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  1. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off isn't a straight adaptation like it seems in the first episode, at least until the point where it becomes clear this is some kind of alternate reality. Right at the moment I was thinking "so far the movie is way better, and they're just retreading the same story but worse" it takes a left turn. On to episode 2...
  2. Interesting speculation. There was possibly a fluid hammer effect that could have been avoided, but we don't know the reason for the slowing down of thrust, whether intended or something else caused it.
  3. Successful launch! Not a single engine failed. Booster and ship terminated though, unknown yet what issues triggered the computers to end it. Booster hot stage (lighting the ship first while still attached to booster) separated perfectly, but there seemed to be a leak and moments stage flight termination system triggered. Ship used nearly all its fuel before loss of signal. Launch pad appears pristine.
  4. Nasaspaceflight's livestream: Tim Dodd's streaming in 4k video: What NASA wants to see from SpaceX’s second Starship test flight SpaceX's official stream on X: https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1dRKZEWQvrXxB
  5. For some reason the eponymous Blackberry movie has been recut into a 3 part mini-series, about 45 minutes each. So about 15 minutes was added back from the cutting room. I guess I liked the movie enough to eager for a rewatch for the additional material. It's streaming on Gem, the CBC streaming platform for those in Canada. https://gem.cbc.ca/
  6. FAA has issued a launch license for the 2nd Starship test launch for Friday. Launch window 7am to 9am CST. Launch is now targeted during a 20-minute launch window opening Saturday, November 18th, at 7:00 a.m. CST / 13:00 UTC.
  7. They've had several Fantastic Four movies with Doom as the villain, and it didn't seem to me that the general public was all that interested. Switching from Kang to Doom would be quite the Hail Mary, and more likely to fail than succeed.
  8. Confirmation: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/fantastic-four-casts-reed-richards-1235392357/ Still dependent on sorting out his shooting schedule though. He's apparently not returning for season 4 of Mando.
  9. Also the inimitable Robert Vaughan and John Saxon. James Cameron worked on the SFX. I remember seeing it, must have been on TV less than a year after it came out in 1980. Even at age 7 I knew it sucked.
  10. Zack Snyder explains the Rebel Moon trailer, in case you didn't get it.
  11. I think there was a Knight Who Says Ni in there as well.....
  12. Technically, Captain Marvel is now a Disney princess too.
  13. Bodies on Netflix just makes me want to rewatch Dark again.
  14. I would say The Marvels had all their main characters and the villain show character development. It was the relationships between all these characters that lead to the resolution for each of them. Nothing about this was choppy, incoherent, or a mish-mash, or any of the other vague accusations I've seen claimed.
  15. I heard the first season is 480 minutes long, while the original cartoon was only 460 minutes. So it seems they have plenty of time to cover everything.
  16. It's not Mumbai, it's Mumbatten. I assume it's a reality where Indians colonized the Americas.
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