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  1. Megorova

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Could be that three out of those 6 were squires - Arthur's squire, Rhaegar's and Oswell Whent's. And the sixth person could have been maester Marwyn.
  2. Megorova

    Why didn’t Varys kill Tommen?

    The thing is is that Stannis is already 36 years old, and he has only one child, and that child is a girl. Compare him to Ned Stark, who at 36 had five children, three of them boys. It's unlikely, that Stannis will have any more children besides Shireen. So, eventually, after Stannis will die, if he will become the King of 7K, then after him, next ruler of 7K will be his daughter. Thus, if Robert's daughter, Myrcella, is no good, then why would Shireen be accepted as a ruler? Shireen has a greyscale, and her father burned statues of the Seven, and is worshiping a foreign God, and is a kinslayer, and his lover is a witch. It's unlikely that the Great Council and the High Septon will approve someone like Shireen. Stannis, becoming the King, is the same as approving Shireen as the Queen (for the future). And that's not going to happen. Myrcella is at least healthy.
  3. Megorova

    Timett will steal Alayne

    GRRM had spent five books to bring Sansa to where she is now, and he did it not for her to be kidnapped and taken from there shortly afterwards. Littlefinger has some big plan, and Sansa plays in it a key role. He's not going to let her be stolen by some random wildling. He outsmarted even the great Olenna Tyrell, and prevented her from taking Sansa, and getting her flowery hands on The North, by marrying Sansa to Willas. Could be that Timett will appear at that tournament, but not to kidnap Sansa. If mountainmen of The Vale are related to mountainmen of The North, then he can bring news, that Stannis gathered mountain clans, and went with them to free Winterfell, and that Jon Snow is Lord Commander of Night's Watch (if Sansa doesn't know about that yet). And Timett will tell this info to Sansa, because he will recognize her.
  4. Megorova

    Why didn’t Varys kill Tommen?

