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  1. White Ravens

    Could any house BUT house Targaryan rule the 7K

    No. Aegon conquered with weapons of mass destruction (dragons) and his descendants hung on to power for a few generations after the dragons died, largely because of Targaryen mystique. No current houses possess weapons of mass destruction so the continent will resume regional rule.
  2. White Ravens

    The Three Eyed Crow is Old Nan not Bloodraven

    Could it be that Bloodraven doesn't identify as the three-eyed crow because it wasn't him who sent the dreams to Bran? Perhaps the dream was sent by the collective consciousness that resides within the interconnected network of weirwoods and greenseers. Perhaps when bloodraven was summoned to the cave he dreamed of a different spirit animal that guided him and therefore doesn't recognize the one that Bran identifies with? Anyway, I don't have an iron in this fire. Good for you for trying so hard. I find it worth noting that Shiera Seastar is unusual in appearance with one blue eye and one green one. Odd that Old Nan's eye colour never gets mentioned if she is Shiera.
  3. White Ravens

    Tyrells and skinchanging

    I don't have the same feeling. I will confess that I didn't remember reading anything about Rose of Red Lake until I read this thread and I put that down to her appearance being small (one sentence) and buried in a listing of the children of the fanciful Garth Greenhand. So, thousands of years ago Garth Appleseed roamed the continent and established agriculture. One of his children drank a lot of bulls blood which made him very strong even causing him to eventually grow horns. Another made a pact with the King of Bees and established beekeeping. Another drove the selkies and merlings of the Shield Islands back into the sea. Others invented chivalry or established wine making or drove the giants and the children of the forest from the Reach. All of which reads like folklore and local origin myths. One of those children of Garth's was Rose. When I first read these books I was charmed by the Stark children and their journey to become wargs. It was similar to familiar weirwolf stories but rather than the Starks physically transforming under the light of the full moon into actual wolves they merged with the consciousness of their wolves and experienced the world through their eyes while their own bodies stayed quietly behind. All descriptions of skinchanging in the books work in the same way with the human merging their mind with the mind of their familiar animal(s). Rose is described in her one sentence as transforming into a crane at will, which sounds more like what happens in a weirwolf story. It's kind of like when Rhaegar Frey describes Robb Stark to Wyman Manderly as a weirwolf rather than a warg. He doesn't understand wargs and gets their second-hand description wrong. That is how I read Rose's sentence. The skinchangers in this story don't tranform into other animals, they occupy or share their minds.
  4. White Ravens

    The Five Forts

    I would say that the author has slowly nourished and grown both his story and the world he created for telling that story and that three disparate references to black stones dropped as references at three separate locations in very ancient times is texture for a huge and sprawling tale taking place in the present.
  5. White Ravens

    The Five Forts

    I believe you are correct, yes. Oily black stone.
  6. White Ravens

    Thrones, plural. Not just iron.

    I think that the book title uses Thrones plural in reference to the various players in the War of the Five Kings.
  7. White Ravens

    Tyrells and skinchanging

    GRRM goes to some length to establish that skinchanging is an ability found in First Men and that skinchangers were hunted and killed in the South. Sounds like a bit of a stretch to have the Tyrells be secret skinchangers.
  8. White Ravens

    The Five Forts

    Sure. They are all very ancient, more ancient than any ruins in our own history, and they are all made of fused black stone. They are mysteries of the ancients. Minor embellishments in GRRM's world building process until he chooses to add any new information.
  9. White Ravens

    The Five Forts

    The Five Forts are a small detail in GRRM's process of world building and are mentioned in one paragraph of The World of Ice and Fire. They are mysterious structures from the distant past built buy people who lived several thousand years ago by a civilization which no longer exists. They are massive and tower over a thousand feet high and they are made of black stone each wall a single slab of fused rock. No information is given about how they were constructed or who they defended against. They are a minor mystery in the ancient past of a land thousands of miles away from Westeros.
  10. White Ravens

    The SEAGUL at the kingsmoot

    So are crows and ravens.
  11. White Ravens

    The SEAGUL at the kingsmoot

    Fanciful. GRRM gave us the Varamyr Sixskins prologue in Dance to lay out the workings of skinchanging and warging in broad strokes. In this chapter we learned that skinchanging usually happens between beings that have some familiarity and comfort between them. Bran wargs Hodor in the books but the Varamyr chapter informs us that part of the that interaction is borne out of familiarity and trust and also from the fact that Hodor is simple. Ned is surprised when his children turn out to be wargs and he is furthermore not a superstitious guy so he didn't spend much time thinking about warging and how it works until his own kids endied up displaying the talent themselves. I doubt that Ned, someone who didn't appear to even believe in warging or at least didn't believe that warging was anything other than something that people used to be able to do back when magic was more of a thing, suddenly took over the mind of a dog on his death bed and then went into the Red Keep to gloat over Joffrey's corpse.
  12. White Ravens

    The Three-Eyed-Crow is Old Nan, not Bloodraven

    I don't have anything at stake in this discussion and I didn't get any sense of the Children or Bloodraven having any sinister motives but it these books it is certainly possible. When the Warg King was defeated by the Kings of Winter the Starks are known to have killed the Greenseers who were allied with him. Maybe the children of the forest have harboured a resentment and thirst for revenge ever since in which case they might not have entirely good plans for Bran.
  13. White Ravens

    Was the second shadowbaby necessary?

    It is hard to know whether the second shadowbaby was necessary to the plot when we still haven't read the whole story. I have always assumed that Melisdandre will birth at least one more of these abominations so maybe it will become clearer at that point why GRRM added the second one in with exposition about the sinister looking origins of the mysterious shadow that killed Renly earlier in the book. He may have decided to have two appearances of the shadowbabies for narrative and exposition reasons. He wanted the first shadow to appear suddenly in Renly's pavilion, taking Catelyn, Brienne and us readers by surprise in a violently supernatural manner. The second appearance then becomes support for the first appearance, explaining what was behind the whole disturbing event. So maybe the second shadowbaby wasn't strictly necessary for the plot purpose of defeating Storm's End in a very timely manner, but was quite important for providing some answers to the reader who might wonder where the hell the shadow assassin came from that slit Renly's armoured throat?
  14. White Ravens

    How good of a match would Jaime and Lysa have been?

    It might have worked superficially. They may even have developed feelings for each other and have children together but sooner or later Jaime would go back to fucking Cersei and Lysa would get spun around and manipulated by Littlefinger. Eventually aliens would descend in classic flying saucers and set things to rights applying shoestring here and bubblegum there to cobble together the series of events presented in the current books.
  15. White Ravens

    Should the giant population have replenished sooner?

    It is generally held that all apes are vegetarian and that it is just us humans that opt in for meat, but in recent years some apes are recognized as meat eaters. But the flesh they consume is mostly grubs and insects. Real life North supports a variety of large mammals such as caribou and polar bears and in the past mastadons and wooly mammoth so maybe huge humanoids could also survive?