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  1. The first season, anyway. The less spoken about the second season, the better.
  2. I don't know whether to refer to it as a scripted narrative podcast, or just old fashioned storytelling, but a relatively new podcast that is just absolutely excellent is Old Gods of Appalachia. It's a horror podcast about the old gods, haints, witches and other spooky stuff that inhabit the central Appalachians. I just can't say enough good things about it. I don't even like horror, really. But the narrator/writer/storyteller is nothing short of amazing. I'm probably a little bit biased, since that's where I'm from, but the stories are just top notch all the way around. The characters feel real and everything about the podcast from a technical aspect is really great - especially considering it's only been around for a few months and it's a pretty DIY operation. Those of you that like things in the vein of Limetown, Alice Isn't Dead, Welcome To Nightvale, etc., should really check it out.
  3. I mostly listen to my podcasts through Stitcher. I say mostly, because since Last Podcast on the Left went exclusively to Spotify, I now have to listen to that (and their sister podcast about music, No Dogs In Space) on the Spotify app. I still like Stitcher better, because I'm more familiar with it, but I think the more I use Spotify and become more familiar with it - I may move over to it for everything. Maybe. A few podcasts I support have Patreon-exclusive podcasts (for Patrons, of course) and I listen to them through the Patreon app. It kinda sucks as a podcast app, but it is what it is. I suppose I could download the podcasts and play them another way, but that's just too much effort.
  4. So Season 5 wasn't a sure thing and that's why everything was wrapped in in Season 4 after all? I was just assuming that based on the way the season has felt. I'm glad to hear the series has a proper ending.
  5. So, now I've only got two episodes left in Season 4. For the most part, it's been a fantastic season. Although I have missed seeing G'Kar and Londo during the whole war to retake Earth. That's my only complaint. Season 4 has felt like they didn't think the show would be back for a 5th season and they wanted to make sure and wrap up the Shadow War and resolve the plot with the President all in one season. Which is fine. But now I'm wondering what Season 5 will be like. Can those of you who've watch tell me if it ends in a satisfactory way? If it's a disappointing end to the series, I'd prefer to go ahead and mentally prepare for that before it comes. Thanks!
  6. All the changes between Season 1 and 2 almost did me in. I really struggled through the first handful of episodes at the beginning of the second season. Really didn't like the new captain and the changes to Delenn just seemed silly. I stuck with it though and things are starting to heat up now that I'm around the midway point of the second season. The whole mystery surrounding Kosh is getting a little old though. They're stretching it out too slowly and it just doesn't seem believable. I don't even understand why he's on the station from a practical standpoint.
  7. For some reason, Amazon started on Episode 1 instead of with the pilot. I had to scroll back to find it. It was listed as Episode 0. I'm glad I did. It explained things that I didn't really get in the first 9 episodes. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series now.
  8. So, I've now watched the opening title sequence seven times. And I'm well aware that Baylon 5 is the last of the Babylon stations. But I'm really curious if I'll learn why that is. Is the fate of the other Babylon stations discussed at some point in the series?
  9. Since this is finally on a streaming service, I'm FINALLY getting a chance to watch it. I'm only three episodes in to seeing it for the first time and ho boy - that's some dated CGI. I can't imagine that was even good CGI at the time, but maybe it was? I'd love to hear the opinion of some folks that watched it back in the day. But, the writing was clearly strong. And, I'm assuming it will get stronger as the series finds its footing after a while. So, I'm looking forward to this watch. Even if the CGI completely takes me out of the story at times.
  10. This is probably the one show I have never seen, but most feel like I should, because I would probably really enjoy it. I've been waiting for years for some online streaming service to pick it up so I can watch, but it still hasn't been. Does anyone know if there's a reason for that? Seems like between Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc., someone would pick it up and offer it for streaming.
  11. I'm not asking for something that requires much thought at all. I'd just like to know what are some books/authors you enjoy?
  12. An honest question, Rychard: who are some authors that you look up to and don't consider to be writing for trogs like us? Because I really don't understand what you're getting at.
  13. Hell... what was that line in reference to? I remember the thread, and it was epic. Turned out to be a hoax though, right? I am sad that I can't remember the particulars of it now though.
  14. I know. I realize PB was blunt in his assessment, but that's just PB. After reading through some of Rychard's story, I honestly can't disagree with any of the points PB was making.
  15. I'm confused by this first paragraph. Is the lady referred to large or small? Because in one sentence, she is described as having a "well-rounded frame" which I tend to think means large and curvy. But in a following sentence it says "because she was so very petite, the steps didn’t even so much as groan as she made her way carefully down them" which seems to contradict her being "well-rounded."
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