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  1. Catching up on the last two episodes. The dynamic of giving E terrine a sleeker look, while still having it be reminiscent of the 60s (when such polish wasn't really possible). Though at times, the ship feels...too big...a double decked sick bay? The engineering section looking like it came from the Kelvin ship. The bridge is a little spread out... Oddly...I'm not as bothered by this, as I was by the monstrosity that was the Kelvin Enterprise. There's enough to give me a sense that this could be the ship Kirk will command in a few years...though I think the stories, thus far, being so reminiscent of what one thinks of as Star Trek helps. And as a side note, is the Sam Kirk character supposed to have that Sam Rockwell from Galaxy Quest look...?
  2. And I was forced to order it. Will have it Tuesday...bah.
  3. I can agree with that. Though I do think Last Light also fits that somewhat. But this also reinforces what Longrider said, and I'll likely recommend starting with Under Heaven...
  4. One of the small business owned shops here in milwaukee I tried today also didn't have it, but they offered to order it for me. That defeats the purpose of putting it my hands now. That's my sad tale.
  5. Small, local bookstore in Milwaukie to patronize are also free and far between. Trying to get to one of the few now...may get lucky.
  6. Who I was going to be recommending to, this was what I thought might be best...but wasn't sure if it was the right place to start either. Side note: Neither B&N in my area has All the Seas of the World in stock on shelves and I'm kinda furious...time to find a local place that might have it...I planned my Sunday around picking this up!
  7. When recommending Kay to someone for the first time, do you start with Lions or one of the other stories...?
  8. After all he did for the cocaine orgies, does anyone actually think Madison is going to be let into any double secret Dark MAGA club...?
  9. Only on Westeros can we find an argument about the legal semantics of murder within a Batman movie in the middle of a Star Wars thread...
  10. No. That's the AoU theory on Fury. Anything is possible. I suppose it's also possible that some of this is a feint from the higher ups. Maybe only PART of the story is during the blip. I mean, the entire payoff of the real Fury being on that ship at the end of No Way Home needs to pay off...during the Blip on this show, maybe it's showing how SWORD came about...? Though only six episodes...
  11. Does that matter that much? Particularly if Secret Wars is a show about how things may or may not have been kept together during the Blip?
  12. I mean, they revealed that Fury and Hill in Spider-Man No Way Home were secretly Talos and another Skrull...why would Secret Invasion set during the Blip have anything different? The Skrulls trying to help Fury by making it seem like he wasn't blipped...though to have something like that during those 5 years, and NOT have some sort of involvement with the Avengers...? That'll be tougher to sell...
  13. Yeah. Whether you agree with the execution or not, I don't think a single one of the protagonists in any of the Disney+ shows is bland (except maybe Clint, but that's part of his shtick)...
  14. Yeah. That looks like fun. I'm ready for that. Also, is the "Attorney at Law" thing new to the title? I don't remember that...
  15. If you can find it, the manga adaptation of James P. Hogan's The Two Faces of Tomorrow with art and covers by Yukinobu Hoshino is just plain fun.
  16. I'm not going to argue the veracity of Burns the documentarian. At the time, The Civil War was amazing in its scope and production. I was in high school and enthralled. But, for me, as a voracious reader in general, it spurned me to read other things and to find out more beyond just the story. Thus I was able to see that there was more to Shelby Foote than what he presented. I also think that, should it be made today, from scratch, Ken Burns would present The Civil War much differently.
  17. Okay. I don't watch Discovery, so I didn't realize it had been covered. As to the timeline itself, guess I was off a little on what was going on. But how can it be 2259 in SNW? Or, how long was the Enterprise in Dock? If Pike was on Earth for nearly a year? Just trying to wrap my head about things.
  18. Have not seen SNW Episode 2 yet, but am being told by a friend that it implies that the events of the original pilot ("The Cage") have transpired prior to SNW. Is that what others are thinking? Is it important? Because it's making me wonder. (It's probably nothing...)
  19. Bah. Like I'm the first to ever miss the post three above and add something a second time...
  20. Well there's this... Florida Redistricting Plan Blocked by Court...
  21. You really do think the brakes within the system are still going to prevent the full on authoritarianism from coming to pass, don't you?
  22. Yeah. Zorral's correct on this one. Right now, they have to make that argument in case MAGA doesn't overrun everything by 2024...unfortunately, that's likely the only way control of everything goes to Republicans going forward... If the Republicans are back in control of everything come 2024, it's naive to think Mitch McConnell will actually be running anything. If they win control of everything by 2024, it'll be because of the hardcore MAGA base and McConnell and his ilk will either fall into line to get them what they want, or they'll see that there is someone there that will. And since Mitch likes power, and has shown to not be above kissing the ring, let's hope he doesn't get whiplash switching his position so quickly.
  23. Also, on another note, in a discussion with a friend of mine. And the question is: "Is SNW set in an alternate timeline than the prime timeline of TOS and TNG? Is this a "Discovery Timeline" and that gives more freedom to make alterations?
  24. I don't think that's actually what's being questioned. It's the complete 180 for her to be a PhD in biology, working as a civilian specialist. Oh I know what the wiki entries and Memory Alpha says. It's just odd. Odd, but it was the 60s originally. However in 2021 and soft re-booting some of these characters to brings them into the 21st century, there are some oddities to how they've played her. From Wiki: In "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", it is explained that Chapel abandoned a career in bio-research for a position in Starfleet. She had hoped that this would reunite her with her fiancé Dr. Roger Korby (Michael Strong), incommunicado following his expedition to the planet Exo III. Five years after Korby's disappearance, Chapel was assigned to the USS Enterprise where she served as head nurse, working under Dr. McCoy. Kirk and Chapel beam down and discover Korby had been exploiting a sophisticated android manufacturing technology on the planet. After Chapel is horrified to find out that Korby had transplanted his personality into an android replica, he kills himself in despair. Roddenberry later co-wrote in The Making of Star Trek that the actions of that episode resulted in Chapel breaking her ties to Earth and devoting herself to Starfleet service. After Korby's death, Chapel doubted if she should stay aboard, but elected to remain with the Enterprise throughout the five-year mission. I realize that this shouldn't bug me as much as it does. But this is one character that timelines feel off. The story seems odd. Ah well.
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