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  1. About a month ago the 2023 Audie Awards streamed it's awards show, and Rosamund Pike won for best female narrator for Eye of the World audiobook. Seemed like a surprise to the hosts that she was actually in the audience. Here she gives a great acceptance speech: Yes, probably should go to the Literature section but I didn't want to start a new topic there.
  2. Speaking of Wes Anderson.... (video on the Napoleon Dynamite effect compares the aethetics with Wed Anderson films, amongst other discussions)
  3. I will probably die of cringe if I watched this: ‘Stars On Mars’: Natasha Leggero, Ariel Winter, Lance Armstrong, Adam Rippon, Ronda Rousey Among Celebs Set For Fox Competition Series https://deadline.com/2023/05/stars-on-mars-natasha-leggero-ronda-rousey-lance-armstrong-cast-1235356154/ Also featuring McLovin and Shatner (as host/Mission Control).
  4. Is Janeway the most senior officer in Starfleet now? Would the most senior ranked officer be actually included in the cabinet of the Federation's President?
  5. Warner Bros. Discovery Swings to $50M Streaming Profit, Says U.S. Streaming Business Will Be Profitable for 2023 https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/business-news/warner-bros-discovery-earnings-streaming-profitable-subscribers-1235480432/ Paramount Should Just Quit Streaming at This Point — Analyst https://www.indiewire.com/news/business/paramount-plus-quit-streaming-analyst-1234859135/ Someone reminded me it took Netflix 20 years to be profitable. Only Netflix, Hulu, and now apparently MAX are currently profitable. Everyone else is losing money. Apple has like a trillion dollars so it can absorb losses, and even buy out others.
  6. The book is called Wool. You might know of it under that name? I've heard of it, never read it.
  7. Warm feelings all around for the whole thing, aside from the really dark moments.
  8. Paramount Streaming Loss Widens to $511M as Paramount+ Hits 60M Subs https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/business-news/paramount-global-first-quarter-streaming-loss-subscribers-1235479575/
  9. Additional little bit from JMS about the music, unfortunately Christopher Franke won't be doing it:
  10. Throw Roll Heroes? Their Royal Highness? The Ranger Heist? Telepaths 'R Here?
  11. I'd expect that next week when WB does its official announcement.
  12. Whatever it is, his Patreon subscribers already know, and apparently it is very cool. He was talking about animation writers today, that the WGA strike doesn't cover animation writers apparently.
  13. Oh, we doing thirst posts now? Okay then...
  14. Wow, if only the rocket engineers took advice from non-engineers, everything would turn out perfect! "If not mitigating any damage whatsoever even if you know it's on the table is what a test launch is for, why didn't they send pilots up in it?" Is this non-sequitur suppose to be a logical sentence? If you're under the impression this is a complete near-final design of the rocket with life support and seats, you're being absurdly naive about the process. Yes, they're really are doing a lot of new things that go beyond what they were planning to already do, claims otherwise are special pleading.
  15. You're making a claim there is mysterious, unknown damage that you're hanging an extensive freak-out on. Now they know more about the dynamics of launching Starship, they're taking a number of steps to prevent that same pad damage from re-occuring. Which is exactly learning from a test launch is for.
  16. They're suing the FAA, not SpaceX. After every launch no matter what happens environmental groups sue. I assume their lawyers are making bank. You can characterize it as a disaster but that doesn't touch reality. As I quoted above and you decided to ignore the words the Fish & Wildlife Service itself:
  17. https://spacenews.com/fish-and-wildlife-service-documents-damage-from-starship-launch/
  18. SpaceX is remarkably transparent in most things it does, unlike most other companies in the industry, and they put a lot of work into safety. The test went well. No one died or was harmed. Nothing not owned by SpaceX was damaged. None of the particulate matter fallen is toxic, it's just sand and concrete dust. That's what risk assessment is for -- not for things to go perfectly, but to assess if harm would result. Musk did a "twitter spaces" audio call to talk about it (stole this from reddit):
  19. This guy only made it through the first chapter of the fanfic guy's book.
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