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  1. So my 14-year-old daughter has been watching "Derry Girls" on Netflix. It's a fairly straightforward comedy about a group of Catholic high school girls in Derry in the early 90s. (Plus one off the girl's male cousins, who is having to attend their all-girls school because he's English and it was determined the local all-boys school would be much too dangerous for him.) What I've seen of it is cute and funny. But it also has quite a bit to do about The Troubles of the time. It's more going on in the background, but it's prominent enough to have my daughter asking questions about what it was all about. Now, I only have the most surface level knowledge about what was going on in Northern Ireland at the time. But after I explained to her what little I know, she's still interested in finding out more about it. I've tried looking on my own and while there seems to be plenty of information on the Web about that time, I haven't been able to find anything... concise. So, if any of you are aware of a good YouTube video or podcast or article that would sort of concisely sum up that period of time for a teenager, I'd love to hear about it so I can pass it on to her. Thanks!
  2. I think context matters. I grew up in a small coal mining town in Eastern Kentucky. In my schools where I grew up, there were literally zero openly gay or black people. The only person in the whole school that wasn't white was a Lebanese kid whose dad was a doctor in town. I was one of his few friends in school. Even so, I was surrounded by people saying awful, racist and homophobic stuff ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I went along with it and joined in. Looking back at that through a lens of around 30 years of life experience since - I can't say for sure whether I believed that stuff or not. Maybe I did to some degree, but for the most part, it was stupid words said out of complete ignorance. If Twitter had been a thing then, there's a good chance I would have put something really stupid and ugly on there. Unlike a lot of people who I graduated with, I got out and went to a big state school (the University of Kentucky) and was immediately put into direct contact with a lot of people who were not like me at all. I didn't hate or dislike any of them. I was kind of uncomfortable when I found out one of the friends I made freshman year was gay and had a crush on me. And I avoided him for a while after that, but wound up realizing it wasn't a big deal after all and we went back to hanging out and going bowling and whatnot. I learned and I grew and I became a better person. I don't think that's a bad thing. I'd hate to think that some of the terrible things I said when I was in junior high and high school came back to haunt me today. So, I can give others the benefit of the doubt for mistakes made in their youth too.
  3. MisterOJ

    Babylon 5

    So Season 5 wasn't a sure thing and that's why everything was wrapped in in Season 4 after all? I was just assuming that based on the way the season has felt. I'm glad to hear the series has a proper ending.
  4. MisterOJ

    Babylon 5

    So, now I've only got two episodes left in Season 4. For the most part, it's been a fantastic season. Although I have missed seeing G'Kar and Londo during the whole war to retake Earth. That's my only complaint. Season 4 has felt like they didn't think the show would be back for a 5th season and they wanted to make sure and wrap up the Shadow War and resolve the plot with the President all in one season. Which is fine. But now I'm wondering what Season 5 will be like. Can those of you who've watch tell me if it ends in a satisfactory way? If it's a disappointing end to the series, I'd prefer to go ahead and mentally prepare for that before it comes. Thanks!
  5. MisterOJ

    Babylon 5

    All the changes between Season 1 and 2 almost did me in. I really struggled through the first handful of episodes at the beginning of the second season. Really didn't like the new captain and the changes to Delenn just seemed silly. I stuck with it though and things are starting to heat up now that I'm around the midway point of the second season. The whole mystery surrounding Kosh is getting a little old though. They're stretching it out too slowly and it just doesn't seem believable. I don't even understand why he's on the station from a practical standpoint.
  6. MisterOJ

    Babylon 5

    For some reason, Amazon started on Episode 1 instead of with the pilot. I had to scroll back to find it. It was listed as Episode 0. I'm glad I did. It explained things that I didn't really get in the first 9 episodes. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series now.
  7. MisterOJ

    Babylon 5

    So, I've now watched the opening title sequence seven times. And I'm well aware that Baylon 5 is the last of the Babylon stations. But I'm really curious if I'll learn why that is. Is the fate of the other Babylon stations discussed at some point in the series?
  8. MisterOJ

    Babylon 5

    Since this is finally on a streaming service, I'm FINALLY getting a chance to watch it. I'm only three episodes in to seeing it for the first time and ho boy - that's some dated CGI. I can't imagine that was even good CGI at the time, but maybe it was? I'd love to hear the opinion of some folks that watched it back in the day. But, the writing was clearly strong. And, I'm assuming it will get stronger as the series finds its footing after a while. So, I'm looking forward to this watch. Even if the CGI completely takes me out of the story at times.
  9. MisterOJ

    Cloak & Dagger on (dramatic pause) Freeform *Spoilers*

    Count me in as someone who only checked this out because I loved C&D from when I was a kid and went into this with little to no expectations. I've been digging the hell out of it though. My favorite part is how they swapped Tandy and Ty's socio-economic statuses. I thought that was really smartly done.
  10. Yeah, I'm also thinking she may have went over and joined the other side. She may be dead, but I really think they've intentionally left the door open for her to return eventually.
  11. So, when they showed the scenes from previous episodes before this latest one, I noticed that the wording of when they told Jon about what happened to Naomi. They didn't actually say she died. They said, "she didn't make it out." I think that was probably intentional and they will be bringing her back in some way.
  12. MisterOJ

    The Americans: The Final Season (Spoilers) pt. 4

    So, I'm trying to remember. Did we leave Martha just sort of hanging out in the Soviet Union? She was getting ready to possibly adopt a baby, right? Was that the last thing we saw from her? I'm really hoping we check in on her (even if it's brief) before things wrap up.
  13. MisterOJ

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Oh, no. Not even close. I'd love to have an 8-team playoff. I just don't think people using the UCF-Auburn game to knock the SEC have a leg to stand on because to Auburn, that game didn't mean nearly as much as it did to UCF. I could care less about having other bowl games, but I understand whey they're going to stick around.
  14. MisterOJ

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    UCF just proving my point. The meaningless bowl they played in was their national championship game. For Auburn, it was just a disappointing exhibition game.
  15. MisterOJ

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    I don't know how much you stock you can put in the Peach Bowl... or any other bowl outside of the playoff games. All these other bowl games have been severely devalued to the point that they're just postseason exhibition games with nothing on the line. A team like Central Florida playing Auburn in the Peach Bowl is a big deal for them. For the Auburn players though, playing in the Peach Bowl was probably more of a hassle than anything since it was such a huge letdown after the Iron Bowl, SEC title game and missing out on the playoff.