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  1. Tywin Manderly

    Davos Seaworth as Admiral of a war fleet

    Spoiler from The Winds of Winter:
  2. Indeed. In addition will Littlefinger want Tyrion dead for Tyrion will one day be coming for him because he framed Tyrion multiple times. A Lannister always pays his debts.
  3. Tywin Manderly

    Why hadn't Cersei tried to kill Tyrion before?

    Even if it looked like a alcohol poisoning Tywin or Jaime would still order an examination of Tyrion's body by a maester and given the knowledge that maesters have about poisons foul play would soon enough be established.
  4. Tywin Manderly

    Why hadn't Cersei tried to kill Tyrion before?

    It is a combination of various factors which prevented Cersei from killing Tyrion. Cersei thought she had forestalled the prophecy by killing Melara so killing Tyrion would not be necessary. In addition there is the taboo on kinslaying Also, in the event that Tyrion would get killed, Tywin and Jaime would not leave a single stone unturned in order to catch the killer and/ot the one ordering the killing. Jaime would do so out of love and Tywin for the honour of House Lannister.
  5. Tywin Manderly

    Robb? Why Not a Fleet of Sellsails?

    From ASoS, Catelyn III: Apparently Manderley's fleet (or any sufficient portion thereof) was not ready to sail south to pick Robb and his army up since he had to ask his aunt Lysa to provide him with ships at Gulltown.
  6. For me: House Autumn Sigil: Semé of silver towers on Royal Blue. Words: "Our Roof, Our Rule". Lands: The lands between Blazewater Bay and Moat Cailin, South of Barrowton and North of Flint's Finger. Location: Moat Cailin and Port Sunset. (The latter being a large harbor city on Blazewater Bay.) Seat: Moat Cailin. (In its full ancient glory.) House Weapons: The Valyrian steel greatswords known as Catty Catelyn, Widow's Wrath, Bully's Bane, and Leathal Lady. House Heirlooms: Ring of Light, Chain of Omens, Chalice of Autumn, Spear of Destiny. Fealty: House Stark of Winterfell Gods: The Gods of Tits and Wine Blood: First Men, mixed with that of various far away exotic lands. Known for: Succession of Eldest Child; Wealth and Extravaganza; owners of the Far Away Company, a huge trading company that trades with numerous mysterious lands; owners of the Sunset Bank of the North; and benefactors and protectors of the Academy, an institute of higher learning that also admits women and which is the proud rival of the Maesters of the Citadel of Oldtown. History: House Autumn descends from a line of petty kings during the Age of Heroes, but joined the domain of the Kings of Winter at some point during the days of the Andal Invasions. Titles: The Lord of Autumn, Lord of the Twilight Zone, Lord Moat Cailin and Port Sunset, Shield of the Southron Marches, Defender of Blazewater Bay, Protector of the Academy, (or The Lady of Autumn, Lady of the Twilight Zone, Lady of Moat Cailin and Port Sunset, Shield of the Southron Marches, Defendress of Blazewater Bay, Protectress of the Academy).
  7. Tywin Manderly

    Robb? Why Not a Fleet of Sellsails?

    When pilliaging the westerlands the northern army has amassed a lot of plunder, including gold from several goldmines. He could have used that loot to pay sellsails from the Free Cities to sail his army out of the riverlands to the North. Alternatively he also might have used that plunder to employ sellswords to drive the Ironborn out of the North. He truly is his father's son not the use the possibillities at your disposal. Yet another textbook example of Robb's ineptitude and Stark blight?
  8. Tywin Manderly

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Catelyn got a pass because Robb felt guity and semi-ashamed about marrying Jeyne Westerling. In addition was she clever enough to act submissively when being brought before Robb. It also helped that some time had passed between her releasing Jaime and Robb's arrival at Rivverun.
  9. Tywin Manderly

    A New Husband for Catelyn

    That would be an amazing match. A marriage about which one could easily write an entire book series about.
  10. Tywin Manderly

    A New Husband for Catelyn

    As we're talking post-Red Wedding in this instance: Tywin Lannister can, as Hand of the King, simply make Catelyn the Lady of Riverrun and Lady Paramount of the Trident should he wish so. It just requires a single stroke of the pen since Edmure committed treason against the Iron Throne.
  11. Tywin Manderly

    A New Husband for Catelyn

    Who would have been a good match for the widowed Lady Catelyn?
  12. Tywin Manderly

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    What would have been an appropriate punishment for Catelyn for setting Jaime Lannister free without Robb's leave?
  13. Tywin Manderly

    The Sack of Darry

    Robb gave those Riverlords leave to return to their lands because he had no need for them in his plans to get the Lannisters out of the Riverlands: pillaging the westerlands with his cavalry while in the meanwhile living off the land. To prevent a severe loss of face Tywin would be forced to take his army, which was mostly infantry, on a forced march back to westerlands, during which he would loose strength through exhaustion deaths and desertion. Having arrived in his (ravaged) lands, Tywin would have to play catch-up with the northern cavalry trailing Robb through the westerlands until Robb would have Tywin in the place where he would give him battle. Robb would most likely defeat Tywin and then he could sue for peace from a position of extreme strength.
  14. Ned does not need to convince anyone. He is the Warden of the North and on his home turf he can browbeat anyone into submissive silence. Catelyn, as well as various servants at Winterfell, can tell you all about that. It also helps that people below the Neck view the North as a remote grey waste about which they care little. In addition is it in Westeros considered rude to pry into the origins of someone's bastard and nobody is going to run the risk of incurring the wrath of a Great Lord for something as trival and common as a lord's bastard.
  15. Tywin Manderly

    By what right did Lysa/Robin judge Tyrion?

    Might is right in Westeros, where there is only kangaroo justice, so technically Lysa, as Lady Regent of the Vale, had the right to judge Tyrion because he was in the Vale of Arryn. That said, Lysa was, of course, bonkers to put Tyrion, who is the son of a Great Lord of Westeros and the brother-in-law of the king, on trial instead of passing the matter on to the Iron Throne as Catelyn had intended.