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GoT cast Ian McShane for season 6! Who you got?

Ser Falione

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1 hour ago, Channel4s-JonSnow said:

And many just turn up for the money:

Stephen Dillane, appearing in  Goal, and Goal 2: Living the dream, King Arthur, Parole Officer and Freakdog!!
Ian McShane: Sorcerers Apprentice, Seekers Rising, Hot Rod,  Shrek 3, Hercules and Brothers Grimsby
Even Charlies Dance: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Ironclad, Merlin, Space Truckers

That is true. They have bills to pay as well and being actors and actresses, it can be an expensive life because they are always advertising themselves for future considerations, one way or another. Staying in the spotlight and keeping themselves "relevant" is critical.

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It's too bad McShane couldn't have landed a bigger role. When I heard of him being casted I immediately thought Victarion or someone Greyjoy, then I thought hmm he must be Randyll Tarley. Now it's been brought to my attention that he has a very minor role. Disappointing for sure since he was the ubermain character in Deadwood, arguably one of HBO's greatest releases.

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