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  1. It was time for a new thread. And since we don't know the opinion @Pony Queen Jace on the matter, I'm re-posting the Thrones of Britannia trailer. On another subject, I've started playing Battlefront II on Origin Access, and if there is any justice in the universe, this game should fail as ME: Andromeda did.
  2. I'm surprised we don't have a thread for this yet, but we do for the Inhumans TV shows. I would say this one is definitely better than Inhumans. For anyone who hasn't watched it yet, here is some info based on the first two episodes we've had so far, and the little I've read. The show is connected to the movie series in some capacity, as both the X-Men and the Brotherhood are mentioned several times, however, it appears that the X-Men have disappeared. No idea if any X-Men character will appear, and whether or not the same actors will play them. One mutant from Days of Future Past seems to be a major character in the show - Blink; however, she is played by a different actor. The biggest connection with the movies is that Brian Singer directed the first episode, and it featured a Stan Lee cameo. And that beats all other Marvel-based TV shows to date, I think. The story is set in a reality, where, as I mentioned the X-Men have mysteriously disappeared, mutants, while allowed to co-exist with the human population, are probably required to register, are monitored by the Sentinels Services agency, and are quickly hunted down for any infraction. Robot Sentinels in the shape of spiders appear in the first episode. The story concentrates on the Strucker family - the father, Reed Strucker, is a federal prosecutor who works on mutant cases, but is forced into trying to hide his family from the authorities when it is discovered that both his teenage kids are mutants. Other major characters are mutants part of an underground network that try to help mutants who are hunted by the authorities.
  3. And he should never have started his story as a kid. Teenager would have been better in TPM, show that maybe he has dark moods from the beginning. And it would not have made the Council's stance that he is "too old" so ridiculous. Are the Jedi taking babies from the cradle to train them?
  4. To continue what we started last year, rank the seasons of shows you watch that are airing this year. Just a month in, there is not much to rank. I am watching plenty of shows, but most are just a few episodes in. Sherlock is the only one done. I'm not sure that I wish to rank Vikings. The season that just finished is mainly a 2016 show, with only 5 episodes in. Tentative ranking so far: 1. Grimm 2. Star Wars Rebels 3. Sherlock Agents of SHIELD and the superhero shows on CW continue to be a guilty pleasure, but I stopped watching Legends of Tomorrow. Two of my favorite current shows, Black Sails and The Expanse have had strong starts. The only new show I'm watching is Taboo, but I'm not sure how I feel about it quite yet - I am giving it a chance.
  5. It gets even worse when you consider Anakin from the Clone Wars series. I agree with you that for the most part, Anakin was shown as being a good guy, a heroic figure, but with a maverick nature. He does lose his temper really easily, and we see that when he butchers the sand people, but that came from the raw emotion of losing his mother. I don't think Lucas did a good job at reconciling a man who is afraid to lose his wife, but at the same time had done so much good, with a man who utterly destroys the institution that uplifted him, and murders and destroys everyone in his path.
  6. Star Trek isn't the only SF to do this. As we see in The Expanse, books & show, humanity is portrayed as being capable, after much pain & woe, to learn to move past certain differences, in order to start hating on other differences.
  7. Han Solo movie official synopsis released. No trailer yet Also, John Powell will be scoring the soundtrack, with John Williams writing one of the themes. Powell is a great choice for the SW universe.
  8. Rogue One has Donnie Yen, too. Did it perform better than the other SW films?
  9. As the saying goes, amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics.
  10. I hope after they get back to their universe, Tilly instantly gets promoted to lieutenant. All the things she's doing as a cadet are quite impressive.
  11. I liked how much the finale changed things for season 2. New lines form between the mutants, basically we're getting "amateur" X-Men vs. "amateur" Brotherhood. Campbell is in Schrodinger mode now, basically kill him off if the actor doesn't return for whatever reason, or bring him back if he does.
