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  1. I don't think that even Sapkowski has written anything as funny as the Evil Chicken scene.
  2. He's even more loathsome and stupid than book Joffrey is, but it's believable that he would be even worse as an adult than as a boy.
  3. Dany will feed Tommen and Ser Pounce to Drogon.
  4. He certainly nailed Joffrey's sheer loathsomeness.
  5. It was weird how the Riverlands storyline disappeared for a couple of seasons.
  6. He really wasn't very bright.
  7. A lot of trouble would have been saved, if she had confronted Doran over the letter years previously. However, look at it from her point of view. She has good reason to believe that she has been disinherited, both due to the terms of the letter which she read, and in view of her father's refusal to allow any suitable husband to propose to her. She may well have thought that things would be made even worse for her if she were to complain - she could be exiled, imprisoned, perhaps executed.
  8. Yes. Arianne surely needs to know what he intends for her. If for no other reason, she is legal heir, and he's an increasingly sick man. How can she pick up the pieces if he were suddenly to die?
  9. Ok.
  10. I thought Dune Messiah was poor, but Children of Dune was a return to form. I've not read beyond that.
  11. Personally, I don't see much similarity between Arya and Alia. Their story arcs seem very different to me. I do see parallels between Paul and Daenerys, both of them being Messianic characters who bring both salvation and destruction. Jessica's errors came about due to her overweening ambition, whereas Catelyn's were made out of a desperate need to protect her family.
  12. I've always thought there were clear parallels between Leto/Jessica and Ned/Catelyn. Leto, like Ned, is given a big promotion, resulting in betrayal and death. Catelyn, like Jessica, is warned secretly that it's a trap, and has to cope with the attempted assassination of her son.
  13. I'd say there's more humour than in ASOIAF, which is strange for a series which depicts genocide, racial hatred, torture, rape, and child abuse. Nor is it just black humour, although there is quite a lot of that, but real comedy. I think Ciri is a great character.
  14. I'd love to get a story from Visenya's POV. I think of her as Livia Augusta with a dragon.
  15. Given that the BWB have infiltrated Riverrun, I think she is motivated by a desire to reinstate her brother, as well as revenge on the Freys.
  16. Visenya was always extremely ruthless, albeit highly competent. And, she did live to be 73, whereas Rhaenys possibly came to a very unpleasant end.
  17. Even that can be a botched job if you aren't used to it.
  18. She'd probably have needed several blows to get his head off. Arya cutting his throat was more merciful I don't know where they murder comes from either.
  19. Do dragon droppings make a good fertiliser?
  20. Not really, Littlefinger was a senior government minister, and childhood friend. She had no reason to think he would play her false. If my childhood friend was Chancellor of the Exchequer, and told me in confidence that a particular individual had tried to murder my son, I'd believe him. And, she had worked out correctly that the Lannisters had tried to murder her son.
  21. Victarion is pretty stupid, but still possesses considerable ability as a sailor. Navigating 6,000 miles is no mean achievement. Arianne is certainly not stupid, although her father has kept her ignorant.
  22. That's one option. Alternatively, through a tube. Some eunuchs would keep a tube for that purpose.
  23. The CDU have enough MP's that no government can be formed without them. The problem is that no coherent majority government can be formed with them. The most coherent government would be a CDU/FDP minority, on the basis that they still outnumber the parties on the Left, and AFD probably won't vote against them most of the time, but my understanding is that Germany doesn't go in for minority governments.
  24. The result is certainly a dog's breakfast. I can't see the CDU, CSU, FDP, and Greens being able to agree a coherent programme. It's a worse result for Angela Merkel than Theresa May got in June.