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  1. White Ravens

    Can Cat be happy?

    Cat will never know happiness again. She's dead. I don't think Lady Stoneheart is capable of happiness. Also, when did she find out that Arya is alive?
  2. White Ravens

    Wyman Manderly warships

    Defending White Harbor is reason enough to build a fleet. It is the only city in the north and it guards the mouth of the White Knife. Any enemy able to get ships past White Harbor would be able to sale up the river to it's rapids thereby getting troops closer to Winterfell. Some Manderly prior to Wayman should have built ships a long time ago.
  3. White Ravens

    Wyman Manderly warships

    I agree. Of course they will likely end up serving a different purpose but only GRRM knows what that may be.
  4. White Ravens

    GRRM: Some folk got it right.

    Cool story, brah.
  5. White Ravens

    Which book has the best final chapter?

    I really like the Samwell chapter at the end of A Feast for Crows with it's revelations about the Archmaesters and the reveal about Jaqen H'ghar/Pate. We learn that the glass candles are burning and that Archmaester Marwyn, an outsider at the Citadel, has one in his chambers on the Isle of Ravens and that he knows how to use it. In fact he is already aware of Sam's activities because he has been watching him with the candle. He reveals that the Archmaesters of the Citadel have been plotting for a long time to eliminate magic from the world and decides that he needs to rush to aid Daenerys at Slaver's Bay so that the Archmaesters don't get there first to bring harm to her dragons. This is all really big stuff with potential to greatly influence upcoming events, but wait, there's more! The chapter concludes with Sam meeting the novice Pate who readers know is actually Jaqen H'ghar in disguise, which leads us to wonder why the House of Black and White has sent him to the Citadel?
  6. White Ravens

    Mistakes in the Books

    George has established that his writing style is that of a gardener. As he writes his complex and layered story he allows new ideas to influence previously written/unpublished material. I doubt that he submits chapters months or years before he finishes a manuscript because the content of those chapters is likely to change when he writes later chapters and thinks of characters, settings and events that might change how he imagined earlier chapters. His process is HIS process regardless of how us fans think he should approach writing so it doesn't really matter if you or I think that there might be a better way for him to write his books. The story has been amazing to this point so I'm inclined to just let him write the way he has always done it, even if it appears slow and/or inefficient. Quality over quantity or something along those lines.
  7. I should have been more clear, I guess. I assumed that him changing his mind would have to happen while he is still alive.
  8. Oh. That's what you were saying? It wasn't evident to me in your last post. I've read that GRRM doesn't want someone else finishing his story if he dies before he gets there. I respect that. If he changes his mind, I will respect that too. His story finished the way he wants it to be finished.
  9. The story is GRRM's property. If he doesn't want someone else to finish the story it won't happen. Officially, at least. But I'm sure some fans will take it on unofficially, probably with lots of explosions, sword fights, dragon battles and car chases.
  10. I don't entirely believe you. 100%! Click bait. Ridiculous. 100%!
  11. White Ravens

    TWoW & aDoS - writers

    The long waits between books inevitably brings questions like this. GRRM is the author of the unfinished story that we all love so much. Only he could have written the existing material and only he can write the remaining books that will conclude the story.
  12. White Ravens

    Jaime and Tyrion's future reunion

    I have my doubts about Jaime and Tyrion seeing each other again but if it does come to pass I really hope that it will result in Tyrion finally ending the loop in his brain that causes him to keep asking himself "where do whores go?".
  13. White Ravens

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    ASoIaF does not have A shining obvious pure protagonist but is has several flawed and human ones.
  14. White Ravens

    Victarion hand and fireworms

    I'm not familiar with worms being used to treat wounds. I know that maggots were sometimes used to treat wounds in the past and may even have been proven to speed the healing of wounds but maggots are the larva of flies. You are suggesting that Moqorro was using tiny fireworms to treat Victarion's hand but there are no fireworms in the books. There are however firewyrms, but they don't appear to be related to worms or maggots. They are described as being more like dragons that lack wings and the wiki states that young firewyrms were the size of a man's arm. I'm not sure if I understand what your are trying to say in the bolded part above? That is my take when I read this part of the story. Victarion imagines his own personal glory but the glory that Moqorro imagines for him is likely quite different (but probably spectacular in a fiery, burning sort of way). I agree 100% Two years? Please share.
  15. White Ravens

