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  1. I recently met one of these myself in my new extremely liberal institute of higher learning. A fantastic young woman took our first and introductory project of Speech class as an opportunity to explain how awful her previous all-women's college was because of the "fake liberals all wearing pussy hats who voted for Clinton" before stating (direct quote) "I don't consider myself a citizen of this country, even though I was born here". It was great. I rolled my eyes so hard I thought I might have detached the optical nerve. Bonnot OG doesn't seem quite so severe to me. A bit of a strong ideologue, sure. But comically naive and destructive as you imply doesn't quite fit from my perspective. Just my input of course.
  2. I'm very excited for this game. I saw the video title of a youtuber I follow read "CDPR Apologizes for Insensitive Joke" so I watched. As a filthy tranny myself, when I discovered the "trans phobic" comment that had initiated the whining my face hit my hands so hard I got a black eye. This is why we can't have nice things. A great looking game with a exciting ideas being 'boycotted' over nothing. Meanwhile the new Call of Duty game will sell a shitzillion copies.
  3. WinterFox

    UK Politics: The Beast From The East

    Not to intrude, but what's the feeling over there? I don't think you guys are alone, even if it came to Pence we'd be on our way in weeks. If it helps, I can't imagine Germany and France not having your back and you do live on an island.
  4. WinterFox

    US Politics: Stormy Weather Ahead

    Putin might have his finger in the wind and decide that if ever there was a moment to act in open hostility to a NATO member and face limited risk. With all eyes on NK, there could be a proxy war on the horizon in Europe at a time when America is crippled.
  5. WinterFox

    U.S Politics; The Price of Steele

    Yes. I'm afraid I was naive enough to think that people valued Democracy. It is quite clear to me that while the majority do, they are unwilling to fight for it. When you take into account all of the horrible conditions the Poles entered a conflict with Germany under I've actually always thought that those myths show an astounding bravery. You don't make cavalry charges into tanks unless you really need to do that. It's also a myth that WWII was mechanized in general outside of the Allies later in the war. There were 700,000 horses in operation Barbarossa just two years later. But as regards this subject, the only way out is for Democrats to meet the escalated methods of conflict and force terms. It would only take a dozen or so Republicans to agree on reform.
  6. WinterFox

    U.S Politics; The Price of Steele

    This gets to the heart of the issue. I find it interesting how quickly every R on the planet condemned Democratic processes once they'd secured the Presidency. Not because I thought they were above such hypocrisy, but I did think that at least some of the electorate would perhaps call for a reduction in party hostility seeing as they won everything. But no, they all to a man (and the ones who think that they should be subservient to men, so I think I'm actually following their latent desires by excluding them from the main thrust of this comment) decided to quadruple down on the Fascism train. Government is like fire though, as United Airlines discovered. You keep throwing gas on the fire and eventually it starts to burn your house down. Also, imagine I worked in some kind of metaphor about burning all the wood too fast so you have to break up the furniture to keep the cold away as you start ripping down the walls to feed the fire. You know,insightful and relatable.
  7. WinterFox

    u.s. politics: abortive cure for labor pains

    Luckily for us the Boomers are gonna start dying and we young... y'know, actual people can start to turn the tide. All the Gerrymandering in the world won't stop time.
  8. WinterFox

    u.s. politics: abortive cure for labor pains

    I concede the point that my experience with rampant inflation is wanting. That being said, the only Democratic institutions left in North America simply cannot allow a fascist to dictate the revision of longstanding agreements on a whim.
  9. WinterFox

    u.s. politics: abortive cure for labor pains

    Our neighbors have an opportunity to help Democracy by flexing their muscle to bring America to its knees. Please, Canadians. You know we've got your back if Russia invaded or some shit, PLEASE try to throw our economy into a tailspin so that Authoritarianism on the continent can be at least checked.
  10. WinterFox

    u.s. politics: abortive cure for labor pains

    Very fair. Hubris may be the English disease, but we liberals the world over certainly felt its symptoms in 16. I remain very confident, but you are right to be cautious. And in a further spirit of commonality I would like to reach out to Solog. It was not my intent to suggest that I find any ethnicity or subgroup of people 'less than' in any way. I am possessed of what I consider an informed opinion that the greater Russian cultural experience for nigh upon a century has been stunted by totalitarianism and the tools its purveyors use to systemically eliminate the expressions that the human spirit depends upon to further its best virtues. I find it hard to argue the opposite, but I could have been less antagonistic towards a known sympathizer. A mutual friend's wise council was crucial in my reassessment of conduct.
  11. WinterFox

    u.s. politics: abortive cure for labor pains

    I don't know what you've been reading but it's considered a pretty foregone conclusion that Dems will take back the house. The question is by how much and whether the Senate is in play (it is). But obviously that's all subject to the Dear Leader's whims, as god only knows what will happen next.
  12. WinterFox

    u.s. politics: abortive cure for labor pains

    Oh, you just made it twitch! Is the fact that a century of increasingly sophisticated totalitarian suppression of the human spirit causes a famous collective paranoia and subversive cultural mindset something that upsets you? Do you needs someone to rub your tummy and tell you that Stalin didn't kill most of the good genes in the pool?
  13. WinterFox

    u.s. politics: abortive cure for labor pains

    It's just locker room billionaire ballroom talk.
  14. WinterFox

    u.s. politics: abortive cure for labor pains

    And? You disagree? I'm happy to expound upon the lesser qualities of that stagnated and repressed people. Now that's social engineering at work! I'm suddenly proud to be an American.
  15. WinterFox

    u.s. politics: abortive cure for labor pains

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. I will pretend this is one of those times.