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You should have pulled out a chicken and judged your next move on her reaction.

Mmmmm, you might just be onto something there.....


Perhaps I should start to carry a chicken or two around with me, just in case this ever happens again?

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Re: Lice, and their place in the Truth/Discord animal hierarchy. Nicci at the time of this quote was on the side of Discord, and was trying to get rid of lice. Does this mean that lice are actually animals of truth? Or was this a sign of Nicci's impending desertion of the Dark Side to join Richard's Army of Truth? Lice, as bloodsuckers, do seem to fall on the side of Discord in the same way that parasitical welfare claimants/pestilent disabled people etc would.. but on the other hand, their relentless pursuit of Life at the expense of others would put them on the side of Truth... hmmm.

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Well, they're insects, and insects find strength in groups, not strength in individuality. Clearly they're evil.

no i think it must be probed further. for example a sngle lice(louse?) can kill a person by giving him or her a disease. this individual strength must make them truthy correct?

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I'd like something from the very beginning of the first book. So we see how it all started, and people like me who don't intend ever to read the books get some background.

What are you counting down to?

Any ideas for song parody of the day? I'm bored.

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QotD suggestions:

* Richard's speech in book 5 (why they must vote him and not Jagang or else he will break their jaws :D )

* Encounter of Jess and Oba and Richard in book 7 and where Richards explains the 7th rule

* Or when Richards meets his anti-fire brother and finds out he works with Dark Rahl

* Gratch trying to explain to Richard that he has a family now and must leave him

* When the hippies (anti-death) poison Richard and force him to come along (book 8??) and the dialogue where Richard tries to tell them that poisoning some1 is not good (?? trying to remember stuff i read ages ago, so dont know if this actually happens)

Dont know if some of them have already been quoted :huh: , there is way too much posted to check that :lol:

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I read game of thrones and was totally unimpressed with Martin. Goodkind puts him to shame.

I fear that one of TG's weaknesses in forums debate is the quality of his supporters, in the linked thread, the non-rabid fans fare much better at defending the man. The real fans seem have read the book through some kind of filter and remember some things as the opposite of what was written.

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Good morning and welcome to the Terry Goodkind Quote of the Day. This one goes out to Alytha for recommending it, and also to all you other lucky bastards out there who have never read Wizard’s First Rule, much less the rest of this awful series. Today we see how Richard and Kahlan first met. So, right off the bat, Richard is prowling around in the woods trying to find out anything he can about his fathers recent murder. The only clue so far is a sprig of some plant seemingly left as a message for him. He finds the plant in the woods and it subsequently bites him (as plants do, I guess). The bite is making him a bit ill and that’s when he sees movement a ways off. A woman in a white dress, being stalked by four guys.

His eyes fell on the young woman ass she came around the bend in front of him. His breath caught for an instant. Her brown hair was full, lush, and long, complementing the contours of her body. She was tall, almost as tall as he, and about the same age. The dress she wore was like none he had ever seen: almost white, cut square at the neck, interrupted only by a small, tan leather waist pouch. The weave of the fabric was fine and smooth, almost glistening, and bore none of the lace or frills he was used to seeing, no prints or colors to distract from the way it caressed her form. The dress was elegant in its simplicity. She halted, and long graceful folds regally trailing her gathered about her legs.

Richard approached and stopped three strides away so as not to appear a threat. She stood straight and still, her arms at her side. Her eyebrows had the graceful arch of a raptor’s wings in flight. <Raptor-like eyebrows to go with Richard’s raptor-like gaze> Her green eyes came unafraid do his. The connection was so intense that it threatened to drain his sense of self. He felt that he had always known her, that she had always been a part of him, that her needs were his needs. She held him with her gaze as surely as a grip of iron would, searching his eyes as if searching his soul, seeking an answer to something. I am here to help you, he said in his mind. He meant it more than any thought he had ever had. <Runs off to vomit>

The intensity of her gaze relaxed, loosening its hold on him. In her eyes he saw something that attracted him more than anything else. Intelligence. He saw it flaring there, burning in her, and through it all he felt an overriding sense of her integrity. Richard felt safe.

