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  1. Megorova

    Is Maggy the most powerful witch in the series?

    Jojen is also a greenseer, but he is not a skinchanger. Which means, that not every greenseer is a skinchanger, and not every skinchanger is a greenseer. What is rare is two of them combined together in one person, one in a million is like Bloodraven or Bran.
  2. I think, I know how Euron will go down. Maybe he forgot to pay to Faceless Men for his brother's assassination. On his tombstone will be written - Bad credit rating. In my opinion, what they told her implyed, that she will be married three times. First mount to ride, that brought her to life - she married with Drogo, and her son Rhaego was born. Second mount, that brought her to death - she married with Hizdahr, and it brought death to thousands of her children, ex-slaves, that died from pale mare, and war against slavers. So third mount, or third marriage, that will bring her to love, is her marriage with Jon Snow, and it will make people of 7K to love her, and accept her as their Queen. Everybody loved Rhaegar, and everybody respected Ned, and Jon Snow is son of both of them. So when people will know his real identity, they all will accept him as their rightful ruler. So if Dany will marry with him, instead of trying to fight him, to get Iron Throne for herself, then they will also love her. Because their rightful, chosen and respected new King, Aegon VII Targaryen, has chosen Dany as his significant other. Melisandre's vision: "Then the towers by the sea <- possibly Storm's End, crumbling as the dark tide came sweeping over them, rising from the depths. Shadows in the shape of skulls <- possibly Golden Company, taking over SE, skulls that turned to mist, bodies locked together in lust <- possibly sex between fAegon and Aryanne, writhing and rolling and clawing. Through curtains of fire great winged shadows wheeled against a hard blue sky. <- possibly Dany arriving to Westeros, to take over Iron Throne from fAegon, who is mummer's dragon from one of Dany's visions."
  3. Megorova

    Blackfyre Heritage Reveal Predictions

    Blackfyre-related predictions: Varys is grandson of Calla Blackfyre and Aegor Bittersteel Rivers. And his mother is Jenny of Oldstones. Jenny was daughter of Rohanne Webber-Lannister and Gerold Lannister. Currently Rohanne is living under name the Ghost of High Heart. So Varys is a Spider because he is quarter Webber, and his maternal grandmother was the Red Widow (like black widow spider). Illyrio's wife Serra was Varys' little sister. So Varys and Illyrio are brothers-in-law. fAegon's parents are Barristan Selmy and septa Lemore, who is actually Lady Jayne Swann. Barristan Selmy's mother is daughter of Aenys Blackfyre. So Barristan is half-Blackfyre. All Blackfyres are Swanns. Johanna Swann, the Black Swan of Lys, was mother of Larra Rogare, and grandmother of Aegon IV, and thus ancestor of Targaryens and Blackfyres.
  4. Megorova

    2017: Sons of dragon, 2018: Fire and Blood, 2019 ..

    Where's logic in that? What you're saying, is that GRRM has wrote three novellas, because he didn't wrote TWOW. If instead of writing those extras, he would have completed TWOW, then they wouldn't have needed to release those three instead of TWOW. But they published those first, and he was writing those first, and it was released prior main book, that's because who will be buying those extras, after they will already have main book? - only the most dedicated fans of GRRM. Though if they will make readers starve, then they will gobble up any new work or update, made by GRRM, while they are waiting for main book. It's like dining at restaurant, where those extras are bread sticks appetizers, and TWOW is a meat steak for main course. You'll be eating bread sticks, while waiting for main course to arrive. Though if first you will get your order, then after eating main course, you woudn't be keen on eating bread sticks. No?
  5. Megorova

    Is Maggy the most powerful witch in the series?

    I think, that Cinnamon Wind's crew is working for Quaithe. Captain's name Quhuru Mo from Japanese くふる も (Ku furu mo) means Crows. And Shiera/Quaithe is the three-eyed crow. The ship's type (swan ship) is also a clue to Shiera Seastar. I think, that Shiera's mother, Serenei of Lys, is actually Larra Rogare, and that Larra's mother was Johanna Swann, the Black Swan of Lys. It's one of my tinfoil theories. Though if I am right about this, then we will get some info about it in Fire and Blood book. First volume covers history of Targaryens up to Aegon III, so probably there will be information about who was Larra's mother, and what happened with Larra after she left Viserys II. I think, that after she returned to Lys, she gave birth to Viserys' fourth child, this girl later married with Archon of Tyrosh, and their daughter was Rohanne of Tyrosh, wife of Daemon I Blackfyre. In ACOK Cinnamon Wind arrived to Qarth from Oldtown, and its captain brought news from Westeros to Dany. It's like courier version of raven-mail After that they were supposed to go to Jade Sea, which is bordering with Asshai. But for some reason their plans changed, and instead of going east, they went to Braavos. So I think, that after bringing news to Dany, they met Quaithe, and she sent them to Braavos, to bring Sam back to Westeros and to Oldtown, and also to fetch from there maester Marwyn, and to bring him to Essos. Probably originally, prior Dany gave birth to Rhaego, and hatching of Dany's dragons, Quaithe was going to return from Qarth to Asshai, on board of Cinnamon Wind, that's why that ship came from Oldtwon to Qarth.
  6. Megorova

