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  1. He looks like a pimp
  2. No, not really. Why would they do that? I agree that way more male players have found idols, but, other than Sandra, I can't remember many women constantly looking for them. And, is Tai "alpha male archetype"?
  3. There are way too many damn idols in this game. There should be one per original tribe max, and if that idol is not found before the merge or the player holding it gets blindsided, than no new idol is introduced! I suggest that instead of finding the clues where the idols are, players find secret assignments which, if completed, will earn them an idol! The assignments must be something risky, like prevent your team from winning a reward challenge or hide a pot or machete from the camp.
  4. I believe there is a short bashrag POW in The Great Ordeal before the nuke goes off at Dagliash.
  5. I learned at least dozens, but more likely hundreds of new English words from Iron Maiden.
  6. Are they going to make it more 'diverse'? And how? Will they make hobbits black, or is Gondor going to be multi-culti society? What about LGBT characters?
  7. Malcolm Young at 64 My mother is dementia sufferer, and I am afraid that I might get it later in life...
  8. My point is that a book will keep you entertained for maybe 2 or 3 days, as opposed to 2 hours in theater, which cost about £9.
  9. How much is a ticket for a 2 hour movie in the theater?
  10. This movie isn't even out yet, and somehow I still feel like I watched it many times before. I don't think it will cross $1 billion worldwide. There is really nothing to see here, I fear.
  11. Last two sample chapters of Oathbringer are online. The book is out in a week. I am super pumped up, but also terrified that I will finish the book in a day or two, and then have to wait another 3 years for a sequel.
  12. He's joking. But on a more serious note, I do believe that majority people here have at least above average IQs, and yet we still can't figure out what a hell is going in in these books.
  13. It's been a while since I read the books, but I think that it's only Kosoter who's about to become a Ciphrang, others are just very damned. I also think that becoming a Ciphrang in not a matter of how damned you are, but is your soul is strong enough to carve out a piece of reality in the outside for itself, and then compete for the lesser, but still damned, souls pouring from the world. Either way, this doesn't make any sense. Because why would Kosoter's soul be any stronger or more damned than souls of Shaeonanra, Cet'ingira, other Consult members, or every Non-Man that ever lived. Why would they fear the afterlife when they are bound to become mini-gods?
  14. I'm kind of handicapped in this matter. For several years now, I read almost exclusively in English. However, it is not my native language so every now and then I have to look up a new word that I don't know. That is way easier to do with eBook than with audio.
  15. I would move this tread to General (ASOIAF) books forum.