    If Tommen will die, then next in line for Iron Throne is Myrcella, not Stannis. Because daughter is in line of inheritance prior her uncle. Doran Martell will marry Myrcella to Trystane, and will crown her as the Queen of 7K. Then Dornish troops will arrive with newlyweds to King's Landing, and Cersei will be dismissed from her position as a Regent, because Myrcella will be a woman wed, and will belong to her husband, not to her parents. Doran can offer to Tyrells, that he will help them free Margaery, and also to arrange marriage between Willas Tyrell and Arianne Martell, to unite their Houses. Additionally he can offer them to make Loras Lord Commander of Kingsguards, and to Garlan give a place at Small Council. That way Dorne and the Reach will join their forces, and Westerlands will also support Myrcella as the Queen of 7K. The North and the Riverlands are still not over the War of Five Kings, and Stannis is in The North, so those two regions will be to busy with fighting in their own wars (Boltons VS Stannis, Wildlings and Night's Watch VS the Others, Lady Stoneheart VS Freys). The Vale is under Littlefinger's control. He's not going to just give his support to fAegon. That way Varys and Golden Company will have on their side only partial support of Stormlanders, those that they will manage to conquer and submit. fAegon will be unable to get to Iron Throne, if he will have to fight against joined forces of Dorne, the Reach, and Westerlands, even if he will join forces with the Vale (in case if Littlefinger will demand in exchange for his help for fAegon to marry Sansa, and make her the Queen of 7K in the future). By getting rid of Tommen now, while fAegon is still far away from Iron Throne, will be inconvinient for Varys. That way he will only clear for Martells a path to Iron Throne. Though, while Tommen is still the King, Varys can offer to Martells a marriage alliance between fAegon and Arianne, and to promise to make her Queen of 7K. Additionally while Martells keep Myrcella as their guest/hostage, they are protected against Westerlands. And to Tyrells Varys also can offer something equal to Marge's marriage with Tommen (who was just a boy-King, while 7K were ruled by his Regent). fAegon can marry with both Arianne and Margaery, and to have two wives, same as Aegon the Conqueror. To be a second wife of an active King, is better than to be a sole wife of a boy-King, who will have no real power for the next 7 years (until his 16th birthday).
  5. It's more likely for a Blackfyre to produce a "Targaryen"-looking child with a Swann-girl, than with some random Valyrian-looking whore from Lys. Evidence: To produce a boy, that will look like Targaryens of the past 100 years, it was better to find a girl with Swann-genes (because all those Targaryens - Aegon IV, Daeron II, Maekar I, Aegon IV, etc., most likely, were carriers of Swann-genes), and to make her have a child with a carrier of Blackfyre genes (because any Blackfyre of Aerys' or Rhaegar's generation will have more Targaryen genes than those Targaryens. For example - Barristan is 12/64 Targaryen, that's 18,75%, while Aerys and Rhaegar both were only 6,25% Targaryen). Instead of Barristan insert there any other Blackfyre-man, who is a great-grandson of Daemon I Blackfyre, and he will have the same amount of Targaryen genes (18,75%), and it will be higher than % of Targaryen genes that Aerys or Rhaegar had. Any current Blackfyre has more "Targaryen"-genes than current Targaryens. And if Targaryens of the past, starting from Aegon IV, were carriers of Swann-genes, than it's more likely for a Blackfyre to produce a "Targaryen"-looking child with a Swann-girl, than with some random Valyrian-looking girl from Lys. In the White Book in Jaime's entry it was written - "Ser Jaime of House Lannister. Firstborn son of Lord Tywin and Lady Joanna of Casterly Rock." and in Barristan's - "Ser Barristan of House Selmy. Firstborn son of Ser Lyonel Selmy of Harvest Hall." - why his mother's name isn't there? Add this missing piece of information, to the fact, when Barristan was born - in 236, between execution of Aenys Blackfyre in 233 and the Fourth Rebellion of Blackfyres in 236. Bittersteel came to Westeros to take back Aenys' family, that Aenys has brought with him, when he went to 7K. Bloodraven promised him a safe passage, that he is supposedly forgiven for whatever his family did in 7K, while Aenys was still a child. Thus, Aenys wasn't intending to return to Essos, even if the Great Council would have decided to give a crown to someone else. Westeros is more civilized and peaceful than Essos, so it's likely, that Aenys was either way intending to stay with his family at 7K, even if he didn't became King. So, when he arrived to Westeros, he left his wife and children in Stonehelm, because Swanns of Stonehelm possibly are relatives of Blackfyres - Johanna Swann, most likely, was Daemon Blackfyre's great-grandmother. It's unlikely, that it's a mere coincidense, that GRRM didn't revealed to readers who was Larra's mother, and who was Barristan's mother. But in the books there's enought clues, to figure out, who those two women were - Johanna Swann and Aenys' daughter. That possibility is more likely, than that Illyrio had sex with numerous random Valyrian-looking whores, in hope to produse a Targaryen-looking child.
