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  1. Baroness Catharine Letitia Hoey... The sad irony of being given a job for life in an unelected chamber because you didn’t stand for election again in the elected chamber.
  2. Patient, Can You Spare a Dime? The shameless racket which the system of health care in the United States is never ceases to amaze as well as appall me!
  3. Trump just wished Ghislaine Maxwell well... so there may be hope for her.
  4. The smarter move for Ghislaine Maxwell it would be to lobby Trump to pardon her after the November election. It might work because there is little love lost between Trump and the SDNY and he would love it to screw them over.
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8531293/Ghislaine-Maxwell-paid-25K-Jacob-Wohl-smear-victims-AG-fired.html It seems that Ghislaine Maxwell paid several lobbyist goons to smear Epstein victims and get prosecutor Geoffrey Berman fired in attempt to the stall sex trafficking investigation against her.
  6. Let them eat cake 2020. . . The arrogance, out-of-touchness and vacuousness of that entitled, incompetent, spoilt and idiotic airhead never ceases to amaze me.
  7. This is good news for Ghislaine Maxwell since I wouldn't put it past Trump to pardon her.
  8. Not to mention dishing out her secret stash of sex tapes featuring numerous movers and shakers which she is said to have squirelled away. Ghislaine is a dead woman walking.
  9. Unless they put her in ADX Florence, not too long. United States Marshals Service versus MI6. . . That would be a very interesting battle.
  10. The Lannisters have to keep up the Baratheon charade because they are impopular and do not have the power to conquer - and subsequently hold on to - the Iron Throne by themselves, hence the Lannister-Tyrell Alliance. And without the Stark-Tully-Arryn-Baratheon Alliance, Robert Baratheon wouldn't have won the Iron Throne. But yes, any claimant can win the Iron Throne with sufficiently large military and myth-building resources as well as cleverly making use of the societal fault lines in the Seven Kingdoms. Viserys named Dany Princess of Dragonstone while she merely was his heir presumptive, and he also was young enough to have children of his own. Stannis indeed was Robert's heir to Storm's End, until Bob decided to screw Stannis over and give Storm's End to Renly. That carries the significant risk of incurring the wrath of the victor, and as a consequence being taken to the cleaners by him.
  11. By winning Robert's Rebellion, Robert Baratheon became the founder a new royal dynasty by right of conquest. Only the legitimate descendants of a founder of a royal dynasty can inherit a throne. Stannis is a sibling of Robert and therefore not an heir to the Iron Throne. The castle and island of Dragonstone were indeed given to Stannis, aye, but not the title Prince of Dragonstone, which signifies heirship to the Iron Throne. Stannis was created a mere Lord of Dragonstone. Stannis was actually not too happy with this grant, because he wanted Storm's End since its lands and incomes and other resources are much larger than those of Dragonstone. Keeping your lands, titles and incomes. If the Iron Throne is vacant there is a succession crisis with uncertainty beyond belief. You never know who is going to end up on the throne. This new king will also have to reward his supporters with lands and titles, and that may be very well be at your expense if you end up on the losing side.
  12. Stannis would only be Robert's heir if it had been Steffon Baratheon who had won the Iron Throne by right of conquest. Very much so. For the smallfolk it is believing in Robert's propaganda about the Targ Blood in his veins, spread at his behest to smooth over the inconvenient truth of his accession to the Iron Throne as well as boost his legitimacy a bit; for the nobility it is interests.
  13. Actually there is no heir at all because Robert, who established a new royal dynasty, did not have any legitimate children due to the twincest. The Iron Throne is therefore vacant and totally up for grabs. A would not work to solve the issue since the claimants to the Iron Throne are willing, and to various degrees able, to back their claim up with military force.
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