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  1. This is a weird promo, which is why I believe it might be a glitch or something. The previous two installments were never put on sale, so it's odd that they would do this with TUC. Especially since it only came out a few weeks ago. . .
  2. R. Scott Bakker's The Unholy Consult is 1.99$ on Kindle (US only).
  3. Probably a glitch or something that won't last long, but you can download TUC for 1.99$ on Kindle.
  4. Like the movie industry, publishing needs some books to do well. A lot has been put into this one, hoping for commercial success. If it tanks, it won't be good for Daw and Tad's other publishers. Bestsellers bring in the money that allows publishers to sign lesser known names, midlist authors, and try new things. TWC was meant to be this summer's fantasy bestseller. Hopefully it did do well enough to make it on the NYT list.
  5. Some will like it, some won't. We'll know this coming week if the book hit the NYT bestsellers list. But with only 156 ratings on Goodreads 2 weeks following the release date (and maybe of those coming from people like me who did not pay for it), it appears that TWC didn't sell that much out of the gate. We can only hope that this is not the case, for both Daw Books and the fantasy genre need this novel to a commercial success. . . Hopefully fans have bought it, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Which would explain the low number of ratings on Goodreads. I was expecting THoWWL to make it on the NYT list, yet it didn't. But it was a companion book, so to speak, so it's understandable. With all the fanfare prior to the publication of TWC, if it's not a bestseller, that would suck.
  6. I read the first two or three when they originally came out and I enjoyed them, heterosexual guy that I am!
  7. I've read this book years ago, so I don't remember much in terms of details. But it was an awesome read!
  8. I'll see what I can do. . .
  9. More and more reviews should appear the closer we get to the pub date. So far, it's pretty much as you say. Adam, do you want me to see if I can get them to send you one?
  10. Wow! The post linking to my review of THE WITCHWOOD CROWN has been deleted by the admins of the tadwilliams.com forums. It's the very first time I've been censored since beginning the Hotlist in 2005. Didn't know that a lukewarm/negative review could be considered inappropriate content. . .
  11. Well, with about 530 book reviews under my belt, if you've been following the Hotlist for a while you know what usually works/doesn't work for me. If you haven't, then my review has no more value than those posted by random people on Goodreads and you should wait and read some more. Some of those 5-star reviews were posted by people involved in the production of the book and other people from Williams' forums, so they're biased. The closer we get to the pub date, the more reviews there will be from other readers. Enjoying/hating a novel is a very subjective process. Time will tell just how fans respond to TWC.
  12. That's an understatement!
  13. My review is up on the Hotlist. Biggest disappointment of the year. . .
  14. No, just the two other people who have read it and imply that there is a huge showdown at the end. As you saw in the vague material I hid in spoiler tags, there is no such thing at the end of TWC. Been trying to write my review for a while now. It's been the most difficult review I've ever worked on. . . :/
  15. I guess that Scott wanted to end this arc on a high note when bringing TGO to a close.