  6. My candidate for the Perfumed seneschal - septa Lemore, possibly real name - Jeyne Swann, possibly fAegon's mother (the father, in my opinion, is Barristan Selmy, who may be a secret dragonseed - I think that Barristan's mother was Aenys Blackfyre's daughter). Could be that Larra Rogare's mother was Johanna Swann, the Black Swan of Lys, who was ruler of Lys in all but name (mentioned in the World book). In F&B book it was mentioned, that Rogares were princes of Lys in all but name, and that they owned Lyseni pleasure house, titled The Perfumed Garden. It's likely, that Johanna, who was a famous courtesan in Lys, was working in The Perfumed Garden. I think, that she was one of Lysandro Rogare's wives, and Larra Rogare's mother (based on the cases of Cleon the Great, King of Astapor, and Lord Aenar Targaryen from Valyria, and some of Dothraki khals, to have several wives, is a norm in Essos). Larra was paternal grandmother of Bittersteel, Bloodraven, Shiera Seastar, Daemon I Blackfyre, King Daeron II Targaryen, and Aegon's IV's numerous bastards. So, if Larra's mother was a Swann, then all of those characters are also carriers of Swann-genes. Which means, that Jeyne Swann is the Perfumed seneschal, because her ancestor, Johanna, was working at the Perfumed Garden. There's two more connections between Perfumed seneschal and septa Lemore/Jeyne Swann. In "The Hedge Knight" novel there was a scene, in which people of Aerion Brightflame were burning dolls of Lady Jonquil, Florian the Fool, and the mummer's dragon. So, in my opinion, that scene is a foreshadowing of what will happen to Lemore, Barristan, and their son - fAegon, who is the mummer's dragon from Quaithe's warning (the mummer is Varys). Barristan is a parallel to Florian the Fool, because Florian's armor was made of motley (i.e. it was multicolored, like a rainbow). In a song about Jonquil, there was six maids in a pool. Barristan was a Kingsguard of six Monarchs - Aegon V, Jaehaerys II, Aerys II, Robert Baratheon, Joffrey Baratheon, Daenerys Targaryen. So, same as Florian the Fool, Barristan is the greatest knight, and the greatest fool, because it's a great accomplishment, that he was guarding five Kings, but also he's a fool, because all of his proteges died, and not from natural death. It was his duty to protect them, and he failed 5 times. Thru a scene in ADWD Florian is connected to the Perfumed seneschal - while Tyrion and Jorah were sailing on a ship, titled Fragrant Stuart, Tyrion mentioned Florian. When to Dany and her people will be revealed the existence of fAegon, and that Jon Snow is Rhaegar's son, then Barristan will have to swear his allegiance to his seventh and final Monarch (to complete the rainbow from Florian's motley) - either it will be Barristan's son, Aegon the Sixth, or the true King of 7K - Aegon the Seventh/Jon Snow. Probably, that's when Dany will be betrayed for love - the third treason, predicted by the Undying, could be about Barristan, betraying Dany for the sake of his son, fAegon. When Barristan will meet septa Lemore, if my theory about her identity is correct, then he will recognize her. Because he saved her from the Kingswood Brotherhood. I think, that that's when Jeyne gave to Barristan love potion, seduced him, and got pregnant. She got that potion from a septa, that was escorting her thru Kingswood, and I think, that that septa was actually Shiera Seastar in shadow-glamour, and that the attack of the Kingswood Brotherhood was staged, to get Barristan into their trap. They needed pure dragon-blood, and they knew that Barristan is a Blackfyre thru his mother, so Shiera arranged Barristan's encounter with Jeyne, and on that night was conceived fAegon. And it happened on the same night, when in 281AC Rhaegar's Aegon was conceived at King's Landing, and a comet was passing in the sky. Because of that comet, Rhaegar thought, that his Aegon is the Prince that was promised. And Shiera and Lemore thought, that the Promised Prince is their fAegon, Blackfyre. Jonquil is a flower from the same family as narcissus and daffodil. Daffodils are traditional flowers of Mother Mary. On many icons she has a crown made of 12 stars, or 12 daffodil flowers. In my opinion, the three heads of the dragon from the prophecy is Dany (The Mother), Rhaego (The Son), and Jon (The Holy Ghost), they are a parallel to Biblical Trinity. Rhaego, who is khal of khals, is like the child of the Woman Clothed in the Sun, from the Book of Revelation, who was King of kings and Lord of lords. Jon is Agnus Dei/the Lamb of God, who was killed and then resurrected. And Dany is the mother to one Messiah, and the bride of the other (in the House of the Undying they called her bride of fire, and in the end of the Book of Revelation the Lamb got married with his bride, and the Bible ends with their wedding). So, if those three are true dragons and real saviours, parallels to Mother Mary and Jesus, then fAegon, who is the mummer's dragon, the false dragon, and a fake saviour, is a parallel to Biblical Antichrist, and Varys is a parallel to Satan. So, fAegon's mother, septa Lemore/Lady Jeyne Swann/the Perfumed seneschal is Dany's antagonist, and while Dany's/Mary's flowers are daffodils, Jeyne's flowers are jonquils. And from jonquil oil in Medieval Ages were made perfumes. Thus, based on those three observations (1. Johanna Swann - Perfumed Garden; 2. Jonquil, Florian, and the mummer's dragon; 3. biblical symbolism of those flowers, and usage of jonquil oil as a basis for perfumes), I think that the Perfumed seneschal is Jeyne Swann/septa Lemore.
  7. Megorova

