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  1. I'm amazed that people still expect some consistency or sense from this show.
  2. Truly a great show, but i think that it would have been even better if it was one or two episodes shorter.
  3. I'd say that Mimara is also above average intellect. In fact, almost all characters are above average, just like in ASOIAF almost all POW characters are nobles.
  4. But, why would Khellus want to be a baby in such a horrible time? He can't take care of himself, and he can't know whether Akka, Mimara and Esmenet will be able to survive even the first Consult/No-God onslaught on their own. Plus, wouldn't he be just an average person in terms of IQ and physical abilities, if his parents are two normal humans?
  5. Oh, the surreal irony of this post...
  6. This show is far too good for AMC. It should have been on HBO or at least Netflix. I hope AMC doesn't screw it up.
  7. It's heading towards $50m + opening weekend. Considering that it doesn't have any serious competition until Infinity War (27), this might surprise me and ends up not being a bomb.
  8. High ticket prices are bad, but nowhere near as bad as kids and idiots who are ruining the experience for everybody else.
  9. With 40% score, A Wrinkle in Time is still massively overrated. All those positive reviews are due to its 'progressiveness', just go on and read them.
  10. Habit. I check out Literature and Entertainment sub-forums, and usually that's it. I mostly stay away from the politically biased General Chatter, and haven't visited General (ASoIaF) in ages. I can't believe that there are people still posting there in numbers and discussing practically dead book series that even the author has given up on.
  11. I had no interest in Goodkind, but this thread has made me curious. If he is so utterly shit, than why is he not anonymous like countless other wannabee fantasy writers? What is the main complaint about his books? Lack of 'strong female characters'? I really don't give a crap about that, or his political leanings, if he has any. I'm really intrigued.
  12. I haven't read the book, but based on the trailer I'm almost certain the movie will flop.
  13. Depressing.
  14. Lowest ratings since Season 1
  15. I can't wait to see the ratings.