  12. In Romania, a few years ago, the prime minister resigned after massive street protests, and mounting pressure from others in the government (mainly the president). But the protests weren't because of anything he did directly, they were because of a fire at a night club which killed over 100 people. The club in question was in violation of the fire code, because, as per usual, the owners found ways to circumvent inspections, most likely through bribes, and no one from the government agencies responsible for this stuff was really inclined to do their jobs. So yes, it was a systemic problem, which led to a massive amount of people saying enough is enough, which led to the prime minister resigning.
  13. People in China prefer masterpieces such as Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (The Michael Bay ones)
  14. No announcement yet. It will be later than season 2, to avoid competing for air time with the Winter Olympics.
  15. When the title was revealed, its translation in other languages was done in plural, leading to much speculation. I think the movie makes it clear, though. And those "Sith" were called Praetorian Guards.
  16. Because of the most recent discussion in The Last Jedi spoiler thread, I'm starting this thread. I love this genre(s) of music, from the classical styles, to the more electronic/synthwave styles, but I claim no great expertise. Summon @Darth Richard II So discuss all aspects of this. Your favorite composers, soundtracks, what styles you like, who is a hack and who is a genius....
  17. I agree
  18. I know very little about Chinese history in general, so thanks for some of that info, and I need to brush up in time for this game. On the note about the generals - while the novel may have described the generals fighting on horses, virtually every Chinese historical movie that came out in the last decade has them fight on foot, so maybe they were influenced by that. I, too, hope they don't necessarily encourage players to directly pit their generals against them (though ironically enough, I've done this often in Medieval II, Shogun 2, and of course, Warhammer), and imo, what they showed in the trailer, probably hints at some significant RPG elements for major characters, which is something they've done with Warhammer, and a little with the new Rome 2 DLC, Empire Divided.
  19. That's a good point. I forgot about that line. I'm still going with Paul as the current emperor, and maybe Lorca was the former, now on the run, and somehow he got to the main universe. Btw, I normally don't like these mirror universe episodes in any series because of 2 reasons. I don't really like to see the whole of the human race as a completely vile, Nazi like race. In any SF show, I don't normally care to see the alternate of an already alternate universe. Just stick to the world you've created, not branch out, is what I like to see. That being said, this was a pretty good episode, considering what Discovery is compared to the other Trek series.
  20. And here it is, the next historical era/location for Total War games is China, specifically the Three Kingdoms. Lots of people predicted this. Personally I was hoping for the Warring States, as the 3K was done in other games, too, but maybe there are just more historical records to this era.
  21. So he tried to arrange a coup against himself, and is now a fugitive? Or does he have a twin? I'm going to go with Paul Stamets being the Emperor. In the main universe, Paul is a wonderstruck guy who always seek to discover the secrets of the universe. He also loves life, and we've seen him being willing to sacrifice himself for others. So it would be poetic if Paul was the emperor in the mirror universe, a man who seeks to gain all for himself.
  22. It's not about which characters are from which universe. When they decided to give the Klingons a completely different look, and it's all the Klingons, not just the first ones we see, they moved this show in a different universe. After 7 episodes, I'm starting to like it for what it is. It still has elements that remind you that this Trek. The time loop episode was excellent in that regard, and the parts with Michael and Ripper is another good example. I don't mind the darker and more visceral aspects either, this is a Trek for a different generation, and I feel that putting this in a time of war allows them to do what DS9 did, by showing the ideals of the Federation being stretched and tested. But the main reason I'm starting to like it, is that in the last few episodes the show has started to earn its title by allowing room for other characters to shine, and not just focus on Michael, like the first episodes did.
  23. Yesterday I finally decided to give this a try. Amazon offers CBS, though it's the same price as if you were getting All Access without commercials. The difference is on Amazon it's really easy to subscribe and unsubscribe, so I much prefer it thais way. Also, they offered a 3-day free trial, which means there is the potential for me to watch all the episodes released so far for free. So far I watched 4. Not a bad show, but it cannot be treated as even remotely connected to any that came before. This is a different universe. However, it is a universe I can accept, considering we will get a Tarantino movie in the future.