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  1. Megorova

    Poll: Is Lemore Actually Ashara?

    Something like this (the last try) ->
  2. In Essos there was Azor Ahai, and he obliterated the Others on his continent. Because he had Lightbringer. In Westeros there was the Last Hero. And he didn't had a magic sword. So the Others in Westeros were not only not obliterated, but it also took significantly more time to get rid of them (to push them thru usage of magic to the far far North of continent, and to build the Wall, to isolate them beyond it). I think, that this time they will play the same roles. Only continents will be switched. Jon will be Azor Ahai of Westeros, and will kill all the Others there with usage of Lightbringer (which, in my opinion is, most likely, Dawn sword of Daynes). And Rhaego will be the Last Hero of Essos. He will be doing the same thing, as the other Last Hero before him - he will be fighting against the Others of his continent for a long long time, until he will finally manage to either defeat them, or to push them back, same as his predecessor. Also I think, that all three of them together (Jon, Dany, and Rhaego) will play a significant role in defeating the Others. Though main purpose of Dany's character was to give birth to Rhaego, and to hatch dragons. She's like Mother Mary of ASOIAF - the most significant thing she did in her life, is that she gave birth to Messiah. There's three dragons, and in the prophecy the Dragon has three heads, so all three of them will be dragonriders. But I don't see Dany becoming a warrior, and actually fighting against wights or the Others, with a sword in her hands, or any other weapon. Which doesn't mean, that she's not important. Same thing with Jon. Even if it won't be him, who will put the final nail into the coffin of the Great Other, it doesn't mean, that his role was not important. And about Jon and Dany's possible future child - my guess, is that it's going to be a girl. They will name her Lyanna, and she will be Rhaego's bride. I think, that ASOIAF is partially based on The Book of Apocalypse, the last part of the Bible (it ends with a wedding of Jesus and his bride). So if my guess is correct, then ASOIAF may also end with a wedding, either Jon and Dany's, or Rhaego and Lyanna's (years after death of their parents). Bittersweet ending may be, that Jon and Dany playd significant role in defeating the Others, but died before the great victory, and saw spring only in their dreams, while Long Night was still ongoing. Also, if Rhaegar was correct, and the Song of Ice and Fire is Jon's song, then it's possible, that it is Jon's song for his daughter Lyanna. Some sort of parallel to GRRM's other book - A Song for Lya. Main characters of that novella are called Robb and Lyanna. And GRRM said, that that story was inspired by the first serious romance he was involved in. So "A Song of Ice and Fire" for Jon's Lyanna could be Martin's dedication to his first love, same as "A Song for Lya".
  3. In her vision, in the House of the Undying, Dany saw grown up Rhaego, under banner of a fiery stallion, and city burning behind him. First Long Night lasted for many many years. For more than a generation. As it was said in the books, people were born, lived their entire life, and died, in all that time not seeing the sun. So GRRM, saying that the ending of ASOIAF is bittersweet, and the last book in the series titled A Dream of Spring, could mean, that all current characters will die in battles against the Others, or will die from old age, and Second Long Night will be still ongoing, and it will end many years later, when Rhaego will finally "kill" all wights and the Others. And he will be not only the Stallion that mounts the world, but also R'hllor's champion. That could be the meaning of his banner - fiery stallion - combination of Dothraki symbol, and Red Priests symbol. Fire coming out of Rhaego's mouth in Dany's vision could mean, that he is a Red Priest (and that's a fire kiss/kiss of life). Same as his burning heart, which is a personal symbol of R'hllor's champion, and the Promised Prince (currently is used for Stannis by Melisandre). Could be, that the city was burning because it was infested by wights, so Rhaego burned it to "kill" them. So that vision, and the title of the last book, both could be hints, that Long Night will be lasting for a long long time. Long enough for Rhaego to grow up, to become a warrior, and to lead his people in numerous battles in a war against the Others, which he will eventually win/end.
  4. Megorova

    Poll: Is Lemore Actually Ashara?

