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The Winds of Winter is Going to be a BLOODBATH


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Tyrion Lannister- Will get Casterly Rock and in charge of mini Daenerys (brotha is just too smart to not be needed) yes he finds where whores go and Tysha who turns out to be (much to Tyrions JOY) a bastard daughter of Lord Tarbeck she is legitimised, they marry AGAIN have 9 children.

Jon Snow - Puts a bun in Dany's oven but is king on the otherside of the wall

Arya Stark - MIA, after she finishes her hit list it will end with "all they found was needle in the snow and foot prints leading off into the sunset" she is a faceless woman you never know when she will pop up - a reliable source says she has been seen hanging around storms end...

Sansa Stark - will stay married to Tyrion for political reasons for a short time but an annulment is sought by both parties whilst she is in Winterfell helping raise Rickon, Tommen and Robert Arryn. She becomes Queen of everything, by some excellent manouvering taught to her by LF. She marries Wyllas Tyrell although who is the father of her 4 children is questionable..... :unsure:

Bran Stark - ghost in the trees fo eva!

Davos Seaworth - retires with his missus and kids when stannis keels over

Theon Greyjoy - ran like the bitch he is with fake Arya into the wilderness where they die of old age (I did this for Jeyne, I feel sorry for her she needs some tenderness and after being abused like that only Theon can understand)

Asha Greyjoy - Will rule the Iron Isle with a big fat iron woman fist she will probably marry someone from the north to seal pacts

Brienne of Tarth - death by ambush number 10 escorting Sansa, Arya, Sandor the monk ( :ack: ), injured Jamie and the head of the frankengregor to Catelyn

Rickon Stark - Lord of Winterfell marries a Skagos woman has 9 kids also

Samwell Tarly - Grand Maester on the Wall

Cersei Lannister - WIll be raped and killed by Tyrion

Jaime Lannister - Will die defending Tommen when Dany eventually takes KL will have the most epic entry in the white book, entered in by Barristan himself! There shall be a shrine in his honor which exhonorates him for all time for offing Dany's daddyo.

Daenerys Targaryen - Will die giving birth to Jon Snows baby, this nameless lump of pink squalling flesh shall be a KING but of what we do not know!? Nah, this is our new Lord of Dragonstone.

Areo Hotah - just dead

Arienne Martell - dead after marrying Aegon-who-got-nowhere-in-the-end-because-of-his-undead-army-Targaryen

Jon Connington - death by greyscale not before unleashing nasty grey army in westeros however he lives on in memory as that lovely garden ornament under the 1/2 dead weirwood tree back home.

Aeron Greyjoy - death by kraken

Victarion Greyjoy - death by dragon

Barristan Selmy - dies of old old old age raising Daenery's child on Dragonstone whilst teaching the boy to joust (he said he wanted to die a knight so sue me)

Melisandre - death by Ghost

Stannis - dead from too much shadow making however Stannis hired army arrives in time for the war at the wall

Shireen - walking dead.

Selyse - bye bye back to the Florents but is beaten, publicly humilated then exiled for attempting to burn the septs and wierwoods in her locale. Last seen on a ship heading to Asshai.

Catelyn - will die PERMANENT LIKE after every single person that had a hand in the destruction of her family are butchered BUT not before she finds Ned's bones and walks her arse back to Winterfell, commissions a statue that looks like her and gets into her own grave unassisted. (its the least she can do considering the trouble she has caused)

Robert Arryn - dies at 18 falling out of his moon door whilst having one of his fits :crying: survived by his suffering Skagos clan wife (who is Rickon's wife's sister) and twin boys (most excellent marriages arranged by Sansa).

Littlefinger - death by Sansa & Arya simultaniously all lands and title go to Robert Arryn as his 'step son' and only heir (mwuahahaha)

Euron Greyjoy - got fresh with Dany resulted in death by Drogon or even Jorah... bit o both really

Jorah - Death by Jon Snow, but gets his message about his dad whilst Jon is sticking him with the pointy end of longclaw

Aegon - killed by accident was gonna be king

Tommen - goes with Sansa he will never marry but has a good mate called Ser Eric the Wonderful

Myrcella - returns to Westeros and becomes a Septa and is then employed by Tyrion to raise his brood.

