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  1. Regular season should just end in a tie after 4 quarters. We've had enough ties even with OT that I think this would be fine and also help keep a lock on TV scheduling. I think it would be fun to see teams go for the win more in the final quarter of the game if they don't want a bunch of tie games. OT in the playoffs should just be an extra 15 minute quarter to start, then 10 minute quarters until there is a winner. Get rid of sudden death. There's really no need for it and it doesn't make any sense in a game like football (which is more like baseball than hockey or soccer). It'd be like if in baseball you went to extra innings and the away team could win outright with a home run. It'd be a dumb rule, yet somehow in football we've collectively decided that it's fine. Sudden death doesn't belong in football.
  2. I remember before and right after week 1, when there were multiple posters trying to give the title to Tampa Bay. I said then that it's a longer season, more likely than not to have to play the wild card round, and absolutely requires that their receiving corps stay healthy. TB12 did almost do it again, but those aforementioned things always have a way of catching up to you in the playoffs. Just goes to show that you can't crown any team at the beginning of the year.
  3. I'm in a similar boat, though I focused on getting as much of the prophesies as I could done and then moved to upping my heat. Chiron is by far my favorite. Add some hangover on special - weak, doom, or chill on attack, +40% for dual status effect. Everything just dies and requires almost no investment. Doing the prophesies, especially going for legendaries, gave me a lot of insight on how powerful some of the boons can be. Demeter is definitely an unsung hero, especially on fists, but is really effective for almost every fast weapon - slow enemies are incredibly easy to dodge. Aphrodite is crazy powerful on your slower weapons and weak is no joke. 8 Fated Authorities can get you some crazy stuff for end-game, especially if you can get a couple more. You can leverage Styx to force a specific god really easily, just switch your non-god boon until you get a god-boon and if it's not the right god, go to the next one. You'll never duplicate gods and can get 4-5 boons right at the end to make your build killer. I've been skipping shops lately on my way up as well and choosing the mirror that gives you +15% after every biome. Very rarely do I not have enough to get the 1200 for more Titan Blood (3 per run FTW!). So far I've been able to unlock every weapon and max out at least one aspect (sometimes two) per. Really just trying to finish out the side-quests more than anything, but I can feel I'm getting toward the end and may put it down before going back to a few of my other games I got for Christmas.
  4. Watched The Eternals and I actually enjoyed it. I think I just have a super high tolerance for super hero movies to the point that even the consensus "good ones" feel about the same as the bad ones. I turn my brain off regardless and The Eternals seemed to fit in fine with the rest.
  5. Fists with Demeter on attack could be a good training ground. Builds slow on everything, just hold down attack and dodge strike to avoid attacks. Far less twitchy and a pretty fun build with Aphrodite on dodge, lots of centaur hearts, Hermes to add dodge, Artemis for critical, and ares/Poseidon on call.
  6. For sword you have only two real options for the hammer. The one where you get two dash strikes +20% for each strike, or a combo of flurry strike and the one where you get 2 hp for every hit. Definitely need to lean into the dash strikes tho. Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Athena are all great on dash. Zeus is good on attack. Ares if you get Athena on special and get merciful end. ETA cast builds can be a good option as well.
  7. I hate calorie deficits, so I want them to be as short as possible, aiming for a 20% cut. Once I cut alcohol I can usually shed the extra fat quickly. Then again, I’m also starting at 30 lbs heavier than you, so it’s easier these first few weeks.
  8. Started a shadow boxing program, lifting 2 days a week, cut drinking for the month, and have started eating much better. Weighed myself on Jan 1 and it was the most I've been in like 7 years. I've already dropped 8 lbs and expect to do this for the next 6 weeks. Goal is to lose 20 total by then and see where I'm at, but things are looking good so far! Happy New Year y'all!!!
  9. It's been a while, but my second go through clicked pretty quickly. I became really invested once I got the arrow that explodes and takes out electronic systems and the combat started opening up in a way that allowed me to stop relying on sneaking all over the place. The combat is actually pretty deep, but is very restricted at first. I skipped the hunting grounds for the most part, but did every other quest in the game.
