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ASoIaF Chess Tourney

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I was thinking for about half a minute that we could have an ASoIaF themed chess tournament here :ninja:

Even elementary knowledge of chess is sufficient, if you'd like to join. And if you think you can do better than elementary, you have a chance to prove it too :ninja:

And if we get at least eight people, we can proceed.

If you'd like to register for it, please post here. And if you wish, choose also an ASoIaF kingdom/company/army/character that you will represent. You can also play simply as yourself, but choosing something or someone makes it more ASoIaF related :ninja: When someone chooses an alias and posts it here, no one else can claim it.

The rules I have outlined are simple, but feel free to suggest corrections.

  • The players can register to play until the 7th of June. Either eight or sixteen people can work.
  • I will randomly divide everyone into pairs and announce the battles.
  • Each pair will have one week to find the time to play one game of chess online. At the moment I think chess.com might work for it, but feel free to make other suggestions. Yes, you have to make an account there to be able to play.
  • The winning party must take a print screen of the final result and message it to me. Comments from both sides on how the battles went are very very welcome too :ninja:
  • I suggest the standard fixed time for a game to be either 30 Minutes or 1 Hour, but I would like to hear every other opinion as well.
  • Once the first round is done, I will randomly divide the winners into new pairs and they will again have one week to play and inform me of the result.
  • In the end, there be only one to claim the crown :ninja:

I do not believe we have many chess players here, so I will only repeat that elementary knowledge qualifies you fully for this tournament :laugh: It is a first of the kind, with the winner first of this title :ninja:

Current list of players:

1. Helena ExMachina

2. Braavosi Lemons

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I will be the registrar, not a player. You can play.

Tempting. I'm not sure. I have a kind of love/hate relationship with chess. I wish I could play casually but I would get too into it, too competitive.

And I hate time limits!

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I suppose I could play.

A Martell joins the fight. Always promising :ninja: Welcome and registered! :shakes hands:

NO! If I am the only player, then I win! Muahahaha! :smug:

But then the Muahahaha might be lonely, with no body* to hear :ninja:

*No body of defeated enemy :ninja:

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The sign ups are over and we have a duel :ninja: If both combatants accept the challenge to step over only one body on the way to the crown :ninja: If you do, HelenaExMachina and Braavosi Lemons, you have till the sun sets the next Sunday eve to fight your battle. And when the messanger of the victor arrives at my gate, carrying the proof of their victory, I will declare the world champion here :ninja:

Edit: A flip of a coin decided that if neither of them runs from the fight, HelenaExMachina will lead the white army to battle, and Braavosi Lemons army will be in black.

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Since there's only two of us we could have the match in this thread using chess notation if HelenaExMachina is familiar with it.

If you both agree, I do not mind :ninja: And I don't mind if it takes a long time then :ninja: It is the only match now. The official recommendations are just if the combatants can not agree otherwise :ninja: Good luck :ninja:

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