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  1. John Doe

    Military Strengths and More!

    Since then, Rodrick's army has been killed off, and Torrhen's square has fallen. I would guess that they don't have another army hiding in the woods, just waiting for Robb to command them. The North is empty.
  2. Why would they be interested in splitting apart? Doing so would mean more war (especially if you're the only one who wants to, a lack of trade, and, in the case of the victors, the destruction of existing alliances.
  3. John Doe

    Your Top 3 "to murder" list

    1. Littlefinger 2. Varys 3. Cersei
  4. John Doe

    Military Strengths and More!

    I mean, Karstark already too all but the old men and the boys, so the reserves we would be talking about here would be too young or too old and probably not well-equipped. Hardly a game-changer, especially since every kingdom has them. Bitterbridge is already far in the North, most, if not all, Reach lords would have joined by then. All the major Tyrell vassals are situated west or south of Bitterbridge. The Florents are considered a major vassal and have 2k at most, so the lords north and east of Bitterbridge may not really change the numbers by a lot. But I'll admit that 75k or even 80k in total (70k from Bitterbridge and Highgarden and another few thousand from other vassals) is a realistic estimate. Just not 100k.
  5. John Doe

    Military Strengths and More!

    60 000 for the Reach seems to be a much closer estimate then 100 k+. Let's say the had something between 60 and 70 k at Bitterbridge (which, combined with the estimated 20k from the Stormlands would account for roughly 90k). The casualties they took can't be too big, it's unlikely Randyll killed thousands of men and by taking Stannis by surprise combined with their huge numerical advantage (I mean, they still had Tywin's 15- 20k too) they couldn't have lost more than a few thousand. So that brings us to a maximum of 60 k. Even if divided evenly between Mace, Randyll and Garlan that would mean Garlan took 20 k to the Reach, which is exactly the number Loras says his brother can gather. Even with a few more thousand men from Oldtown and other locations, I think the absolute maximum strength of the Reach would be 80k, and possibly lower. For example, if the army at Bitterbridge was more in the 80k range or if the Stormlands have more men than we expect the numbers for the Reach would have to be much lower. Btw, you have to remember that the Karstarks are already at the point where the harvest is rotting on the fields, and that's just with the men Rickard Karstark himself took south. If the Reach used the same percentages, they wouldn't be able to feed themselves at all.
  6. John Doe

    Military Strengths and More!

    I'd argue that the Tyrells have far fewer men. Most of their strength, combined with that of the Stormlands, doesn't even match the 100 000. Even if there are considerable Reach forces left, I doubt they are anywhere near as strong as the full strength of the Stormlands. Where does he say that? If it's after ASOS, Mace has already sent half his army back to the Reach, which explains how he could raise them again so quickly. To prove my point: A Feast for Crows - Jaime II Otherwise I think your list is great.
  7. Jon and Dany teaming up or even marrying and ruling happily ever after.
  8. I'd say: 1. Duke (great houses) 2. Count (lesser houses) 3. Landed knights I don't think we've really seen anything that goes beyond that in the books.
  9. Lincoln didn't become president because it was his birthright. Under a Dany rule, he would've probably been too busy being tied to his land to even have any sort of political career.
  10. I'm not excusing slavery in any way in my posts. Moreover, a ton of people have it worse under Dany than they had it as slaves. A bunch of people tried to sell themselves back into slavery after Dany freed them. Tyrion says some slaves have it better than most serfs back in Westeros. Most of the pit fighters want Dany to reopen the pits so they can continue fighting. It's not as black and white as you make it seem, and there are no easy solutions. Ok, that's a legit counter argument. I'm just saying that maybe people shouldn't judge the characters solely by the system that's in place because it sucks almost everywhere, except maybe for Braavos. I'd instead judge them by their individual quality, like some Masters may treat their slaves decently just like some lords treat their smallfolk decently, and the other way around. The thing about Slaver's Bay in my opinion is that we only see the assholes. Imagine if the only westerosi lord we knew was Roose Bolton, our impression of their system would be much different. There may be the Ned Starks among the Slave Masters just like there are the Roose Boltons, even though they'd be a minority. What happened in Mereen was terrible and I don't think Dany made a mistake when she punished that, but I still think Dany should have at least tried to determine the guilt of the people she was killing there.
  11. Do you think serfdom is much better than slavery? It depends on that.
  12. You guys realize Dany isn't much better than slavers, right? She wants to make war on a kingdom because she was born to the last ruler of it. Would she abolish serfdom? Would she stop demanding people's loyalty because of her family name? If not, she's not much better than slave masters demanding to rule because they view it as their birth right. I mean, I'm all for comparing fictional characters, but let's leave the bible fandom out of this one please.
  13. Robb - Alice Karstark, or else Myrcella Baratheon Jon - the Wall Sansa - a Royce or possibly Harold Hardyng if his chances of inheriting the Vale are good, the Vale is a good place for her in any case though Bran - Meera Reed maybe, or else Alice Karstark if Robb is married to Myrcella Arya - Edric Dayne (considering my hindsight as a reader, they did seem to get along well and in Dorne she may be allowed to fight) Rickon - too young to say for sure, but a northern wife would probably be best
  14. John Doe

    Is Robert to blame for Joffery being a bad king?

    No. As far as I understand it it's not really expected of nobelmen to educate their children themselves until they reach a certain age, and Joffry was just starting to be old enough when Robert noticed just how much of a prick he was. And everytime he wanted to do something about Joff's problematic behaviour, Cersei intervened. You can blame Robert for not trying hard enough, sure, but it's still 90% Cersei's fault (the part that isn't just on Joffry himself, at least). Robert at best caused the problems indirectly by not doing enough, while Cersei actively encouraged much of his bad behaviour.
  15. Rhaegar isn't really absolved from anything, and people who believe that he is are not paying attention or stupid. Because marrying Lyanna pretty much reinforces the idea of him just abandoning his kids and wife and leaving them in the protection of just the king, who hated her. And that's aside of the whole "causing a war by running away without telling anybody" thing. Still makes Rhaegar the asshole and Robert the hero.