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  1. White Ravens

    Bowen Marsh's Plan

    He doesn't understand how big of a threat the Others are and he certainly doesn't understand that the thousands of Wildlings that Jon allowed to pass through the gate would have made the Others' army even bigger if they had stayed north of the Wall. He will seal the gate, send the Wildlings away and man the Wall with whatever men are left in the Night's Watch. Crow's will fly asking for support from the south.
  2. White Ravens

    Ned's Leg

    It's possible that Ned might die from his broken leg, If he received a compound fracture (meaning that the bone broke the skin) his hopes of healing the leg would be pretty slim in an era with no antibiotics. I can't lay my hands on my copy of aGoT right now so I can't check the description of the wound. If Ned's fracture is not compound then his chances of recovery would be greatly improved because there wouldn't be a point of entry for nasty bacteria to penetrate the wound and spread throughout his system. Pycell tended to his wound and would have set the bone properly, so his chances of recovery were probably pretty good no matter how filthy the conditions were in the prison cell. I suspect that Ned's leg would have healed. You have suggested that he might die of the wound, but there is also the possibility of the leg being amputated.
  3. White Ravens

    What was Ned’s purpose with Jon?

    I agree. Robert's Rebellion was was 18 or so years ago and Ned likely felt that he could raise Jon far from Robert's notice during cozy post war peace time. Given what we know about the circumstances of Jon's birth Ned likely felt proud that he could raise his sister's child among his own where he could teach him about the world and keep him safe. It's hard to speculate about what plans Ned may have had in the future for a Jon who was all grown up but he received an excellent education and knew the workings of castle life and trained with horse and sword. He may have granted him a holdfast somewhere in the North or possibly found responsibilities right in Winterfell even.
  4. White Ravens

    Question: Do we know Val and Dalla's family tree?

    You answered your own question in your opening post. No.
  5. White Ravens

    Least favorite theory?

    I posted that because it is on the home page right now. Live. Full-on silliness.
  6. White Ravens

    Least favorite theory?

  7. White Ravens

    A Question about Skulls

    I'm sure that the heads of the skulls of the Golden Company would talk every bit as much as the skulls at the Whispers if you transported them to Crackclaw Point, which is to say not at all. Erosion from wind and waves has created holes in the cliffs there which create the noises reminiscent of people whispering. There are no talking skulls in the ruined castle of House Crabb, just an eerie sound created by wind and water.
  8. White Ravens


    Thanks for the list bolded above! Characters in the books or posters on this forum? Edit: I don't actually have a problem with any (okay, vast majority of) posters on this forum.
  9. White Ravens

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    Coldhands stated that he is Bran's monster. That does not mean that Bran created him. It means that he is a monster from Bran's perspective or that someone sent him to Bran; Leaf was not asking Bran to please not raise Ned from the dead, she was telling him that it would be a waste of time. Varamyr appeared in a prologue chapter that revealed far more about wargs and skinchangers than we had ever seen before. Based on that information it becomes quite difficult to compare Bran skinchanging Hodor and Varamyr skinchanging Thistle. Bran and Hodor had years of together in a trusting and comfortable relationship and Hodor is mentally handicapped. The first time Bran entered Hodor's mind was during a stressfull and fearfull event and it happened almost by accident, born out of self-preservation. Bran deperately wanted to silence screaming Hodor and the skinchanging seemed to happen on it's own. By contrast, Varamyr (who was also acting out of a desire for self-preservation) tried to actively and violently enter the mind of an cognizant living adult to subdue them against their will which caused his victim to resist him with every fiber of her being.
  10. White Ravens

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    I agree with the bolded above but I want to add a bit of wiggle room and introduce the words "so far".
  11. White Ravens

