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  1. I meant, before any Africans were enslaved and brought to the new world. This Gerrit Metzon was from the early 19th century.
  2. I'm curious if anyone is going to say that they would prevent Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.
  3. This is the new normal. That's the most terrifying thing about these attacks.
  4. The Consult, The Second Apocalypse
  5. According to Bakker, this is penultimate book in The Aspect-Emperor series?! I thought that this is the last one, and that the next book will be a part of the new sub-series? Edit: Ok, I just saw the comments where this is clarified.
  6. I can't tell you how excited I am about this book. It completely replaced my yearning for The Winds Of Winter. My only fear is that it's too short, and that we don't get a sequel for several years.
  7. This is new normal. We all know that there is always going to be a next attack in which innocent people will be killed.
  8. The X-Files is also back, with Andreson and Duchovny.
  9. Debbie wasted a very powerful advantage for no other reason but to satisfy her ego by voting out a 'legendary' Survivor player. That is so Debbie. Zeke, on the other hand, is very arrogant. He seem to find pleasure in thinking that he is smarter than everybody else, and can't stop himself from talking down to other people.
  10. Not everyone are content with his rule and there are factions that move against him, some of them are arguably effective, but in terms of sorcerous power he seems to be unmatched.
  11. I just read this old quote from Bakker: To me that almost confirms that Khellus plans to insert himself as Mog Parau's consciousness. If we are our consciousness, then he wouldn't really lose anything in the process. Also, if Khellus becomes the No-God, does it still mean the end of life in Erawa? And, why didn't Aurang or Shaeonanra try to merge with him themselves? Also, if No-God is not conscious, than who (or what) is it that tells Khellus "My war is with God, not with Men"?
  12. Skin spies were 'invented' only few centuries ago. That's when the open skirmishes between the Consult and the Mandate stopped and people began believing that the former was gone for good. Which leaves me wondering, how did C and M fight each other, given the vast distance between their strongholds. Did the Old Names use synthesee to randomly attack Mandate schoolmen?
  13. It is possible that there were occurrences of The Judging Eye among Non-Men long before Humans came along, and that is how they knew they were damned.
  14. I'm not sad that this show is ending. It was never quite as good as The Clone Wars. Hopefully next series will be more ambitious from the beginning, and set a more recent timeline.
  15. Mekeritrig freeing Seswatha isn't my original theory. I read that somewhere.