    Tywin's Choice for Heir to Casterly Rock

    I think, it was supposed to be Tommen. Or maybe, Myrcella, if she later married with one of her Lannister cousins, one of Kevan's sons. That way, even though she was Baratheon, later Casterly Rock still would have remained as domain of Lannisters. Lancel is only 8 years older than Myrcella, Martyn is 5 or 3 years older, so she could have married with one of them. There also Janei, Kevan's daughter, who is 5-6 years younger than Tommen, they could have married, not to bring into the mix non-Lannister genes, in case if Tywin made Tommen his heir. If Joffrey was King, then the King's brother as the Lord of Casterly Rock is a perfect option, especcially, if in case of Joffrey's death, at that time he will have no children, then Tommen will become King of 7K. In this case Tommen's oldest son will become the King after him, and his next son will be Lord of Casterly Rock.
  8. If Sansa doesn't have a hymen, then it could be speculated that she lost it either by having sex with Tyrion, or some other guy, or because of horseriding. But if she still has a hymen, then it's an evidence, that she's a virgin. And thus, her marriage with Tyrion could be annuled.
  9. Yes, it is. From Wikipedia Maidenhead / "hymen is a thin piece of mucosal tissue that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening". https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Margaery_Tyrell In AFFC - "At the behest of the High Septon, Septa Moelle examinates Margaery, and finds that her maidenhead has been broken. Moelle reports this at court".
  10. No, that backstory first was mentioned in ADWD, years prior F&B: Tyrion VIII - "It was Father's idea to do the tilts. He even trained the first pig, but by then he was too sick to ride her, so Oppo took his place. I always rode the dog. We performed for the Sealord of Braavos once, and he laughed so hard that afterward he gave each of us a … a grand gift." The Sealord of Braavos gave one dragon egg for each of mummer-dwarfs, one for Hop-Bean, one for Oppo, and one for Penny. And he got those eggs from his predecessor, and so on, back to the one, who got them from Elissa Farman. So, maybe, GRRM wasn't yet sure, how did the current Sealord became owner of those three dragon eggs (maybe GRRM was originally planning, that Aegon IV gave those dragon eggs for his three children from Bellegere Otherys, who was granddaughter of the Sealord of Braavos, same as he gave a dragon egg to Butterwell's daughter, Ambrose's mother. Though in case with Butterwells, Aegon gave a dragon egg only for a male-child, while in case with Bellegere, he gave one egg for each of her children, boy and two girls), but back in ADWD it was Penny and her family, who in the past owned three dragon eggs, that Illyrio later gave to Dany, as her wedding present. Hop-Bean was a mummer, and Varys was a mummer, so, maybe, that's the connection thru which Illyrio got those eggs. And it doesn't actually matter from whom did the latest Sealord got those eggs, whether their origin is Elissa Farman or Bellegere Otherys. Though, based on the timing, looks like Bellegere's grandfather, was the Sealord, who got those eggs from Elissa. So, could be that he intentionally introduced Bellegere to Aegon, when Aegon arrived to Braavos as an envoy. The Sealord had three dragon eggs, so he planned that his granddaughter will give birth to Aegon's three children, and possibly they will be able to hatch those eggs, and then Braavos will have three dragons. But that plan had failed, and the next next next Sealord, who was a very eccentric guy, gave those eggs to mummer-dwarfs, just because they made him laugh. Seems, that he's the same guy, who gave a title of the First Sword of Braavos to Syrio Forel, just because Syrio guesed, that the Sealord's cat is just an average cat, and not some mysterious creature.
  11. Though there was Ambrose Butterwell, who seems to be son of Aegon IV and one of three daughters of the previous Lord Butterwell. Aegon made that Lord Butterwell his Hand, and gave dragon egg for his grandson, and later gave to that grandson a post of Master of Coin, and he also briefly was the Hand of the King during reign of Daeron II, and he was blond, and he wasn't executed, even though the conspiracy against Targaryens took place at his castle (Bloodraven didn't executed him, because they were half-brothers). So, it's more than likely, that Ambrose was one of Aegon's bastards, and when Aegon on his death-bed legitimized all of his children, Ambrose took his mother's last-name and became Butterwell. And Daemon took a last-name Blackfyre. And his half-sister was Shiera Seastar, not Waters, or whatever was Serenei's last-name.
  12. Megorova

