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  1. The first season, anyway. The less spoken about the second season, the better.
  2. When I posted that earlier today, Fayette was the only one I'd heard about - and it was just from a tweet from a political reporter I follow. I've since looked through the other results and it was by far the largest. Jefferson County (which is Louisville) had the second highest percentage at 22 percent. Other high ones included Woodford County (suburban Lexington) at 20 percent, Oldham County (suburban Louisville) at 20 percent, Scott County (suburban Lexington) at 18 percent, Franklin County (Frankfort) at 18 percent, Campbell County (suburban Cincinnati) at 17 percent, Jessamine County (suburban Lexington) and Warren County (home of Western Kentucky University and the state's third largest city) at 16 percent. The statewide average was a little over 13 percent. All the other Louisville/Lexington/Cincinnati suburbs like Boyle County, Boone County and Bourbon County were all slightly over that average too. As you might expect, the more rural counties were all in the single digits.
  3. Yeah, I think she lost to Barr by a little more than 3 points. Which would have been great in any of the other four Republican-held Kentucky congressional seats. But she was running against him in District 6, which is largely Lexington - Kentucky's second biggest city and one so progressive that they elected an openly gay mayor to multiple terms. Which, I know, may not seem like a big deal in some places, but in Kentucky - it is. (And she did beat that same mayor in the 2018 Democrat primary, so there's that.) If there was every a Kentucky district that was going to flip in the 2018 blue wave, it was that district. And it just didn't materialize with McGrath.
  4. Pretty much this. Would I greatly prefer to have Charles Booker in Washington? Absolutely. But that was never going to happen. If McGrath were to somehow pull off a miracle and beat Mitch, that would still be a HUGE improvement.
  5. She just doesn't have much at all in the way of personality. But, she ticks off all the boxes that make her appear to be a Democrat candidate who should be able to win in Kentucky. She's former military and pretty moderate/conservative. And because she seems to be a good candidate on paper, she is great at raising money from establishment Democrats. But, to a large swath of the general public here, she comes across as wooden and just not very genuine. In her only other election, she lost the 2018 House of Representatives race pretty convincingly to Andy Barr, a seemingly beatable Republican incumbent. So, there's just a lot of belief that if she couldn't beat Barr, how in the world is she going to beat McConnell? Trust me, Mitch is *not* popular in this state at all. But, he's never been popular. I've been voting against him since 1994 - and it just doesn't matter what happens, he keeps getting elected. Now, if McGrath were to somehow find a modicum of personality (and come out as convincingly anti-abortion) I'd give her a decent shot at beating McConnell. I don't think either of those things are likely to happen, so we will probably see yet another win for Mitch. Even with that against her, she still has a better chance at winning than Booker would have. I voted for Booker, but there is no way this state was going to elect a Black progressive Democrat to the Senate this year.
  6. Not really surprising. As much momentum as he got in the final days of the campaign, early voting had been going on for a while and McGrath was the presumptive nominee for so long those early votes went overwhelmingly to her. She's a terrible candidate, but she probably has a better chance of beating McConnell than Booker.
  7. So, apparently, COVID-19 has driven me back to the familiar haunt of the board. It's been nice getting back on here the past few days and reading through the threads and seeing all the familiar screen names. It feels good to be "back." The past few months have been... interesting for me and my little family. The good news is that we've been healthy the whole time. We have been able to do a good job at social distancing, but it's been difficult at times. Very few people in our little rural community seem to take the virus seriously and most have not really altered their lives very much at all. We have, but the actions of others have made it harder - mostly for my girls. The oldest turned 16 at the end of April. Her little sister is 14. They've had very little real world contact with their friends, by and large. But most of their friends have gone about their lives, hanging out in groups and going shopping and going to crowded beached for vacation. They're old enough to know that our family is doing the right thing, but it's still been hard on them seeing their friends go about life normally without (seemingly) any negative consequences. The girls have gotten a lot closer as sisters throughout it all though. That's been a blessing. One Saturday night, my wife and I were doing a Zoom trivia thing with some friends and when we finished, I realized that the girls weren't inside the house. I figured they'd gone outside since it was a pleasant night, and I heard them talking, but didn't see them. I walked all around the house and still didn't find them. Then, I noticed the ladder. They had climbed up on our roof and were laying on their backs, looking up at the stars and chatting and giggling like the best of friends. I never would have imagined anything like that happening a few months prior. But, there's been plenty of tears borne of frustration too. Just this past week, we've allowed them to hang out with one friend inside the house. They each have one friend who has been serious about social distancing through all this, and we've decided that it won't be too bad to let them get together. Hopefully. I've personally taken my cooking up to a whole other level. (And so has my youngest, who has gotten really adventurous in the kitchen.) And I've had a lot of fun playing around with fermentation. Kombucha has been a huge hit. Sauerkraut went reasonably well. But I failed miserably at baking sourdough bread. However, I have nearly perfected homemade naan and milk bread! Glad to "see" y'all again. Everyone stay safe!
  8. I don't know. It might be true. Things are crazy right now (and may change before November). Like, there is no redder state than here in Kentucky. I'm not sure if there is a state where Trump has been more popular than Kentucky. (There probably is, but Kentucky has to be top 4-5 Trumpiest states there is.) But, we are just today getting the results from our mainly mail-in primary that was held last Tuesday. And one of them shocked me. In the GOP presidential primary there was just two options on the ballot - Trump and "uncommitted." In Fayette County (the second most populous county in the state) 28 percent of the Republican voters chose "uncommitted" rather than vote for Trump. This isn't an open primary. Democrats and Independents don't get to vote for GOP nominations and over a quarter of Republicans were like, "No. Not Trump." I'm kinda amazed to see that here.
  9. I don't know whether to refer to it as a scripted narrative podcast, or just old fashioned storytelling, but a relatively new podcast that is just absolutely excellent is Old Gods of Appalachia. It's a horror podcast about the old gods, haints, witches and other spooky stuff that inhabit the central Appalachians. I just can't say enough good things about it. I don't even like horror, really. But the narrator/writer/storyteller is nothing short of amazing. I'm probably a little bit biased, since that's where I'm from, but the stories are just top notch all the way around. The characters feel real and everything about the podcast from a technical aspect is really great - especially considering it's only been around for a few months and it's a pretty DIY operation. Those of you that like things in the vein of Limetown, Alice Isn't Dead, Welcome To Nightvale, etc., should really check it out.
  10. I mostly listen to my podcasts through Stitcher. I say mostly, because since Last Podcast on the Left went exclusively to Spotify, I now have to listen to that (and their sister podcast about music, No Dogs In Space) on the Spotify app. I still like Stitcher better, because I'm more familiar with it, but I think the more I use Spotify and become more familiar with it - I may move over to it for everything. Maybe. A few podcasts I support have Patreon-exclusive podcasts (for Patrons, of course) and I listen to them through the Patreon app. It kinda sucks as a podcast app, but it is what it is. I suppose I could download the podcasts and play them another way, but that's just too much effort.
  11. MisterOJ