Sandor - is Sansa's personal body guard fo eva and eva

Varys - will remain the keeper of whispers

Boltons - all dead executed by Nymeria's super pack, stripped of title and lands handed over to the Manderleys

Frey's - mostly butchered by the outlaws by order of Catelyn the undead, stripped of all lands, they get to keep their title just to rub it in but all children become wards to more honorable houses namely STARK & TULLY bannermen (now that's what I call payback) no children are harmed as a result of this decision.

Tully's - restored all lands and given the twins

Benjen Stark - is the KING of the OTHERS and he may or may not be dead

Penny - pale mare....

Gendry - is legitimised in appreciation of his efforts in the war, he gets a purple heart and all lands and title awarded he gathers all his little siblings still alive and they live happily ever after.....

Daario - death by Jorah

any man that remotely looks at dany - death by Jorah

Nymeria - last seen with her pack and Arya in the vicinity of the stormlands.

Ghost - finds another direlady they have puppies and there is just enough of them out of all the litters they have till death to go to every single Stark child including a very special surprise for Sansa (can I get an aaaawwwwwww ty)

Just sayin.................................................... it would be nice :)

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I feel like a lot of people here are giving their hopes rather than any realistic scenario. There are other threads for that such as this one:

and this one:

I personally don't think the Freys and Boltons will get the massacre they deserve. It's not GRRM's style to kill off the bad guys that easily. Besides, if this thread would have been started after aGoT, people would've probably said 'err me gerrd I hope all the Lannisters die (besides Tyrion) and that Sansa dies she's just a stupid brat and I hope Littlefinger and Varys die' and look at the interesting storyline/character developments we've gotten out of those guys! I'm not saying I expect for Ramsay to make a 180, just don't judge characters too quickly.

As for my tWoW predictions, I think this novel will be quite the bloodbath. If nothing else tons and tons of smallfolk will starve/freeze, because the high lords have been warring for the past couple of years so the last harvests have been partially wasted (because some of the farmers were suddenly soldiers) and war isn't exactly cheap either. I think the Lannisters are pretty much done for. With Tywin and Kevan gone, Jaime most probably dying or joining Stoneheart's gang and Cersei being 1. batshit crazy and 2. not taken seriously after her walk of shame, a Tyrell will probably become Regent as they currently have the most power in the capital. Cersei will be killed by either Jaime or Arya. Anyway this won't matter all that much as the real threat is (F)Aegon+Dorne. I'm quite positive Aegon will die in the next book, just not before causing some havoc in the Stormlands. As for the return of the Starks, I think we'll probably have to wait until ADOS for this, they really are just too spread out right now for them to reconvene in one book. Jon might travel to Winterfell with Mel and take up Stannis' offer (assuming he beats the Boltons), but Sansa will probably have some scheming to do and Rickon (as far as we know) is still on vacation on Cannibal Island. Daenerys might die, but not before (finally) contributing something to the Westeros plot. What this will be I'm not sure yet. Tyrion's death will be either saved for ADOS or just not exist. This guy's plot armor is made of Valyrian steel.

So there you have it, my predictions. Do please note that my opinions, as with all words, are wind and might change direction completely if someone convinces me.

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As far as I'm concerned, I don't see Dany nor Tyrion die anytime soon. Even tho GRRM is the master of building up to something and then let it all unravel with an unespected death, Dany not making it to Westeros would be a major let down, for the readers as well as for those who only watch the HBO series. Plus, why would GRRM put his tits in a twist with the whole Meereen knot if it was to kill her off before she achieves her goal, or at least a part of it? And Tyrion - Valyrian steel plot armor says it all lol

I think as many of you Jon is not really dead, or at least will come back à la UnCat - tho less coocoo lol

Those I see dying in tWoW would be LF, maybe Varys, Cersei, Jaime and tons of minor characters.

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Tyrion Lannister GRRM's favourite character, so no

Jon Snow No (R&L=J ?)

Arya Stark No, GRRM's wife loves her

Sansa Stark No

Bran Stark Halfwood

Davos Seaworth No

Theon Greyjoy No (However, I wish him an easy death, poor guy)

Asha Greyjoy dead

Brienne of Tarth No (Let one of Dunk's desendent survive)

Samwell Tarly No

Cersei Lannister dead

Jaime Lannister dead in the last book

Daenerys Targaryen dead in the last book

Areo Hotah dead (small POV)

Arienne Martell (I wish her to be dead, too annoying)

Jon Connington dead (no chances)

Aeron Greyjoy dead

Victarion Greyjoy dead (no chances)

Barristan Selmy dead (small POV)

Melisandre dead (She is kissed by the fire, so she needs a final death)

I think we won't see Dornish POVs in the last book, so they need to be dead by the and of the next. The Wall will be down, so Mel will be dead. We don't need so many Greyjoys, 80% of them should die. The wolves return in the last book, Starks are safe.

