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    Daredevil Season 3 [SPOILERS - Page 3 and beyond]

    Gonna spoiler it just in case.
  2. WarGalley

    R,I.P. Thread

    Noooo. Damn. That man's imagination was a large input of my childhood. RIP.
  3. Woot!! First Big 10 West title! I'm hoping we face Michigan over OSU for the championship game.
  4. Completely forgot. Amazon's marketing is shit. The first season was a top 3 show of the year.. maybe top 2. Definitely looking forward to it.
  5. WarGalley

    Deadwood... the Film?

    Yeah I read somewhere that South Dakota has achieved statehood as a larger political backdrop to the town's politics, machinations and violence. Edit: woah.. wasn't expecting Hearst in this. It's also curious they didn't mention Dan or Johnny but maybe this list isn't comprehensive.
  6. WarGalley

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Texas-WVU has got a game going. Definitely tuning in for the 2nd half.
  7. Is that all? That's very disappointing. That was exactly what I was thinking during Episode 4. I once felt like I was watching a Harry Potter story and then later a PG-13 version of True Blood. I don't think the show is bad, and there's enough guilty pleasure and gorgeous visuals to keep me going. But I do feel like they a little comic relief... and Salem's the character at the top of the list who should be playing that role. Aunt Zelda is even more stiff and boring than her sitcom counterpart and Hilda's just not "fun" enough and doesn't really contribute anything. Will keep going though.
  8. How is Salem? I feel like he's going to be key with this being some less-comedy, more-drama version of the show.
  9. Finished Daredevil which was probably the best comic book TV season I've seen. Now I'm going to be a giddy 35 year old man watching Sabrina on Netflix.
  10. WarGalley

    Daredevil Season 3 [SPOILERS - Page 3 and beyond]

    Finally finished it though I dragged out my viewing experience thinking that this might be the final season. Strong overall and probably the best season of comic book TV I've seen. Nadeem was by far my favorite character. As a straight, mid30s man who's starting to bald, I wanted to run my hands through his magnificent hair quite a few times. Spoilers from the final episode.
  11. It doesn't make a lot of sense but the movie lacks sense in a lot of places -- it's just hard to dwell on them when the pace is so fast. I'm mostly just glad that we might get a potential final Red Skull / Captain America confrontation. I might be looking forward to that more than anything else in Avengers 4... and if we don't get it, I'll feel very let down.
  12. WarGalley

    Daredevil Season 3 [SPOILERS - Page 3 and beyond]

    Yeah I'm on episode 11 and almost don't want to finish it knowing that there's no more Daredevil (at least until a potential S4). Part of me wants to go back and start the season over in case I missed anything before I finish it.
  13. WarGalley

    Daredevil Season 3 [SPOILERS - Page 3 and beyond]

    Let's go with comic book physics for these things. This is the same show with the zombie kids in S2..
  14. WarGalley

    Daredevil Season 3 [SPOILERS - Page 3 and beyond]

    Yeah I'm on episode 8 and this is substantially superior to the other Netflix shows. Just everything from the pace, writing and dialogue, characters and fight scenes are quality production efforts. Spoilers up to E08.
  15. WarGalley

    Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    Think it's midnight California/PST time.
  16. WarGalley

    Trailer Thread V

    I verified it.. I'll spoiler it for those who don't know who he was in real life.
  17. WarGalley

    Trailer Thread V

    When I realized who Michael Pena might be playing, it hit me like a sledgehammer. I don't even want to look it up to verify it.
  18. WarGalley

    The Many Saints of Newark (Sopranos prequel)

    So that's definitely the strongest indication Tony may have been lying simply to manipulate Christopher's loyalty.. but I'm still inclined to believe it was simply a good moment to get Christopher's loyalty and revenge for Dickie. Wacking a cop, even one on payroll seems an extreme risk and this episode was the cop's retirement party. But yeah, like @Nictarion, it was the cops reaction to Christopher identifying himself, and also revealing his knowledge that Dickie's hit was done on behalf of Jimmy Ruffalo.
  19. WarGalley

    The Many Saints of Newark (Sopranos prequel)

    What do you mean? He's a reputed and loyal mob figure. Tony tells Christopher how his father dies and while Tony is completely untrustworthy, especially in his interactions with Christopher, I've always believed him given how that particular episode pans out later. Oof. Livia Soprano was one of the better characters and acting performances but goddamn did I grate my teeth when she came on screen halfway through Season 1. Think that's what made her so good... I sympathized Tony.
  20. WarGalley

    Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    If anyone's interested... here's the Meet Bullseye trailer for DD S3. It's even got a shot of his logo. Obviously don't click if you don't want to know anything about Bullseye.. Can't wait... don't know how I'm going to find the time to watch this, college football, NFL, baseball playoffs and the movies in the theaters that I want to see...
  21. Ha... I just got to the episode in the Americans with Julia Garner. They only showed the back of her head at first, no face, but I instantly recognized that hair. Looks like her character is similar to the one she plays in Ozark (or at least so far).
  22. WarGalley

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    I am really looking forward to this. I thought the first season should have been a contender for Best TV Series... in either comedy or drama categories. Amazon's advertising and marketing campaign has been criminal. If you like dark comedies / dramedy in the vein of Fargo (but without as much violence), or really any Coens brothers movie, you'll like this.
  23. WarGalley

    Aladdin Trailer Out

    Yeah that's going to be a weird one because I don't think of Will Smith as particularly wacky or colorful. Jack Black might've worked.
  24. You know.. it's only $3 to stream now so maybe I'll pull the trigger this weekend. It's been on my list for quite some time.
  25. WarGalley

    MCU - X