    No, I think that septa Lemore is not Ashara Dayne. In my opinion septa Lemore is Lady Jeyne Swann, and also she is the Perfumed Seneschal from Quaithe's warning, and she is fAegon's mother (father is Barristan Selmy); Ashara Dayne is Jyana Reed; Quaithe is Shiera Seastar, and the Three-Eyed Crow, and the septa that was escorting Lady Jeyne Swann, when Jeyne was saved by Barristan Selmy from Kingswood Brotherhood (that's when fAegon was conceived); Wenda the White Fawn is Pretty Meris of Windblown (also she could be Brienne Tarth's mother). At least some of this could be correct.
  5. That's absolutely impossible. It was mentioned in Jaime's chapter, that shortly after Cersei's wedding, she became pregnant from Robert, so Jaime went with her to wood's witch and they aborted that baby, and from then on, whenever Cersei had sex with Robert, she was using "contraception", not to get pregnant from him. So when she did got pregnant, it was definitely Jaime's child, because with him Cersei wasn't using whatever that contraception was.
  6. Bonifer Hasty used to serve to Owen Merryweather, who became King's Hand after Tywin Lannister. Based on history of House Merryweather, it seems, that they were and still are working for Varys. Most likely, Orton Merryweather and his wife (Taena of Myr, same as her lover, Myrish captain with a scarred face) are Varys' agents. Seems that Varys came to Westeros, all those years ago, to destabilise 7K, and make it easier for Blackfyres/Golden Company to invade. Both Varys and Aerys' Hand Owen were trying to clash Aerys and Rhaegar. They were aiming to cause civil war between Targaryens. Could be, that besides denigration of Rhaegar's reputation, they were also using other tricks to destabilise Aerys. For example, they (Varys and Owen) made Aerys to think, that his wife is unfaithful to him. And Owen even took Bonifer Hasty into his service, while he himself was Aerys' Hand, because of Bonifer's past history with Rhaella. Though if there really was something between Bonifer and Rhaella (like they had a child together, or used to be in a sexual relationship), then Bonifer wouldn't have agreed to work for Varys. Thus, there was nothing between Bonifer and Rhaella, and Rhaegar definitely wasn't Bonifer's child.
  7. Megorova

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    Just because someone is wearing, what is described as "faded raiment of kings", doesn't mean, that this people/person are/were/is actual kings. Look at the way it's written, not "ghosts of kings", just ghosts in raiment of kings. And it's not the same thing. "Ghosts lined the hallway, dressed in the faded raiment of kings. In their hands were swords of pale fire. They had hair of silver and hair of gold and hair of platinum white, and their eyes were opal and amethyst, tourmaline and jade. "Faster," they cried, "faster, faster." She raced, her feet melting the stone wherever they touched. "Faster!" the ghosts cried as one, and she screamed and threw herself forward." For example, if someone is wearing black and red clothes, traditional coloring of Targaryens, then this clothes could be considered as "raiment of kings".
  8. Megorova