    2017: Sons of dragon, 2018: Fire and Blood, 2019 ..

    Yeah, right. You know what's the best marketing strategy to get out of ASOIAF the most money? - It's to publish F&B V1, then TWOW, then F&B V2, and then ADOS.
  7. Megorova

    2017: Sons of dragon, 2018: Fire and Blood, 2019 ..

    Wasn't there information before, that some events in TWOW and ADOS happen at the same time, only in different locations/POVs? There's too many POVs to add them all into one book. And if those events are happening at the same time, then he needs to have more than a general outline of ADOS, while he's also writing TWOW, not to make them contradict each other. It's like those previous two books on which he was working simultaneously - Clash and Storm, or was it Storm and Feast
  8. Megorova

    2017: Sons of dragon, 2018: Fire and Blood, 2019 ..

    It can't be coincidence. Think about it - in some country certain bookseller posted information about future release of F&B book, that will go on sale in October 2018. Out of thousands authors, that exist in the world, that bookseller supposedly accidentaly has chosen specifically GRRM. Out of all GRRM's books, that announcement was about F&B, not about TWOW or one of his Cards books. And the date was October of 2018. Author + book + date of release - three common points between that previous announcement and this latest announcement. Occurence like that, can't be coincidental. I found this article https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/07/i-think-ive-cracked-the-code-for-the-release-date.html GRRM posted on his blog in summer of 2017 "Alas, alas, that great city Valyria, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come." And some fans speculated that it's from Bible, the Book of Revelation, Chapter 18, Verse 10: "Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come." Revelation 18:10. or October 18. Though usually GRRM's books are released on Tuesdays, and that article said that October 18 in 2017 was Wednesday. October 18 will be on Tuesday only in 2023. Could be that it's a planned release day for ADOS.
  9. Megorova

    Is Maggy the most powerful witch in the series?

    Shiera Seastar, same as her mother, Serenei of Lys, was using blood magic to stay young and beautiful. That's what said Aegon V. If he didn't knew it for sure, he wouldn't have said about it to Dunk. Quaithe appeared to Dany by using glass candle - 1. when Dany was giving birth to Rhaego (maester Marwyn also was there, though in her half-unconscious state, Dany saw him first as Drogo and then Jorah, he said that Rhaegar was the last dragon and then vanished), 2. on board of Balerion ship, 3. in Meereen, 4. in Dothraki Sea, in Dany's last chapter in ADWD. Marwyn learned magic in Asshai, and he knows how to use glass candles, and he also knew Mirri Maz Duur. So Asshai, Mirri and glass candles are connection between Marwyn and Quaithe/Shiera. And also both of them knew about the promised Prince prophecy. My guess, is that probably after Rhaegar's death, Marwyn went to Asshai, to find any additional information about future Azor Ahai, and that's when he met Quaithe. Their common interest in the prophecy and magic brought them together. I'm sure that he isn't dead. I will be convinced otherwise, only if we won't hear anything about him, when Dany will be brought by Dothraki into Vaes Dothrak. I think, that Rhaego is there, he was kidnapped by Dothraki, and that's first out of three treasons - the one for blood.
  10. Megorova

    2017: Sons of dragon, 2018: Fire and Blood, 2019 ..

