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  1. I've not watched the last episode I lost faith in episode five but there is no avoiding the imagery and memes for the last episode and of course listening to various youtube vloggers (a think thats a word?) clearly indicate I haven't missed anything. It's apparent that virtually all the characters got happy endings which is a little obtuse. It gives them no where to go. Better endings are open endings where it is clear other events are rolling out. Once they lost sight of the books they should of made the decision to plough their own field rather that try adding GRRM character conclusions to the show. Apologies for what your about to read. So, my fan fiction for the show? Obviously Cersei remains the principle human villian. (at present.) The knight king story still finishes in episode three (I'm sticking to their six episode wrap up palooza.) Jamie dies here, I envision a replay of the tower of joy sequence but now with the knight kings minions being the same number as Neds forces and Jon, Jamie and Brienne being the kings gaurd. The Minions stand between Jon Brienne and Jamie and entrance to the Gods wood where the night king is heading towards Bran. The fight is not onesided the Nk minions give a good as they get but begin to fall to valerian steel . Alas Jamie falls protecting a injured Brienne leaving Jon to face the few remaining NK minions. It is not looking good for him. (in the skys above Dany fight the undead Viserion we cut back and forth) In the Gods wood Bran is about to get ganked by the NK when Arya does her thing. Oh and Melisandre doesn't die, though it looks like Davos has those plans. Next episode open with the funeral pyre sequence as before but after that we cut to Kings landing where news of the victory in the north has arrived. Cersei hears only that Jamie is dead and she SNAPS. Suddenly she is accusing her small council of giving her the wrong advice why did they tell her to hold her forces back and not to participate in the great war? her brother would still be alive. I picture the scene where Cersei has Qyburn by the hair as she is screaming at him - spittle flying from her lips and all he can do is appologise even though we all know it was always her decision but behind her looms the mountain who will mash your head like a rotten potato if the queens says so. Cersei demands Qyburn begin the next stage of defence. Qyburn agrees meekly as the mountain inches forward. The next scene. The Riverlands. The skys are overcast windy on one side of a river we see a host of banners, Riverland banners buffeted in the winds all the great houses of the Riverlands are amassed as if ready to hold back a storm. Across the river - before we see them we hear dragons screeching as the combined banners of the north and Targaryen forces come into view. It begins to rain - its light at first barely visable. Dany and Jon ride at the front of their host. They unmount at the rivers edge. On the other side Edmure (& other Lords) start to cross the shallow part of the river their horses whiny at the sound of dragons above. For a beat Jon and Dany eye the riverlords before Dany dismounts followed by Jon. The Riverlords do the same. It's raining pretty heavy now as Edmure kneels before his queen and swears the fealty of the Riverlords. Behind Edmure the banners are lowered as if also bending the knee. A great cheer goes up as foot men from the north and river lands race into the river to embrace each other (A homage to the film El Cid) Back in Kings landing we have a scene of Qyburn speaking to some of his little children spies he gives one of them a scroll and tell them to run along now. Around him are great jars of wild fire. Next episode begins with a feast in Riverrun as the river lords fete their new queen. In a moment they have stolen for them selves Dany tells Jon she doesn't care if he is her relation and neither should he. They are Targaryens the blood of the dragon if he wants to press his claim then the great houses can call a council and they can choose. Jon say he will make no claim as far as he is concerned his father was Ned Stark the man who raised him to be the man he is. She is his queen for now and always. Varys and Tyrion seek them out(Has Varys been eaves dropping?) Varys has a a little scroll. The red keep has been booby trapped by Cersei. They can not use dragon fire to take the inner compound. This wars end will be bloody street to street fighting. Varys knows the secret ways in and out of the red keep he will take the hound and Arya into the red keep to prevent Cersei from doing this dastardy deed. Dany will take Yaras Iron Born loyalist and her dragons and the unsullied to the sea to fight Eurons Iron Born whilst the River Lords the Vale and whats left of the Dothraki mount a cavalry charge on the Golden Company the North men with the aid of the city watch (bribed by Qyburn) will enter the city and fight Lannister and Crown land Loyalist. Back in Kings landing there is tension between Euron and Cersei. Euron knows of the wild fire and goads Cersei about her lack of faith. Perhaps he should be king. The mountain lets his pressence be known. Cersei talks about where power lies and how easily it can be lost. If the dragon bitch thinks to fly her dragon into the red keep killing her will be worth it. (If I can't have it no one can.) Euron is more than cocky about their chances - there wil be no reason to destroy the red keep if anything the dragon queen will have to negotiate