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Tyrion Lannister (alive)

Jon Snow (has warged into Ghost - alive)

Arya Stark (alive)

Sansa Stark (alive)

Bran Stark (alive)

Davos Seaworth (toast)

Theon Greyjoy (has already redeemed himself - toast)

Asha Greyjoy (alive)

Brienne of Tarth (toast)

Samwell Tarly (alive)

Cersei Lannister (toast)

Jaime Lannister (toast)

Daenerys Targaryen (alive)

Areo Hotah (toast)

Arienne Martell (alive, but dies in Book 7)

Jon Connington (toast)

Aeron Greyjoy (killed by Euron)

Victarion Greyjoy (toast)

Barristan Selmy (toast)

Melisandre (alive, but dies in Book 7)

Just off the top off my head.

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I always thought that with characters and storylines converging we'd get a cull that way. We don't need to have every POV that's we've had getting screen time. Theon disappeared for the entirety of SOS. It'd be easy to that with a lot of characters. Sure, they'll be around but we don't need their thoughts.

I imagine we wont be seeing a lot of Jon or Bran for a good portion of the next book at least.

That's not to say a good few wont die. I imagine they most certainly will.

Tyrion Lannister (lives)

Jon Snow (lives but it will be uncertain for a long time)

Arya Stark (lives)

Sansa Stark (lives)

Bran Stark (lives but infrequent POV's)

Davos Seaworth (difficult to say. I would like for him to be involved in the downfall of Mel - maybe she becomes a threat to his son somehow)

Theon Greyjoy (dies)

Asha Greyjoy (alive)

Brienne of Tarth (dies or simply just doesn't have a POV)

Samwell Tarly (alive)

Cersei Lannister (lives - powerless and POVless for much of the much)

Jaime Lannister (lives for the nonce)

Daenerys Targaryen (lives)

Areo Hotah (dies)

Arienne Martell (lives)

Jon Connington (dies)

Aeron Greyjoy (lives but no more POV's)

Victarion Greyjoy (dies)

Barristan Selmy (dies)

Melisandre (will eventually die, probably the last book)

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I personally see no reason why any remaining Starks need to die. The whole first part of the series has been them getting pooped on, to me logically that makes them the safest (if there is such a thing in Martin's world). The remaining part for the Starks no revolves around their 'return to glory imo.

Bran: Takes over from Bloodraven and becomes the new "last Greenseer".

Rickon: Probably becomes the new lord of Winterfell once the dust settles to continue the whole "A Stark must rule the north thing".

Sansa: Somehow 'defeats' Littlefigner and will have a marriag to another noble house to rebuild the unification of Westeros.

Arya: In all honesty I have no idea where her story ends, but if I have to pick I'd go with ending up with the wildlings as a warg with Nymeria. If I had to pick a remaining Stark to die it'd be her to to the gutwreching response it would create amongst the readers.

Jon: Personally I'm in the camp that thinks he turns out to be a Targaryan at not a "Stark" at all, but I'll include him here anwyay. I think he goes on to become 1 of the 3 dragons.

As for the rest of our GoT cast:

Boltons: Crushed by Stannis and the northmen.

Freys: Crushed... probably by everyone really since they've made no friends on either side.

Stannis: Dead, after he wins the north he'll be the landmark victim of the others.

Davos: I like him, I'd love for him to live but with his dedication to Stannis he could very well end up dead too. Though this mission for Rickon which seemed a death sentence could ultimately prove his salvation as it's separated him from Stannis.

Mel: I see her dying. Probably as a means to save Jon, either via his revival (if he dies) or as a means of protecting him when he engages the others.

Jaime/Cersei: Dead. Jaime will fullfill the valanqar propechy and kill Cersei, likely somehow dying in the process himself. They enter/leave the world together.

Tyrion: Lives to rule Casterly rock, maintaining/rebuilding the Lannister name, may even find his old wife to rule with him, though that seems a little too sugarcoated for Martin's style.

