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  1. The audition script for whom is likely Sammael was posted too. He's going to involved with things in Tanchico. https://www.wotseries.com/2024/01/17/scoop-a-small-forsaken-sneak-peek-in-season-3-audition-tape/ I think it likely the doorway ter'angreals will be used to go from Tanchico to Rhuidean. Only question is if there is a world of the finns in between, or something else. My fancasting based on this audition script rather than the books is Wes Chatham should play Sammael.
  2. The "Ty and That Guy" podcast episode about Galaxy Quest is great look at it.
  3. meanwhile, Axiom Space was hoping to launch a private human crew on a Falcon 9 / Dragon today to the ISS, but it's been delayed at least a day for additional safety checks.
  4. Rumours of an exoplanet with biosignatures remain rumours while scientists collect and discuss the evidence.... Sounds like a pretty hefty planet: Both methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reported too. But also dimethyl sulfide. So maybe an Algae Planet. Hopefully not with cylons. Someone in the comments pointed out an interesting fact. Since it's only 120 light years away, our radio broadcasts would be reaching it around now.
  5. I don't watch most of what he posts, and its a lot of Stargate rumours, but he says he has contacts in MGM mainly, and a few other studios including Paramount. Some appear to be contacts in the marketing departments that are passing on internal company rumours (which might be true at the time). But if I remember correctly was right about the Babylon 5 stuff, and that the Michelle Yeoh Section 31 series was becoming a movie instead.
  6. This guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnceAiZEJKQ says it's a leak by Bad Robot, and they're just pitches that Paramount has not approved, and are now quite pissed off about.
  7. Yes. So far no philosophy nerd nihilist monologues though.
  8. So.... no True Detective thread that gets 20 pages by morning this time around?
  9. or they've become Reavers from Firefly / Serenity.
  10. If what is necessary means you can leave out things needed for the long term plans, then: getting Starship to mars -> orbital refueling getting Starship back from mars -> fuel production on mars from frozen and atmospheric sources of CO2 and water. getting the humans inside Starship to mars -> life support in space (some of it can be scaled up from Dragon) keeping the humans inside Starship alive on the surface of mars -> life support on mars the last could involve landing near a source of ice to use to make drinking water and breathable oxygen, or they could plan to cache enough of that with prior cargo ships (along with the food, medicine, and other consumables). What SpaceX engineers have said is that the first missions won't need totally closed-loop recycling of air and water. The benefit of taking 100 to 200 tons per cargo delivery is you have a lot of mass to use for consumables.
  11. Update from NASA regarding the Artemis Program: * Artemis 2 (the four-person crewed circumnavigation of the Moon) will be delayed to NET September 2025 * Artemis 3 (landing the crewed Starship HLS) postponed to NET September 2026 - the reasons for the delays on NASA's side of the equation is that there were 3 issues found: 1) unwanted erosion of Orion's heat shield was seen in the Artemis 1 mission back in Dec 2022. 2) issues found in the life support circuitry. 3) issues found in Orion's electrical systems found in various scenarios of the launch abort sequence. Probably would work just fine but might not maintain power margins needed from separation all the way to touchdown.
  12. Update from SpaceX: * reason for the IFT-2 Starship RUD traced to when they vented extra oxygen that wasn't needed since Starship wasn't carrying a payload to orbit. If they had been carrying a payload, and thus didn't dump the oxygen, they would have made it to orbit. * expected to get to orbit with IFT-3, aiming for mid February. * Sounds like carrying the new Starlink v.3 as payload, and ejecting them while on a suborbital trajectory to Hawaii, but apparently still high enough to deploy the Starlink into proper orbit. * want to solve orbital refueling this year, but likelier next year. Will perform an inter-tank (still within a single vehicle) propellant transfer for NASA on IFT-3. About 10 tons of oxygen from the header tank (containing LOX used for landing) to the main tank, and back again. * plan to test the payload door in this next launch as well. * and do a zero G burn of the vacuum Raptors for the first time. * with Starship there is a path to 200t to orbit with full reusability. * Aiming for up to 150 orbital launches in 2024 * Qualifying Falcon 9 boosters for reuse on up to 40 flights each * Demonstrated 3-day launchpad turnaround, aiming for under 24 hours by the end of this year * Shipped the 4th generation Starlink Terminal and introducing Starlink Mini later this year that "can fit in a backpack." * Starlink V2 mini sats: upgraded from 88TB/s to 165TB/s . * Building a second Starship tower in Texas.
  13. That Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 finale was fun:
  14. Yes, that definitely was incorrect. Tense though! Surprised they didn't kill off someone in that fight.
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