    The past life of Bronn

    Could be that Bronn and his companion Chiggen both were from Golden Company, and were sent by Varys to spy after Catelyn, when she departed from King's Landing. Tyrion told Bronn about Tysha. And it was Bronn, who introduced Shae to Tyrion. So, if my theory is correct, then Varys has found out about Tysha thru Bronn, and Shae, same as Bronn, was one of Varys' agents. There's additional connection between Bronn and Varys, thru Kettleblacks and Stokeworths. I think, that Littlefinger used to be one of Varys' agents. So he knew about Varys' plan to make fAegon King of 7K. And he used that plan (with some alterations of it) to his own advantage, and launched that plan several years prior date planned by Varys. It is possible, that the reason, why Varys recruited Littlefinger as his agent, is because, same as Varys (who is possibly bloodrelated to Blackfyres), Littlefinger is a dragonseed. I think, that he may be descendant of Aegon IV Targaryen. Could be, that the Bastard of Harrenhal was secret son of Aegon IV and his eight mistress Jeyne Lothston. It's also possible, that Jeyne was not only Aegon's lover, but also his bastard-daughter. So the real reason, why she was sent away from King's Landing, is not her illness, but because she was pregnant from her own father. She gave birth to Aegon's son, and to general public that baby was presented as the bastard-son of Jeyne's official father, Lucas Lothston. He was known as the Bastard of Harrenhal, same as Jon Snow was known to general public as the Bastard of Winterfell. After fall of House Lothston, Harrenhal was given to House Whent. It is known, that prior Whents became lords, they were knights in service of House Lothston. It is also known, that the Bastard of Harrenhal was a knight. Because in 193 AC he participated in tournament at King's Landing, and was defeated by Ser Arlan of Pennytree. During that same tournament, Ser Arlan had also defeated Lord Stokeworth. Falene Stokeworth was mother of Jeyne Lothston. If my theory about real identity of Harrenhal's bastard is correct, then Falene was his maternal grandmother, and thus, he was bloodrelated to Stokeworths, and Lord Stokeworth, that was defeated by Ser Arlan, was Bastard's great uncle, or some sort of cousin. Shella Whent's grandfather was first Lord Whent of Harrenhal. Based on timeframe of several different family trees, I made a conclusion, that it's possible, that the Bastard of Harrenhal was this first Lord Whent of Harrenhal, and that also he was father of Littlefinger's great-grandfather, who was a sellsword from Braavos, hired by Lord Corbray. Could be, that the Bastard of Harrenhal, who was one of unacknowledged children of Aegon IV, went to Braavos to meet with others like him - with Blackfyres, and with children of Bellegere Otherys. So, possibly, Littlefinger is a descendant of the Bastard of Harrenhal (who was son of Aegon IV and his daughter Jeyne Lothston) and daughter or granddaughter of Bellegere Otherys, Black Pearl of Braavos. If my theory is correct, and the Bastard of Harrenhal was a common ancestor of Littlefinger and Shella Whent, then children and grandchildren of Hoster Tully were all partially dragonseeds, and are bloodrelated to Littlefinger. Which also means, that if Varys is also a dragonseed, possibly, one of Blackfyres, then him and Littlefinger are also bloodrelated. And that bloodrelation is the reason, why in the past Varys had recruited Littlefinger (and his father) as his agent. So Kettleblacks were part of LF's household because they were installed there by Blackfyres. Kettleblacks were working for Blackfyres and their agents, such as Varys, but later they changed their allegiance, and now are working for Littlefinger (who is also a dragonseed). If my theory is correct, then Littlefinger is also bloodrelated to House Stokeworth. Could be, that Bronn got married with Lollys Stokeworth, because to get their castle, is part of Varys' measures against Littlefinger. It seems, that Littlefinger is aware of his ancestry. So, could be, that he thinks, that Harrenhal is rightfully belongs to him. Maybe, he thinks the same thing about Castle Stokeworth. Maybe, there are evidences hiden somewhere either at Harrenhal, or at Castle Stokeworth, that prove, that the Bastard of Harrenhal was secret son of Aegon IV and granson of Falene Stokeworth. And Littlefinger has evidences, that his great-grandfather was son of the Bastard of Harrenhal. So Littlefinger can prove, that he is descendant of Aegon IV, thru two of his bloodlines - Jeyne Lothson and children of Bellegere Otherys. To cut it short - Bronn is possibly a member of Golden Company, and is working for Varys. And all those Houses from above are part of his and Varys' plan to get Iron Throne for fAegon. It seems, that Bronn has already installed numerous members of Golden Company as guards at Red Keep. So they will serve their role, when Golden Company will be approaching King's Landing.
  9. Megorova

