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Daemon of the Blacks

So what happened to Varys' spy network? (spoiler)

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Throughout the series Varys is established as having a huge spy network spanning all of Westeros and perhaps even Essos. Knowledge is his trade and his ''little birds'' are everywhere. 

But in Varys finest hour, in the process of the Targaryen restoration he wants so badly Varys seemed to have retired as a Master of Whispers. He extracts no meaningful information from his little birds and he offers Danny no information on the plotting of her enemies. Its the job of a Master of Whispers to sniff out nasty surprises like Jaime not defending Casterly Rock, the Tarley's meeting with Cersei or the Ironborn declaring for the Lanisters. Cersei hiring the golden company seems to have completely escaped Varys' notice too. 

Even if the little birds in Kings Landing went to Qyburn then Varys should still have spies in the Westerlands, the Iron Isles and Horn Hill yet no bird ever whispered those development into Varys ears. The result is all of Danny's southern allies getting easily slaughtered by Cersei and Euron and Cersei sacking Highgarden so she could afford the Golden Company. 

So what happened? Did Varys little birds get collectively arrested and lynched all across Westeros? Did Varys become lazy or did Danny not want any spy network at all? Because something seemed to have gone horrible wrong in Varys' spy network.  

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We don't know which side Varys is really on.

It's true that is it somehow disappointing that some information appears to have escaped him. On the other hand, these are special times of war. 

Euron sailing towards Bravos... how should someone know what he intends to do there? Euron has a fleet and is sailing. Not a real point against whisperers.

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