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  1. So I was going to comment on the Indiana Jones movies as they came first to mind but ultimately, I'm not sure I consider them a trilogy. Fantastic movies with the same protagonist but not a single story which is where I'd lean toward the definition.
  2. A friend of mine was into westerns and put on Unforgiven. Upon finishing the movie, I learned that he had never seen any of the Back to the Future movies, so naturally we watched all 3. I goddamn love Back to the Future. It still holds up in entertainment and writing -- from the Clint Eastwood jokes to the various Biffs landing in manure. I've seen these movies dozens of times and I never get tired of them. I told my friend this was probably the greatest trilogy ever made. I'm not even sure what the competition is.. the OT Star Wars? The Lord of the Rings? I'm pressed to think of anything else at the moment.
  3. That would be pretty funny for any team but the Cowboys of all teams would be hilarious.
  4. I watched The Raid 2. I was heavily distracted throughout the movie and could barely follow along to all of the characters and their motives. The movie (outside of a prison riot) appeared to me to be quite inferior to the first movie. It had far more acting and dialogue scenes vs the amount of fighting in the first movie... and the non-stop fighting was the entire appeal of the first movie from my perspective. I was openly asking my friend about why they decided to "switch" directions toward a movie more about plot and acting.
  5. It looked like the prison girl had general telekinesis abilities but the congresswoman has specific head popping abilities. We never see the congresswoman break someone's neck or anything else. She could have made the religion guy's death more suicical looking but nope -- pure head popping. I assume they'll adjust her powers however they like.
  6. Completely forgot to mention but also watched The Raid: Redemption for the first time yesterday. Awesome action flick -- non-stop fighting throughout. The choreography and villains were great. There must have been a hundred different stunt actors doing high energy choreographed fighting. I kept wondering how they filmed the stabbing scenes when they were using weapons. Finally understood the comparisons / references to the Karl Urban Judge Dredd movie. Looking forward to The Raid 2.
  7. So I just discovered (weirdly) that Get Shorty (the TV series) has 1 season available on Netflix. But all 3 Seasons are available on Amazon Prime. Guess I'll finish Seasons 2 and 3 on Prime then. Highly recommend this show to fans of Fargo (tv series) or Coens brother style dramedies.
  8. Yeah that was the exact same criticism my die hard Star Wars fan friend had when he first watched that scene when the movie was released.
  9. Yeah I'd probably give the edge to S1 over S2 for 2 primary reasons. 1) Being personally new to the story, the initial shock and novelty of the violence, scenes and story in Season 1 provided a great deal of suspense for me. No other scene beats the 'holy shit' moment of that S1 Airplane episode. Come Season 2, I'm just used to most of the superhero actions and am not as surprised or shocked by Stormfront being a murdering Nazi or having heads suddenly explode in the middle of a scene. 2) Season 1 had more humor as I recall. Most of Deep's scenes (dolphin breakout, trying to save the lobster at the grocery store, diversity hire) were hilarious. I was cracking up at the therapy scene with the guy whose penis broke off after getting frozen. Season 2 was generally far more serious due to the nature of the plot progression. Also, I think I just enjoyed a couple of the character storylines more in S1 (like A-train and Hughie/Starlight's interactions and romances) compared to Season 2.
  10. Yeah, she's also younger than what I thought they might go for. Maybe this movie is soft, pre-amputee Furiosa hardening into grizzled imperator Furiosa. I'm not terribly high on Chris Hemsworth either when it's not a Marvel movie. But George Miller is directing which trumps all other concerns as far as I'm concerned. He's earned his right to make this movie however he pleases.
  11. Totally forgot about the hair falling out but remember wondering what that was all about. And agree about Antony Starr's acting.. his blood-covered face + insanity laugh had me instantly picture Vorenus from Rome (when Vorenus goes crazy and confronts Erastes Fulman).
  12. Only question for me is FMVP and I'm giving it to LeBron over AD.
  13. I don't really see a problem here. The MCU has already built up public backlash over the Avengers.. multiply it and carry it over to mutants. Particularly mutants qho aren't isolated to the Avengers HQ and might be your neighbor's kid qho doesnt know how to use their powers. The remaining Avengers today in Phase 4 are more space oriented so they can deal with extraterrestial threats instead of Earth-based conflicts. The Black Panther franchise can focus on problems internal to Wakanda wherever they go with the franchise. Not sure Hulk, Winter Soldier, Falcon is even considered a part of Phase 4. This leaves the X-Men to deal with earth based conflicts and the Fantastic 4 to sort of straddle the 2.. or deal with other dimensions with Dr. Strange. There's a lot of opportunity here in my opinion. The biggest issues is rejuvenating storylines and characters disastrously used during Fox's run.. not around the premise of civil rights and segregation.
