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  1. Was hoping Harold and The Purple Crayon was a Harold and Kumar spin-off, tbh.
  2. Took me a moment to remember that's not the same Steven Knight that did Spartacus and Netflix Daredevil.
  3. The RVC are fanatical fascists apparently, wanting to depose Putin to create a smaller Russia as a white ethnostate. I can't cheer them on.
  4. Sounds like there was a problem relighting all the landing engines. 13 were supposed to be on and apparently only two were. Also green was seen in the flames, meaning it was "engine-rich" euphemism for burning steel. Perfect launch -- all 33 enginees lit. Perfect hot stage separation. Tested the "pez dispenser" payload bay doors. Tested the fuel transfer maneuver successfully. Maneuvering thrusters seemed to have issues, ship was tumbling oddly before they started using the flaps in the deorbit. Yes, that was a beautiful plasma sheath. Just heard ship lost in the landing. So likely issues with relighting the engines with that too. Amazing test launch -- happy Pi day!
  5. Starship IFT-3 attempt launch today, propellants loading, countdown aiming for about 8:25 CT / 1:25 UTC. Everyday Astronaut's livestream NASASpaceFlight's stream: Ellie In Space's stream from the top of one of SpaceX"s high bays.
  6. https://collider.com/star-trek-starfleet-academy-filming-window-episode-count/ Star Trek: Starfleet Academy probably debuting next year, 10 episodes. Tawny Newsome of Lower Decks is in the writing room, and Kurtzman said some of the flavour of that show has migrated into it.
  7. This reminds me how the Trump admin conducted meetings in the dark because know one knew how to turn the lights on. Who will be left who actually knows how to run the mechanics of the election campaign? Hopefully no one.
  8. Quick review of the IFT-3 mission's changes in flight path, upgrades to the rocket and launch pad, etc.
  9. FAA lists flight dates for next Starship launch, so I assume that launch license is imminent.
  10. Guaranteed best view would be in an hot air balloon above the clouds.
  11. Finally sorted my plans. Camping the night before to avoid the traffic, and if it's cloudy will just enjoy the trails and campfires.
  12. Tentative date March 14th (7:30am ET) for the 3rd Starship flight, mission IFT-3. This one has it's trajectory changed to splashdown in the Indian Ocean, I assume to loop at least once around the Earth and give the flight team more time to do tests in orbit.
  13. Another important dimension is the degrading ability to transport cargo around Russia. https://www.kyivpost.com/post/27740 Not enough locomotives, lack of ability to get parts and materials (special lubricants, bearings, etc.), lack of personnel for maintenance and repair as they've deployed to Ukraine, etc. It looks like it's slowed the economy down but it isn't in a "Russia is collapsing as a nation" degree. Potential coups in my mind is just replacing one asshole with another. But lack of ability to maintain the engines of the economy would the canary in the coal mine making possible for distant oblasts to actually break away. Maybe in 20 years after the effects of this war and Russians is in the midst of a worsening population crisis.
  14. Dude probably has walked right through Mar-a-lago several times.
  15. Grosses Domestic (45.7%) $81,500,000 International (54.3%) $97,000,000 Worldwide $178,500,000 These were the numbers as of yesterday, likely will be updated this morning.
  16. I saw one comment on a youtube video suggest that some of the events regarding Chani from the book might be moved to Dune Part 3 / Dune Messiah, and I think that's probably correct.
  17. I haven an open invitation to my friend's place in Austin to watch it, but obviously Niagara is a lot closer. That's about as far as I'm willing to travel, yet I waited 50 years for this. lol
  18. Can Zelenskyy run in the Russian election against Putin?
  19. Anyone else preparing to go to the solar eclipse on April 8th? So far I have six people going with me to Niagara Falls, since the path of totality goes right through it (and Buffalo, NY). Got me some cool steampunky welder's glasses rated for eclipses too. Next one isn't until 2099. I missed the last total eclipse 50 years ago because it was too cloudy. I was in Grade 4. I've been astronomically bitter ever since!
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