Theon: Will die in an epic blaze of glory and redeem himself.

Asha: Will live to sit the seastone chair and rule the iron islands.

Victarion: Dead. So many ways this could/will happen so I wonèt even begin to guess.

Euron: Dead. Meddling with dragons he goes somehow. Maybe Victarion does him in before he himself dies.

Tommen/Myrcella: Somehow dead, again fullfilling the prophecy.

Selmy: Dead. But will die happy knowing he protected his queen.

Daeny: Alive, 1 of 3 dragons.

Aegon: Same as Daeny.

JonCon: Dead, either in battle or the greyscale.

Littlefinger: Dead, he wonèt make it out of the Vale.

Tyrells and co. Mostly dead, I'll say Willis or someone like that lives to rule the Reach.

Doran Martell: I predicted him being Arya's future target, even if not he will still die somehow.

Arianne: Lives to rule Dorne.

Sam: He lives. Killing him would be like killing a kitten.

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I think for starters he'll save space on POVs by grouping characters together. Selmy won't need a POV if he's by Dany's side. Davos (hopefully), Mel, Asha, Theon, may all be with Stannis so we'll only really need one POV for most of that storyline. Brienne & Jaime are together at the moment. As the story nears its climax. more and more of the characters will being meeting up.

I'm honestly skeptical of how big the death toll will be by the end of the series. Think of it this way, in Book 1 we have Eddard, and in Book 3 we have Catelyn, and those are the only significant POVS that have ever died (obviously Jon will come back as his old self, unlike Cat). People like Quentyn and Arys didn't need to be given POVs in the first place.

Another possibility is that the death toll has slowed based on the fact that we're basically in a mid-period that was supposed to be covered by a five year jump, obviously no major characters were going to die during a five year jump. Even so, though, the series hasn't been nearly as bloody as I thought it would be after aGoT. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the POVs survive, and only one or two significant ones bite the dust by the end. Cersei, Arianne, Asha/Vic/Damphair, I could see lesser POVs (i.e. ones who have had fewer chapters) going down, but not a lot of the ones who've been with us since the first two books.

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Tyrion Lannister

Arya Stark

I don't think George will kill his two favorite characters. I'm sure one of them will be death before the end of the series, but both of them? no i don't think so.

And since i think Arya's story will be going somewhere interesting, Tyrion will be the one to die.

Mine is:

Tyrion Lannister: will go out in style. I really love Tyrion, and we will all be very sad to see him die

Jon Snow: (L+R=J)

Arya Stark: I think her story hasn't been told yet.... something big is comming up

Sansa Stark: Has grown as a character, and George won't just throw this away.

Bran Stark: I really really hope he will leave the 'cave' but don't think he ever will

Davos Seaworth: I will miss Davos! At first i disliked him, but the TV show actually made me like Davos. Stannis will die, and so will Davos.

Theon Greyjoy: Just not interesting anymore. He was cruel, and now he is weak..

Asha Greyjoy: Will rule the Iron Islands

Brienne of Tarth: She will live. She is such a strong character, has gone through a lot and deserves happiness

Samwell Tarly: Sam oh Sam, he may be a coward, but I think this is just the reason he will survive.

Cersei Lannister: Unfortunatly she will die, and I will miss her. Jaime will kill her.

Jaime Lannister: ''We came into this word together, and we will leave together'' ^

Daenerys Targaryen: Will rule Westeros, and will die at the end of the series without leaving a heir

Areo Hotah: He was just introducing us to the Martell's, I don't think he really has another purpose.

Arianne Martell: What can i say? I love Arianne, she is fierce, sexy, smart. She will live and do great things.

Jon Connington: Not so sure about it, he has grayscale, but Stannis his daugther had it and she lives.... But he might die anyway, fighting for (f)Aegon..

Aeron Greyjoy: We haven't seen much of him yet, and he will stay alive keep the story of the Iron Islands interesting

Victarion Greyjoy: Doomed: hates his brother? check, wants to marry dany? check, wants to steal dragons? check.

Barristan Selmy : He will die fighting for Dany

Melisandre: Might suck at reading into the fire, but will play a part in the fight against the others. She does have wicked skill like her shadow baby's so i wonder what else she can do.

So yeah a lot of people. I will be very sad to see Dany, Cersei, Tyrion, Jamie, Barristan Selmy die....

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why does a pov have to end in death? why can't they discontinue or merge?

