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  1. I remember joining back in 2006, and my first real arguments being against some guy pushing a non-R+L=J theory alongside a poster called Ser Greguh . . . who hasn't posted here in more than seven years. Oh, I feel old.
  2. We don't know how long Covid-19 immunity lasts, but SARS immunity apparently lasted about two years: On the other hand, there's a couple coronavirus infections that cause a big share of colds, and immunity from those is pretty short-lived.
  3. I'm more amused than annoyed that my Utes completely blew it. Not sure whether that means they were always overrated, or just had the misfortune to choke at the end of the season this time. It seemed like Oregon was just trampling over their defense, ostensibly the best defense in the Pac-12. Maybe they should schedule some tougher out-of-conference opponents next time. Oh well, off to the Holiday Bowl. San Diego is a pretty nice place to be this time of the year.
  4. Well, I suppose it was super unlikely that either Oregon or Utah got enough of a bump from a victory over the other to make it into the college football playoff, but now it's super duper unlikely unless one of the top three completely blows it next week.
  5. Technically viable, but logistically challenging. It couldn't take off from regular airports, meaning you'd have to travel to a launch site separate from existing major cities by some distance (either an off-shore platform or more remote launch site on regular ground). And it wouldn't just be competing with subsonic air travel - there are serious efforts underfoot to revive supersonic air travel, at least over oceanic routes.
  6. Spring Bass

    Tolkien 3.0

    I personally found the attempt to massively revise the Silmarillion cosmology into a heliocentric, more "cosmic" setting fascinating, even if it was just never going to work with the rest of the Silmarillion (especially the desire to have the Elves awaken to the stars and Men awaken with the first rise of the Sun). Same for his inconclusive attempt to revise the origin of Orcs.
  7. Pretty quiet finale for this show. A little bit of a reboot, the episode name drop near the end, and . . . who knows? I was half expecting them to time-skip for the finale, but they didn't. I'm not sure how I feel about that. The romance subplots weren't ever really that interesting, except as a kind of ironic twist - Eleanor and Chidi were paired to drive each other crazy, and they turned out to actually be soul-mates.
  8. I'm not making any predictions anymore, because I did not see this coming. Who knows what the final episode will bring? Will they time-skip? Either way, I'm interested.
  9. They might, depending on how strong the critical praise is for the fourth season (and whether it shows some strong legs in on-demand and Netflix watches). Other shows have gotten at least four seasons because of critical praise despite mediocre ratings, such as Community and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
  10. I think they're going to completely break the system altogether by the end of this season, with the reconstruction happening in the fourth season (which they've gotten, but which I suspect will be the last one unless the ratings get drastically better). The final two episode titles are "Chidi sees the Time-Knife" and "Pandemonium". In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up breaking things after something like what you suggest. Imagine the Judge taking into mind what they've said, and making changes for future arrivals . . . but they only apply to future arrivals, not all the people who got screwed over under the old rules (including our heroes). Michael then tries something drastic again, and pandemonium ensues.
  11. It didn't hurt it for me, and I was spoiled on the Season 1 surprise before I ever decided to watch the show.
  12. Yep, you pretty much did. It's basically impossible for humans to get into the Good Place now because even good actions can unintentionally cause massive amounts of harm*, and the world got drastically more connected and complicated once Trans-Oceanic travel started to knit the world together. I'm very curious as to how the rest of this season is going to play out, now that the show has a fourth season in line. The titles for the final two episodes are "Chidi sees the Time-Knife" and "Pandemonium", which makes me wonder if our protagonists (especially Michael) are going to break reality somehow - with the fourth season being them putting it back together. * Looks like Chidi was right, too! Remember his bit about how he thought it was because he bought the Almond Milk despite knowing the environmental problems caused by it? Turns out that's actually kind of right in general (if maybe not specifically in his case).
  13. That's a good point about the connectedness. Look at Mindy St Claire, who ended up in the Medium Place because she got the ball rolling on a charity that ended up being a colossal charitable force for good (even if she herself died before it got started). That only works because the sheer cumulative good rising from that act ended up weighing in her favor. The last person to get in during 1497 was probably some peasant (and they'll make a joke about it). Or it will be someone important that nobody has heard of. None of the famous European deaths in 1497 really stand out as moral icons:
  14. There might be something to that. This is from the show-runner in an interview with The Vulture: Now I'm really curious. It doesn't sound like the Bad Place hacked the system 521 years ago in any direct way, so much as the criteria are weirdly set up so that something about the full world being connected screwed everyone over.
  15. Given that time is really wonky in the afterlife, maybe the Study Group is going to somehow create the Good Place, and then it retroactively gets made to exist for all those eligible forward and back. But I think it's more likely that the "Good Place" is just a different kind of torment for folks altruistic enough to get into it. Maybe it's all just different types of demons preying upon different types of people. The counter-example there would be Mindy St Claire in the Medium Place, but I think it's striking that her destiny feels like ironic punishment. In life she was a hard-driving, ambitious, Type A person - but her afterlife consists of being stuck in the same old house in a wasteland for eternity, after being told that she was so cosmically middling that neither Heaven nor Hell took her. Or none of that. We don't need that to explain why Chuck is damned - he's damned for the same reason Tahani was. All of those "good" deeds don't count because he's not doing them altruistically. His driving force is entirely selfish self-preservation.
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