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  1. White Ravens

    Poll: Is Lemore Actually Ashara?

    No. I agree with several people who have posted on this thread about Ashara's remarkable eyes. I feel it is likely that GRRM has some kind of reveal planned regarding Lemore's past and identity but I'm happy to wait and see what he reveals in the next book or two rather than manufacture my own solutions to the mystery.
  2. White Ravens

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    It is possible that Pate/Jaquen has replaced Sam but there isn't much to support the idea at this point. We don't even know what Pate's mission is or if he is a rogue pursuing his own agenda. Assassins don't kill everyone they come in contact with. Leo Tyrell, Alleras and Marwyn are all still alive after all. Meanwhile, as Pate, he is below the notice of most maesters and archmaester and he has a key that can open any door in the Citadel. I'm looking forward to learning more about what he is doing there but I doubt that he has changed his plan, whatever it is, to kill Sam.
  3. White Ravens

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    I think that Bran will leave the cave by the end of the books. He has started his apprenticeship with Brynden but he is still free moving. It is implied that he will have greater abilities than his mentor and that will come in handy when the Long Night settles over Westeros. I think he will play a big role in learning about the nature of the threat represented by the Others. I also think that the solution to defeating the Others and saving humanity from them will involve the end of magic. If Bran has still not joined with the roots of the trees by the end of the story he will emerge from the cave as a normal crippled boy with no special powers.
  4. White Ravens

    Poll: Will Brienne Be A New Hound?

    No. Brienne is one of the most chivalrous characters in these books and I can't imagine that she would allow herself to be associated with the men who have worn it. (Sorry Lem)
  5. White Ravens

    Poll: Is Sweetrobin the Son of Littlefinger?

    No. I believe that she would have told Petyr especially when she told him that she got pregnant with Petyr’s child at Riverrun when they were teenagers but that her father had the pregnancy terminated with moon tea, tansy, mint, wormwood and pennyroyal.
  6. White Ravens

    Poll: Is Varys a Woman?

    I don't recall any clues to him being a Blackfyre child or him being raised Unsullied but we do know that, like Varys, the Unsullied all receive a "root and stem" castration so it is possible that his story of being castrated by a sorcerer is a fabrication and he really does have that warrior background. Unsullied who work as household guards are known to succumb to the only vice left to them which is food and often grow fat. If Varys was once an Unsullied maybe he has a name in his past like Cockroach or Rat Tail.
  7. White Ravens

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    Poor Bowen Marsh, he never did understand that leaving the wildling savages north of the Wall would only serve to bring a greater threat to the Seven Kingdoms they were sworn to protect when those wildlings became wights that obey the Others as enemies of humanity. Poor Bowen Marsh is among the majority of people on the Wall or south of the Wall that fail to comprehend the threat to humanity that is amassing north of the Wall but Jon is not among them. Jon gets it.
  8. White Ravens

    Victarion GreyJoy is a Jerk

    Of course Victarion is a Jerk. He is Ironborn, after all, and a Greyjoy to boot.
  9. White Ravens

    Crasters White Walker arrangement

    It is a mystery that hasn't been revealed inn the books. We can only speculate: Craster is described as a once powerful man who is nearing the end of his life. He lives a hard life and so he could be anywhere between 50 and 70 years old. He is a couple of generations into his awful approach to raising a family so he's been at it for 20 to 30 years maybe? I don't think so.
  10. White Ravens

    Poll: Is Varys a Woman?

    I guess there is only one way to find out. :D
  11. White Ravens

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    Is that a famous quote by GRRM? Or is that a famous quote of something a character of his said in one of his books?
  12. White Ravens

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Great observation! I don't believe that Summer saw a literal flesh-and-blood dragon but I like this notion that he and the other direwolves might be able to see aspects of the spirit world or other supernatural phenomenon.
  13. White Ravens

    Poll: Is Varys a Woman?

    I'm okay with simply voting up or down on your polls which are based on crackpot and/or unpopular theories. I don't generate a whole lot of theories myself because I am content to wait and see how GRRM presents new information in the upcoming books.
  14. White Ravens

    Poll: Is Varys a Woman?

    18 against if you count my nope from a few hours ago.
  15. White Ravens

    Poll: Is Varys a Woman?