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  1. Instead they give him an offensive line, top tier defenses, and consistently bruising running backs - which happen to all play to his strengths. Like.. come on.. you know this. Im still trying to figure out why this even matters when the conversation was about you being confused why Josh Allen is good. Did someone hurt you? Can you point to the doll where they touched you?
  2. So the measurement you're using is whether Tyreek Hill has ever played with him. Oddly specific, but I guess I'll give it to you.
  3. How are you measuring that? Numbers-wise, sure - but 25 attempts and 200 yards per game through the air isn't going to make anybody look good. That offense is based on the run and wins when Lamar is rushing well. He makes mistakes when you make him throw the ball.
  4. I’ve been in that bandwagon for years, but the Broncos are my first love. I thought it would be different
  5. Spring? They just ran an option play on 3rd and 1. He won’t make it to week 8
  6. Wtf is happening in Denver. Russel sucks and they have 2 good running backs. Zero touchdowns in the red zone
  7. I'm taking a year off of pick'em this year. Was in three last year which I think burnt me out a bit.
  8. One name that deserves mention and never does is Tony Hawk.
  9. 10 man money league auction draft last night - definitely ended up w/ one of the better teams, but a little too reliant on San Diego. All in all though, very happy w/ my picks. QB - Herbert (Carr) RB - Ekeler, J. Williams, Gibson (Jacobs, Mattison, Herbert) WR - Lamb, McLaurin, M. Williams (Waddle, Cooks, J. Jones, R. Anderson) K - McPherson D - Bucs
  10. JFC, billionaires self reported they were self-made? Of course they do. You haven’t provided anything to actually support your point. Just a bunch of hand waving about how when asked people believe that they never received any kind of help ever - and of course the people who blindly believe them.
  11. There is just so much bull shit in these numbers. Yeah, lots of people saved up a million bucks to retire. Having one million dollars in the bank isn’t that special or hard. Yeah, billionaires aren’t inheriting billions, but fuck if not most of them started on third base. Just waving your hands and saying that lots of people have a million dollars doesn’t actually do anything for your point. What do the numbers look like for 10, 20, or 100 million dollars? Anything that assumes any kind of common sense with the reader?
  12. Can’t on the 7th and would really not have a draft start at 10pm on a work day, so 24-26 would be best for me
  13. Sorry, I’ve been down with covid. Any of those dates work
  14. I think it’s a bit easier once you get the mechanics down.
  15. In for A & C, B if there are openings
  16. I've been saying this since I read the book in the 90's
  17. It looks like a really boring first person shooter that wouldn't have brought anything to the table in 2010, much less 2022. I was actually excited when I saw the thumbnail, then was instantly disappointed by how terribly bland everything about the game looks. Just the fact it went FPS is an immediate pass from me, unless this went full VR.
  18. I always just assumed that the x wings couldn't take the elements for that long of a time and it was easier/doable to adjust the speeders. Could also just be limited x-wings and they were getting used to protect the larger ships as they escaped.
  19. October feels like forever away still, but I'm super pumped about this game:
  20. Do you really think they will stop with the "abortion on demand" because of that nuance? To me, this is saying it's ok that a few women unnecessarily die because the conversation would be less nuanced and might be easier to have, when I very much doubt it would.
  21. The guy who played the King of Scotland would have been better, but really anyone who could command the camera and feel strong would have worked much better. Edward seemed like a child trying to act like an adult, which he was, and it made the character seem childish and weak - which the plotting did not really support. It worked in season 3, but it did not in season 4, and was one of the worst parts of season 5 IMO.
  22. Everybody knows you have 2 in your garage, ready to go Ty
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