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  1. Endless cock jokes. "In the end it all comes down to the cock, doesnt it?" Well it did in this episode. Best or at least equal to the best this season has had to offer. My highest rating yet, a 9.5. Lord Baelish died too easily. Magical wall brought down by a magical dragon with a magical figure leading a magical army. Whats not to understand? Honestly, some of you pseudo-intellectuals with your endless over analyzing and self centered positions and lack of life-knowledge bring tears to my eyes. Its a TV program, relax and enjoy it. No aimed at anyone in particular BTW. JMHO.
  2. Ser Graymax

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    OH...........MY. What a hot mess this disappointment has become. Makes me yearn even more for the next book to come out so I can see where the story really should go. Many others have already said what I feel about this episode but it has one one positive thing for me. It makes the wait for the next/ last season much easier to take. I gave it a 6, my lowest ever and flirted with even lower but recognize the efforts and difficulties involved. Arya and her whole character is now officially off the rails and ruined. The Imp is now just a sounding board. Always enjoy the Hound and Tormund. Killing off the Priest and Benjen so cavalierly, not so much. Whole north of the wall plot just to get a dragon to the night King was sad and unnecessary. Danny could have seen the threat just by flying over. In the beginning when he said "Not too bright, this one" he should have been talking about Jon. Battle scenes went on too long and were actually boring unlike last week. Dragon CGI still spectacular. Hoping for a reprieve of sorts next week but usually the next to last episode is the pinnacle.
  3. Ser Graymax

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    Another set up but necessary chapter, 7.5 1. Drogan knows but Danny doesnt? She doesnt ever react. Has Drogon EVER LET anyone else touch him? He certainly seems to have healed quickly also. Dragonpower. 2. Gendry is back and has turned into Thor. Davos does comedy relief. 3. Sam doesnt pick up on the most important fact of the episode that was even read outloud to him? 4. Dickon/Rickon dying needlessly. WTF? Just to make Sam head of house Tarly now that he has left the Citadel? 5. Sansa being called out by Arya for being the evil Queen wanna be or Sansa Deville. 6. Cercei pregnant again? That girl never learns. Guess this will be the one to kill her as in the prediction. What did the scroll say that Arya found under Littlefingers bed? What a clever and shrewd hiding place! No one would ever look under there. Gotta go move all my money to under mine now.
  4. This episode really needs two ratings, one for the first half and one for the second. The first half was probably the most boring ever, slow and plodding dialogue and for the first time I really did not like Arya and her stupid grin. Maybe she could duck well and maybe even defeat Brienne through stealth but never stand up to her like she did. Something besides her chest needed to be kicked. I think we all know who is going to die by that Valarian steel dagger. Bran and his electric wheelchair, well, it looked that way. Obsidian cliffs around Yellowstone may have been better for the dragonglass scene than that cave. The second half was nothing more than brilliant and spectacular. Danny learned how to ride bareback from the Dothraki but could she really hold on to a dragon? Didnt she need that food in the supply wagons? Why burn them? Were there 3 dragons there or only 1? I thought only 1, where are the other 2? was Tyrion telling Jaimie or Danny to run? Protecting his brother or his "queen"? Either? Both? Do Bron and Jamie survive drowning despite all that heavy armor? Sure was deep water that close to shore. Tune in next week or so. First half, my lowest rating ever,a 4. The second my highest, a 10 but since I can only give one score it has to be a 9.
  5. Ser Graymax

    [Poll] How would rate episode 703?

    The Queens Justice? Should have been named The Queens Revenge or maybe The Kiss of Death. Perhaps Cercei wins as she got revenge on two people, Elaria and perhaps unknowingly on Olena but Olena not only knows how to slide in the knife, she knows how to twist it as well. Felt bad for Jaimie. After saving Olena from long lasting torture he stands mutely as she tells him she killed his c*nt son. Couldnt do anything at that point so he gets no revenge other than knowing the wizened 99 plus year old is going to die. Varys great as usual. Look as his expression when the Red Women tells him she is going to die in Westeros as is he. Nice to see Cerseis body double is getting more work. No way was that Lena Headey. Bran just took over the title of worst actor on GOT from Danny. Speaking of Danny, her self centered, spoiled brat routine is so old. Her explanation of what has happened to her in the past to Jon was a nice summary but her delivery and strong inflections had the opposite effect on its impact. Seems all of her dialogue this season has been delivered this way. Another good, low action (although a lot happened) episode. Cant quite rate it an 8 though so a good solid 7 from me again.
  6. Ser Graymax

    How would you rate episode 702?