    Summerhall is central to the series

    No, no, no. That's not what I meant. The thing is, is that we don't know the reason, why those Kingsguards took Jon away. Maybe, they did it not to protect him. And, maybe, they didn't saw him as their King. They didn't went to Dragonstone to serve to Viserys. Even though Aerys, prior his death, had proclaimed Viserys as his heir. So if those 3KG were still loyal to Targaryens, then they would have went to Dragonstone. But they didn't. Robert became King of 7K. So, maybe, those KG were intending to go to Robert. Because it doesn't matter, who is the King, the Kingsguards will still serve to him. A Kingsguard is a permanent post, for life. Thus, even if the King changes, the Kingsguards will continue serving to a new King. Could be that, when Robert had seized King's Landing, he was trying to find those missing three Kingsguards. Last time they were seen, was when they were kidnapping Lyanna. So Robert was trying to find them, to find her thru them. So when he became King, he sent ravens all over 7K, informing everyone about this. Maybe, he also had sent additional message to those 3KG (even though he didn't knew, where they were at that time, he just sent that message everywhere), with demand to return to King's Landing, from wherever they were, and to bring Lyanna with them, if she is alive. Maybe, because Lyanna was dying, they left her at Starfall, and took only her child with them. Or, maybe, they took Lyanna too. Could be, that, when Ned was at Storm's End, he had received information, that Lyanna is at Starfall. But, by the time he arrived there, she was already taken away together with Jon. Ashara Dayne told Ned what happened, and he went after them. In this case, Lyanna died at the Tower of Joy, and both scenes - the fight against 3KG, and Lyanna in a bed of blood - happened at the same location, at the Tower of Joy, but Jon was born at Starfall. Or second option, is that those KG took with them only Jon, and left dying Lyanna at Starfall. In this case Ned witnessed Lyanna's final moments, gave her that promise, this happened at Starfall, and then he departed towards the Tower of Joy, where later the fight had happened. So when Ned confronted those KG, and they said, that they gave an oath, they meant, that, as Kingsguards, they are obliged to do what King Robert ordered them (even if that order was given thru a ravenmail). So they were not going to give Jon to Ned, not because they were protecting Jon, and saw him as their new King, but because they were going to bring Jon to their King - Robert. So there's a possibility, that those Kingsguards were not on Jon's side.
  10. Megorova

    Summerhall is central to the series

    Just became there, you know where, it was confirmed, that Jon was born at the Tower of Joy, doesn't mean, that the same happened here. GRRM's reply: Because dreams are not literal, and events in them are not always happening in chronological order, and two different scenes, seen by a dreamer, not necessary are happening at the same location, it could be, that the scene of Ned and his companions confronting three Kingsguars, and the scene, in which Lyanna died in the bed of blood, prior making Ned to promise her something, not necessary were happening at the same place. The fight was definitely taking place at the Tower of Joy. But the same thing couldn't be said about Jon's birth and Lyanna's death. For example, one of the possible scenarios is that, when Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna, he brought her to Starfall. Because Arthur Dayne was his accomplice. So he, not only helped Rhaegar to kidnap Lyanna, but also helped to hide her afterwards. So it's likely, that Jon was both conceived and born at Starfall. Which fits into the prophecy about Azor Ahai reborn - under the bleeding stars. Those bleeding stars could have something to do with Starfall and Lyanna's "bed of blood". Then could be, that after Lyanna gave birth to Jon, the Kingsguards took him away, and were going to bring him to King's Landing (for whatever purpose). When they were departing from Starfall, they took with them wet nurse Wylla (the one, that later Ned brought together with little Jon to Winterfell). So could be, is that what Lyanna asked Ned to promise, was not to protect Jon from Robert, but to go after those Kingsguards, and take Jon back from them. Ned came to Starfall, witnessed Lyanna's final moments, gave her a promise to retrive Jon, and after Lyanna's death, chased after those Kingsguards. He caught up to them at the Tower of Joy, and that's where happened that fight, in which the sole survivors were Ned and Howland. This option is possible. It is possible, that Jon was born not at the Tower of Joy.
  11. Megorova

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    1. Mance is Rhaegar, or Arthur Dayne. 2. Dany is daughter of Rhaegar and Lyanna. 3. Tyrion is a Targaryen. 4. Bloodraven is the Three-Eyed Crow. 5. Rhaego is dead. 6. Jon is permanently dead, and if he will even return into the plot of ASOIAF, then it will be only in the wolf's form, warged into Ghost. 7. Bran is able to timetravel, he is Bran the Builder and all other Brans from the history, and also the Three-Eyed Crow, which is Bran's version from the future.
  12. Megorova

