallel to Rhaego, son of Khal Drogo, the Stallion that Mounts the World and is Khal of khals. Compared to other Dothraki, Rhaego is a "pale" child, because his hair is lightly-colored, silver-gold like his mother's, while other Dothraki have dark-colored hair. There was a character during Aegon III's reign who was called Gaemon Palehair, because he had Valyrian looks and their brand of hair - pale. So, the "one who takes after his father" is Rhaego who will be a great Khal like his father Drogo.
  14. Joffrey was Pisces. Bloodraven is Leo. Leo's guardian planet is the Sun, and there was this in ADWD, Jon I, that hiding sun is Bloodraven: Moon is a guardian planet of Cancer, so Shiera Seastar is a Cancer (she gave a moonstone brooch to Bloodraven, it was a shadow artifact using which Bloodraven in The Mystery Knight novel was impersonating Maynard Plumm, and Shiera is Quaithe). When Azor Ahai plunged his sword into Nissa's heart, on the moon appeared cracks. So "the sword plunged into water" is possibly Joffrey's death. The tempering in lion's heart will be Bloodraven's death. Shiera is possibly a new Nissa. R'hllor's champion. And that's Rhaego. Him under the banner of a fiery stallion with fire coming out of his mouth, fire is R'hllor's weapon. Dany is the Woman of Apocalypse, the Woman clothed with the Sun (Dany's burning on Drogo's funeral pyre; it's from the Bible, same as the Great Shepherd about whom Mirri Maz Duur was telling to Dany, the one who according to Dothraki prophecies will unite all Dothraki into a single nation <- that's what in the Bible did the son of the Woman clothed with the Sun, he was leading an army of horsemen that fought against demons/in ASOIAF it will be the Others). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woman_of_the_Apocalypse There are three Messiahs, not two. Not only Azor Ahai Reborn who will be a warrior with Lightbringer/Dawn sword, not only the Princess that was Promised who had awakened dragons from stone, but also the Stallion that Mounts the World. Let's not forget that besides ancient prophecies from Asshai, Daenys the Dreamer's prophecies recorded in "The Book of Signs and Portents" (Rhaegar's sourse of info), there are also ancient prophecies given by multiple generations of dosh khaleen to Dothraki. The Stallion is one of the three heads of the dragon. He's going to become the second dragonrider, his dragon will be Rhaegel (GRRM gave pretty straightforward clues in the chapter when the dragons hatched). So let's definitely return to this discussion after the TWOW's release, because Rhaego will appear there in Dany's first or second chapter. Even the fact that GRRM had to ditch his original idea that there should have been a 5 years long time skip in the plot (which would have allowed Rhaego to become old enough (7 at the time of Dany's return to the 7K) to become a dragorider), doesn't change anything. ASOIAF's entire plot is build around the fact that there are three Saviours, not one, not two, but three. Dany, Rhaego, Jon - in this order. Dany hatched dragons, Rhaego will bring the army of horsemen to fight with the White Walkers and the Others, and Jon will defeat the Others with Dawn/Lightbringer. It's likely that Jon was born at Starfall, that's where were bleeding stars - they are everywhere in that castle's interior, add here Lyanna's bed of blood - and we have that Jon was born under the bleeding stars. Rhaego's birth was followed by the appearance of the Bleeding Star and Dany was born amidst salt and smoke. Though with GRRM nothing is ever simple and unequivocal, he likes to overcomplicate everything. I wrote several theories on this topic, so if you'll be interested to read more, here are links: https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/159054-swan-song-part-1116-the-stallion-that-mounts-the-world/ https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/159058-swan-song-part-1216-the-dragon-has-three-heads/ https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/159059-swan-song-part-1316-the-prince-that-was-promised/
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