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  1. I have cracked it. I made a "traditional" Bolognese sauce (about 4 kilos) but substituted chicken thighs and chicken stock for the normal ground beef, pork, veal, water. No garlic. No peppers. No herbs. Just salt and pepper and and a cup of white wine added at the correct time. The secret ingredient: time. Low and slow for 5 hours. It has to be 5 hours because the 5th hour is where the magic happens. Here's why: The onion, celery, and carrot that goes in at the beginning completely disintegrates in the sauce. They have to be chopped fine. Any fat in the meat renders completely. (e.g. lean ground beef is about 20% fat) The collagen in the meat (the stuff that binds the muscle fibres together) also renders down and converts to gelatin. The result of all that destruction is that it thickens the sauce and adds a ton of flavor. I was pretty modest with the S&P this time around and I think I actually over-seasoned it.
  2. They also make cough drops that work great and are somewhat more palatable. I bought mine in the summer because the stores sometimes run out of them around here during flu-cold season.
  3. House... In... SPAAAAAAAAAACE. at 0:47: why are their lab coats flapping from going really fast in space?
  4. "Devastating" even. I'm convinced. Although I have no idea what "arsed" means in this context.
  5. This is from 2020. "Police Officer" doesn't even crack the top 20. Some years (according to some studies) it doesn't even crack the top 30. https://www.ishn.com/articles/112748-top-25-most-dangerous-jobs-in-the-united-states
  6. In 2021 the leading cause of death for active duty cops in the US was Covid. And about 30% of these idiots still refused to get jabbed.
  7. I don’t care if this is a money laundering scam or not; this fucking slaps. I’m so getting a pair. You can take those Yeezy’s and shove ‘em up your ass! https://gettrumpsneakers.com
  8. Yup. It’s amazing that guy wasn’t hit. If I was him I’d buy a shitload of lottery tickets. The deputy was on the job for two years. He was ex military but had never seen combat.
  9. 'Not sure where this should go so here goes. I disagree with one thing: The guy isn't "trigger happy". He's legit terrified. These idiots lit up their own cruiser. Their. Own. Cruiser.
  10. Except "they" didn't pick him. Favreau picked him; and had to fight like hell to keep him. From a commercial perspective: probably the most important casting decision in the history of Hollywood; and they came that close to getting it wrong.
  11. Clinic hours are a guilty pleasure. They should do a spinoff show that's nothing but clinic hours.
  12. House just hit Netflix in Canada. All eight seasons. I'm watching House. It's not lupus.
  13. Because the occasional box office success isn't enough to reverse a trend. "Massive bomb". The term you're looking for is, "massive bomb". We're talking Green Lantern / John Carter territory.
  14. It didn't do much for me either if I'm honest.
  15. I'm imagining households across the bible belt where a little child queries a parent, "Momma, what's a 'pegging'?" That happened. During the Super Bowl. Sweet Jesus, the Super Bowl.
  16. Trump managed to snag a fair number of 2012 Obama voters in 2016. And yeah, quite a few of them stayed home. One of the most underreported stories of 2016 was the number of voters who didn't stay home but instead voted 3rd party. The Libertarians and Greens saw a massive jump that year.
  17. Oh no. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp4RHYZ7tjM
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