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  1. Protesters set up a guillotine outside Jeff Bezos’ mansion and demanded higher wages for Amazon workers after the CEO’s net worth surpassed $200 billion
  2. The attack of the mountain clans threw a spanner in the works before Tyrion could get round to informing Catelyn about Lysa's mental state.
  3. Tyrion warned her about Littlefinger, not Lysa.
  4. Indeed! Catelyn was, however, blissfully unaware of the mental state of her sister, prior to arriving at the Eyrie.
  5. King Robert is not the sharpest knife in the box, and very unfortunately in the Seven Kingdoms the buck stops with him. For security reasons, of course. By going to the Vale she avoids being intercepted by the Lannisters, which for a certainty would happen if she would travel to King's Landing, Riverrun or Winterfell. Behind the Bloody Gate and within the safety of the Eyrie, Catelyn is beyond the reach of the Lannisters. In the Eyrie she can question Tyrion and also send out ravens in order to make the necessary arrangements to bring him to justice before the Iron Throne, such as obtaining a strong escort of knights and men-at-arms as well as safe passage to King's Landing under the protection of the King's banner.
  6. That is a textbook example of Robert's abysmal attitude towards the tedious matter actually governing his country. He is annoyed that an issue has arisen which he cannot ignore, a loathed distraction from his passtimes: eating, drinking, feasting, hunting and whoring. It is a bare necessity in a country where there are only a few places that have something that has the semblance of the presence of a rudimentary permanent police force. Ned does that for political and personal reasons in order to protect his wife from the inconvenience of the inevitable Lannister retalition, because even the Lannisters cannot (publically) go against the command of the Hand of the King. Dicey is the key word here. What Catelyn has done is not wrong or unlawful, but dangerous because her arrestee is from a rich and powerful house. It is also seemingly legally untested and poorly chartered territory, since it will not have happened too often that, for example, a riverman arrests an ironman in the Vale for what he has done in Dorne. Most such citizen's arrests will naturally be carried out near one's home given the very limited distances the average inhabitant of the Seven Kingdoms travels. Making a citizen's arrest of someone rich and powerful will even in our present day and age lead to inconvenience. As for Ned feeling uncomfortable with what Catelyn did, that is, of course, very logical because he knows that there will be quite the backlash from livid Lannisters. Catelyn is his accuser, and what she did is basically instituting a private prosecution to bring Tyrion to justice before the Iron Throne as well as taking him into pre-trial custody for questioning and further inquiries. Needless to say that Catelyn would liked to have avoided Tyrion to better prepare her case, but very unfortunately for her Marilion blew her cover.
  7. Choosing Tony Abbott as UK trade envoy 'staggering', says Labour.
  8. It is good news for the U.S. lobstermen, whose exports have suffered a lot lately. This was in part caused by deteriorating trade relations with the E.U. and China.
  9. Not too well, I expect, given the incompetence of the present British government.
  10. Yes, there is. The likes of the people who think that they cure or prevent corona by drinking bleach or fish tank cleaning agents.
  11. From: AGoT - Catelyn V Catelyn was actually performing the Westerosi equivalent of a Citizen's Arrest, invoking the King's Peace by arresting Tyrion in the name of King Robert and the feudal lords who are bound to uphold the King's Peace in order to bring Tyrion to justice. Nope. Any Lord can grant a portion of his feudal land holdings to any person, making such individual a vassal of his in the process.
  12. She probably says that for legal reasons since getting paid to have sex is a crime in a but one U.S. State while getting paid for being filmed while having sex is just a legal way to pay the bills.
  13. Top Chinese diplomat says Australia's call for coronavirus inquiry was 'shocking'.
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