    A good, strong 7. Not happy with them desecrating Balerons skull like that but a point had to be made. Lots of storylines being revived and settled. After all we are coming to an end relatively soon in the TV world compared to the hoped for book version. Dont like Jon giving control to Sansa . Ive got a bad feeling about this. Greyjoy and Missy, silly rabbits. Homey dont play it like that. Killed the kids but made Mommy look the best she has in this series. Varys brilliant as usual. Dany almost acceptable playing off of him. Looks like Jorah Mormont will survive, Sam never fails a task set out for him. Theon never fails to surprise and Euron comes into his own.
  7. Ser Graymax

    How would you rate episode 701?

    7.5 from me. Pluses: Rory killed it as usual. Danny didnt speak. Arya and the Freys. Minuses: Samwells routine went on too long. Not enough Tormund & Brianne. Euron escaped from a roadrunner cartoon. Sophie Turner is probably the most beautiful actress on GOT this season but she does nothing for me. Dead fish. Maybe she will grow into her attractiveness.
  8. ANNND thats it for another season. Ill end it with an 8.4 with the thought that I wont be have to come back here to sort through the whining, moaning, ratings war and trivia arguments till next year. Now that is the way it is done. You really dont want to mess with Cercei! Did Frankengregor start by blinding the Septa so that Cerceis prediction was true? Didnt forsee Thommen throwing himself out of a window but again I guess he had to for the prophecy to be fulfilled. Who else stepped out of a window that way in the last few seasons, movie or series. Driving me crazy trying to remember. Sorry to see Margaery die that way but again Im guessing it motivated Thommen. Looks more and more like Dany is going to end up on the Iron Throne (in the show), dont see how she can fail with her allies but GRRM is never this predictable. Where is Gendry with his valid claim? Many great tidbits this episode. Adios to the Grand Maester, about time, stand up straight. Sand snakes are no match for a thorn bush. Arya becomes a Chef (and butcher). Jon being Lyannas son was not great surprise but many that just speculated on it are now vindicated. Lady Mormont put everybody in their place. Music was great as usual but really noticeable this episode. Usually more background.
  9. Now that is how it is done, they really pulled out the stops on this one. 9.4 from me. Just a few comments: Jon not the greatest military leader and cant even follow his own orders and plan. Everything depends on the Boltons charging them and what does Jon do? Maybe he was showing them how to do it. Ricon just cant catch a break now, can he. Not the brightest tactic running in a straight line. First and perhaps only one of the Stark children to die although Bran hasnt faired so well IMHO either. Ramsey erred in the end. Putting the arrow in Wun Wuns eye instead of taking the clear shot he had at Jon was his classic cruelty and arrogance in action. Came back to bite him in the ass (and elsewhere). Ramseys death, while cruel and poetic justice, was too quick and easy for him. He deserved to suffer more. BTW, who placed him in the dogs quarters and opened their pen doors without being attacked? just a nitpick. Guess we now know the end of the Red Lady. Davos is going to kill her for the sacrifice of Shireen. Littlefinger again proves himself the master of manipulation with his timing of the armys arrival. Jon is decimated and would be dead if not for him so he is now in a position of real power. Dany was just, well, Dany. Just cant swallow the love people have for both the character and the "actress". To each his own I guess. Who is going to end up on the iron throne?. Looking more and more like her these days with all the houses again as banner men except the Boltons of course.
  10. Ser Graymax

