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Which actors do you want to see in the show? In ANY role, mostly English actors.

Ser Holt Salinas

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Part of my casting dreams have been fulfilled by Liam Cunningham, Stephen Dillane, and Charles Dance. Now I'd really, really like to see Bernard Hill in it - as Marwyn, perhaps? Or Tormund...

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More unknowns, please. I like to see shows bring about new stars, not kindle old movie stars who probably would look out of place.

Except of course where those 'old movie stars' are perfect for their roles, and can act the youngsters off the screen. You know, people like Charles Dance or Sean Bean?

I don't know what roles we could have them in now, but two superb UK actors I would love to see 'somewhere' are Mark Strong and Robert Carlyle. I know a number of readers had suggested Strong for the role of Stannis.

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Tom Cruise as Mance Rayder.

Brad Pitt as Daario Naharis.

Johnny Depp as Euron Greyjoy.

John Goodman as Strong Belwas

Jim Carey as Vargo Hoat

Nicole Kidman as Ygritte

Lol :) , However Brad Pit is great actor, he could pull off Dario Naharis, also Cruise and young Nicole Kidman would be great Ygritte.

On the more serious note , I think Cristopher Plummer should be cast in GoT.

i'm sure Bradd Pitt could pull it off have you ever seen him in legends of the fall or Kalifornia. those are two very good movies where he plays a character unlike most of the other ones he plays, i should know...i own a whopping 10 brad pitt movies lol.

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I saw both. Kalifornia I really liked and was surprised to see him in non-standard role because he was on the rise and already famous after Interview with vampire, and Legends of the Fall. BTW , he was GREAT in the Interview with a Vampire (in that movie I also realized that Cruise is also a good actor).

Did someone mention Robert Carlyle ? He is f...ing great actor..I dont know which role though.

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I cant wait for the characters of Robbert's Rebellion to get casted.It is only mentioned briefly in the Pilot.

Since its gonna be in the flashback mode and short,its quite possible for these actors to guest star

Emma Watson as Lyanna Stark (Maisie Williams reminded me of a young Emma)

Henry Cavill as Robbert Baratheon

Richard Armitage as Rhaegar Targaryen

Frieda Pinto as Elia Martell

Saoirse Ronan as Cercei Lannister

It would be really awesome if Saoirse Ronan can do a role in GOT.Such a talented actress!

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OK - here goes

Rhona Mitra

Sienna Miller

Lucy Pinder (not sure if she can act, but I don't care)

Kelly Brook (ditto)

Emma Watson

Hayley Atwell

and, of course, Kate Beckinsale

well, none of them are realistic, but they're all Brits.

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If you ever meet Liam Neeson, please don't call him an English actor. I know your post said 'mostly English', so I'll let you skate by on a technicality.

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