    George's writing schedule.

    Or because there are huge spoilers in D&E. For example - could be that Old Nan is the mother of Dunk's child/children, and ancestor of Brienne, the Hound and the Mountain; the Lady of Winterfell, Melantha Stark-Blackwood, could be older sister or cousin or aunt of Egg's future wife, Betha Blackwood. Possibly Egg and Betha met for the first time, while they were still children, and it happened in span of "The She-Wolves of Winterfell"; I think, that Melantha Blackwood could be daughter of Mya Rivers, and niece of Bloodraven, and that Melissa Blackwood, Bloodraven's mother, was daughter of Mariah Stark, whose father was Cregan Stark, which means, that Bloodraven is Bran's great great great uncle on his Stark-Blackwood line (Cregan was married with Alisanne Blackwood, and had four daughters with her) - if my assumption is correct, then thru Melantha Blackwood, Starks are carrier of Targaryen genes, because Melantha is Aegon IV's granddaughter; I think that Littlefinger is descendant of Aegon IV, thru Aegon's mistress-daughter, Jeyne Lothston. Possibly, the Bastard of Harrenhal, that was defeated by Ser Arlan of Pennytree, is Jeyne and Aegon's secret son. In my opinion, this guy was a knight in service of House Lothstone, later he founded House Whent, and caused the fall of Lothstons. He was grandfather or great-grandfather of Lady Shella Whent, and he was father of the sellsword from Braavos, who was Littlefinger's great great grandfather. Which means, that Petyr Baelysh and Catelyn Tully are third cousins, and that Catelyn's children are carriers of Targaryen genes not only thru Melantha Blackwood, but also thru Cat's mother, Minisa Whent. And this Bastard of Harrenhal, and his Whent-children, that helped him to overthrow Mad Danella Lothston (she briefly appeared in "The Mystery Knight"), and his bastard-son, who was a sellsword in Braavos, were all already present in time-span of D&E novels. Also, if Starks of that period are indeed bloodrelated to Targaryens, and to Bloodraven, then it will be mentioned in the next novel, when Egg will be visiting Winterfell. Thus, GRRM can't publish that novel, until this same information won't be revealed in the main series. For example, Bloodraven can reveal it to Bran, that they are bloodrelated, that Bran's great great grandmother was Bloodraven's niece, and that Bran is an ideal candidate to become a next greenseer, because him and Bloodraven have similar genes. That's why the Children (or was it Bloodraven?) said to Bran, that his blood is what makes him a greenseer.
  13. They can prove, that the marriage wasn't consummated. So there's no need for LF to kill Tyrion, if he wants to marry with Sansa, or to marry her to someone else. All they need to do, is to ask a maester or a septa to check whether Sansa's maidenhead is intact, and if she is still a virgin, then her marriage with Tyrion will be annuled.
  14. I think that besides R'hllor and Old Gods, all other deities are either based on those two, or are fakes. Looks like The Seven were aliens. The girl, that they gave to Hugor of the Hill, could be bio-ingeneered being. The God-on-Earth, who claimed that he was son of Lion of Night and the Maiden-Made-of-Light, seems to be Haviland Tuf from GRRM's series "Tuf's voyaging". The Weirwood Network and greenseers are similar to parasitic mold from GRRM's novella "A Song for Lya". Possibly that parasite fell on Planetos together with Bloodstone, and infected the Children of the Forest and trees, that mutated into Weirwood and the-shade-of-the-evening trees. Bloodstone Emperor worshiped that stone, and according to Yi Ti's legends about the Great Empire of the Dawn, this is what caused the First Long Night. I think that Dawn of Daynes and Azor Ahai's Lightbringer is the same sword, and that first Lord Dayne, who