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  1. The spoilery happening wasn't exactly a surprise, but it's still sad.
  2. Thanks, Teng Ai Hui. I'll give it another go - I do want to like it, though many more similar scenes would make that impossible.
  3. I really enjoyed season 1. Not without reservations, but I enjoyed it. I don't have a Trek background at all. The final episode was the weakest, in that the writing, especially towards the end, was shaky and heavy on the Parmesan, but I definitely enjoyed the series as a whole and loved a lot of the characters and performances. Looking forward to season 2.
  4. Last night I watched the first five minutes of Black Lightning. I got as far as the bit where it's some sort of awards ceremony that looks/feels like a personality cult, and all the kids in the room stand up and shout something in unison. Then I went Aaaaaargh!!! (but quietly, because I'm visiting family who were asleep upstairs), turned off and sat shuddering for a few seconds. Anyone else watched it? Was my initial reaction unfair?
  5. I enjoyed the retrospective view of Ezra's adventures in the trailer. Oh, for the days of the floppy anime hair!
  6. Though in the case of the rebels and the Terran Empire, it's more of a postjudice than a prejudice...
  7. Seems a bit crazy given that the last episode was in the middle of November...
  8. "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror..." Doesn't sound as if the New Republic was up to much, if it was wiped out so thoroughly. I assume the same as you, plus whatever odd contacts Leia's made over the course of busy life. Additional point - anyone else thought that Daisy Ridley's accent changed a bit between TFA and TLJ? It dropped by about 0.56433 points on the British class system. In TFA she spoke surprisingly prim RP. In TLJ she sounded a bit Essex in places. Not complaining - a bit more of a regional vibe suits the character.
  9. Yep, really embarrassing, badly-written fan service of the worst kind. On a totally different note, I keep wondering what was up with the New Republic during TLJ. Okay, it was badly hit in FA, but you'd think it would still be strong enough to do something. Unless everyone in the New Republic was still basically in Battlestar Galactica episode 1 mode - ("What's happened? Did something happen? What're we gonna do? Who's in charge? Are you in charge? Am I in charge? I think that astromech might be next in the line of command...") - while the Resistance and First Order have put the plot on fast forward.
  10. That was....indescribable. And also a bit amazing, after having seen TLJ, to be reminded just how young Mark Hamill looked back then. And what a good job the plastic surgeon and make up department did after his car accident!
  11. Someone earlier in this thread was talking about how to involve Anakin as a Force Ghost in the current crop of movies, but everyone had moved on to discussion of Jedi training, Yoda's wrongness and lightsabers before I could reply...however, it's been nagging at me... They said that the options were: 1) Cast Sebastian Shaw (he's been dead since 1994, but then so has Peter Cushing...) 2) Cast Hayden Christensen In fact there is a third option, which is simply to recast the role. Get the right actor and the right script, and I doubt even the most conservative fans would whinge much. It has the advantages of not being deeply disturbing, which (1) would be, and could also mean having someone with more than two expressions. And, you know, fluidity, naturalness, charisma. That stuff. Plus, Anakin is in his mid-forties when he dies. They could cast someone the right age. Rory Kinnear? There are good story reasons for not giving Anakin any sort of cameo though. The theme of TLJ was "let the past die", and that may or may not be right as a philosophical idea, but it does have quite a bit going for it in creative terms - keeping Anakin out of it gives more space for the new characters, space for new stories to develop. He's already had so much written about him, some good (bits of Clone Wars), some awful (the Prequels); he doesn't need to be in more. Especially after his dreadful scenes in Rogue One. (Even if I want to see him a little in Episode IX, anyway...on the off chance they hit just the right note with him.)
  12. Not sure if it's been mentioned here yet, but a bloke called Todd VanDerWerff has written a thoughtful article about the backlash to TLJ over on
  13. I did enjoy it when Snoke was casually impaled by the lightsaber. Someone hadn't been to health and safety class before handling a dangerous implement! And I said it when it was announced, and I'll say it again now: Snoke is a truly dreadful choice of name. I snorted with laughter whenever it was mentioned. I'm not sure if we were supposed to or not. One of the reasons I like Ren as a character is that he's often kind of hopeless, but not always - often we're shown him as an overgrown teenager with tantrums who plays at being his grandad. At other times, we're reminded that Ren has the capacity to be more inventive and sly than his clan. In TFA, he used the Force to read minds. Where Anakin/Vader picked the Emperor up and threw him down a reactor shaft, Ren assassinates his master without breaking sweat.