I don't think it needs to end in death but once characters start grouping up together it means they become disposable, some much more than others of course. I think they are characters that he definitely wants to kill off and he will as soon as he no longer needs them. Others will probably hang around after their usefulness to the story has ended and may even survive till the end.

I don't feel any more Starks need to die but I can see Arya dying sadly. Bran is as good as dead to the world already since he will become one with the trees or whatever so I don't know if that counts or not. I think the Stark I am most curious about is Rickon since he's not be involved in too much and stands a chance of ending up normal (relatively) after all this.

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My theories for possible extinctions:

Theon: Will be warged permamently by Bran in love of Jeyne Poole, who realises too late that he has no genitals. BranTheon escapes Stannis and tries to walk back to his treehouse beyond The Wall, but winds up dying of hypothermia.

Areo Hotah: Realises he's a token character whose major function is observation. Doran's new plans leave him nothing to do, and he gets bored and enters a cataleptic coma until someone takes umbrage at the scary ornament and chucks him in a skip.

Victarion: Will realise he's been catspawed somehow by Moqorro and run off back to his ships chased by Meereenese and dragons, after losing most of his men. He'll go, "Me Victarion. ME ANGRY...SMASH!", throwing a tantrum, and punch his own mainmast into pieces. It will fall down on top of his head.

Davos: Will discover Rickon, riding his wolf, and Osha, are ruling a cannnibal army in Skagos and have no intention of leaving. Shaggydog likes Davos' smell, and since Rickon has made him his first counsellor, he concurs with Osha also that he might be good for a snack. Davos insists he can lead them to a wonderful land called White Harbour ruled by enormous fat men in revenge for his suicide mission, but they think he's telling fibs and he gets eaten.

UnCat: During sudden guilt regarding the fates of Brienne and Jaime, she is suddenly morphed back to the previous Catelyn's personality, which means that she recklessly leads her entire band on a one-outcome assault on King's Landing. Everyone dies, and she herself is mistaken for a vampire and gets a wooden stake through the heart and then burned.

Cersei: Tommen eventually learns the truth concerning her schemes against Margaery and Loras, due to the rising of the Tyrells. When UnGregor wins her trial for her, Tommen says, "Bad Mummy!", and she is taken to the black cells where is stripped and covered from head to foot in raw tuna and gets fed to Tommen's cats.

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My guess as to who will definetely survive:

- Jaime, he needs to finish writing everything in the white book... He'll go trough a lot and finish as he is now. Captain of the Kingsguard. He'll lose Brienne, realise what it means to be a true knight and gain the friendship of whoever ends up on the Iron Throne.

- Sansa Stark, she'll end up in some position of power... Don't know what though.

- Bran Stark, he'll stay where he is. Influencing the major events in the world of ASOIAF.

- Dany, no idea where she will end up... But she will survive somehow.

- Asha, I just don't see her dying... But no idea where she'll end up either...

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Jon Connington: Not so sure about it, he has grayscale, but Stannis his daugther had it and she lives.... But he might die anyway, fighting for (f)Aegon..


I`m almost certain that it`s been noted that greyscale is fatal in adults but not in children, provided it`s spread can be prevented in children. I could be completely wrong on that front though.

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Before the main die (Tyrion, Bran, Arya, Sansa, Jon, uh and i guess Dany {prob not}) they will meet back in Winterfell. And Victarion will live along with Davos and Sam. And I think the Lannisters will be hard to kill. Just give me the bastard of bolton and ill be happy

Your signature sold me. I cant stand chef Ramsay, so any Ramsay meeting a bloody end will be fine.

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Ok my predictions for TWoW:

Tyrion Lannister

Jon Snow

Arya Stark

Sansa Stark

Bran Stark

Davos Seaworth

Theon Greyjoy

Asha Greyjoy

Brienne of Tarth

Samwell Tarly

Cersei Lannister

Jaime Lannister

Daenerys Targaryen

Areo Hotah

Arienne Martell

Jon Connington

Aeron Greyjoy

Victarion Greyjoy

Barristan Selmy


Arya: I think the forshadowing in GoT will come true.

Davos: will die in Skagos

Brienne: will die saving Jamie

Jamie: will be killed alongwith Brienne

Areo: Darkstar

Jon Connington: Gray Scale

Victorian: Death by Dragona

Bariristan: Killed by Harpy

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