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  1. Wow! The post linking to my review of THE WITCHWOOD CROWN has been deleted by the admins of the tadwilliams.com forums. It's the very first time I've been censored since beginning the Hotlist in 2005. Didn't know that a lukewarm/negative review could be considered inappropriate content. . .
  2. Well, with about 530 book reviews under my belt, if you've been following the Hotlist for a while you know what usually works/doesn't work for me. If you haven't, then my review has no more value than those posted by random people on Goodreads and you should wait and read some more. Some of those 5-star reviews were posted by people involved in the production of the book and other people from Williams' forums, so they're biased. The closer we get to the pub date, the more reviews there will be from other readers. Enjoying/hating a novel is a very subjective process. Time will tell just how fans respond to TWC.
  3. My review is up on the Hotlist. Biggest disappointment of the year. . .
  4. No, just the two other people who have read it and imply that there is a huge showdown at the end. As you saw in the vague material I hid in spoiler tags, there is no such thing at the end of TWC. Been trying to write my review for a while now. It's been the most difficult review I've ever worked on. . . :/
  5. I guess that Scott wanted to end this arc on a high note when bringing TGO to a close.
  6. My review of The Unholy Consult is up on the Hotlist. Minor spoilers. . .
  7. My review of The Unholy Consult is up here. Minor spoilers. . .
  8. The second part of my interview with Tad Williams is now available here. Patrick
  9. Last time I heard from Scott, he said that he believed he had found something that would work. An Akka/Mimara POV portion. We can only hope that it's going to happen. . .
  10. I don't think Scott would be happy if either Adam, the guys from The Second Apocalypse and/or I would spoil the book. He trusts us and that's why we get early reads.
  11. One last quote from TUC for the road here!
  12. No mind-blowing stuff in every chapter, no. But it's the last volume and the shit is going down, so I figure that almost every chapter has something that can be construed as a spoiler, be it minor or major. Which is probably why it's hard for Scott to come up with something that will get people excited without spoiling them. Very little, actually!
  13. To those who seem to think that I'm posting my less-than-enthusiastic thoughts in bad faith and that there is indeed an exciting and gripping showdown bringing The Witchwood Crown to an end, here is a vague and spoiler-free look at the last few chapters that make up the finale. If you feel that such storylines make up a showdown worthy of that of GRRM's A Storm of Swords, then I'm not sure what to think. As I mentioned, there is some good stuff within the pages of TWC. Problem is, those golden nuggets are buried underneath a ton of uninspired, often boring extraneous material that bog down the narrative. As a matter of course, your mileage will vary. Liking or disliking a novel is a very subjective thing. Having said that, though there is more violence in this one compared to MST, there is virtually no similitude between TWC and ASOIAF. And again, there is no great showdown at the end. None whatsoever. For the most part, TWC is a VAST introduction for the new trilogy, one that offers very little in terms of plotline resolution and doesn't necessarily stand all that well on its own. Just my two cents. . .
  14. Hmmm, now you're putting doubts into my mind. . .