  14. I didn't have any problems with Luke's characterisation or his final stand. I thought both were excellent, and really elevated the film. The latter typified the better aspects of the Jedi mindset, as someone (@kalbear ?) has already indicated. My take on it was that he was perhaps dying already, and certainly felt himself to be the wrong person to lead a new rebellion. Not so much Achilles in his tent as the Fisher King He came to the site of their imminent ruin to bring what the surviving, battered resistance needed - hope. Yoda said something like: "You Skywalkers, with your eyes always on the horizon" - and Luke dies with his face to the horizon and twin suns. The (annoying, superfluous) brat at the end is seen staring up at the night sky. Luke dies so others can look up and hope and dream. I assume that he felt through the Force that Poe was looking for a secret exit, and that Rey would arrive and help the survivors escape. Apart from the idealistic stuff, Luke also managed: - to humiliate the (only recently established) leader of the First Order in front of his own troops and generals. - to further destabilise Ren: those golden dice and that face when Ben saw them, and saw them disappear.
  15. Random plot twist generator: - DJ is Rey's father. No, I don't think it's likely. But he'said the right age, and needs stuff to do in Episode IX! I'd still like Rey to be some kind of semi-reincarnation of Anakin. Think it would also offer an in-universe explanation for the Rey-Skywalker parallels: Force ghost Anakin picked someone who reminded him of his better self, who needed protection, and whom he could protect by giving his abilities. Did anyone get a good look at the two parent shadows in the hole before they became Rey?
  16. One thing I will say in Holdo's defence - she's been criticised for not sharing the moon evacuation plan with the whole crew, but she may have had reason to suspect there was a spy on board (because the FO tracked them through a light speed jump). The plan ended in disaster when the wrong person (BdT) got to know about it. So even if she didn't suspect there was a spy, she may have decided that the safest thing was to keep the details of the moon under wraps until the last minute. Though she should still have said: there's a plan (other than just running away) but I can't tell you what it is yet.
  17. I'm pretty sure we're going to see BDT again, unless JJ really takes a dislike to the character. (And I doubt he would, he's too much of a pro). I mean, it could make the whole Canto Bight diversion seem somewhat worthwhile if it's seen as building up to something else in Ep. IX. Predictable route: BDT backstabs the FO to balance out backstabbing the Resistance. Or just backstabs everyone at once for the hell of it. A Star Wars fan on dreamwidth compared BDT to Hondo from Rebels. Though BDT has already been more lethal than Hondo - he got a lot of FO people killed. Lando looks like a saint in comparison. Less predictable route: BDT's point about the X-wings and TIE fighters being built by the same people gets enlarged on/explored as part of Episode IX's engagement with the question of the future of the Galaxy. The boundaries between dark and light, Jedi and Sith, First Order and Republic are questioned, and a new status quo is established. (Na, not gonna happen. Though I thought it might be heading that way in the dialogues between Ren and Rey - they surprised me, and I appreciated them, and not solely because of the shirtless Adam Driver factor). With Han and Luke out of the way and Leia (very sadly) unable to play a role, I'm hopeful that Episode IX will allow Rey, Finn, Rose, Poe et al to come into their own rather more. ETA: I liked TLJ much better than Rogue One, which I felt was dreary garbage with few if any redeeming features. Not sure if I'd rank TLJ above or below TFA. I'll wait till the DVD becomes available, then watch it again and see.
  18. Just got back from watching it. I enjoyed it, but it did feel a lot like a really long episode of Star Wars: Rebels with special guest appearances from Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. * Getting rid of Snoke in the second film. He was a dull and useless bad guy, so removing him from the picture was a great move. Though it did feel a bit as if Rian Johnson was having a bit of a laugh at the next director's expense. "Just killed off the main villain - try to imitate Return of the Jedi now!" * Contrary to what someone earlier in this thread said, I don't think that Ren and Rey's tango along the dark-light border is finished.When Ren looked up at Rey as she closed the door, his eyes were desperate - almost pleading. My current bet is that Ren will turn, but Hux - underestimated - will stab him in the back. It's not how I want Ren to be resolved - I'd really find it more interesting if he had to live and come to terms with what he's done - but I think Episode IX may go in that direction. * Nice use of humour. Wish it could have been kept up a bit more in the second half. The start - with Poe taunting Hux, and Luke chucking the light-saber over his shoulder - was fantastic. * Found Leia's Force-powered spacewalk incredibly cheesy. And odd, since she's been shown to be Force sensitive, but not a Force user. If they'd let the character die in the initial explosion, I would have been okay with that, except that we'd have lost the tender moment with Luke near the end. * I raised my eyebrows at the bit where Poe embraced BB8. It was as if someone at Disney was saying: "See? It's not just Finn. He's always like this. With men. Droids. Porgs. In a totally platonic and manly way." * The Finn & Rose jaunt in