A warning flashed in his mind, making him remember why he was there, that time was dear.

“I was up there†– he pointed toward the hill he had been on –“and I saw you.†She looked where he pointed. He looked, too, and realized he was pointing at a tangle of tree limbs. They couldn’t see the hill, because the trees blocked the view. He dropped his arm dumbly, trying to ignore the miscue. Her eyes returned to his, waiting.

Richard started over, keeping his voice low. “I was up there on a hill, above the lake. I saw you walking on the path by the shore. There are some men following you.â€

She betrayed no emotion, but continued to hold his gaze. “How many/â€

He thought her question strange, but answered it. “Four.â€

The color drained from her face.

She turned her head, surveying the woods behind her, scanning the shadows briefly, then looked back to him once more, her green eyes searching his.

“Do you choose to help me?†Except for her color, her exquisite features gave no hint as to her emotions.

Before his mind could form a thought, he heard himself say, “Yes.â€

Her countenance softened. “What would you have us do?â€

“There’s a small trail that turns off here. If we take it, and they stay on this one, we can be away.â€

“And if they don’t? If they follow our trail?â€

“I’ll hide our tracks.†He was shaking his head, trying to reassure her. “They won’t follow. Look, there’s no time….â€

“If they do?†She cut him off. “Then what is your plan?â€

He studied her face a moment. “Are they very dangerous?â€

She stiffened. “Very.â€

The way she spoke the word made him have to force himself to breathe again. For an instant, he saw a look of blind terror pass across her eyes.

Richard ran his fingers through his hair. “Well, the small trail is narrow and shear. They won’t be able to surround us.â€

“Do you have a weapon?â€

He answered by shaking his head no, too angry with himself for forgetting his knife to voice it out loud.

She nodded. “Let’s be quick then.â€

<So they take off moving down this trail, eventually they are confronted by the quad, there’s no place to run.>

“You may pass, boy. Our business is with the girl.†The man’s voice was deep, almost friendly. Nonetheless, the threat was as sharp as a blade. He removed his leather gloves and tucked them in his belt as he spoke, no bothering to look at Richard. He obviously didn’t consider Richard an obstacle. He appeared to be the one in charge, as the other three waited silently while he spoke.

Richard had never been in a situation like this before. He had always managed to avoid trouble. He never allowed himself to lose his temper, and could usually turn scowls to smiles with his easy manner. If talk didn’t work, he was quick enough and strong enough to stop threats before anyone was hurt, and if need be he would simply walk away. He knew these men weren’t interested in talking, and they clearly weren’t afraid of him. He wished he could walk away now.

Richard glanced to her green eyes and saw the visage of a proud woman beseeching his help.

He leaned closer, and kept his voice low, but firm. “I won’t leave you."

Relief washed over her face.

She gave a slight nod as she settled her hand lightly on his forearm. “Keep between them, don’t let them all come at me at once,†she whispered. “And be sure you aren’t touching me when they come.†Her hand tightened on his arm and her eyes held his, waiting for confirmation that he understood her instructions. He didn’t understand her reasons but gave a small nod of agreement. “May the good spirits be with us,†she said. She let her hands drop to her sides, turning to the two behind them, her face dead calm, devoid of emotion.

“Be on your way, boy.†The leader’s voice was harder. His fierce blue eyes glared. He gritted his teeth. “Last time offered.â€

Richard swallowed hard.

He tried to sound sure of himself. “We will both be passing.†His heart felt as if it were coming up into his throat.

“Not this day,†the leader said with finality. He pulled free a wicked-looking curved knife.

The man to his side pulled a short sword clear of the scabbard strapped across his back. With a depraved grin, he drew it across the inside of his muscled forearm, staining the blade red. From behind, Richard could hear the ring of steel being drawn. He was paralyzed with fear. This was all happening too fast. They had no chance. None.

For a brief moment no one moved. Richard flinched when the four gave the howling battle cries of men prepared to die in mortal combat. They charged in a frightening rush. The one with the short sword swung it high coming at Richard. He could hear one of the men behind him grab the woman as the man with the sword raced toward him.