rather than fight street by street, maybe he thinks he will take two queens as wives after all he controls the seas. Back in Riverlands the great host is preparing to head south. Arya is saddling a horse when a familiar voice behind her says "A girl has responsibilities." She turns her head there is no sense of surprise, she gives a half moon smile. The host is shown in all its glory marching out - an ariel view of it snaking across the landscape. Two dragons swoop and play together above them. Dany, Jon and other comanders including Edmure (who really feels a need to prove his worth.) flank them. Back in Kings landing the mood is sombre. We see the people of the city, Qyburn move amongst them. He is not dressed as a maester but makes no effort to diguise his appearance. He listens to the grumbling, the Lannister forces and the Golden company they do not like each other. Officers speak about the lack of communication between the forces and the arrogance of the sell sword commanders. Preparation to secure the city is under way. The episode ends with this build up and a sense of comming doom. the fifth episode. The battle is already underway. One of those far away shots where all you see are dots on the oceant then the view begins to close in two dragons are providing cover for Danys ships to enter close combat with the iron born for hand to hand combat. Yara Greyjoy cheers on her men to fight and die well. The rocking of the waves makes it impossible for the iron fleets scorpions to get a shot at the dragons in fact they are useless. Ships ram each other as boarding parties of Targ loyalists storm the Iron Borns decks. Euron and Grey Worm engage in a fight that is bloody and visceral. Yara swings across on a rope kicking Euron in the face. Fists knives, gudgels the decks are just crowded with men in a savage brawl. In Kings landing the North men have entered the city via side entrances where the city watch have killed the Lannister gaurds. They fight street to street with the Lannisters it is a bloody affair. Here and there unfortunate civilians are getting caught up in the fighting. Jon and Tormund and some northern soldiers unfamiliar with the lay out of Kings landing find theselves in a cul de sac and are pinned in by Lannister forces Jon takes a wound before help arrives in the form of the civilian population who begin to turn on the Lannisters. In the red keep Varys leads Arya and Sandor into the map room where they find Qyburn, or at least they think its him his head is a pulp. They make short work of the queens guard Sandor grabs Arya and tells her to find as many people who may be hostages here and lead them out he will take care of the mad queen. Arya protest talks about her list. Sandor slaps her hard across her face swearing at her (with that word) and asks her is she still a child that she keeps a list. Be a woman he says and go fucking do your duty. Out at sea the Crown Land Iron Born are all but lost. Grey Worm and Yara lie dead amongst others as a really bloody and battered Euron his eye gouged from its socket takes one look around Grins like a mad man and leaps from the burning ship before a dragon swoops in with cleansing fire. Back in the red keep Sandor faces the Mountain who is gaurding the queens quarters. Its Glegainebowl. Two big fuckers rip into each other with daggers. It's a stab athon. The Hound stabbing the Mountain furiously in the face whilst the Mountain stabs Sandor over and over, inbetween the gaps in his armour. The Mountain goes down. Sandor is not long for this world. He breaks into the queens private chambers. It's over you mad (that word again) Cersei has a a large beaker of green liquid in her hand. Her tear filled eyes are full of hate. A Lion she says does not concern it self with the opinions of sheep. She dashes the beaker on the floor. Outside. Dany on Drogon sees the upper tiers of the red keep explode in green flame. It is falling in on its self. On the streets of Kings landing the Lannister forces see the war is done and begin to drop their swords. In the open field what's left of the Golden company blow their trumpets signaling surrender. Like a wave washing out the fighting slows to nothing. All we hear is the cries of the injured and the dyeing. Episode six. Dany lands inside Kings landing. It's almost a replay of the scene where the slaves called her mother. Here it is "my queen". My queen they cry out. Drogon roars keeping the crowds at bay as unsullied rush to flank her. The bells are ringing. Arya and Varys covered in ash are exiting at the partial ruined red keep followed by servants and other people who were in the red keep including Cersei hand maiden (the one with the short hair) It's done she thinks. No way Sandor escaped that. North men are seen hurry towards Danys position (difficult to miss the the noise of two dragons.) They bring news. Cut to field hospital. Tormund is besides him self. Ghost is nudgeing the still body of Jon Snow. Dany has tears in her eyes. He's dead. No says Tormund, the red witch she is at the rear of the vangaurd. With dragon flight Dany can get Melisandrei here post haste. Dany wiping tears from her eyes sweeps out of the tent and races towards Drogon. Some where at the back of the military train Melisandre sits in chains staring into a fire. (When she returned to the North Davos swore to execute her himself. I am destined to die in this land Lord Davos she had said. But not to day, the lord of light will decide my fate and I am but his servant.) Dany enters her