the middle. On the one hand, I was glad the film decided to do something a bit different, and actually show why the First Order is bad, and take us somewhere we haven't been before. I don't mind the overtones of serious political stuff, that's fine. On the other hand, I wish it had been better integrated into the main plot. Such as it was. * Also, using children for cuteness value is one of my pet hates. I know, I love imaginary fluffy birds invented to sell merchandise, but don't like children. I suppose it's because the Porgs are obviously fictional, and thus forgivable. Poor yet prepossessing undeveloped urchins are the garden gnomes of cinema. * Yes, it was spectacular, but it was a bit too spectacular. Hardly anyone got to have a conversation for any length of time. And at least one of the longer conversations - Luke and Yoda - should imho have been cut, because it didn't tell us anything new about Luke, and that time could have been spent doing a bit more character development with the next generation. * I liked Rey's trip into the hole. Visually and aurally it was effective. I found the endless line of mirror Rey's quite evocative. Perhaps the most memorable scene. * When Ren told her that her parents were nobodies, I instinctively believed he was taunting her, and that we'd learn more in the next film. Admittedly, I often struggled to hear the dialogue above the music and sound effects. But I was surprised when I visited the spoiler thread here and LJ, and found out that most people took him at his word. If it were true, it would be pleasing in a Taran Wanderer sort of way - the fourth novel in the Chronicles of Prydain sees Taran search for his identity, hoping to find that he's the son of a nobleman or royalty, but in the end only discovers that he is, as Ren says, a nobody. And that that's okay. * However, I do believe that there's more to come about Rey's ancestry/who Rey is. She said that there's something inside her that's awoken. Now that could just refer to the Force, but I think it's going to be more significant than that. Her transformation has been so sudden - from desert scrap metal hunter to Jedi in not very much time at all - that I think there's more behind it. I think it sounds more as if a buried memory of some sort has woken up. Also, the vision in the hole with the line of mirror Reys - that seems as if it will lead into something. * I am wondering how the next film is going to deal with the loss of Carrie Fisher. I had kind of predicted that the original three leads would exit the films in reverse order of appearance - thus Han first, then Luke, then Leia. I suppose what might happen is for them to start Episode IX with the crawl: "Princess Leia has died..." And use that as a starting block for the rest of the film. In summary, fun, well-acted, but rather by-the-numbers, and, as many others have pointed out, rather dumb in terms of plotting, even by Star Wars standards. Though damn, I did tear up a bit when R2D2 projected the whole hologram of Leia from ANH.
  19. Finished reading it on Sunday night. Really lovely experience that made me long for an evening in front of an open fire with roast potatoes and apple pie. Not that it was completely comfortable - the hyena daemon and its owner were intensely creepy. At the start of the story I had found myself wondering what mental health was like in Lyra's world - whether there were fewer problems since humans could always talk to and confide in their daemons, and would be less lonely. I also thought that the world might be on average less violent because while people might still be overly willing to let themselves die, they wouldn't be able to bear seeing their daemons suffer. So it was interesting to see someone whom the HDM characters view as mad. Malcolm apparently has a mention in Lyra's Oxford, so I'll have to read that next! Very happy to be drawn back to the HDM world again.
  20. The Satanists and the Death Eaters both thought the other group would bring the barbecue sauce?
  21. Not sure about the fanfic, but author sounds horrifically fascinating. At a distance.
  22. Wow, that was instructive. I had no idea that was there. Like lifting up a rock and finding all the HP fandom crowded beneath it! Thanks for the tip. (Note: I didn't ask)
  23. LiveJournal and its ilk were great in the noughties, way better than any of its successor/usurper social media sites. Tumblr. Pfft. Thanks for your help, Darth Richard II.
  24. That's right, laugh at my tragic situation. I may never find out if James Sirius Potter grows up to have a black-haired son and a red-haired daughter, who themselves grow up and beget two children (one black-, one red-haired) each, with a 75% chance of them being called James or Lily as either a first or middle name, and they each beget two children, and so on and so on. It's very difficult not knowing.
  25. This question doesn't strictly speaking belong here, but I'm not creating a whole new Harry Potter thread just to ask it - I reread HP&TDH today for the first time since it was released and I fear that it's stirred to life a disease that's been mostly latent for ten years. Ahem *twitch* Could anyone possibly point me in the direction of any good HP fanfiction written after DH was released? I don't have an LJ anymore, and no one's left to ask there regardless. My fannish haunts have all closed down. It's exactly like Don McLean walking into the sacred store/where he heard the music years before/but the man there said the music wouldn't play. Except not. Back in the day, I liked reading gen with romance preferably taking a back seat to plot/atmosphere/dialogue/anything that's not sex or romance.