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Sexiest Person

ser jon stark

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1: Ashara Dayne (its those eyes......)

2: Asha (as long as she doesnt try to kill me)

3: Ayra (as long as she doesnt try to kill me)

4: Dany (as long as the dragons stay out of the bedroom)

5: Ygritte (hmmm....I like wild)

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Oh, gods, does GRRMartin writes wonderful males. From the true knights to the rogues, there are all sorts represented and so many of them undeniably attractive.

-Jaime Lannister: by far the most interesting male in many a book;

-Jon Snow: when he matures. One of the reasons, I am so dissappointed about the gap being dropped is because we will not see him as chronologically adult male. If it had happened, he would be more interesting than Jaime for me. Same goes for Robb, appart that his story is done.

-Rhaegar Targaryen: The more he is described, the more he is emerging as an absolutely perfect man of the Westerous. Plus, he is tragically dead.

-Arthur Dayne: seemes to be a perfect knight

-Berric Dondarion: basically his appearance in life coupled with his personality after death is incredibly powerful

-Mance Rayder: I can't help but like this guy.

-Edmure Tully: I have a soft spot for the man.

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Quite a topic for my first post but you got to start somewhere. So here's my top 3 of the sexiest ladies in aSoIaF of all time (well up as far as aFfC that is)

1. Shae.

I mean she's without shame and knows unerringly how to turn a guy on. (During my first read I somehow came to think she was a blonde :rolleyes: and me being partial to blondes well... need I say more)

2. Daenerys.

Even before The Art of Ice and Fire appeared I was swayed by her exotic allure. It's also the way that she deals with her desires that's fascinating. That and the fact that she's of the blood of the dragon. :cool:

3. Arianne Martell

How can she not be considered sexy after reading The Soiled Knight ;)

So there you have it. My first post spent on sex. Well... sexy *g*

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in no particular order...

dany- the handmaid scene was hot! and she seems to have quite an appetite (though unfullfilled :( )

marg- comes across in a really innocently gorgeous way, but possible one toey fox!

sansa- gets better as she gets older, she's had a tough time and need a good guy to comfort her

lyanna- possibly the hottest of them all, though only had vague descriptions

hmmm :unsure: maybe shae-sure she's a backstabber, but pretty and petite is perfect

if i was gay, or had to choose who i'd most like to impersonate-jon or theon (but only in outward appearance, not hte violent misogynist streak)

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Taena Merryweather or Alayaya for me.

Come on girls...wheres the love for Tyrion? He is rich after all.

Somehow, I think that would turn me on more.

Like I said, I like em' spunky.

Good point....the thought of her trying to kill me is hot.

Let me re-phrase....

Asha: as long as she kills me after the wild sex.

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Isn't she 11 now? That makes it better, right?

I believe the rule in Martin's world is

Old enough to bleed, old enough for seed.

Shae, totally. Her dialog alone gets me 'on'.

...and she'll toss your salad.

Your salad and your father's. mmmm mmmm!

Huh? She's totally playing Cersei with that submissive and needy act - and Cersei, being her very silly self, falls for it completely.

Good sex is all about the fantasy.

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I'm a Sandor woman, but not because he's tortured or a bad boy. I like him because he's a character. He's himself. He's honest, he admits his weaknesses, he has the strength to hold some unusual opinions and the strength not to be destroyed by what's happened to him.

But who's sexy is different from who I'd actually want to be with. Sexiness from a distance doesn't usually count for much up close. Garlan Tyrell seems like a pretty good catch.

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Since I am a gay man, Loras is the obvious pick.

However, if he were gay, I might be quite attracted to Tyrion. I've often been quite attracted to short men. :P

And though Gendry is still way too young for me at the moment I'd agree that he has potential in about 5 years or so.

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Well, I think Arianne Martell is pretty hot, but I don't picture her the way Martin describes her in AFFC with dark hair and eyes. I picture her like Xia illustrated her on page 166 of Art of ASOIAF.

Lady Merryweather is also hot. I like the women who use sex to get ahead, and that seems to be clearly what she planned when she wound up in Cersei's bed (a scene I had been waiting for all book, heh).

Tyene Sand sounds good from her descriptions, and I like her picture in Art of ASOIAF.

I also think Ellaria Sand could be fun, and its a shame Oberyn bought it before we got a scene with her.

Can't hold anything against Danaerys either. Any woman who sleeps with her handmaidens is okay by me.

Sansa is coming into her own now that she is Alayne, and I think its only a matter of time before Martin starts with her.

And Arya is just way to fracking young to be anywhere on this list!!!!!!!!!!

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