build Starfall, is Azor Ahai. So, in my opinion, it's likely, that the sword was forged from Bloodstone. It's like Superman and cryptonite. What brought that parasitic mold to Planetos, can also annihilate it. "Old Gods" are that parasite, and R'hllor is Bloodstone's origin. Both "deities" came to Planetos from the same place (possibly Tuf's space-ship the Ark). So all real powers on Planetos are actually alien. Based on this (F&B V1): "All this the court and kingdom might have come to accept in time, had Lady Larra not also insisted upon keeping her own gods. She would have no part in the worship of the Seven, nor the old gods of the northmen. Her worship was reserved for certain of the manifold gods of Lys: the six-breasted cat goddess Pantera, Yndros of the Twilight who was male by day and female by night, the pale child Bakkalon of the Sword, faceless Saagael, the giver of pain. Her ladies, her servants, and her guards would join Lady Larra at certain times in performing obeisances to these queer, ancient deities. Cats were seen coming and going from her chambers so often that men began to say they were her spies, purring at her in soft voices of all the doings of the Red Keep. It was even said that Larra herself could transform into a cat, to prowl the gutters and rooftops of the city. Darker rumors soon arose. The acolytes of Yndros could supposedly transform themselves from male to female and female to male through the act of love, and whispers went about that her ladyship oft availed herself of this ability at twilight orgies, so she might visit the brothels on the Street of Silk as a man. And every time a child went missing, the ignorant would look at one another and talk of Saagael’s insatiable thirst for blood." and what Melisandre said about R'hllor, it seems that both Saagel and Yndros of the Twilight is R'hllor. Pale child Bakkalon of the Sword, the Great Shepherd of Lhazareen, and Dothraki's the Stallion that mounts the world is Rhaego. And based on Dany's visions of adult Rhaego, he is R'hllor's champion. Seems Rhaego is based on Jesus Christ, more specifically on the child of the Woman Clothed in the Sun from the Book of Revelation. So there's only two real powers, and that's R'hllor and Old Gods, while others, such as the Seven, the Drowned God, Durran Godsgrief and Elenei, ancient Emperors of Yi Ti, etc. are aliens or alien-hybrids/descendants of those aliens, that came to Planetos in ancient times, prior First Long Night. And all of them died long ago, because they weren't omniponent, possibly, thanks to their techlologies, that extended longevity, they lived for hundreds if not thousands of years, but eventually they all died. And amongst their descendants, that remained living on Planetos, eventually their alien genes became diluted with genes of original inhabitants of Planetos, so now they don't have any "magical" powers. Seems that only some of Valyrians, such as Targaryens, have a bit of those original genes, that's why they are able to bond with dragons. Because it seems, that the origin of dragons is also alien. Looks like the second moon of Planetos, from which the dragons came, according to legends of Yi Ti, was an alien space-ship. Possibly, that space-ship is Tuf's Ark. Besides faith of Old Gods and faith of R'hllor, that have real power on which they are based, all others are either their copies, or fake.
  15. Megorova

    f/Aegon's Fate, Reborn

    If that maester forgot to whom that gautlet belonged, then it means, that it was in his possession for significant amount of years, more than 1 or 2. And Tommen and Joffrey are kids. And that gauntlet, is not a gauntlet from child's armor, otherwise Pate would have noted, that it's small. And Jaime is not a prince, and never was, and he is not Aerys' son, and neither is Cersei Aerys' secret daughter.