tent and tells her of Jons death. She must bring him back. Mel tells Dany of the first time that Jon came back and his express wish not to be ressurected a second time. Dany cares not and demands as the queen that she brings back Jon. Mel agrees on the understanding that only death can pay for life. Dany has heard this before. The lives that Mel demands are the high septon and his senior priests. The lord of light will now guide the way for Westeros. Dany looks appalled. You want me to burn them with dragonfire? Cleanse them with Dragon fire says Mel, and with it House Targaryen and the lord of light will shine a light on this world anew. Dany a girl in love says yes and has Mel unchained. Davos arrives by horse having seen the dragon flying over head. He protest the priestess release but meakly. He has some idea as to why the queen wants the witch but is too afraid to ask after his friend. Back in Kings landing the high septon and priests of the faith of the seven are tied to make do pillars. Melisandre, to the gathered crowds begins to preach about the lord of light and the power of those who follow him (she means Dany of course who resents being used that way) This is the power of the true god. Dracarys says Melisandre. Drogon does nothing. Dracarys shouts Dany and the dragon incinerates those tied to the pillars. The crowd are equall number appalled and enraptured. Already there are those ready to switch to the lord of light. Arya and Varys finally get from the red keep to our current locale to see what has happened. Varys is appalled by the possibilty that the red witch may develop a power base here. He knows the threat fanatics pose. Tormund informs Arya of Jons death and the preparations that are being made to ressurect him again. She protest that he wouldn't want that but is prevented from interfering. That evening as the fires of kings landing still smoulder the red witch performs her ritual to bring Jon back. This time it goes with out a hitch and Jons breathes again. As Jon opens his eyes tears spill from Dany's as she calls him "my sun and stars." Varys stares at the red witch. She stares back with a knowing smile. (these two can not live together.) A fornight has passed since the battle. A make shift tent covers the front of the red keep. It is time for a coronation. The Lords of houses great and small have gathered in Kings landing. In the streets there appear to be more red priests. Jon is dressed in fine northern outfit. The Stark sigil is clear to see. He goes to see Dany in her make shift camp. She is having her hair done by Missendei. More braids are being added. (Cersei hand maid the one with short hair is also present now wearing a Targaryen broach) Dany asks all to leave so she can speak with Jon. Jon clenches his jaw. He holds back what he wants to say. The silence between them lingers. Dany breaks the silence We are the last of the Targaryens she says. Our right by birth is to sit .... I'm not a Targaryen Jon says. A Stark then? No. I am just a Snow. Dany goes to him. She embraces him. The dragon and the wolf. Her embrace is tighter than his. She feels his feelings for her are changing. You had no right to bring me back he says. Dany pulls away. Those people you burned for me. Jon is clearly torn by the truth of the price paid for his second ressurection. She said it was the only way. Only death pays for life. Dany puts her hand on her belly. Only death may pay for life. Jon realises what she means but it gives him no joy. The lack of Jons reaction to her news upsets her, she feels angry. I'm leaving after the coronation. I have not given you permission to leave. The Lady of Winterfell has asked me to escort the freefolk back past the wall, to restore the northern forces. To deal with a certain lord who refused the call. You are the warden of the north. I have relinquished that title. Sansa .... Sansa? I decide who will be my warden Lord Snow. I am the queen. You are my grace. There is silence between them. So be it she says. Dany feels hurt but doesn'y want to push it she will bring him back to her. There is a cough at the tent entrance, it's Missendei. It is time. Under the make shift tent Dany sits on the iron throne that has been dragged from the ruins for this day. All the living Starks are in attendence. Bran is wearing a Maesters robe. The Citadel will take good care of him and he will be of such great value to the maesters. (and vice versa - the three eyed crow has his own agenda) Dany is crowned to great fan fare and rises to give a speech. But it is not a speech of consolation or of mending fences. She speaks of Conquest and fire and blood of breaking the wheel to remake it in this new world. The red god has shown her the light and must illuminate the faces of everybody from Southros to the free cities of Essos. And with her great military comander and consort Jon Snow they will conqer the world. The crowd erupts with shouts of Loyalty and praise. Jon is taken aback. His plans to go north now unclear. He is stunned as the ladies and lords of the houses of Westeros cheer and rave with enthusiasm. Bran sitting next to Jon says. You'll be fighting her wars for ever Lord Snow. Jon Snow looks at Dany who just returns his gaze with that same look she had when she stepped out of the burning hut after killing all the khals. This isn't over. Stories never are. You know this was quite cathartic. Well just watched the Deadwood movie. It appears I have the right of it. Stories don't have to have full stop endings to be satisfying.
