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  1. i thought it was a pretty good episode. however, i'm annoyed that they're making Stannis a total dick. it's like tvStannis doesn't give a shit if Davos lives or dies which makes Davos' devout loyalty to him really weird.
  2. so did Daario kill an Unsullied and take his uniform? or are we supposed to assume that he snuck into a tent, took an unsullied's uniform, then snuck inside dany's tent and put a knife to her handmaiden just for the lulz?
  3. I'm just glad the other two were in the beginning of the scene. It's nice to see how big they've grown as well.
  4. I'm glad George wrote in the promise Jaime and Brienne made to Catelyn about returning the two Stark girls. I was afraid that was dropped since it was never mentioned in any of the other episodes. I gave it a 6 overall. I expected more from this episode and it reminded me of last weeks. A lot of jumping around and dialogue, but ultimately nothing really happened. Just set up. Hopefully the next episodes will benefit from the setup and they will be really good.
  5. Did anyone else think Ramsay and his men were playing soccer outside the gates of Winterfell? That would explain the vuvuzela that was driving Theon nuts.
  6. we learned stannis is a dog lover. i knew there was a reason i loved stannis.
  7. wait a minute, why would arianne marry aegon? i mean if they believe he is the real deal then that would make him her 1st cousin. i know targs marry brother and sister but would do the dornish marry siblings? would arianne marry the son of her aunt?
  8. I'm not bothered by the sex in this series but did anyone else notice this was the first episode out of 15 that had no nudity?
  9. I like the actor playing him, but in the books he is as white as snow.
  10. thank you! i enjoyed the fight scene with ned just from a viewing standpoint, but it did annoy me that ned held his own against jaime. one could argue that the fight scenes with jaime are as important to him as a character as any sexposition/monologue we get from any other character.
  11. i've read what's been posted and i get that people found it to be low budget, but i haven't seen anyone say they were expecting lotr style battles. maybe i'm misreading this or i didn't explain myself very well, but i said they could show tywin ask "where is the young wolf?" when the battle was about to begin. then show robb at the whispering wood before his battle also began. then it could cut to tyrion waking up and everything would be back the same as it was. to me that would have added to the build up and cleared things up a little better. not to mention demonstrate robb's strategy more clearly.
  12. why do people keep saying things like "if you want to see an epic $500 million dollar movie with massive battles go watch lotr, braveheart, or troy." i haven't seen anyone, who is complaining about lack of battles, say they want a battle scene of lotr caliber. most of us realize that is unrealistic but it shouldn't be unrealistic to see an actual fight take place after so much build up. my main disappointment is they WAY the green fork and whispering woods were set up. it would have been nice to see tywin setting in the reserve with his commanders and giving orders. then when the fighting is about to start he says something like "where is the young wolf?". then we cut to robb in front of his men and EXPLAINING where he is and what is about to happen. that would have taken about 5-6 minutes and it would help non-readers from scrathing their heads so much. then we cut to tyrion waking up and go from there. that would have been just fine imo. overall, i was disappointed with the green fork but i didn't mind missing it as much as missing the whispering wood. now, my reason for this is not to see some swords clashing around, but to see jaime kicking some ass. i don't think it's been said enough how much of a badass jaime really is. my non-reader friends get that he's a lannister, a knight, and a warrior. but they don't know how good jaime really is and i think that is a huge flaw on hbo's point. seeing jaime in combat is as important to his character as tyrion's exposition. i'm serious when i say this. if people actually see him fight and think to themselves,"wow..he really is a badass" then it will mean so much more
  13. When all the ravens left winterfell at once, i pictured luwin opening the cage for one raven and then they all flew out with him thinking"...fuck me."
  14. i work on sunday nights :( guess i'll be getting dvr sooner than expected...and i may be feeling a bit under the weather come launch night :D
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