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  1. If that stuff is true he's done as an NBA coach.
  2. So you have said you didn't want aoe2 with aoe4 and now you want aoe2 with even less to differentiate the races. Cool. Seems smart.
  3. The reason is very apparent and you mentioned it in your post: faction variance. No one wants to play a AoE5 with 12 different races that play exactly the same and look exactly the same other than the colour of uniforms.
  4. The Meteor flies from west to east seemingly appearing from valinor. Do we know of anyone who poses to be someone from valinor in the second age? Why yes yes we do.
  5. Other than the fact sauron literally does this when numenor is sunk? The Vala certainly do it in the first age. It's implied Morgoth does it in the first age. Gandalf does it in the third age.
  6. Given that spirits can fly to valinor and back in a day or two, not much difference.
  7. Maia can turn into spirit form go where they want and then becomes flesh again. So yes. It kind of does. Sauron doesn't do this in the third age because he no longer can. He has no restrictions at this point.
  8. Of course the enemy had backup plans, Sauron is off ingratiating himselfwith the locals. Why would he wait in space? Its all a trick. Meteor included. Sauron can't be the meteor guy because why would he do this elaborate setup? You are thinking the same thing as the elves will. It's like you people have no idea what a long con is. I will almost guarantee Meteor man will be introduced to Celebrimbor by the end of this season, possibly already talking rings. What with his fancy fire making powers. Could those be useful running a forge of incredible power?
  9. I still can't believe people don't think stranger is sauron given that the first image is long shot of him in the center of the crater which looks remarkably like a flaming eye.
  10. So why is the "tech" outside Lumen also have stuff that is retro? I'm speaking of the cars. I think Irving originally got severed for military purposes. Then the innie got put down in the testing area and has been modified to be an office drone but stuff is bleeding through hence the paintings of the elevator going down to the testing area.
  11. Feeding the dwarves actually is answered in the HoME. They trade for their food. Its why their cities are always next to places they can get food from. For the show they actually showed terrace farms in Khazad Dum, so that. Also do elves eat anything other than Lembas?
  12. No they are not, I was referring to the elves with Galadriel. But whatever. Point being I don't think we will see Celeborn until they make contact with Loren through Moria. EDIT: Completed both episodes now. Honestly the Galadriel stuff is the worst part of the show thus far. Her revenge chase whatever is just not needed. Loved the Dwarves stuff, I quite like what I presume is the orcs taking over what is to be Mordor. I liked the Harfoot stuff oddly enough, I liked that they were hiding and on the move constantly. Also the meteor guy clearly is Sauron what with evil music cues and killing lovely fireflies. However I think he's going for a long con there. How better to make a good appearance and pretend to not be a servant of Melkor then to show up later on with cheerful Hobbit friends in tow and say you are a friendly chap?
  13. For Celeborn my thought is he will be the lord/king of Lorien. They did make the distinction already that the elves we are dealing with this far are high elves.
  14. Haven't watched that but I've done a couple campaigns to around turn 150. Franz got wiped out before 50 in both and the empire is a smoking crater. U might do a wood elves campaign to maybe help him out some next.
  15. There is nothing that says straight out that Hobbits weren't in the Second Age oddly at least that I can find. In the prologue it actually speaks of the Harfoots going west early, having many dealings with the dwarves and living around the mountains before wandering around Eriador.
  16. I liked the second episode far more than the first. Humour hit better for the most part and an appearance by Larry from Perfect Strangers. I never read the comic but is there an explanation why she gets bigger boobs and her hair straightens? The latter being much more problematic these days.
  17. I'd guess every person working on the show and all people above will not keep their jobs. Then they would try again.
  18. Seemed excited yes. Was there any follow up on that from the show? Nope. We just get Margo sadly congratulating Sergei a few episodes later and then she is in Russia. I'm just trying to connect the dots. As for the connection to the bombing, I think none, merely cooincidence which is of course pretty ludicrous but also normal for a tv show.
  19. I quite liked the episode and actors and acting up until that end scene. There is literally no need for tying that in unless this show is supposed to be running through the Dunk and Egg stuff. Otherwise pretty pointless.
  20. Elden Ring was fortunate enough to have an engine already built pre covid and then reused a ton of assets from Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. I would guess its the reason Rockstar has to devote everything to GTA 6 now because covid pushed everything back and they want to meet their date.
  21. She asked them to. Did they? I would guess not because you know.... why would they? Especially when they know shes a spy. She very obviously knew she was going to Russia in her phone call with Sergei in America.
  22. I thought it was fairly obvious Margo traded herself for Sergei plus family.
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