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  1. DominusNovus

    Shouldn’t it be the War of the Six Kings?

    Or to give them northern louts someone to whom they could feel more civilized.
  2. DominusNovus

    Shouldn’t it be the War of the Six Kings?

    Who cares about what goes on north of the Wall?
  3. Playing around with one of those hypothetical 'best Small Council' thought games, and it occurs to me that Wyman is probably one of the most versatile characters in the series. He's built up a fleet of war ships for a region that hasn't had a navy in millennia. Sounds like a good Master of Ships, right? He's outmaneuvered political opponents without any cards to play, seizing on every advantage he has to turn the tables from abject humiliation to brutal revenge. Master of Whispers it is - if he can out-scheme Roose Bolton, he's crafty. He's overseen a thriving port city, and taken steps to improve its infrastructure and defense during wartime and hostile climatic conditions, when resources are stretched thin. Master of Coin sounds like a good fit for a man who can stretch so little so far. He's contributed mightily to a network of secret political alliances, all under the nose of several very paranoid and more powerful opponents. That, with all the others, and you've got a solid Hand of the King there. Seriously, other than Lord Commander of the Kingsguard or Grand Maester, is there any job on the Small Council Wyman couldn't do?
  4. What it says on the tin. How much do we know about Stannis and his information (or lack thereof) of Dany's undertakings in Essos?
  5. So, given that the latest screen adaptation has been a hit, I figured I’d go back and read IT. I got a few chapters in when I was a kid, but its a dense slog, and I just didn’t have the patience (I read a couple of his books when I was younger, but never particularly went nuts over them). I’m now getting into the flashbacks, about 1/5th of the way through the book, and I’m really finding King to be a difficult author to read - or, at least, enjoy reading. I know that, given to his prolific nature, King does not write nearly as tightly as a more methodical author, like Martin. Still, given how easily King switches between POVs and even tenses (pretty sure a few pages ago, I read a section where the parts taking place in the 80s were written in the past tense, and the parts in the 50s in the present tense), its maddeningly mushy. Also, while I’m not much of a prude, the way he writes some of the more sexual scenes (and I plan on just skipping over the infamous orgy scene entirely, tbh) just feels off. Everything under the sun causes nipples to harden in King’s world, it seems. And, of course, every character fits perfectly in King’s worldview, tending strongly towards two-dimensional development. I could go on, but I’m not trying to just write a long diatribe against King. I guess I’m just wondering if anyone thinks I should just move on to something else, or if IT is worth sticking through to the end (its not as though I don’t know the whole plot anyway). I can’t shake the feeling that, if I want to keep reading about how creepy my part of the country can be, I could just read Lovecraft, instead (I like his tendency to write in the first person, it certainly makes his own prejudices easier to stomach when reading).
  6. DominusNovus

    Who is the dumbest POV character?

    Yeah, lots of people taking this opportunity just to bash on characters they don’t like. My vote - with a disclosure that I don’t like her - is Cersei. She’s probably not the character with the lowest IQ, but she’s almost certainly the character with the biggest gap between her actual intelligence and her perception of her intelligence.
  7. DominusNovus

    If the War of the Five Kings hadn’t happened

    You know, this isn’t the Bible or the Koran, or any other Holy Writ. The readers are free to ponder counterfactuals without violating the sanctity of the sacred word. Everyone has different ways of enjoying the books, and there is no need to denigrate any of those particular ways. I note this, particularly, in light of that recent discussion regarding the counterfactual supposition of Aegon the Conquerer never invading Westeros. I recall you engaging in that conversation on its own merits, even going so far as to argue in favor of the plausibility of a continued Hoare dominion over the Riverlands, based in Harrenhal. Said argument was, I cannot help but note with some satisfaction, in direct contrast to the written text that desribes Harrenhal, repeatedly, as a massive waste. Imagining Harrenhal as a practical seat of power is just as contrary to the text as imagining Ned as a master political operator in King’s Landing. Of course, if you like to imagine Harrenhal as such or explore the idea of it as the capital of a great kingdom, you’re free to do so. It could be very fun.
  8. DominusNovus

    If the War of the Five Kings hadn’t happened

    Because. Ned allying with Renly? Sure, its out of character. Ned allying with Littlefinger? Also out of character. Too bad it happens in the books. Cersei and Jaime getting caught in Winterfell isn't out of character (particularly since it happens in the books), its just a matter of whether it become common knowledge. I disagree with your assessment of Ned. He's woefully unequipped for being thrown in the deep end of southern politics, but he clearly is politically savvy enough to govern the North. I read Ned's character as someone who knows exactly had to handle people under the circumstances in which he's familiar, but King's Landing is so alien to him that he doesn't have time to re-orient himself. The early novels are very kind to the Lannisters, who achieve so much, despite the recklessness of Cersei and Jaime. If anything changes in those early events, its likely to result in worse situations for the Lannisters.
  9. DominusNovus

    Ashara Dayne the greenseer

    Ned's execution of a deserter is deserved. It doesn't matter that the guy was scared witless, he broke his oath to defend the Wall and ran for his life. And we have no evidence that Ashara was involved with anything. Arthur was a strong supporter of Rhaegar, of course, but he was also bound by oath to be.
  10. DominusNovus

    Ashara Dayne the greenseer

    Why on earth would Ashara be charged with treason?
  11. DominusNovus

    Odds of Walder Frey’s Trueborn Children’s Sexes

    Incorrect. What is equally unlikely is a specific sequence: BBBBG is just as likely as BBBBB, but 4 boys and and 1 girl is more likely than 5 boys.
  12. DominusNovus

    If the War of the Five Kings hadn’t happened

    Again, she’s claiming the Lannisters commited a crime she herself is responsible for. She’s already pretended to be scared when she sent Cat the letter. Why are we assuming she’s being honest here?
  13. DominusNovus

    If the War of the Five Kings hadn’t happened

    huh? She killed her husband, so why is she terrified of the Lannisters? I thought it was all an act to keep suspicion where LF wanted it.
  14. DominusNovus

    North defeat war of five kings

    Actually, its the North/Riverlands that screws things up for Stannis (or Renly, if you prefer).
  15. DominusNovus

    Where are all of the cadet branches?

    I was looking at some of the genealogies, and it struck me as odd that the region that has the 'widest' confirmed cadet branches, the Iron Islands, is also the region with the least amount of land. Harlaw and Goodbrother are particularly prolific, and others are confirmed to have cadet branches that don't appear on page (like Farwynd).