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OH; I did notice there's a Castle of the Night's Watch called Icemark (if I'm remembering correctly) and there is a fantasy series 'Cry of the Ice Mark' but I'm not sure if there are any real connections, as ASOIAF seems to be much older.

There was an earlier use of "Icemark" in an old ('80s) computer game "Lords of Midnight" and its succssor "Doomdark's Revenge". But there is no way to tell if the name is an homage by GRRM or simply a coincidence.

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The name "Beric Dondarrion" might be a tribute to the awesome Stephen Donaldson and his fairly cool Beric Halfhand the Lord Fatherer.

If you dont know what Im talking about buy the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. If you are reading this forum you should like Stephen Donaldson.

This might be entirely possible. GRRM is a big fan of Stephen Donaldson, and in fact based the rotating-POV structure of the series from Donaldson's Gap novels.

Probably been mentioned but the Tyrell corporation from Blade Runner

Possible, but Tyrell is much more likely to be a reference to Sir James Tyrrell, loyal friend and servant of King Richard III and one of the suspects for the murder of the Princes in the Tower (themselves referenced in GRRM's Princesses in the Tower, though they had a much happier end).

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This might be entirely possible. GRRM is a big fan of Stephen Donaldson, and in fact based the rotating-POV structure of the series from Donaldson's Gap novels.

Wow, i knew it was the same but I didn't know he said he based the POV on the awesome Gap style. I follow both authers, theyre a similar age, both based out of New Mexico, but I've never seen them mention each other. I was beginning to think they don't like each other . :( A link to them discussing something hardcore nerdy would be much loved.

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When Joff makes a small cut on Mycah's cheek early in AGOT, it always reminds me off the six-fingered man from The Princess Bride.

The fight between the red viper and Gregor for Tyrion actually reminds me of fight between the six fingered man and Enigo - "Hello. My name is Enigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." "Her name is Illia. You raped her. You killed her. You killed her children."

And there was another part that reminds me of the Princess Bride as well: somewhere in the stories, either Dance with Dragons or Feast for Crows, a person offers another person gold, but the guy wants his dead family back, just like Enigo. I'll go back and reread to find the reference.

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Ok so I'm posting this here without reading all the 47 pages (I'm deeply sorry but I'm still catching up on all those juicy theories :cool4: ) so I tried to ask first at small questions thread if someone had post this before, I'll quote myself to be easier.

I wanted to post in the Homage pinned thread but I'l ask here first if somebody has made the connection or if i'm pushing to far.

I'm from Portugal and I saw that some people agree with the feeling I had when reading the books that Dorne is somewhat inspired by the Iberian Peninsula history. The Rhoynars sound a lot like the Moors and all the Dornish vibe makes me dream of medieval Iberia.

I saw in a thread someone making the comparison between Nymeria and Tariq ibn Ziyad, a great moorish commander who burned his ships after reaching southern Spain. (someone also made a Cortés reference but that is not true, Cortés' ships were sunk)

On a side note, we had several christian kingdoms (who would also fight between them) fighting together against the Moors but also soem long times of peace between us which led to a great influence left by the moors in here, after all they owned us for more than 400 years. (I wish GRRM had written my history books... I bet it would be epic! ahaha :P)

Now that being said, what I wanted to know was if someone has ever mentioned this:

Being the Valyrian conquest compared to the Roman Empire, and that Targaryens are Valyrian, could it be that the guerrilla warfare mastered by the Dornish is inspired by the Lusitans?

For those who don't know, the Lusitans were a Celtiberian tribe located in some mountains, now portuguese, and their famous lider Viriato was a pain in the arse for the Roman generals.

Like Dorne they were never beaten, but, instead of "conquered by marriage" , the Romans tried to make a pact with him (Viriato) while behind his back bribed three of his close allies to murder him.

He is even now remembered as the Terror of the Romans. (TERROR ROMANORUM)

I know we don't have much information about the Dornish tactics but what do you guys think? Is it good enough to post as a possible Homage, has anyone already mentioned it? Is it "known" and I'm just late? ahahahah

Also, forgive my grammar in advance :cool4:

PS: This Forum is awesome. :drool:

Also after being helped I was wondering about the "Dornish Spears" so I lurked a bit (it wasn't really hard since it's on wikipedia) and found out what, for me, seals the deal:

"Iberian cavalry tactics involved knights approaching the enemy and throwing javelins, before withdrawing to a safe distance before commencing another assault. Once the enemy formation was sufficiently weakened, the knights charged with thrusting spears(lances did not arrive in Hispania until the 11th century)."

So being Dorne inspired by Iberia one can dream that those guerrilla tactics are inspired by those feisty Lusitans!!

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Yet another parallel with Fritz Lieber's Nehwon is that between Lankhmar and Braavos. Lankhmar is known for its fogs, its bravos, its black togaed aristocracy, its powerfull guilds, its street of the gods, its position at a rivermouth, its massive harbour, its rule by an "overlord," its world famous courtesans and so on. Clearly, Braavos has many influences, including notably Venezia and possibly even Carthage, but I think Lankhmar has to be, if not number one, at least close to the top of the list.

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I've always wondered if the five-single-syllable name form for giants is a shout-out to Well Ing Ton Ma Ra- former owner of the NY Giants football team Wellington Mara.

During the late '50's, the Giants' Defensive Coordinator and Offensive Coordinator were openly compared to Ice and Fire in the press, due to their different personalities. You may have heard of them:

DC (Ice): Tom Landry

OC (Fire) Vince Lombardi

They later left the Giants to coach other teams, which met for an epic battle in a frozen wasteland-

the 1967 NFL Championship Game in Green Bay- the Ice Bowl.

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