    Warning - speculations ahead. Do you remember/know? months ago, I think, still in 2017, there was news, that some store (don't remember in what country), placed an announcement, that in (don't remember this also) either in September or October of 2018 will go on sale (this part I also don't remember) either F&B V1 or TWOW. Basically the news was this - in late 2018 GRRM's book will go on sale. That store made that announcement months ago, and then it was immediately removed. Probably they weren't supposed to reveal that information so soon. Now people again say, that GRRM's book will go on sale in October of 2018. What's the sorce of this information? Is it official? Is it for sure? The thing is, if this information is a real announcement, about real date, when F&B V1 will go on sale, you know what it means? It means, that that first announcement made months ago, probably still in 2017, was real. Which also means, that booksellers in various countries already knew months ago, that F&B V1 will go on sale this October. They knew it for a long time, but weren't supposed to share this info. If book sellers in 2017 already knew release date, then it means, that publishers already had completed manuscript in their hands. They woudn't have said release date to booksellers, if they didn't had the book in their hands. No? So it went like this - 1. sometime in 2017 GRRM completed his work on F&B V1 and gave it to his editor/published & other team members; 2. sometime later they made an announcement about release date to booksellers in various countries; 3. one of those booksellers mistakenly shared this information with general public, even though at that point this information was supposed to be known only to insiders in book industry. Recently GRRM made an announcement on his not-blog, that in 2018 there will be published 3 Wild Cards books. So if we will go backwards from this point, then it goes like this - 7. Book goes on sale; 6. Official announcement from GRRM; 5. Unnoficial announcement from publishers to booksellers (because booksellers have to beforehand prepare logistics, plan and coordinate marketing in their stores, etc.); 4. Publishers coordinate things with printing companies, plan printing schedule, register ISBN and prepare other things like that, like designing book's cover, choosing paper and ink, organising schedule of translations in various languages, etc., and then only after all those plans are approved and confirmed, they share publication/sale date with booksellers; 3. After receiving completed manuscript from GRRM, after he and his editor already added all finishing touches to it, they give it to proofreaders to check for any mistakes, and then to (don't know how this profession is called in English) some sort of graphic designer that place text on pages and arrange book's layout. After this stage they will know, how long the book will be, and will be able to calculate how much ink and paper do they need, and what printing company can work with book as big as that. And then they can go to step 4.; 2. GRRM and his editor give completed manuscript to their publisher; 1. GRRM finishes writing manuscript. So between GRRM actually completing his book, and his announcement, when the book will go on sale, more than a year can pass, or even yearS. So basically GRRM already completed F&B and those Cards books long ago, based on that accidental announcement, still in 2017. And previously he was saying to fans, that his progress on Winds is hindered by working on F&B book and Cards. But it was last year and before that. Though now those books are already done, were completed months ago, in 2017. So in those months he had no other projects to work on, aside from TWOW. And based on what he said years ago about his progress on TWOW and ADOS manuscripts, he already wrote more than half of TWOW years ago. In span of those years he was continuing his work on TWOW and ADOS, while simultaneously working on F&B and various Cards books. And since beginning of this year, or even longer than that, he had no other projects to work on, aside from TWOW and ADOS. So it's likely that in those months, he finally had time to complete TWOW manuscript. And he already has more than just a general outline even for ADOS. How else could he have consulted show-makers how they should end GOT S8? Though this speculations are viable, only if recent info about book going on sale in October 2018, is real. If it's real, then this release date was known since 2017. So by that point in time the book already went thru stages from completed manuscript to announcement about sales date, given to booksellers in various countries. So the manuscript itself was completed many months prior that first announcement. And if GRRM already wrote F&B in 2017, then he had lots of completely free time, to end TWOW's manuscript. No? If you think, that my assumptions are wrong, then can you specify, why you think otherwise?
  11. Megorova

    2017: Sons of dragon, 2018: Fire and Blood, 2019 ..

    I'm not sarcastic, and there is connection. The thing is, between author completing his book, and actual publication of this book, usually many months pass. Because aside from writting the book, there are also other things, that should be done, prior the book will go on sale. So based on GRRM previous history of missed estimated dates, it's unlikely that his team will announce any concrete dates, or even precise year, unless they will know for sure, that the F&B book is already done, and GRRM's publisher are preparing it for sale. So if that announcement, about 20 October 2018 is official, then it means, that they already have completed book, and were working on it for some time. Which also means, that with completion of this project, and several others in working on which GRRM was involved last year (Wild Cards that he edited, Nightflyers TV-series based on his novel, etc.), now he has more time to work on TWOW. Though actually Wild Cards were completed in 2017, so GRRM already had at least 6 months of time, free from other projects, including Fire and Blood book. So now, and for several months since last year, he was working solely on writting TWOW, and he already had 1,500 pages manuscript in 2016 (divided between TWOW and ADOS), though the F&B book, and the GOT TV-show, and Wild Cards were constantly getting in his way, preventing him from concentrating on TWOW. Now all those obstacles are gone. IF announcement about F&B is real. So it's possible, that we will get TWOW in 2019. Originally they planned to publish F&B in 2019, after the final season of GOT will be aired. But if they moved F&B's release date to this year, it means, that probably they plan to release something else after the show. And what else could it be, if not TWOW? (Unless it's F&B V2, that they plan to publish in 2019, and then it will be back to original schedule - GOT S8 in 2019, after it F&B V1 also in 2019, then in 2020 TWOW, after it F&B V2, and then ADOS).
  12. Megorova

    Is Maggy the most powerful witch in the series?

