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Good morning and welcome once again to the Terry Goodkind Quote of the Day. Enquerrand has been pestering asking for the speech where Richard takes over the Midlands, and I think this will be part one in a series called “Richard wont shut the fuck up.†It’s a really stirring (long winded) speech, so let’s have at it. Richard has assembled the various ambassadors of the Midlands to the Confessors palace in Aydindril, in order to demand their surrender. The D’haran forces are already under his control. Two Mord-Sith, as well as two D’haran guards and of course Gratch, show up on stage to get everybody’s attention.

The blond-headed Mord-Sith near the center of the dais looked around the room with a penetrating blue-eyed gaze that commanded silence.

“People of the Midlands,†she said, lifting an introductory arm to the empty air above the desk, “I present Lord Rahl.â€

A shadow formed in the air. A black cloak appeared suddenly, and as it was thrown wide, there, standing atop the dais, was a man. <An attention whore drama queen>

Those near the front fell back in alarm. A scattering of people cried out in terror. Some called for the Creator’s protection, others beseeched the spirits to intercede on their behalf, and some fell to their knees. While many stood in mute shock, a few of the decorative swords were drawn for the first time in fear. When a D’Haran in the front of the echelon calmly warned in a low, icy voice to sheath the weapons, they were reluctantly returned to scabbards.


“I am Richard Rahl, called by the D’Harans Lord Rahl. Other peoples have other titles by which I am known. Prophecies given in the dim past, before the Midlands was born, have placed appellation upon me.†He stepped down off the desk to stand between the Mord-Sith. “But it is the future I come before you to address.â€

Though not as large as the two D’Harans standing at each end of the curved desk, he was a big man, tall and muscular, and surprisingly young. His clothes, black cloak and high boots, dark trousers, and plain shirt, were unassuming, more so for one called “Lord.†Though it was hard to miss the gleam of a silver-and-gold scabbard at his hip, he looked to be nothing so much as a simple woodsman. Tobias thought, too, that the man looked tired, as if he bore a mountain of responsibility on his shoulders.

Tobias was hardly a stranger to combat, and knew by the grace with which this young man carried himself, by the easy way the baldric lay across his shoulder and by the way the sword moved with him at his hip, that he was not a man to be taken lightly. <oh blah blah blah, it goes on like this for a bit. I’ll jump to Richard’s demands.>

“The Imperial Order,†Lord Rahl began, “believes that the time has come foe the world to be united under a common canon: theirs. They say that magic is responsible for all man’s failings, misfortunes, and troubles. They claim all evil to be the external influence of magic. They say the time has come for magic to pass from the world.â€

Some in the room murmured their agreement, some grumbled their skepticism, but most stood mute.

Lord Rahl laid an arm across the top of the largest chair – the one in the center. “In order for their vision to be complete, and in light of their self-proclaimed divine cause, they will suffer the sovereignty of no land. They wish for all to be brought under their influence, and to go forward into the future as one people: subjects of the Imperial Order.â€

He paused for a moment as he met the gaze of many in the crowd. “Magic is not a fount of evil. This is merely an excuse for their actions as they ascend to supremacy.â€

Whispering swept back through the room, and low undertones of arguments boiled up. Duchess Lumholtz strode forward, commanding attention. She smiled at Lord Rahl before bowing her head.

“Lord Rahl, what you say is all very interesting, but the Blood of the Fold here-“ She flicked her hand in the direction of Tobias and at the same time cast him an icy glare. “-say that all magic is spewed forth by the keeper.â€

Brogan neither said anything, nor moved. Lord Rahl didn’t look in his direction, but instead kept his gaze on the duchess.

“A child, come anew into the world, is magic. Would you call that evil?â€

Lifting an imperious hand, she quieted the crowd at her back. “The Blood of the Fold preaches that magic is created by the Keeper himself, and thereby can only be evil incarnate.†<wait, I thought the chicken was evil incarnate>

From various areas around the floor and up in the balcony, people shouted their agreement. This time it was Lord Rahl who lifted a hand, bringing them to silence.

“The Keeper is the destroyer, the bane of light and life, the breath of death. As I hear it told, it is the Creator, through his power and majesty, who brings all things to be.†Almost as one, the crowd shouted that it was true.

“In that case,†Lord Rahl said, “to believe that magic springs from the Keeper is blasphemy. Could the Keeper created a newborn child? To ascribe the power to create, which is the sole domain of the Creator, to the Keeper, is to grant to the Keeper that which is chaste, and only the Creator’s. The Keeper cannot create. To hold such a profane belief could only be heresy.†<Question. Can heresy exist in a world with absolutely no organized religion?>

<blah blah, somebody goes on about how good the Order is>

“A noble ideal,†Lord Rahl answered in a quiet tone, “one you already had in the unity of the Midlands, yet you threw it away for avarice.â€

“The Imperial Order is different. It offers true strength, and true, lasting peace.â€

Lord Rahl fixed the duke with a glare. “Graveyards rarely breach a peace.†He turned his glare on the crowd. “Not long ago, an army of the Order swept through the heart of the Midlands, seeking to bring others into their fold. Many joined, and swelled their force. A D’Haran general named Riggs led them, along with officers of several lands, and was assisted by a wizard Slagle, of Keltish blood.

