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  1. The stuff I've seen y'all talking about here? Yeah. I'm that free speech. If you never wanna listen to his music again because he's obviously a scumbag then I say good on you. If you wanna cancel your deals with him I say you're responding to market trends. If you say he should be apprehended or muzzled then you put me in the repellent position of having to defend Kanye fucking West. A man I have accused of entering into a marriage compact and fathering a child as part of a marketing pun
  2. Free speech follies draw me. What a contemptable creature I am for it.
  3. For Kanye? Ignore him. It's fucking saaad, that he's going in with that crowd, but he hasn't done anything illegal that I'm aware of. I mean he's Kanye West, a billionaire, those people commit felonies in-between every breath. But as to a man may speak as he wishes? My answer is always that he may speak as he wishes.
  4. That happened. There was a SHOCKING amount of groupthink momentum towards concluding that 'trial by peers' is a BAD thing all along. I noted the fucking idiocy of the atmosphere at the time, as I do now, and I will not apologize for it.
  5. The fascist right is engaged in an explicit years-old campaign against the systems I was born with stake in. I am not trolling or talking tall when I say that I consider it my duty: and the duty of all good citizens: to do them harm. I would not look to put Donald Trump in a cage, however. His sturmabteilung and I would find some similar ground in the usefullness of a gallows, then. Both can be true. Kanye is a deranged fool with a lot of talent; he is not the person you people should be focused on
  6. I do not believe in putting humans in cages under almost any circumstance. If someone is such a danger that you need to reduce them to animalism then there is a much cheaper and more practical treatment option available. You people don't want Kanye West admitted so he can be 'cured' You want him punished for his aberrative behaviors. You want to feel virtue at this man whose power supercedes your own actually having to face a consequence for his actions. You want it soooo bad that you're (group accusation, not specific to an individual) chippering for the state to decide from Youtube clips whether a person is or is not fit for society. I mean I get it. Dude makes bumpin (let's not pretend it was more than bumpin ok? Dude was so overrated. He was real real fucking good, but he was not all that) music but he's obviously a fucking imbicile, normally I'd say fuck him. It's just that you folks are so reactive. It shocks and, in turn, makes me reactive. My appalled reaction is the same as when I saw (some of you same characters) talking about how we gotta get rid of jury trials because the Depp v Heard debacle didn't calamatize just the way you wanted.
  7. I am appalled by the casual tossing about of discussion to the effect of depriving a man his liberties just because he said something you didn't like. Being an anti-semetic is stupid and hurtful. The suggestion that it be commit-able is insane. You're suggesting reeducation centers by way of rehabilative insane asylums. Do you really want Ron DeSantis' government to be able to decide which public utterances make you a danger?
  8. Actually it's the Diamond Thunderbolt of liberation. Signifying great and sudden change. Sorry for the error.
  9. Hi, Ring3r! I'm Jace, and I'm an alco- Wait, wait... wrong thread.
  10. You know, now that I think back on it... I'm pretty sure that Yeeze was telling me all Jews have Rabies Shit, that's my bad dawg
  11. Also, not to get racial or nothin' but what the fuck is up with this ham eating Jew? Does your rabbi know that you partake of the flesh of a cloven hooved amimal? All Jews have rabbi(s?). And aren't allowed to eat meat after the sun goes to sleep. Kanye told me.
  12. This is true. People cook the fuck out of EVERYTHING Including yummy spiral ham But turkey + injected cajun seasoning=happy Bonus points if you deep fry that shit. You will know true bliss when you eat cajun deep fried ham I know you are all intimidated by my sophisticatory and put-agetheredness, but I come from farm people.
  13. Nah it was aight. Even though my sister's mother-in-law(my something-in-law?) Brought the ham 2 hours late, there was no turkey, and the only other dish I could stomach were some cooked-through-hell au gratin potatoes (you should alllmost be able to eat these without chewing, people. C'mon now, learn to cook. And for the love of Jewish Jesus please stop putting miracle whip, mayonnaise, and any white cummish looking condiment on your food. JUST STOP) because my sister dumped a stick of butter and some kind of green into the mashed potatoes. And I do not do mushrooms, which infests most dishes of the season. So it was pretty good.
  14. If I had to shop at WalMart I'd start shooting too. If I had to work there... I think I'd rather be a prisoner of the Vietcong. However long it takes, I'll return from two decades of their custody much healthier than two hours of subjugation to that Superstore monument for the displacement of human ambitions.
  15. you people help make hollidays with sisters worth surviving. I'm thankful for twitter and the demise of its dependants this ChristmasGiving.
  16. At least 'lil Zackey knows(thinks) it'snot because of anything he did. Starting isn't important. Self-esteem is critical
  17. Nahz nah tazzteh! Tazz dizza drozz pah tah! Pahz dizz tah tazz tahs tazza tuh tuzz!
  18. Yeah sometimes I'm glad to be an internet illiterate. Yeah. People are mean ugly creatures. I just don't speak DarkWeb No red pills for Jace.
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