And then, just before the man reached him, there was a hard impact to the air, like a clap of thunder with no sound. The violence of it made every joint in his body cry out in sharp pain. Dust lifted around them, spreading outward in a ring.

The man with the sword felt the pain of it, too, and for an instant his attention was diverted past Richard, to the woman. As he came crashing forward, Richard fell back against the wall and with bother feet his the man square in the chest as hard as he could. It knocked him clear of the path, into midair. The man’s eyes went wide in surprise as he dropped backward to the rocks below, the sword still held over his head in both hands.

To Richard’s shock, he saw one of the other two men from behind him falling through space, too, his chest ripped and bloody. Before Richard could give it a thought, the leader with the curved knife charged past, intent on the woman. He hammered the heel of his fee hand into the center of Richard’s chest. The jolt knocked the wind out of him and flung him hard against the wall, smacking his head against the rock. As he fought to remain conscious, his only thought was that he had to stop the man from getting to her.

Summoning strength he didn’t know he had, Richard snatched the leader by his husky wrist and spun him around. The knife came around in an arc toward him. The blade flashed in the sunlight. There was a savage hunger in the man’s blue eyes. Richard had never been so afraid in his life.

In that instant he knew he was about to die.

Seemingly from out of nowhere, the last man, with a short sword covered in gore, smashed into the leader, driving his sword through the other’s gut, slamming the wind out of him. The collision was so fierce it carried bother over the side of the cliff. All the way down the last man howled in a cry of rage that ended only when they met the boulders below.


She leaned her head back against the rock, rolling it to the side, toward him. “I don’t even know your name. I wanted to ask before, but I was afraid to talk.†She vaguely indicated the drop-off. “I was so frightened of them….I didn’t want them to find us.â€

He thought maybe she was about to cry and looked over at her. She wasn’t, but he felt that he might. He nodded his understanding of what she said about the men.

“My name is Richard Cypher.â€

Her green eyes studied his as he looked over at her, the light breeze carrying some wisps of hair across her face.

She smiled. “There are not many who would have stood with me.†He found her voice as attractive as the rest of her. It matched the spark of intelligence in her eyes. It almost took his breath away. “You are a very rare person, Richard Cypher.â€

To his intense displeasure Richard felt his face flush. She looked away, pulling the strands of hair off her face, and pretended not to notice his blushing.

“I am…†She sounded as if she was going to say something she then thought better of. She turned back to him. “I am Kahlan. My family name is Amnell.â€

~Terry Goodkind, Wizard’s First Rule

Quite the first date, four people get killed before they even properly introduce themselves. All very romantic, though Richard for some reason never seems to notice Kahlan's boobs. Any other guy would have looked. Maybe that's why Richard is such a rare person. Or maybe he's just a leg man.

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Thank you, Moose :)

Sooo...4 trained warriors are afraid of dying in combat with an unarmed, untrained and unmagical 20-year old? Right.

Although, to be fair, they seem to be mostly hittinh eachother there...

anyway, this fight diescription is horrible. I understand that the author doesn't want to show Kahlan's powers (she does have powers, right?). You just don't know what happens. You just get baddies dying randomly...

And the dress. First of all, I'd like to see the woman who can run around unhindered in a wood in a white floor-length dress. And almost white? What the hell is that? Light beige? Stained?

And her pouch is attached to the dress or what? If you're going into microscopic details, say that she has a belt with a pouch. Or say that weirdly enough, her pouch is attached to the dress.

And no heterosexual man would go into so many details about the dress when he sees a hot young lady. He would go into details about the lady in said dress. At least the ones I know do...

I'm afraid I am not worthy of being enlightened by the wisdom of the yeard yet.

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And no heterosexual man would go into so many details about the dress when he sees a hot young lady. He would go into details about the lady in said dress. At least the ones I know do...

Actually it is a known fact that straight guys only ever look at the clothing. That's why the muslims are so successful in fighting rape in their society: because of the boringness of their women, guys no longer feel the "urge" of their "thing".


before someone starts shouting "racist!", the above was not serious in any way.

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