“Well over one hundred thousand strong, they bore down on Ebinissia, the Crown city of Galea. The Imperial Order bad the people of Ebinissia join them and become subjects of the Order. When called upon to oppose aggression against the Midlands, the people of Ebinissia bravely did so; they refused to abandon their commitment to unity and a common defense that was the Midlands.â€

The duke opened his mouth to speak but, for the first time, Lord Rahl’s voice became menacing in tone and cut off his words.

“The Galean army defended the city to the last man. The wizard used his power to rent the city walls and the Imperial Order poured in. Once the greatly outnumbered Galean defenders had been eliminated, the Imperial Order did not occupy the city, but instead went through it like a pack of howling animals – raping, torturing, and butchering helpless people.â€

Lord Rahl, his jaw clenched tight, leaned across the desk, and pointed a finger at Duke Lumholtz. “The Order slaughtered every living person in Ebinissia: the old, the young, the newborn. They impaled defenseless, pregnant women in order to kill both mother and unborn child.â€

His face red with rage, he slammed his fist to the desk. Everyone jumped. “With that act, the Imperial Order put the lie to anything they say! They have lost the right to tell anyone anything about what is right, and what is wicked. They are without virtue. They come for one reason and one reason only: to vanquish and subjugate. They slaughtered the people of Ebinissia to show others what they had to offer anyone who fails to submit.

“They will not be halted by borders or by reason. Men with the blood of babes <or seven year old girls?> on their blades have no ethics. Don’t you dare stand there and try to tell me otherwise; the Imperial Order is beyond defense. They have shown the fangs behind their smile, and by the spirits they have lost the right to offer words and have them taken as truth!â€

<snip, blah blah, people bitch about D’Hara>

“I stand against everything Darken Rahl stood for. He would stop at no evil act to have his way. He tortured and killed countless innocent people, and suppressed magic, so that it could not be used against him, the same as the Order would do.â€

“Then you’re the same as he.â€

Lord Rahl shook his head. “No, I am not. I do not lust to rule. I take up the sword only because I have the ability to help oppose oppression.†<snip, blah blah blah>

“All we want is peace,†someone shouted.

Lord Rahl nodded. “I, too, wish nothing more than that there were peace, and I could go home to my beloved woods and led a simple life, but I can’t, any more than we can go back to the simple innocence of our childhood. Responsibility has been thrust upon me. Turning your back on innocents in need of help makes you the attacker’s accomplice. It is in the name of the innocent and defenseless that I take up the sword, and fight this battle.â€

Lord Rahl returned his arm to the center chair. “This is the chair of the Mother Confessor. For thousands of years the mother Confessors have ruled the Midlands with a benevolent hand, struggling to hold the lands together, to have all the people of the Midlands live as neighbors in peace, and to let them tend to their own affairs without fear of outside force.†He let his gaze roam the eyes watching him. “The council sought to break the unity and peace for which this room, this palace, and this city, stand, and of which you speak so longingly. They unanimously condemned her to death and had her executed.â€

Lord Rahl slowly drew his sword and laid the weapon at the front edge of the desk, where all could see it. “I told you I am known by different titles. I am also known as the Seeker of Truth, named so by the First Wizard. I carry the Sword of Truth by right. Last night I executed the council for their treason.

“You are the representatives of the lands of the Midlands. The Mother Confessor offered you the chance to stand together, and you turned your backs on that offer, and on her.â€

A man beyond Tobias’s view broke the icy silence. “Not all of us approved of the action the council took. Many of us wish the Midlands to stand. The Midlands will be joined yet again and made stronger for the struggle.â€

Many in the crowd voiced their agreement, vowing to do their best to bring unity again. Others remained silent.

“It is too late for that. You have had your chance. The Mother confessor suffered your bickering and intractability.†Lord Rahl slammed his sword back into its scabbard. “I will not.â€

“What are you talking about?†Duke Lumholtz asked, irritation embrittling <not a real word according to my spellcheck> his tone. “You’re from D’Hara. You’ve no right to tell us how the Midlands will function. The Midlands is our affair.â€

Lord Rahl stood statue still <again with the statues> as he directed his soft, but commanding voice to the crowd. “There is no Midlands. I dissolve it, here and now. From now on, each land is on its own.â€

“The Midlands is not your toy!â€

“Nor is it Kelton’s,†Lord Rahl said. “It was the design of Kelton to rule the Midlands.â€

“How dare you accuse us of…â€

Lord Rahl held up his hand, bidding silence. “You are no more rapacious than some of the others. Many of you were anxious to have the Mother Confessors and wizards out of your hair so you could carve up the spoils.â€


“The Midlands will not tolerate this interference in our business,†another voice called out.

