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[Spoilers] Criticize Without Repercussion


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53 minutes ago, Ruhail said:

Thanks @teemo. In honour of Mothers day and today being the ep that shows the Tower of Joy I'd like to post the audiobook version and remind us all how great and well written it is: 




Heaven help me, I'm already prepped for a mess, listening to the real thing..........I can't imagine it might help?  YIKES and LOL 

I MISS NED!! Book and Show Ned. 

ETA:  Happy Mothers' Day to All  

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ooohooo...Medieval Mengele is now what? A nanny?

And I still refuse to believe that (book)Jaime would let some mysterious monster like Strong into the Kingsguard....


WHY!?!?!?! What are they doing to Jaime's character? He is awful, arrogant, worse than Book-Cersei ever was....

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