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    The living sacrifice was necessary to forge Lightbringer, so Azor Ahai killed his wife, and the sword was completed. So there's no need for any additional sacrifices to be made now. Lightbringer is already a completed weapon, ready for use. All it needs, is a chosen man to wield it. And, probably, it should be descendant of first Azor Ahai. For example, if Dyanna Dayne was sole child of Lord Dayne, and after she got married with future King Maekar, House Dayne continued from a side branch of Dayne family, then Jon is a direct descendant of Azor Ahai/first Lord Dayne, while Arthur, Ashara, Allyria and Edric, are not. The thing is, is that if Dawn is Lightbringer, and Lightbringer is supposed to be a magical blazing sword, then why wasn't it mentioned anywhere, that Dawn was the sword like that, i.e. fire-sword? But, maybe, it was mentioned, only it was very subtle and vague -> Samwell Dayne, known as the Starfire, once sacked Oldtown. "Thrice in the space of a single century the city was taken and sacked, once by the Dornish king Samwell Dayne (the Starfire), once by Qhored the Cruel and his ironmen, and once by Gyles I Gardener (the Woe), who reportedly sold three-quarters of the city’s inhabitants into slavery, but was unable to breach the defenses of the Hightower on Battle Isle. The wooden palisades and ditch that had protected the city heretofore having so obviously been proved inadequate, the next King of the High Tower, Otho II, spent the best part of his reign surrounding Oldtown with massive stone walls, thicker and higher than any seen in Westeros to this point." Seems, that the wooden palisades proved to be inadequate, because they got burned by those, who attacked the city. Could be, that Samwell was the Sword of the Morning, and he burned Oldtown with Dawn's fire, that's why his nickname was Starfire -> Dawn forged from the heart of a fallen star + it's a blazing sword Lightbringer = Starfire. Though, probably, not just any Dayne, or person with Dayne blood, is able to "ignite" Dawn. And the last time Daynes were able to ignite it, was thousands years ago, prior Nymeria's arrival to Dorne. That's why inhabitants of Westeros haven't made connection between Dawn of Daynes and Azor Ahai's Lightbringer. So you think, that there was no Azor Ahai in Essos, and that First Long Night was a local only-in-Westeros event, and that stories about it traveled east, and were distorted into a legend about Azor Ahai? Just because he forged a sword, doesn't mean, that he was a blacksmith. If he was a blacksmith, and he knew, what he was doing, then it wouldn't have taken him six months to make a single sword. ACOK, Davos I : "Do you know the tale of the forging of Lightbringer? I shall tell it to you. It was a time when darkness lay heavy on the world. To oppose it, the hero must have a hero's blade, oh, like none that had ever been. And so for thirty days and thirty nights Azor Ahai labored sleepless in the temple, forging a blade in the sacred fires." But thru Sam, GRRM has implied, that maesters are big fat liars, that write history, the way it fits them. So the opposite could be true - the further from the Citadel, the less distorted is information. And the prophecy about Azor Ahai reborn, is more ancient, than any records of the Citadel, was made 5000 years ago, and no paper will last that long. So my guess, is that because Andals were the ones, who started to use paper for writing, while people before them, such as First Men, were using runes on stones and trees, the prophecy about AAR was recorded thru something similar to runes, on the walls of the same temple, in which AA forged Lightbringer. The only thing, that that wall proves, is that the Children and the Last Hero were unable to destroy the Others, so as a measure against them , they created The Wall, to separate the Others from the rest of Westeros. Just because there's no Wall in Essos, doesn't mean, that the event (Long Night) wasn't global. It only shows, that she doesn't know, that the real Prince of Dragonstone, who is the Promised Prince, is actually Jon Snow (as Rhaegar's son, he is the PD). General public in 7K are under impression, that Stannis is the Prince of Dragonstone, and thus heir to King Robert. What Mel was shown in flames, when she asked to show her TPTWP, Jon Snow behind curtain of fire, is a prove, that the prophecy is correct - Prince of Dragonstone is Azor Ahai reborn and future wielder of Lightbringer. It's my assumption, that Mel came to Stannis, because in Asshai she saw the prophecy on the walls of R'hllor's temple, and, based on information given in that prophecy, correctly deducted who is AAR - Prince of Dragonstone. It's people of Westeros, that lead her astray, with making her think, that Stannis is PD. There's such a thing, as "reading between the lines", that's what I'm doing. Yes, it was all shown, but in such a manner, that majority of readers, are not aware, what exactly have they read. For example, did you noticed, that when Dany was giving birth to Rhaego, she was assisted by Quaithe, and that Quaithe has removed her mask, and Dany saw, that it was Shiera Seastar? No? Then wait until GRRM wil write it in a more plain manner. All shadowbinders are followers of R'hllor. That's logical. Shadowbinding is usage of fire and shadows, and both are elements controlled by R'hllor. Mirri Maz Duur was also a shadowbinder. So was Shiera Seastar, and, possibly, Rohanne Webber. The Sworn Sword - " "I'm not like to marry her. She's a highborn lady, and I'm Dunk of Flea Bottom, remember?" He frowned. "Just how many husbands has she had, do you know?" "Four," said Egg, "but no children. Whenever she gives birth, a demon comes by night to carry off the issue. Sam Stoops' wife says she sold her babes unborn to the Lord of the Seven Hells, so he'd teach her his black arts." "Highborn ladies don't meddle with the black arts. They dance and sing and do embroidery." "Maybe she dances with demons and embroiders evil spells," Egg said with relish. "And how would you know what highborn ladies do, ser? Lady Vaith is the only one you ever knew." That was insolent, but true. "Might be I don't know any highborn ladies, but I know a boy who's asking for a good clout in the ear." Dunk rubbed the back of his neck. A day in chainmail always left it hard as wood. "You've known queens and princesses. Did they dance with demons and practice the black arts?" "Lady Shiera does. Lord Bloodraven's paramour. She bathes in blood to keep her beauty. And once my sister Rhae put a love potion in my drink, so I'd marry her instead of my sister Daella." " AGOT, Dany VIII: "What was wrong with them, couldn't they see? Inside the tent the shapes were dancing, circling the brazier and the bloody bath, dark against the sandsilk, and some did not look human. She glimpsed the shadow of a great wolf, and another like a man wreathed in flames." AGOT, Dany IX: ""Only shadows," Ser Jorah husked, but Dany could hear the doubt in his voice. "I saw, maegi. I saw you, alone, dancing with the shadows."" "Dancing with demons" is shadowbinding. We know from the books, that both Mirri and Shiera Seastar were doing it. And when Mirri was burning on Drogo's funeral pyre, she was singing a magic spell to fire, to sacrifice herself to R'hllor. Mirri has willingly sacrificed her life, to aid Dany with hatching her dragons. That's because Mirri was serving to Quaithe (who is Shiera). <- Though it was all "written between the lines". Maybe, I'm wrong, but that's how I interpreted, what GRRM has wrote. If later, it will turns out, that my "fanfics" were correct interpretation, of what GRRM has wrote, then it will mean, that I was able to see, what other readers totally missed, and that, to figure out mysteries of ASOIAF, my approach of "hunting for clues in a crime scene", was also an appropriate tool for reading such a complicated and multilayered writing as GRRM's.
  13. Megorova

