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euron has been casted


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I know nothing of the actor, but just from the looks I can get behind him. He looks sort of like Alfie and Euron is supposed to be magically preserved so his youth is not a problem. Given that the time scale of the show is different, I expect Euron will have been gone from the Isles for a very long time. Honestly that was one detail in the books that I found sort of weird - that Euron had travelled the world in just a couple years and in fact had only just left as of the start of the story. 

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I was hoping for Purefoy or Mikkelsen, but I think Piliou can nail the "Crazy & charismatic" role aswell. Loved his role in Borgen, didn't notice him the Borgias. (Everybody was overshadowed by Jeremy Irons in that show anyhow).


The age difference is a bit weird compared to the actor who plays Balon though.....

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Reposting from another thread:

Sorry to ask, but I have been absent for a while and despite having gone back quite a few pages may I ask, 
Roberts who??
As for Pilou Asbaek, I think he is a very good actor. I saw him in Borgen, the Borgias and 1864. Whilst I believe he could do Euron justice, he just
seems too young for me. He could be Theon's older Brother but Balon's younger one ? I just can't see it. 
He is only 33. So okay he is slightly cross-eyed (which could possible imitate / replace the impact of an eye-patch?) and his eyes bulge a little, but still?

Eric Roberts see discussion:


To me Asbaek seems more like this guy:


Maybe the source got it wrong? Both characters are Kingsmoot afterall...
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