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  1. The Croods: A New Age Having just seen the first film, I decided to give this one a go. Amazing. Incredibly clever. Lots of humor. Great cast. The third act is absolutely fucking bonkers. Recommend.
  2. Star Wars for Generation Alpha. Seriously this Mario hoo-ha is getting out of control. I’ve seen it and it really wasn’t that good. Parts of it were kind of boring actually. It’s nice you get to bond with your nephew though.
  3. That ending montage was the most insane thing I’ve seen since Munich. Gasp! They found… They found…?!? How could you not love Misty? C’mon, people. The day of judgment for Mustache is coming. It’ll be savory. Did everyone just forget about Javi?
  4. The Croods i never gave this movie much thought when it was released but I decided to give it a watch a mere 10 years after its release. I loved the hell out of this movie. Yeah it’s goofy as hell and there’s stuff that’s a bit of a stretch even given its own internal logic, but goddamn if I didn’t laugh my arse off. The movie also had a kind of epic-ness that’s I wasn’t expecting. A kids film that felt like it had actual stakes. Great stuff. ETA: John Cleese has a story credit on this?!?
  5. Queen Charlotte Episode 5: (Gasp) Lady Bridgerton! Control yourself! ETA: Lady Danbury!?!
  6. Uh huh. ETA: isn’t it strange that a newspaper would burn a (possible) source like that? They seem hell bent on protecting the confidentiality of their sources when it suits them.
  7. Queen Charlotte is hands down the best season of Bridgerton I’ve seen IMO. Also there’s a lot of humping. And visual aids… about humping.
  8. I’m going back and rewatching some of the season 1 stuff and I’m liking more and more.
  9. I’mwatchingQueenCharlotteandOHMYGAWDILoveBridgertonsoooomuchandthisshowisamazingandQueenCharlotteissobeautifulandKingGeorgeissohandsomeandomygodohmygodohmygodIthinktheQueenquotedAC/DCormaybeMeatballsgottagobecausethenextepisodeisstartingBYEEEEEE!!!
  10. I’m sensing a possible smorgasbord of antibiotics in your future. fun fact: foil top single serving yoghurt containers: If the top is loose the yoghurt is still good, regardless of the date. If the top is tight as a snare drum, you probably want to avoid it, regardless of the date.
  11. Going after that fat, fat Grogu money I see. This looks boring. If it’s 1/10th as bonkers as Gremlins 2 I’ll be amazed.
  12. White House Plumbers is getting better with episode 2. Liddy looks hilarious in that baby blue leisure suit and wig, though they’re laying the Nazi fanboy stuff on a little thick. Hunt is becoming an oddly compelling character.
  13. Try it. It’s weird how good it is. The banana has just the right amount of sweetness and there’s a textural component as well. Combined with the flakes and milk it’s surprisingly good. I’m not even a fan of breakfast cereal.
  14. Sliced bananas on cornflakes vastly improve cornflakes.
  15. I took a look at Wheatley’s filmography. I have never seen a single one of his films.
  16. I have a microwave pasta cooker and it rocks. Dried pasta, water, a bit of salt. Pop it in, set the timer and go. I don’t even have to watch it. I’m experimenting on doing potatoes in it as well.
  17. This might be my favorite cooking video. How long do we fry the haggis? Until it's, "lovely".
  18. 1. I didn’t know about Thompson. Only Calley. 2. To hear some people tell it, this type of thing was far more common in ‘68 than some would care to admit. I think that might have even even part of Calley’s defense.
  19. See, I wouldn’t even call it, “trash”. That would be interesting in its own right. I could understand it if it was shit. This is just baffling. Wow! OK, there’s clearly something going on here. Subliminal messages maybe? Do we need to bust out the “They Live” glasses? it’s particularly baffling considering how many animated films got hammered last year. DC: League of Super Pets and The Bad Guys were both much better than this. Puss in Boots 2 is a masterpiece compared to this. Even Lightyear and Strange World hold up pretty well compared to this. None of them come close to Mario’s box office success and some of them were bonafide bombs. Maybe. It’s definitely kind of messy.
  20. A familiar IP for people from 5 to 50 that isn’t tired because of endless sequels and reboots and shared universes. But yeah this is getting stupid. The movie isn’t that good but apparently it gives the right dopamine hit to people in a specific age group. Even more baffling question: why did my niece (who’s 17) see it twice; in the theater?!?
  21. Amsterdam I don’t understand this movie at all. Stellar cast top to bottom; top notch production design; similarly great costumes and sets; great/good performances; Pretty good script and some great scenes. The cinematography isn’t remarkable but it’s competently shot and cut together. It’s subject matter is even something I’m interested in. So why don’t I love this movie? It took me three sittings to get through it just because it was so uninteresting. Make this make sense.
  22. Cinema, Mellon Farmer. This looks kind of amazing actually.
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