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Suzanna Stormborn

[Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

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1 minute ago, Newstar said:

Oh, I agree, as I've said, but this idea that Book Sansa hates or "despises" Tyrion and TV Sansa's appreciation of Tyrion's kindness is some sort of unforgivable violation of the source material is garbage.

I did not mean to give the impression that I thought Book Sansa hates or despises Tyrion.  As I said to begin with, I think she grew to understand him - but that's just about where her feelings stop.  And I actually quite like how they altered the Tyrion-Sansa relationship in the show.  It's a testament to how basic communication can reconcile seemingly intractable situational obstacles.  Frankly I wish Martin had more of it in the books.  So no, I certainly don't think it's an unforgivable violation of the source material.

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The wedding kneeling scene was changed because the lead up to it was very different. Almost all the people who discuss this seem to forget that Tyrion himself came to warn Sansa about the marriage, well before it went through. He could do so because Tywin acted openly on the show, but used an ambush (on the Tyrells and on Sansa) in the books (with Tyrion going along). The relation between Tyrion and Sansa, right before the wedding, was cordial on the show. In the books, the relationship was not only more distant, it was also coloured greatly by Tyrion keeping the info from her until five minutes before the ceremony. No wonder that book-Sansa wasn't in a kneeling mood. Show-Sansa was far more likely to show consideration for the feelings of her ally Tyrion.

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