    Fake Aegon, Real Aegon, and Quentyn Martell

    This is self evident from my perspective. We all believe what Griff and Co. present in the story, or we don't. I questioned his identity when I read these chapters because the characters in Westeros all seem to believe that the Mountain dashed his brains out before raping his mother. "There is evidence for both theories, which I will not list exhaustively. But, for example, there are clues from Varys that suggest he genuinely believes that Baby Aegon is still alive (and he might well know, thanks to his little birds in King's Landing). On the other hand, there is the prophesy of the "mummer's dragon" and other indications that suggest that Young Griff might be an impostor." True enough. GRRM does like to spread seeds of doubt when dealing with historical events. "But what if there is truth to both sides of this question? What if Aegon survived and escaped King's Landing, but Young Griff is not that child?" I struggle with this question based on a supposition. How did Aegon survive having his brains dashed out as an infant and who is Young Griff if he isn't the son of Griff or Rhaegar? "I've seen the question asked: Does it matter if Young Griff is not the real Aegon? After all, he seems to have been raised to THINK he is Aegon. And he seems like he might be a semi-decent kid." It matters to me because that would mean that all of Westeros, whom he has apparently been groomed to rule, believes that he is the real deal. Him not being the real deal would be a massive lie. Westerosi society is structured around inheritance and lines of succession, after all. "In short, who cares about this whole "(f)Aegon" subplot, …. Unless, perhaps, there is also a real Aegon out there, who is, in truth, one of the 3 "Heads of the Dragon"; and perhaps even "The Prince that Was Promised". If there were, it might matter that an imposter is claiming the throne in his place." See above. All of Westeros would care because they believe that the line of succession was broken when Gregor Clegane killed him. "Are there any characters, to whom we have already been introduced with reasonable prominence, who might possibly be Baby Aegon?" There are no characters in the books with smashed heads. "Let's start with All the POV characters; then throw in for good measure, all characters who were important enough to receive at least a mention in the Appendix to the original "A Game of Thrones" volume. Could any of these characters be Baby Aegon? Go down the list one by one, and you're answer will be "nope", "nope", "nope". Wrong age. Wrong sex. Wrong appearance. I've seen Jon Snow mentioned in this capacity, on the theory that his age could possibly be wrong, and he might be older than he believes. But if so, where did he get his Stark features?" I'm with you. None of these characters are likely to be Aegon VI Targaryen. "I've seen only one character who might possibly fit the bill." Oh? "Quentyn Martell. POV character, listed in AGoT Appendix. Right age. Right sex. Martell features which (if he is Baby Aegon) would be from his mother. Backstory involving fostering with the Yronwoods at age 3, providing an ideal circumstance for a baby-swap. He dreams of Fire and Blood. And the last thing we saw him do, before Rhaegal attacked him, was face down a dragon with ship in hand. And Viserion, at least, actually seemed to respond." Wow. Imaginative. "And of course if (f)Quentyn is (r)Aegon, then (f)Aegon is probably (r)Quentyn. And that tells us who Septa Lemore is. She is (r)Quentyn's mom, Mellario of Norvos." Okay, so Quentyn is not really Quentyn, he's Aegon. More wows! And that means that the Aegon that Tyrion encounters on Shy Maid is actually Quentyn? Wow, wow, wow! And, furthermore, Septa Lemore is actually Mellario of Norvos? Wow, wow, wow, and more wows! "There is a theory that Quentyn is alive -- that due to one of GRRM's signature fake-outs, another (probably Prince Tatters) died in his place in Dany's bed. I believe the theory, but I won't describe the theory in full now. One of the objections to the theory has always been: "But, why does it matter if Quentyn is alive?" Well, here's your answer." It matters that Quentyn is still alive because he is actually Aegon VI. Gotcha. "Give me one good reason I should not believe that Quentyn "the Frog" Martell is the real Aegon." The real infant Aegon had his brains dashed out on a wall by Gregor Clegane. I will stop now. I admit that I don't have very strong feelings one way or another on your theory. I was just having a try at your posting style. You often take quotes from other posters who take the time to write responses in full paragraph form and then you break them down and respond to them one sentence at a time. I find it tedious to read this style of response, especially since your responses to each sentence tend to be longer than what the original poster stated, and I have noticed that a handful of other posters have adopted this approach lately. I have to say that I got even less enjoyment out of trying this style of response than I get when reading them. For one thing, it makes the response come across as more argumentative than maybe it needs to be. I'll be moving along now.