“I am not here to discuss the governing of the Midlands. I have just told you, the Midlands is dissolved.†Lord Rahl regarded the crowd with a glare of such deadly commitment that Tobias had to remind himself to take another breath. “I am here to dictate the terms of your surrender.â€

<I’m going to stop here for now. This goes on and on. I’ll post the rest later on, but for now if I keep going, not only will my eyes start to bleed, but I’ll probably get the smackdown from one of the mods. Most likely Mormont. So, more to come.>

~Terry Goodkind, Blood of the Fold

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I commend you for your brave work Mad Moose (I could not even read all of that, my mind could not take it) but it will definitely be considered too long. I would advise cutting it down to avoid the Wrath of the Mods. A great shame to waste all your hard work copying that stuff but I don't want to see you get smacked down or this thread ended either.

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Good lord. I'm afraid I skipped half of that. Boring, boring, boring.

"I do not lust to rule."

“I am here to dictate the terms of your surrender.â€

Wizards Ninth Rule:

A contradiction can not exist


Iwill definitely be considered too long. I would advise cutting it down to avoid the Wrath of the Mods.

If the point of a post is the length of something, is it still wrong to post the whole length of it? :unsure:

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The wizard used his power to rent the city walls... shouldn't it be "rend?"

You know, compared to some of the stuff in Soul of the Fire and Naked Empire, this speech was short. Then again, if this might be too long to legally post I'd hate to see the legal issues that come up with those.

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Why did I have this vision of a strawmen army when reading Richard's speech? :huh:

In the end it amounts to: "the evil empire wants to dominate you, you better be free and let me dominate you instead. If you don't do as I say, you're not free and you're evil"

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Living in a country that has had its fill of military dictators that take the power and disband parliaments I have to say that Richard seems to know the job.

It would have been even more ironic, in my case, if this QotD had been posted yesterday.

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Where's Tess when you really need her?

Two books away?

ETA: Though one book back you had Pahme, or something close to that that was always begging Richard to releive his stress with her so it is not like you have to be terribly specific.

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Why did I have this vision of a strawmen army when reading Richard's speech? :huh:

In the end it amounts to: "the evil empire wants to dominate you, you better be free and let me dominate you instead. If you don't do as I say, you're not free and you're evil"

That's exactly what every single book is about. You made a correct summary ;)

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Thank you Mad Moose. That was somewhat lengthier then I remembered it. :read:

You are getting to the juicy parts with Richard's amazing ability to cut down on all needless compromises between various cultures. And the irrefutable logic he displays when he dismiss those who doesn't wish to fight against the evil empire. It's the seeker's arguments for a totalitarian regime that is the merit of this passage IMO.

Is it only me that find the worship the D'harans display for their beloved leader kind of strange? I mean freedom is such an important thing in Goodkind's credo. Why does his ideal citizens submit to Lord Rahl in an islamic fashion? It doesn't really sound like the american constitution that Goodkind reveres.

Also the D'harans Richard has claimed for his cause are infamous for looting, raping, and pillaging, yet now with the right leader, they are a force for good. Wouldn't that mean there is some hope for the Imperial order too?

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don't be a hero Mad Moose. i only skimmed this quote and i want to tear my eyes out. while most of the other quotes were more offensive or just plain stupid, this speech is just a gaping black hole of suckitude. i did get a chuckle out of the variation on "Richard was a big man, but these men were bigger" towards the start of the quote though. Goodkind is truly a master of description.

i do think this was an important quote that had to be posted though. as i've never actually read Goodkind beyond these quotes, a thought of "hey it might be fun to read one of his books just to laugh at it" was begining to worm its way into my head. thankfully this quote has ended all chance of that, there's no way i could ever make it through an actual Goodkind book :sick:

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You're being awfully logical. My head just burst.

The D'harans' behaviour always looked to me as an apology for nazi Germany (yeah they're all blonde, tall, good-looking, and have an obsession with pure blood), stating the obvious fact that, duh, they're like all of us after all. As for the Imperial Order, well them communists are bastards anyway, so who cares.


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You're being awfully logical. My head just burst.

The D'harans' behaviour always looked to me as an apology for nazi Germany (yeah they're all blonde, tall, good-looking, and have an obsession with pure blood), stating the obvious fact that, duh, they're like all of us after all. As for the Imperial Order, well them communists are bastards anyway, so who cares.


I always figured:

Westland - The United States. Pure and unspoiled.

Midlands - Western Europe. A bunch of bitchy mediocre powers.

D'Hara - Nazi Germany/Eastern Europe. Nasty bunch of racial purists and conquerors.

The Old World - Soviet Union. Huge powerful nation devoted to a rediculous ideology.

And of course its an American Westlander who comes to show them all the way. His way.

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