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Daenerys has always been a killer

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6 minutes ago, adiman83 said:

Don't compare an injured dragon that could barely keep himself in the air with Drogon. Both in that episode as well as episode 5, Euron's fleet failed miserably to hit Drogon. As for her political abilities, I agree she has no talent for politics. Her only real talent is conquest, as Daario pointed out. But what lord of Westeros (or Essos) do you think will dare to challenge her rule? Considering what she did to King's Landing, she wouldn't have shied away form burning the lands and people of anyone in open rebellion. Knowing your family might be ash tomorrow serves as a pretty good deterrent.

Now the question is would her descendants manage to hold on to her potential empire? I believe the answer is no. It was the same during the Conqueror's time. As long as he ruled, the former kingdoms didn't rebel because they were afraid they would share Harren the Black's fate. But his successors slowly started to lose grip on the seven kingdoms. 

She knew where Euron's fleet were standing and she sky dived on them in the second time, as I said all it takes one ambush with Ballista scorpions. Bronn managed to hit Drogon's shoulder, if it was the head instead of the shoulder she was finished.

Daenerys simply didn't have any plan for the future, she just wanted to take the kingdoms, even when she knows she can't have children, if she cared about House Targaryen she would support Jon's claim as he was the only one who could further the Targaryen line, so I guess she doesn't care about the future.

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