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  1. I think that he attracts a lot of flak because he is rude to fans, rude to his cover artist, rude about other authors, and increasingly, he preaches at his readers.
  2. Was it a noble wolf?
  3. I'm no fan of Corbyn at all (unsurprisingly). But, I would have to admit that he did a lot better than almost anyone would have expected, during the campaign. Labour took a hammering in the Copeland by-election, and May's local elections, but he ended up making a gain of 30 seats. Polling wasn't very wrong. It's just that in close-fought contests, getting within 2-3% of the final result isn't good enough, especially when you're using First Past the Post. In terms of predicting overall vote share, US polls were in fact, spot on. But, Trump overperformed in States he needed to win, in the Mid West, while Clinton overperformed in States that were already very safe for her, like California. That said, I consider it credible that the Conservatives and Labour are about level-pegging. Support for Brexit, and fear of Corbyn is keeping up Conservative support. Dislike for the Conservatives is keeping up Labour support.
  4. That has always been the case.
  5. The latest conspiracy theory is that the Salisbury poisoning was carried out by our security services to distract attention from Telford.
  6. You do what you're good at. The Russians poisoned Litvinenko with an exceptional lack of mercy, by using polonium, so that his insides would have felt like they were on fire. The Bulgarians poisoned Markov with ricin. Both were very unpleasant and lingering deaths (especially the former).
  7. There's nothing stupid about it. The Russian security services like using poison, in order to frighten other would-be defectors. Sometimes it's useful to make a death look like an accident. At other times, it's useful to send a message that you will never be safe if you cross Putin.
  8. A lot of Labour MPs seem pretty unhappy with the response from Corbyn and his spokesman, Seamus Milne.
  9. These incidents have happened in the past and in other Western countries. You're correct that we can't do anything directly to hurt Putin, but we can hurt some of those who are close to him.
  10. There's plenty we can do diplomatically and economically, as Which Tyler's post shows.
  11. Do you think the Russians would be happy if we started poisoning their citizens?
  12. Very likely. Interesting to note that Morgoth likes to let a few of his prisoners escape, so that his enemies can see what he inflicts on them.
  13. I overlooked the "Houses of Lamentation" with which the Witch King threatened Eowyn. Interestingly, he doesn't threaten her with death, but with something that is apparently much worse. They're probably much more horrible than the average torture chamber or dungeon. Perhaps, one's soul is somehow trapped between life and death there, and endlessly tormented. Being tortured by the Mouth of Sauron would be child's play by comparison.
  14. GRRM would have had a description of the armies of Mordor lining up their captives and torturing them in view of the defenders, before lobbing their heads over the wall.
  15. I expect the House will flip, but the Senate will remain Republican, given the States that are being contested.
  16. A lot of people claim to spot a resemblance between the cauliflower orc and the current Speaker of the House of Commons.
  17. It was posted on The Hill.
  18. This is Trump's opportunity to nominate Roy Moore to SCOTUS.
  19. Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring in the Summer.
  20. To be fair, I think it was @La Cygne who coined the expression, but I like it a lot.
  21. Film Denethor was simply .......horrible. I enjoyed Parts 1 and 2 but the Return of the King will be forever marred by Denethor, the Ride of the Rohirrim being rendered pointless when Aragorn unleashed the soap bubbles of death on the armies of Mordor, and the cut and paste job of the last hour or so.
  22. There is as much horror in Tolkien as in ASOIAF (eg severed heads being catapulted into Minas Tirith, the descriptions of the Dead Marshes and Mordor, the "dreadful place of feast and slaughter" discovered by Sam, the Watcher in the Water, the werewolves slaying and eating Beren's companions, Morgoth's genetic experiments on elves, Gollum eating babies, the Numenoreans resorting to human sacrifice, etc.) but what he doesn't provide are graphic accounts of torture and abuse. Partly because he was writing in the 1950's (although there were some pretty explicit books produced at the time, like The Knights of Bushido) but more because of his nature. In one of his letters, he commented that he loathed reading and writing violent scenes and even hated having to write about Frodo being whipped by orcs.
  23. Roughly, I'd suggest 16 would be an appropriate age to read these novels. Not because of the sex, but because I think that a lot of the violence (eg Chiswick's jolly tale about gang-raping an Innkeep's daughter, the Reek chapters, Arya's journey through the Riverlands) would be upsetting to younger readers.
  24. Calling him the American Tolkien was unfair to both authors. Tolkien created an imaginary world with its own peoples, languages, histories, poetry solely for his own intellectual amusement. After 21 years, he then published a childrens' novel set in this world, and then 16 years later, a novel for adults. No other writer would do this, and it gives his stories a level of depth and world-building that is almost unique. World-building in ASOIAF is far skimpier, and the appeal of the stories lies in the excellent characterisation. As to darkness, The Children of Hurin is a much darker story than ASOIAF. It's a story that is completely without hope.
  25. American politics is child's play, compared to the abuse that gets chucked around on social media between supporters and opponents of Brexit.