  2. If Dany dies I still think it's going to child related. A breached birth or perhaps she gives birth but suffers postpartum depression which is misconstrued as madness (in that day and age) and trys to harm her own baby or others in her paranoia and delusional state. Considering how many awful characters there have been in the books and we still don't know what Euron will get up to. Just how tyranical could dany be in the books? (Destroying Kings landing? Surely that will be the work or Jon Conington with his grey scale induced madness who will be put down by the pretender Aegon who loves him as a father.)
  3. Arya going west of Westeros yeah because an 11 year is going to comand a ship and Bran what is he 9 or 10 going to untagle himself from his weirwood throne and be dragged back passed the wall. Have you read the books?
  4. So I see this has another all time low score. Glad I have chosen not to watch the finale. My resolve will remain strong. Maybe in 20 years time. On now my friends and let us meet again for the Winds Of winter.
  5. I thought this was insightful. Sorry if its already been posted.
  6. Well I'm now in the denial phase so here I go. Dany did what Jamie warned Cersei would happen if they betrayed the pact to send the Crown Land forces to the North. Her punishing the people of Kings landing is just what Tywin Lannister would of done. What he did do to House Tarbeck and House Reyne. Is mad queen a misdirection? How can Jon killing Dany be a dream of spring?
  7. I had a thought how they could of handled this if they had played things out differently. Going back to s7 Dany arrives at Dragonstone and with the Dornish and Tyrells sets about laying seige to Kings Landing. One reason or another Missendie and Olena are captured by the Crown lands and the whole execution thing which triggers Dany to lay waste to Kings Landing occurs. She decides she will rule through fear. Ravens are sent. Enter Jon Snow arriving from the North not to bend the knee as demanded but to tell of the threat of the others. He sees the appalling devastation that Dany and her three Dragons have wrought but puts it aside because there are greater concerns afoot. They think her the man queen but they need her. Dany aggrees to go North to fight the others (she doesn't believe in them but it will allow her to entrench her forces beyond the neck) During this march Dany decides Jon will be her chosen consort. The threat from beyond the wall is devasting and Dany realises what her true purpose is and her ruthless streak comes in handy when sending her forces to face this fearfull onslaught. Night King is destroyed - Varys whispers learns of Jons truth and Dany position feels threatend by this King in the North she triggers another act of violence that forces Jon to realise he must make a counter claim for the throne. Yadda Yadda Yadda Bloody battle Dany dies a flawed heroine.
  8. I now think this would of been better as 22 episode a week tv show with the buget of Once upon a time told over ten seasons. Story story story. Every thing else forgivable - so so costumes Zoic doing the vfx but well developed deep dive into the books.
  9. Any one got a better tilte to this episode. I would of gone with "The Fallen."
  10. she said "Lucky you Iain you get to leave this clusterfuck 3 episodes early."
  11. I like the idea that the night king needs to kill Bran in order to kill himself. If he was a green seer rather than just some first man the COTF captured. To close his loop he has to kill the last green seer - 3 eyed raven.
  12. How do you defeat an army of the undead that has no plan or strategy, that are just going to swarm your positions? The only tactic you could possibly have is retreat. Run away not stand your ground.
  13. Honestly I kind of liked it if not for now having to wait another week to discover what happens next (arghhhhh.) Yes there was the usual stick of unfinished conversations which seems quite the thing in drama it seems and as long as they roll back round to it and don't pretend it never happened I can live with it. I don't see them not furthering the conversation between Jon and Dany, preferably more than two or three sentences.
  14. Any one watching final space? Man that's a blast.
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