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  1. In universe this particular hero would be catastrophic to the region. It would definitely prove Mohammed wrong. Out of universe if Egypt has a superhero they should be Muslim.
  2. "Beat him properly". Just level up the gimmick sword, the fight is trivial.
  3. So two thoughts Moon Knight Dr Strange 2 movie spoilers
  4. I also think it's a great game. Wasn't as big a fan of the fights until I realized the fights are literally a rhythm game like say rock band. Once you get that, smooth sailing.
  5. Yeah. Skinny godskin is not a hard fight by himself either time but if you estus when he is not in one of his animations he does the black flame shot which has faster animation and flight time than chugging so it's a guaranteed hit on you. Straight unfair bullshit.
  6. My predictions: Suns in 5, they will lollygag game 1 and barely lose then win the rest by 30. Memphis in 6. I might be giving Minny too much credit but I love Ant. Kat is just soft though. GS in 5. I just don't think Jokic can beat GS by himself. Utah in a sweep. Boston beats the Nets in 5. Nets don't have any D. Milwaukee sweeps the Bulls Raps beat Philly in 6 after they take either 1 or 2 and Philly cant beat them without Thybulle in the 6. Upset special I think the Hawks are going to beat Miami in 6.
  7. Lol this is probably the easiest game fromsoft has made since demons souls. Just not as a pure melee char. It's a fn joke with magic. It's also not hard with pure melee. It's unfair which is something that hasn't been done on a from game in a long time and fairness was the series hallmark.
  8. Because the trailer showing him just came out?
  9. Kind of falling out of love with this game. The "good" bosses are all overtuned to try and stop multiplayer from making them a breeze so they get things like infinite stamina and input reads and animation cancels. Makes them annoying to do solo. Then there's just the sheer amount of "you fought this dude earlier now there's 2 of them" boss fights that makes Dark Souls 2 gank bosses seem fun in comparison.
  10. No. Is LeBron at 40 still worth max money? No. But someone will take bronny to see if LeBron will come at a much lower salary. Damn near every team will try. I would predict if bronny is actual trash but LeBron floats that he wil take mid-level or less bronny will be lottery pick.
  11. That is definitely going to happen, particularly if he can still play at this level. Second round picks come easy and why wouldn't a team like say Dallas do it.
  12. I've also started a new one in the interest of sequence breaking and seeing if there is different dialogue. I've already kind of broken things as I got both dectis halves before getting to roundtable hold so Ensha has not attacked me. I was going to see what happens if you kill Margott before Margit but I like leveling my spirits so thats out. I'm not sure if I can via Varre but I want to get Mohgs rune first. If need be that will be second after Redahn. EDIT: I just realized varre won't move till you get a great rune or maybe just kill Godrick so thats out. Redahn it is.
  13. Boston did play recently in Toronto and Tatum missed it supposedly due to injury. Brown and Horford missed it for..... reasons.
  14. So Thybulle won't be eligible to play in Toronto for the first round. Scuttlebut rumours imply Jalen Brown will be ineligible as well if the Raps play the C's instead. Milwaukee and Miami fully vaxxed. Interesting
  15. I'm not really sure where to go in Volcano manor after killing the fat godskin guy. Also having a hard time with the last invasion, might have to great shield it which is just cheating. Have a few spots in the Blight to finish up and Deep Root plus the sewers. Finished Ranni's QL and about to finish Fia's. Even though the fight wasnt hard it took me like 30 tries to kill astel. His stupid one shot grab move.... for some reason i cannot dodge it.
  16. Yeah hence they would be crossing the rockies at some point. If it is supposed to be ontario I may be out. Thats brutally stupid. Why not just make it a fantasy land if thats the case?
  17. He was incredibly famous. And a hero to the galaxy. No on on earth who is born after famous people live ever gets named after them though right? Just a nonsense argument. I'd guess there would be hundreds of Skywalkers around 20 years old on every planet in the galaxy.
  18. You actually think the protagonists journey in the lord of the rings is there and back again? That boggles the mind.
  19. I'm excited for Star Wars for the first time in a while. Why? The Music. God the sequel trilogy had terrible music.
  20. They've actually said it's supposed to northern Ontario? If so thats the most unbelievable thing in a show that seemingly deals with the supernatural. They filmed in the rockies and guess what: tiny little mountains and hills in Ontario are not the fucking rockies. I had figured they were blown off course near Seattle into the canadian rockies.
  21. Yes in that same section where you jump off into the secret area the path leads you to the kickass talisman and also the two scions. If you go the other way on that path you'll be on a ledge above where the chariot is running around. You will see jars and cords holding said jars above the chariot. Shoot the cord and if time right it will drop onto the chariot and kill it forever. You get a holy scaling great bow for your efforts as well
  22. Did you find the way to kill the chariot? The Boss for that one is the hardest one in the game thus far for me as well. Not sure why I couldn't get a read on it but only got it by the skin of my teeth.
  23. Watched The Batman last night and I thought it was legitimately great. Even more so because it was different. He actually is a detective and most importantly
  24. There's a trapped chest at the tower of return in Southern limgrave that sends you to the capital to a spot that appears to be after you turn on a giant elevator.I've been throwing myself at the giant there but I don't do much damage and he basically 1 shots me if I get hit as I'm level 25. Fun though. I also went exploring the region I will call the blight with the weird red vegetation and giant wolf/bird dinosaur things. And a feathery dragon. I like just running around lol
  25. I really liked it and I'm curious to see where it goes. Interesting that it is still firmly in the Snyderverse for now. Funny that they shot that JL scene with Batman in it too wearing the Batfleck suit but cut that out due to what supposedly happens in the upcoming flash movie.
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