    Babylon 5

    So Season 5 wasn't a sure thing and that's why everything was wrapped in in Season 4 after all? I was just assuming that based on the way the season has felt. I'm glad to hear the series has a proper ending.
  12. MisterOJ

    Babylon 5

    So, now I've only got two episodes left in Season 4. For the most part, it's been a fantastic season. Although I have missed seeing G'Kar and Londo during the whole war to retake Earth. That's my only complaint. Season 4 has felt like they didn't think the show would be back for a 5th season and they wanted to make sure and wrap up the Shadow War and resolve the plot with the President all in one season. Which is fine. But now I'm wondering what Season 5 will be like. Can those of you who've watch tell me if it ends in a satisfactory way? If it's a disappointing end to the series, I'd prefer to go ahead and mentally prepare for that before it comes. Thanks!
  13. MisterOJ

    Babylon 5

    All the changes between Season 1 and 2 almost did me in. I really struggled through the first handful of episodes at the beginning of the second season. Really didn't like the new captain and the changes to Delenn just seemed silly. I stuck with it though and things are starting to heat up now that I'm around the midway point of the second season. The whole mystery surrounding Kosh is getting a little old though. They're stretching it out too slowly and it just doesn't seem believable. I don't even understand why he's on the station from a practical standpoint.
  14. MisterOJ

    Babylon 5

    For some reason, Amazon started on Episode 1 instead of with the pilot. I had to scroll back to find it. It was listed as Episode 0. I'm glad I did. It explained things that I didn't really get in the first 9 episodes. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series now.
  15. MisterOJ

    Babylon 5

    So, I've now watched the opening title sequence seven times. And I'm well aware that Baylon 5 is the last of the Babylon stations. But I'm really curious if I'll learn why that is. Is the fate of the other Babylon stations discussed at some point in the series?
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