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[Poll] How would you rate episode 608?


How would you rate episode 608?  

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I gave it a 7, one of my least favorites of the season:


Riverrun: Riverrun was my favorite part of the episode. I enjoyed Brienne and Jaime's reunion, Jaime and Edmure's conversation, and everything Blackfish. I'm on the fence about how I feel about his death being offscreen. Offscreen deaths don't bother me, as long as they're done well, like Stannis, but I think they could've either set it up more, or simply shown him take out a few Lannisters before going down.


Braavos: Maybe I've watched too much television and movies, but I've had no problem believing Arya could survive the wound the Waif inflicted upon her. I've seen many television characters injured in a similar manner and survive. What I do have a problem with, though, is that she was able to race all across Braavos after receiving such a wound. If she had clutched her side and grimaced with pain as she ran, I could have accepted it, but she acted like she was fully healed. However, her confrontation with Jaquen and how she defeated the Waif were well done. I had no problem with the Waif's death being off screen.


Riverlands: This was ok. The Hound was great and it's good to have Beric and Thoros back to finally put LS rumors to rest, but nothing spectacular happened here.


King's Landing: Maybe this is my fault, but I was disappointed with the "I choose violence" scene. I was so hyped for that scene, and the Mountain only ended up killing one Sparrow. Other than that, it was fine. I liked the twist with Tommen banning trial by combat.


Mereen: This was the weakest plot point of the episode.The only time Tyrion x Missandei x Grey Worm has been a hit for me was when they were making deals with the masters. Other than that, it has all fallen flat. I also think there should have been more build up to the attack.


Conclusion: Not the greatest GOT episode, but still enjoyable. I can't wait for next week! 


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12 hours ago, dbunting said:

When you watch a new Superman movie do you find it perfectly credible that no one recognizes Clark Kent as Superman because of his glasses?

No, I don't.

12 hours ago, dbunting said:

Do you think it was perfectly acceptable that Andy DuFrane carried out a short tunnels worth of material from his cell to the yard and no one ever noticed the different colored material on the ground?

No, I didn't

12 hours ago, dbunting said:

Do we all accept it when the hero in a spy movie gets shot and lives but random bad guy gets shot and dies instantly?

I don't.

12 hours ago, dbunting said:

Do we accept it when there are a thousand bullets flying at the hero and he is missed and yet he does a jump roll, comes up firing with a pistol and hits his target?

Again, no.

12 hours ago, dbunting said:

Some things you take note of while watching and shake your head, but then you make your choice. Is this that big of a deal or do I ignore it and watch the rest of what I consider to be a really good show?

That's why the examples you've provided are not some of my favorite stories and I don't consider them to be brilliantly written literature. I do have this expectation of Got. They have shown in the first season that they were capable of making a pragmatic adaption of ASOIAF, but have since lost interest in doing so. d$d pander to the lowest common denominater, and have no competence in telling a coherent, intelligent story. It's one thing to have to rely on suspension of disbelief occasionally, but two or three times a scene is unacceptable.

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10 hours ago, xjlxking said:

One is almost tempted to vote Hugh just because of the doomsayers in this forum. Non-stop hate. Thanks for watching, supporting the show you seem to hate so much. You showed us!


7.5/10. Probably the weakest episodes this week. The best parts was the Hound, and the twist in kinds landing. I was really hoping for mountain having a huge fight, sucks that it won't happen

Your free to do as you please, but at least my vote is an honest opinion reflecting the quality of the show, not some attempt to tip the balance of a meaningless poll in my favor.

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9 hours ago, dbunting said:

See, again I am not saying that. I have been stating over and over that a lot of people who dislike the show do so because the show doesn't fit what they want to happen based on their expectations and find any details they can to rant and rave.

If you can suspend belief for one show, or one trope, then why not another? The show is hugely popular and has a loyal following, so it may not be the story telling you and others are looking for, but apparently others are.

Plenty of mis steps in the show no doubt, anything Dorne related, too many brothel scenes, Arya stabbing and quick recovery, too many times where Dany makes a grandeur stance in front of or surfing on a crowd, etc..  But, in my mind, the great things out weigh the others and I am ok with that.

No, what the others enjoy is cheap sensationalist spectacle, not story telling. There is no story being told anymore, it's just jumping from one shocking scene to another by any logic defying means necessary.

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A 6.5, so it falls into a 7.

Arya's scenes were the weakest part. My mom (unsullied) and I were both just grimacing at the screen muttering wtf. It made no sense. I could rant for hours, but I'm sure other posters have already pointed out how disappointing the resolution of her story arc in Braavos was. This is what it lowered my rating sadly...

Tyrion, even as I think Dinklage is great, has been having the same scenes with no chemistry (nor plot point) in the whole season. Him getting drunk and trying to kill boredom with boring GreyWorm and Missandei?? Nope.

Cersei's "I choose violence" was my favourite part, because though I like the calm Cersei Headly plays, I really wanted to see her doing something extreme.

Dany's entrance was exciting just because it was unexpected her falling from the sky with a look of "wtf happened here?" like she didn't expect it.

Jaime+ Brienne, Bronn+Pod were also high points in the episode. Black fish was fine till he refuses to run away. Good they killed him right away.

Showing that tBwB didn't turn into mundane killers was also a nice touch, and featuring Thoros is always a go go with me.




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2/10 worst episode of the season so far 

From Arya being magically healed over night by an actor to Blackfish dying off camera it was just an utter shit fest. The hound made me laugh and Edmure and Jamie had that 1 great scene so overall about 8 minutes of entertainment 

Also this episode bummed me out because it finally made me accept that Lady Stoneheart will not be on the show.

Ive lost all hope :angry:

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2 hours ago, Darkstream said:

  And fuck, eight episodes in and I can't recall a single consequence of Jon actually fucking dying. 

Uhm....man bun



as for sansa I disagree on the whole "rape" thing but I can leave that to the side for now. What is important is exactly what you point out...that there is no meaning

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I didn't like this episode much.

- The siege of Riverrun was underwhelming for all parties involved. Brienne was pointless. Blackfish died off screen? seriously?

- Arya is yet again a victim of the waif...so last epsiode wasn't even a trick, just Arya being dumb.

+ The Hound killed bandits.

+ Is Arya really leaving Bravos now?

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I think this season has been pretty good so far despite some rocky and clunky writing...but this episode was really really bad.  The Arya stuff was unforgivably bad, I think Riverrun/Brienne's mission didn't accomplish much and really could have and should have been much better due to Jaime's poor characterization on the show, and the Mereen stuff continues to be terrible.

The saving grace of this episode was the Clegane brothers.  I really liked the King's Landing stuff and the Brotherhood without Banners stuff (although I wish Lem Lemoncloak got more to do).

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