  14. Yeah, my bet with a friend is Lakers in 5 though the Heat games (minus the Celtics series) were the only ones I didnt watch in entirety during the playoffs. Dont know how they'll match up with the Lakers big men but dont see them pulling this off with how the Lakers played the Nuggets and with Lebron being able to dominate at times like this.
  15. Question for those who have read the comics: is Homelander physically stronger than all other superheroes the way Superman is stronger than pretty much everyone else? Sometimes I'm curious about the strength and invulnerability levels between the different heroes (like Starlight vs Stormfront in terms of strength) in this universe. I remember being surprised in S1 when Starlight took a bullet from Butcher's high powered sniper rifle.
  16. Goddamnit. I got playoffs to watch.
  17. Finally finished ZeroZeroZero despite still being in the middle of The Expanse S2 and starting Cobra Kai S1. Solid show and the only reason I delayed on the final episode was because I needed more lighter fare. Brutal ending (though not as dark and heavy as Gomorrah), great cast and characters (particularly Dane DeHaan and Andrea Riseborough) and good storylines. Loved the global take on the drug trade and the use of foreign languages throughout depending on which country the scene took place in. Feel like there should be more critical acclaim for it. Hope it gets renewed for a 2nd season but can never tell how well Amazon Prime shows are received (outside of the Boys).
  18. Wow. Chadwick Boseman apparently died. Thought he was going to be a main pillar of the next phase of the MCU and a seriously rising star. RIP. https://twitter.com/chadwickboseman/status/1299530165463199747?s=20
  19. I would like to watch Tenet in theaters (if they were open here or opening sometime soon) but it sounds (no pun) like there are issues with the audio and hearing the dialogue and that subtitles might improve the movie. I've found this to be a frustrating problem before with Nolan movies so may just bide my time until it streams.
  20. Got to say, the Hughes movies are my definition of the coming of age genre with The Breakfast Club at the top (sharing the title with only the Sandlot though not sure that counts and maybe I need to think on the list some more).
  21. Finished S4 of Animal Kingdom on Amazon Prime. If you like the first 3 seasons, this is pretty much standard fare throughout. The heists and action bits are well timed throughout the season, providing just enough adrenaline to keep you through lulls and anticipation building. The ending makes the future very curious but I can say no more for spoilers. Also finished S1 of the Expanse. Little slow at first but warmed up much more toward the end though my feelings are strongly influenced due to having finished the latest book recently and being much further along in the storyline. I still really like the depictions of the ships, docking manuevers and space travel. I also really like the depiction of the Belters as the underclass as well. They put the seeds of future books in right at the very beginning. I was surprised the first season ended mid-Book 1. Thought that was just enough material for a single season but let's see how they pace it out. For anyone knowledgeable about the show, where are they in the current book timeline? I've read the show stays pretyy true to the books but still avoid spoilers anyway.
  22. Caught the Clippers-Lakers game about halfway through the 3rd. Did not disappoint though and was a great start to the re-opener. I was not expecting Paul George to make a game winner as I can't recall him making many in the past though I haven't followed him very closes. LeBron seemed unfazed guarding him which is telling. Come playoffs I'm looking at Kawhi to make the clutch play even if the opposing defense is going to focus on him. Will try to catch the Bucks-Celtics game but glad the NBA is back.
  23. Hmm looking back on the list, it's a hard pick in hindsight. I last saw ET about 10 years ago but I remember it holding up very well even in adulthood. Completely forgot about Raiders but I like Last Crusade more. And we haven't mentioned Saving Private Ryan yet either which I find to be a very solid film. Won't do a comprehensive list but of the major films he's done, I haven't seen: AI Schindler's list Amistad Adventures of Tin Tin (is this actually a major film?) Empire of the Sun Catch me if you can (pretty much watched it all on TNT but never entirely in one sitting) Warhorse Lincoln Bridge of Spies Ready Player One ETA: Woah.. Christian Bale is the protagonist in Empire of the Sun at 12 years old?? I never heard of him before Batman Begins.
  24. Yeah same. Watched the first episode of the Last Dance last night on Netflix. Interesting. I'm generally not terribly into sports documentaries (or documentaries in general) but I stuck all the way through it. Looking forward to episode 2. I was a little surprised that Isaiah Thomas was one of the ones interviewed. Wondered if at the beginning of filming, they pitched the interview as being part of something else other than a focus on Jordan. That was probably the only standout from the first episode. Would have liked to have seen more footage of the other players and their roles in the second 3-peat too (particularly Pippen who has carried the wingman legacy unbelievably well). I was also very unfamiliar with the behind the scenes politics at the time. I wonder if they waited until Krause died before painting him as the big villain. I can't believe someone would deny Jackson a contract renewal after a 2nd 3-peat. Makes you wonder if there was something the organization could have done to make Jordan return after 98.
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