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    Arya blew out the candle and my TV cable went off at that exact same moment. At first I thought I was watching "THE SOPRANOs" finale ending again. Then I got POed because I had to wait an hour for the rerun to find out what happened and wished I hadnt. Waif may be well trained but should never have been given field work until she made up the missed classes in stealth. Worse assassin ever. Gave it a 7.5 rounded up to an 8 because no episode of this show deserves lower than a baseline of 6. Lady Crane actress would have been a better Cercei than we got with Lena. Thommen basically condemmed his mother to lose. What is it with Cercei['s children anyway? Stupid males are either snowflakes or have a masochistic, tyranical bent and girl has the worse luck ever. Must be the inbreeding and the gypsy frog lady curse. The Hound (and the Mountain) were highlights of this episode, How can you kill the Mountain if "that which is dead can never die"? Edmure disappointed as a character but the actor did well. He and Jamie worked well together. Blackfish should have at least had a better death, not died at the hands of a few ignoble nameless soldiers offscreen. Too badass to go out that way. What with all the hangings lately? Last week the Septon, this week the outlaws and The Swede (Norweigan). Let the Hound at em with his Paul Bunyan Ax. Dany falls off her dragon and re enters the pyramid while the fleet attacks. Why not a little dragon fire for them? She never fails to underwhelm given the opportunity. The Hound still prefers chicken!!!!!!!!!
  11. Ser Graymax

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    Was going to give it a 7 but both Sandor and Swearingen in the first 5 minutes gave it an extra point. Queen of Thorns - Best lines in the episode. Ian McShane - Disappointing character but he did the best he could with the lines given. Great voice. The Lady Mormont - Amazing performance RiverRun- Great set, great armor on Jamie , great Blackfish scene, great backhand. Arya- No situational awareness ever. The waif was going for a slow, painful death and those 4 stab wounds should do it but this is fantasy. Arya did deny the waif another face on the wall by escaping so maybe hers will end up there instead. YAY - No Danny, no Euron The Ending- THE HOUND IS BACK !!
  12. A meh episode but one that was needed to fill in the gaps and expected after last week. Gave it another 7. The Queen of Thorns has taught Margaery very well. She had her own plan in place and executed before the show of force. She has manipulated them all and is the QUEEN. Drogon was breathtaking (not so much his plump rider) and the gland openings at the sides of his/her mouth were interesting. Probably the best dragon ever. Get Arya out of there already, she must have a lot of story left. The Starks will reunite!! Lots of nice little details and facts this episode.
  13. Ser Graymax

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    The first time I saw this episode my reaction to the first half was OMG-WTF and not in a good way and then the second half came on and again it was OMG-WTF but in a good way. Very ambitious cinematography for a TV show. On the second viewing everything came together in a much better way so I gave it an 8, my best rating this year so far. Dont like where the story is going with Bran. If he is indeed changing the past instead of just observing then all bets are off. Anything could happen. If he created Hodor that alone could be the most selfish act in the history of literature. Whats next? Saving Eddard and everything from that point on has never happened? Things like this just make me want to read the new books more hoping that GRRM went a different path completely.
  14. Gave it a 6 and 125/256. Couldnt quite round it up to 7. - for Osha being killed but what a plot turn around if she had managed to off Ramsey. At least an easy death for her compared to what it could have been. - for the High Sparrow going on and on. Great actor but boring scene. - for Dany. I dislike her and the choice of actress for her so much even bare boobs cant save the day. - for Littlefinger and sweet Robin. Whats next? Twirling mustaches and hand wringing with a cackling laugh? - Sansa now the inspiration to attack Ramsey? Lets make up for her actions till now with a little speech. + for Tormund saying "Oh Yeah" with his facial expression when he first sees Brienne. Come on with the next book already, please. I just cant believe they are going to be anything close to what we have seen.
  15. Ser Graymax

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 603?

    HoHum, another 6 here. Sir Arthur Dayne was well cast, I could believe he was legendary BUT why did he have a magical sword that reappeared on his waist after he stuck it in the ground? It wasnt there while he was talking to Ned but then he had 2 swords to draw at once. Correct me if I saw this wrong (twice) please! Well done sword fight if a little unrealistic. I like the idea of 2 swords but with Dawn why? Howland killing him meshes with what was said in the books and Ned had to defeat him somehow. +Ollie is gone, Id have killed him long ago. Allister Thorne stayed in character till the end. - Emellia is getting pudgy, never a great beauty or talent to begin with. Personal preference of course. -Ricon just cant catch a break. Nice to see Osha again but Im afraid for her. That entire scene was the best acted of the show. -Varys continues to disappoint but the actor is great. Mostly filler episode, catching every thread of the story up. Hope this is over now.