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  1. In the timeframe of the books, mammoths had long ago retreated far north of the wall. People had come to believe that mammoths, direwolves and other creatures were legends from the past.
  2. Yes, the English version will have numerous illustrations by Gary Gianni. Drawings take time, but the wait will be worth it because Gianni's art is excellent and his style is perfect for this universe.
  3. I think she did. He is given the nickname "Egg" in the Hedge Knight stories.
  4. I finally watched it tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it! I don't always "get" the changes that are being made in the television adaptation but I'm starting to trust the writers and just go with it. Loved the scene with Podrick, Tyrion and Bronn. Blackfish didn't look like I had imagined him but he was awesome. The spiral art created from horse parts by the Others was intriguing and beautiful. Crasters Keep was very much how I imagined it. Poor Jaime! And on and on. Great episode! Loved the closing credits tunes!
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