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  1. In for A & C, B if there are openings
  2. I've been saying this since I read the book in the 90's
  3. It looks like a really boring first person shooter that wouldn't have brought anything to the table in 2010, much less 2022. I was actually excited when I saw the thumbnail, then was instantly disappointed by how terribly bland everything about the game looks. Just the fact it went FPS is an immediate pass from me, unless this went full VR.
  4. I always just assumed that the x wings couldn't take the elements for that long of a time and it was easier/doable to adjust the speeders. Could also just be limited x-wings and they were getting used to protect the larger ships as they escaped.
  5. October feels like forever away still, but I'm super pumped about this game:
  6. Do you really think they will stop with the "abortion on demand" because of that nuance? To me, this is saying it's ok that a few women unnecessarily die because the conversation would be less nuanced and might be easier to have, when I very much doubt it would.
  7. The guy who played the King of Scotland would have been better, but really anyone who could command the camera and feel strong would have worked much better. Edward seemed like a child trying to act like an adult, which he was, and it made the character seem childish and weak - which the plotting did not really support. It worked in season 3, but it did not in season 4, and was one of the worst parts of season 5 IMO.
  8. Everybody knows you have 2 in your garage, ready to go Ty
  9. Season 4 is basically an entire season build up for things to happen in S5. I thought S4 was by far the worst of the bunch and spent far too much time in Mercia without anything really happening. Also, Edward is just the worst.
  10. Finished Snowpiercer S3 last night and there was a pretty significant drop in quality. The pacing was WAY off with just a shit-ton of stuff happening in the last two episodes. I was laughing with how much crap they just shoved into the end. And I know the premise is kind of crazy to start, but the first season made it work and had sub-plots that made sense. There were just too many jump-the-shark moments that it was hard to ignore. Then there's the last scene where something just happened, but I had no idea why I should care about it. Maybe I was too excited for it, but this season was super disappointing.
  11. Fucking kid loves the roomba. Talks about it constantly. Goes upstairs and starts it w/out telling anyone. Super cute. Fun times. Until the cat starts shitting everywhere without anyone noticing too.
  12. Finished Ozark S4 this weekend and the ending was completely unsatisfactory. Hot garbage might be a bit harsh, but they made some terrible decisions.
  13. This, and the fact that I tend to play longer games without much time to play, are the reasons why I won't get a subscription service until my kids require it. It's also why I still buy and keep a fairly large movie collection. Both have come through for me on multiple occasions.
  14. As you should, tackling the game without summons is definitely a challenge run. I’ve also heard they patched Rykard so you can’t just cheese him to death, so it seems you’re doing awesome! I just finished Radahn and started Rannis quest underground. Then I’ll get Dung Eater and his puppet , finish Ranni, then lock myself into the Frenzied ending. Shouldn’t be too much longer before I finish this run and then start my platinum run to finish out the game. Should take me past 200 hours total.
  15. Right?!?! Monday too. I'm not even that big of a hockey fan, but 11 goals scored in two games is wild
  16. If you haven't played DS2, ER takes quite a few things from that game moreso than DS3 IMO
  17. Awesome tips, thank you! BTW the waygate after Fia's champions takes you underground in Mohg's area
  18. That's my point. You can only keep escalating for so long before it feels contrived. Escalating to tell a story is fine, you just can't do it forever, otherwise you get something like Weeds or House of Cards nonsense.
  19. Sorry for the double, but is anybody watching Shining Girls on AppleTv+? I have no real idea what's going on, yet it's really gripping. Between this and Severance I love that Apple is taking some risks on its content and putting some unique things out there. After getting burned on so many good weird things on Netflix, only to be canceled after a season or 2, I'm happy to see another company willing to make some content that isn't based off some algorithm to get new subscribers. Anyway, there's 3 episodes released so far and I'm hooked.
  20. IMO Ozark has fallen victim to something a lot of shows before it have, and that's the idea that you must constantly be escalating in order to keep the show interesting - where this strategy makes the show feel like it's missing something and drags instead of actually keeping the viewer interested. By the time you get to this point the realism of a broken family trying to keep it together is lost as they juggle dumb shit like national political leaders, cartel interpersonal relationships, and FBI double crosses. It's not the stuff that made this show popular and I'd say most dramatic shows that go on for more than 3 seasons have this issue.
  21. Got through the entirety of Liurnia over the weekend and started Ranni's quest to get a 2nd Darkmoon Greatsword. I think I'm going to try to puppet Dung Eater and hope I can absolve my sins w/ Ranni after doing so. All the guides say its possible, so will go that route. Next portion should be finishing out Radahn, some of the underground stuff to get me ready for Ranni, find a seedbed curse for DE, free him, then give him Seluvis' potion to get his puppet summon. Then I should be able to finish out Ranni's quest, get my sword, then work toward the Frenzied Flame ending.
  22. The link you provided originally was https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2066723/ It's a study from 1991. Regardless, how does any of this data show that it isn't impacting older folks. Just because it's worse for 18-45 year olds doesn't mean it's not impacting other age groups.
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