  10. Got up to ~5 heat on some of my weapons and have decided to pivot and go for the 15 blood you get for beating the game with every pact of punishment. So I'm currently going one by one with whatever weapon I'm getting a boost from so I can also collect some Darkness and finish out my mirror at the same time. The problem I'm having now is that there are definitely builds that work better than others and I have to lean on those so I can finish, but it's starting to get a bit samey. Might finally need a break and play something else for a bit
  11. I also did this. Did the tutorial, shelved it for a few weeks, then came back to it and couldn't put it down. The beginning is ridiculously slow, but it picks up rather quickly after.
  12. Ok, unlocked all the aspects, now I'm going through the prophesies, focusing first on finishing with the hidden aspects. Beat it yesterday with Arthur and a reflect build, and am currently in the middle of a good run with the rail hidden aspect. At the same time I'm trying to finish all the side quests, which seems to just be a battle of wills as you ever so slowly unlock their conversations. Having a blast and already up to heat 4 for most of the weapons.
  13. I like all of them! That’s the problem… At least for these first few heat settings it’s not too bad to deal with and I’m getting 2 bloods a run typically, so right now I’m just saving them, but I’m sure this isn’t sustainable. That’s the plan, working my way through the hidden aspects now. It’s just weird to have so many blood just sitting there
  14. Nice @Arakasi!!! I just unlocked all the base models of all the weapons and started collecting titan blood. Currently just running whichever has dark thirst on it and trying out the different capabilities. Ran a spear build that got to hades, but didn't really get good rolls for it. But had a pretty good run with a bow build with a triple aphrodite shot that destroyed mobs. My problem now is not knowing what I want to spend my blood on.
  15. Just finished beating Hades with all the different types of weapons. Having 3 revives and focusing on health, dodge, and damage reduction over pretty much everything else gives a lot of room for error, but also I think it allows the build to shine a bit more since the combos really matter. Fists were a Zeus/Aphrodite build that just stun locked everyone. Rail was similar build, but a much different playstyle focusing on buffing myself with the special. Gonna work on getting the rest of the weapons and turn up the heat next.
  16. Just popping in to say that Jaskier makes this show for me. He’s hilarious and writes absolute bangers. Burn Butcher Burn is an amazing follow up to Toss a Coin. That is all, continue….
  17. Watching The Great on Hulu and absolutely love it. My mom turned me into it and it’s fucking hilarious. Highly recommended if you’d be interested in a raunchy, historical, hilarious, period piece about Katherine the Great in Russia.
  18. If you're boosting doom, you're going to get 150-200 damage per drop to start. If you've got merciful end, reflect drops doom immediately. Supplement with cast and the mirror boost that increases damage when casts are in an enemy for even more damage. Artemis can also make some of those drops crits. If you've got Dionysus or Aphrodite you can take advantage of the 40% damage when two status' are present - more doom damage. Impending doom at that point is great because you're getting a free 60% boost if you can trigger reflect w/ your attack/dash/call. Some of those doom hits are going to go for 1000-1500 damage. This build works for almost any weapon. Or you could try the Dionosys/(Aphrodite/Ares) build I just did. Stacks poison on everything and doom/weak increases that damage, status mirror boosts it 40%, and there are a lot of fun duos in there. ETA: If you're having trouble with the duo in Elysium, doom makes it really easy. Just run around the edge and focus your doom attacks on the minotaur only. Then once he's gone, get the spear thrower, because once he's at 50% health he uses a call that makes fighting both of them a PITA. Then you just run around the edge and throw your doom shield when you can. It might take some time, but you'll survive.
  19. I did a Merciful End build that was super successful. Start with Ares and get doom on special, Hammer that adds more hits/bounces to your special, Athena on Attack, Merciful End duo boon, Athena either on dash or call (or both). Poseidon on dash is good too. If you get any other boons, throw them on cast if you can't choose a different one. You can pretty much spam your special and everything just doom dies. Could probably do something similar with a Zeus/Poseidon build. Poseidon on special, Zeus on attack, get their duo boon and just spam special. Then just keep adding more and more Zeus for extra damage.
