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  1. Whoa, haunting Come to think of it, same DoP for this and Django Unchained, Robert B Richardson. Same marsh, dogs, landscapes etc frames but in black amd white here, flamboyant there. Hope he returns for Tarantino's upcoming limited series debut.
  2. Hulkenberg replacing Mick at Haas Yet RB catering and Ferrari Fiasco Inc steal the limelight. Seb Ric and Goatifi get the chunk of farewell posts. Kmag-Schumacher P1-P20 quali sandwich ended the kid. Though he had a decent drive to climb up. Fingers crossed for a Ham win so the record remains. Daniel and Vettel in Audi '26 freak prediction. Still confused whom to vote DOTD.
  3. Yawn Oh yeah, you recruiting Nazi pedophiles yet?
  4. I'm hearing rumours Iran has ordered the mass execution of 15000 arrested protesters. And worse before death. Tell me it's false please
  5. This F1 weekend was better than most autosport cinema, change my mind. Anyway gonna watch Rush again if/when I wake up
  6. Ham only got one race left to fulfill 1 min/year streak *sniff* And I'll have Goatifi for dinner if he tries another assist With Chianti That and Charles begging his Spanish namesake, lmao WHAT A FRICKING WEEKEND!
  7. We're more like the catch rabid dogs squad
  8. Umm, you alts have used the same line a few dozen times, variations and then the rest of us will continue pretending to believe. As if we haven't had your hate threads on the first page for a long time. At least dont scare away potential new members, I was crazy enough then and now. Alts Mods please open a new sub topic, fantastic suggestion.
  9. Father bet it was fixed in favor of an indopak final. I won the bet, yet...
  10. Not a problem, anyway is the Brazil elections going to affect F1?
  11. Bah, I'm a thousand miles away in a green paradise
  12. 5.7 Richter quake in New Delhi, as if the smog wasnt enough. At least he got to do that, even if she wasn't, sorry, isn't, that great looking. Sorry for making an Intl event post look like a dating thread one. Acidity.
  13. Dont give them ideas! They'll publish a treatise on how they share same blood and other (racistly derived) similar characteristics
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