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    Or all those clues could be GRRM's diversion, and the Bleeding Star comet wasn't heralding "birth" of the saviour. It's a red herring, same as Rhaegar's comet, that made him think, that Elia's Aegon was the Promised Prince. While the actual bleeding star was the one, from which was forged Dawn of Daynes - this sword is Lightbringer, and first Dayne was Azor Ahai, that lived during First Long Night. It was said about Dawn, that it was forged from the heart of a fallen star. Mother Mary's heart is depicted as burning, and pierced with seven swords. Nissa Nissa's sacrifice, Dawn being forged from a heart of a star, this is clues, with which GRRM is pointing towards Mother Mary, and ASOIAF's connection to the Bible. Some characters in the books interpreted, that the comet of 281 AC was sign of Aegon, as the Promised Prince; some thought, that the comet of 299 AC is a sign of Dany, being Azor Ahai reborn; and some thought, that it was a sign of Joffrey’s ascent to the throne, but they all were wrong. Because just some comet passing in the sky, doesn't have geographical connection to a particular character. All of them were under that comet, same as millions of other inhabitants of Planetos. So the Bleeding Star COMET (and comet is not a star) is just a big red herring. And the only character of ASOIAF, that (possibly) has geographical connection to a particular star, is Jon Snow, who was (possibly) born at Starfall, the castle that was build on crash site of a fallen STAR, and Dawn of Daynes was forged from the heart of that star. Valyrian steel, as a weapon against the Others, wasn't tested yet. We don't know whether it's able to kill them, or wights. The only thing, that is known, is that dragonglass can kill the Others, but against wights it's not very effective. Dragonglass is very brittle, and some wights are wearing armor, ringmail, furs, boiled leather - on all of this dragonglass weapon will break. Also, it seems, that dragons are weak against "winter" magic. Queen Alysanne's dragon was either too afraid to fly beyond The Wall, or couldn't do it (because the Others and their winter magic were on the other side of it). Which means, that it's likely, that in the war against the Others, Dany's dragons will be useless. If they can't, or won't approach the Others, then they can't fight against them. Also, originally GRRM wasn't intending to make dragons to be part of ASOIAF's plot. Which also means, that the ultimate weapon, that will defeat the Others, are not dragons. From the very beginning he was plannig to use a specific weapon against them. So a magic sword is necessary. And not only as a weapon, but also as a prove, of who the real Saviour is. As Melisandre said - "In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again".
  14. Megorova