  20. Echo everything here. HZD is probably a top 10 game of all time for me, and probably the best overall game I played on PS4. I was late to the party with it, but damn does it have one of the best gaming stories of all time. The combat is also surprisingly deep. Hopeful for HFW, but it's gonna be a hard act to follow. I have only gotten that duo boon once and it was super fun. It was when I first started playing the game and had no real idea on what I was doing, but I made it to Styx with it. Will have to try it again soon. I got two more clears yesterday. First was with the Nemesis sword with an Ares/Athena Merciful End build. Finally got the Athena dash and a bunch of boons to help out reflect, plus got lucky with a couple extra death revivals. Stayed on Hades ass and had a pretty easy time of it. This was after doing a similar build with fists and getting really close to taking him down with those. Second clear was with a Dionysus/Ares bow build, the bow where you can get all your special arrows to go to one guy. The main difference with how I approached this particular run was that I prioritized life, dodging, and removing damage over extra damage. I think I only used 2 poms the entire time and it was one of my easier clears (nothing beats my Zeus/Poseidon spear build). I think I've been engrained via almost every other game to take damage over vitality that I didn't think this particular strategy would be helpful, and boy was I wrong with that. I'm going to use this strategy for a few more runs and see if it holds up. Only have fists and the rail left, then it's time to bring the heat. On base difficulty and a few successful runs under my belt, dying before Styx is now pretty rare
  21. Had 2 really good runs with the bow where both of them had Hades down to a sliver of health, only to lose my last life. Same build both times, aspect was the one you'd tag with the attack and special home in on them. Both times was an ares/drunk guy (forgot his name) build. First run I got like 3 duo boons that were all super helpful. Second time I didn't think I'd do as well and then right before Hades I got another duo boon that slowed down projectiles (which apparently also includes most of Hades attacks). I had to move to a different weapon after that one, so tried out the rail and died to Hades on my first run. I've got a good run going right now with the sword that I'll finish up tonight. Hopefully this is the run, but I'm still having a tough time with hades attacks when up close. Probably because I'm a spaz.
  22. Overall, a fairly respectable fantasy season. Took 2nd in my 12 man, $100 league by one point in the super bowl (he had Chase and Metcalf - combined 7 touchdowns), 3rd in C, 4th in my other money league - but pretty poorly in both A & B, missing A playoffs due to one really bad Covid week where my entire bench was either on IR or not playing.
  23. One of my friends that I did a math major with did his capstone on the mathematics of 4th down. The TLDR version is that it's almost always a better return to go for it on 4th and short than to punt it unless you are within your own 20 yard line. Between 20 and 35 has a slight edge to go for it, and anything over the 35 yard line it is a pretty significant advantage to the offense. Just like what happened to baseball about 15 years ago, football has finally come around to leveraging analytics to make decisions. I know it was it jest, but Madden doesn't really have anything to do with this trend.
  24. Been playing through Hades over the long weekend and pulled off two wins. First was a shield throwing build with Ares and multiple hits. In Styx I got the duo boon that drops doom on reflect with the reflect god call, which made hades an absolute breeze. Picked him off little by little while mostly hiding and letting doom work its magic, then when my god was full I just face tanked him with regular attack that was basically just doom over and over. Second build was a run I did this morning with the spear and Poseidon and Zeus. Got Poseidon on my special and dash, filled in Zeus on my call, got the duo boon that hits with lightning on knockback, jolt, double lightning hit, extra lighting on hit, and spear skewer that would seek out up to 7 targets on a single throw. Just destroyed rooms by the end and only died once to Hades. Really, the change for me between getting to Hades and beating him were a few really useful mirror mods. Deep pockets to start out w/ 100 gold, dark foresight to have a better chance at some useful rooms, family favorite to get an extra 20% damage for all types of damage once you have 4 god boons (which, IMO, should be the most you should go for), fated persuasion to re-roll what the boons are so you can actually "go" for a build, and all the basic ones (more deaths, casts, dashes, life, etc...). Another good tip I got was to never take a god keepsake with you into Elysium. I've been alternating between extra death, extra life, and 100 gold. With this I pretty much never die before the dynamic duo in Elysium (unless I get a particularly bad run), and at least 50% of the time get to Hades (who still kicks my ass 90% of the time). Overall, super fun game that's got me hooked. Still trying to get a decent run out of the sword since I've only gotten double edge or flurry once each, have only scratched the surface of the fists, shelved the bow since I unlocked its prophecy, and haven't even touched the rail.
  25. Finished the 10th Cradle book by Will Wight last night and really enjoyed it. Really easy reads that we’re hard to put down. Apparently some are turned off by the first book, but I was hooked pretty much immediately. It’s kind of hard to describe, but kind of a sci-fantasy progression martial arts series. Started up his first trilogy and plan on reading his other series after that while I wait for the last 2 books in Cradle to be released
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