    The strongest magic user in entire series is Shiera Seastar. I think, that she's also a shadowbinder Quaithe and the three-eyed crow. She has studied magic from an early age. And she inherited magic blood from both sides of her family - dragonseed father and sorceress mother. She's able to use blood magic, fire magic, shadowbinding, glass candles, she has a gift of foresign, and she's able to use power of Old Gods. I think, that she was the one, who trapped Bloodraven in that Weirwood cave, and binded him to a tree. It's a parallel to wizard Merlin and his lovers Morgana (Mor in Welsh means sea, water-related name, same as Shiera's), and Lady of the Lake Nimue. In Asshai she was teaching magic to Mirri Maz Duur and maester Marwyn. She's also the one who saved from death Dany's son Rhaego. Second place - the Ghost of High Heart. I think, that probably her real identity is Rohanne Webber-Lannister. She has a gift of foresign, years ago made prediction for King Jaehaerys, that the Prince that was promised will be born from his line. And if rumors about her were at least partially correct, then aside from making precise predictions, she's also able to use blood magic. Third place - Melisandre. Shadowbinding, foresign, blood magic, fire magic. She's able to use powerful blood magic - her shadow babies. But she's barely able to control fire magic. Nearly got herself fried, during burning of fake Mance. And even though she's able to see prophetic visions in fire, she's often unable to correctly interpret them. So her foretelling ability is way below than Maggy's or Rohanne's. Fourth place - Jon Snow. Warg and dragonseed. He had at least two prophetic dragon dreams - about wights getting on this side of The Wall, and dead Starks rising in crypts of Winterfell. Not to mention that he's future Azor Ahai and wielder of blazing sword. Fifth place - Bloodraven. Greenseer and warg. If I haven't forgotten someone, then those first five, are the only characters in ASOIAF, that have both abilities - to see/know and to use. All others are mostly have only one ability, they either have foresign (like Maggy, Moqorro, Jojen Reed, Daenys the Dreamer, the Undying), or are able to use practical magic (like Mirri Maz Duur, Thoros of Myr, Faceless Men, Bran and other Starks, that are able to warg into their direwolves, Valamyr Sixskins).
  13. Megorova

    2017: Sons of dragon, 2018: Fire and Blood, 2019 ..

    If it's definite that Fire and Blood V1 will go on sale this October, then it also means that TWOW is also already done, and will be out after the GOT-show's finale. So it could be published either in late 2019 or in early 2020. Or not. We will know for sure, only when it will happen
  14. 20,000 sq.f. is only space of Great Hall alone. In Red Keep there are servants in there, like maids, cupbearers, pages, foodservers, etc. So if guests of royal family will be bringing their own people to eat with them there, then those people are someone like ladies-in-waiting, maesters, septas, master-at-arms, castellans, someone above level of stableboys. So those people will also be sitting at the same tables as other guests. So that sitting capacity of 1,000 people, is already including upper tier "servants", that royal guests can bring with them to Great Hall.
  15. The Great Hall, where the Iron Throne is, can seat 1,000 people. That's the only known measurements. All the rest, we can only assume. I think, that Great Hall is at least 20 meters wide and 100 meters long. 2,000 square meters, or 21,500 square foot. I'm basing this numbers on article how to calculate sitting capacity of a restaurant. According to it, sitting space per person for fine dining is 18-20 square feet, full-service restaurants 12-15 square feet, fast food operations 11 square feet. Obviously, that people, that dine at Red Keep, need at least 20 square feet per person. All those ladies in their ballroom dresses with fluffy skirts, lords with their long capes, knights in armor or chain-mail, they need lots of space not to hinder each other's dining. So 20 sq.f. per person is justified number. That's at least 20,000 square feet of space. Though in restaurants tables are smaller/shorter than in dining halls, and there's lots of space between tables, where customers and waiters are walking to and from tables. Probably seating in Great Hall of Red Keep is more like in Harry Potter movies, where there are long rows of tables with benches/chairs on both sides of it. This sitting arrangement requires less walking spaces between tables, so instead that freed space could be used for other purposes, like dance floor, and placement of Iron Throne, and space for holding King's audiences in front of Throne. I think, when GOT TV-show was made, GRRM did consulted showmakers how Red Keep should look. Google Red Keep picture, Great Hall there is rectangular structure with "spikes" on sides of it going above its roof.