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    Why traveling east? Shouldn't it be - traveling west? The origin of the prophecy about new Azor Ahai is Asshai. So it's likely, that AA is also from Asshai. I'm basing this assumption on what Salla said about forging of LB, that AA forged LB in sacred flames. In what culture, or religion, the fire is sacred? -> For those, who are followers of fire deity R'hllor. Though it's obvious, that not just any fire is sacred. So where could be found sacred flames? -> In R'hllor's temple. So, most likely, Azor Ahai was something like R'hllor's Red priest, and Lightbringer was forged in his temple. Currently R'hllor's main temple is in Volantis. But Volantis was founded by Valyrians as their first colony, after they defeated Ghys Empire, less than 5000 years ago. So the temple of R'hllor, that is in Volantis, was not the first in the world temple of R'hllor. Shadowbinders from Asshai are followers of R'hllor, so this religion, most likely, originates from Asshai. Add that to the fact, that the prophecy about Azor Ahai's return, was also made in Asshai, 5000 years ago, when Valyrians were only starting to become a prominent power on Planetos, and that Lightbringer was forged in sacred flames of a temple, so what we'll get as result, is that Azor Ahai lived in Asshai. So the legend about him, and Lightbringer, and First Long Night has traveled west, from Asshai thru Essos and to Westeros. And the story about Azor Ahai and the Last Hero of First Men are too different to be about the same person. So there was two heroes, one in Essos, and one in Westeros. The Others of Westeros were not killed, but rather only lured (most likely, with the help of Children's magic) to far far north, where they were separated from humans by The Wall. While in Essos the Others were completely obliterated. The main difference between Azor Ahai and the Last Hero, is that Azor Ahai had Lightbringer, and it was an ultimate weapon, that was able to kill all the Others. So the fact, that currently there's no Others in Essos, is a prove, that Lightbringer did existed/does exist.
  15. Megorova

    A quick take on Lightbringer

    I agree, that AAR is three people - Dany, Rhaego and Jon, three heads of the dragon, that is a parallel to the Biblical Holy Trinity (only with the Mother, instead of the Father). Though, out of three of them, only one will be wielding Lightbringer, and that is Jon. Could be, that eventually Dany will also became a warrior. But in this case, most likely, her sword will be Darksister. GRRM said, that when Bloodraven went to The Wall, he took Darksister with him. I think, that it was Shiera, who binded Bloodraven to the Weirwood. They could be GRRM's parallels to wizard Merlin and his lover Nimue, The Lady of the Lake, that, acording to some sources, was the one, who gave Excalibur to King Arthur. So Shiera, who is, most likely, shadowbinder Quaithe, took Darksister from Bloodraven, when she left him in that cave, and later she may give this sword to Dany. But Darksister is not Lightbringer. It's Dawn. Most likely.