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    I believe that Brynden Rivers was genuinely concerned with Defending the Realm and protecting Targaryen rule while still in King's Landing. He was a key player in suppressing the first Blackyfyre rebellion while serving King Daeron and commanded an elite group of archers to deadly effect on the Redgrass Field. When Aerys I was elevated to the Throne in 209 he named Brynden Hand of the King as well as Master of Whisperers. He kept both of those jobs when Aerys was succeeded by king Maekar and stayed on until the Great Council of 233. Aerys was mostly concerned with reading books and left much of the responsibilities of rule to Brynden. Acting as Hand and Master of Whisperers for a quarter of a century gave Bloodraven a great deal of knowledge and power and it would appear that he always acted in the interest of Realm and King. He was able to suppress two more Blackfyre rebellions during this time. I get the sense that he was willing to act to protect the realm dispassionately and didn't have an outwardly noticeable compassionate side. When Maekar died in 233 a Great Council was called and Brynden promised safe passage to Aenys Blackfyre to come and present his case to ascend the throne but Bloodraven betrayed him and had him put to death when he arrived in King's Landing. So ended his involvement in the politics and rule of King's Landing because that betrayal caused the new King, Aegon V, to imprison him and ultimately banish him to the Wall. Many of the archers in his elite Raven's Teeth joined him when he traveled north with Maester Aemon's honour guard to join the Night's Watch. He served at the Wall for six years before being elected Lord Commander and kept that position until he disappeared while ranging beyond the Wall in 252 when he was 77 years old. So ended his involvement with the affairs of the Seven Kingdom. But we all know that he didn't die while ranging and somehow ended up in a cave north of the Wall where he bonded with the roots of a weirwood tree and now continues to live even though he is 125 years old. Since merging with the tree roots he has gained the ability to look back through time at the events of the past that played out in Westeros. This will have given him insights and observations that are outside of the narrative of the story. He is obviously now caught up in the concerns and motives of the Children of the Forest but at this point we don't know what their motives and plans are either, so it's a wait and see thing. The Children may end up being a sinister force in the world but that is not my sense of them. I think that they are more likely to be champions of the natural order of the world but I'm just guessing. Like Brynden, the children have shown that they can perform extreme acts if it serves their goals and provides them protection, as illustrated by the destruction of the land bridge that once connected Westeros with Essos when they summoned the Hammer of Waters. Bloodraven has now summoned Bran to the same cave where he is training him to be the Last Greenseer. Bran has been fed a paste made by the children from the seeds of weirwood trees that allows him to connect more effectively with the trees and his visions have become more intense and have allowed him to see quite far back in time. Bloodraven has advised Bran that there are limitations to his new-found abilities and that he cannot influence the things he witnesses in the past but I'm not entirely sure if those limitations apply to Bran in the same ways that they did Brynden. Bran may be a far more powerful greenseer than Bloodraven is and thus he may gain abilities that Bloodraven didn't know about. Brynden Rivers was man capable of acting dispassionately to achieve his goals when he was Hand to the King and Master of Whisperers. Now that he is a weirwood root he may still have opportunities to use the knowledge he has gained while watching the past and the present but we really don't know what he has learned and what he can do with that knowledge. Defeat the Others? Restore the seasons to a natural order? Kill men for violating the weirwood groves? Ally with the Others because their goal is to restore the seasons to a natural order? Who can guess? Once he bonded with the tree roots it became important to summon Bran to the caves to succeed him as the last and most important greenseer, so he may be just about finished with his goals since becoming a tree but something tells me that there will be a twist or two before he is gone from this story.
  12. White Ravens

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Forgive me if I disagree with your interpretation of "there must always be a Stark in Winterfell". Clearly Bran and Rickon were still there.
  13. White Ravens

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    You outlined the endless number of opportunities and narrative reasons why it might be a real dragon and you are by no means certain that it is one but you think it is an egregious case of intellectual laziness to dismiss the possibility that Summer saw a real dragon? I'm probably no more certain that Summer didn't see a dragon than you are that he did.
  14. White Ravens

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    The phrase "there must always be a Stark in Winterfell" doesn't likely have anything to do with keeping a dragon imprisoned, at least in the way you are presenting it. The so-called dragon witnessed by Summer appeared while Bran and Rickon were still there.
  15. White Ravens

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Call me intellectually lazy then. Could it not be that Summer is an unreliable narrator? You have read an awful lot into a brief abstract observation provided from the perspective of a direwolf. The same wolf dream shows that Shaggydog was there with Summer on the edge of the forest watching as fire consumed Winterfell but there is no mention of Shaggy also seeing the dragon or whatever it is that Summer described. Bran would surely have recognized a dragon if he had seen one through Summer's eyes I would think, but he doesn't mention it to his companions hiding at his side in the crypts below the castle. We haven't reached a consensus on Summer's description being a definitive dragon ID so it is hard to compare that with a personal eye witness of a bear.