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Ser Dips A lot

Ranking The Individual Fighters Of Westeros

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I know there’s a lot of posts on this and what not but I get a lot of enjoyment about of this so I wanted to make this. So before I begin, I wanted to make it known that this is going to be a ranking system of individual fighters, on their prowess and combat skills, with in a 1-10 scoring system. 10 would be near invincible and is used only as a reference because I don’t personally place anyone as a 10 in my rankings; no one is invincible and even the legendary knights of old are mortal. This will cover all periods of Westeros and all fighters will be scored at their prime capabilities, with their weapons of choice (Valyrian Steel weapons are to be calculated for). 


1. Arthur Dayne(Dawn) - 9.7

2. Daemon Blackfyre(Blackfyre) - 9.5

3.The Dragonknight(Dark Sister) - 9.4

4. Gwayne Corbray(Lady Forlorn) - 9.3

5. Barristan Selmy - 9.2

6. Jaime Lannister - 9.1

7. Sandor Clegane - 8.9

8. Oberyn Martell - 8.8

9. Garlan Tyrell - 8.8

10. Gregor Clegane - 8.7

So that’s my top 10. I give anyone with a 9 or above legendary status,  these fighters are renown as the greatest of all time. Everyone else is extremely lethal and above 8.5 is what I consider to be top tier quality, marking highly skilled and capable of wounding/killing anyone in certain circumstances. Gregor could kill anyone with a single blow so he’s sort or the anomaly here I used as my example in making the point that everyone here is so deadly, that anything could happen in single combat between any of the above, and lesser skilled fighters could upset higher ranked opponents in certain circumstances. But, these are my rankings when it comes to true prowess and abilities. 




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For the sake of prowess focus and not depending on personal weapon advantages, my rank gives every fighter the best version of their favourite weapon of choice. Prowess/ Combat skill will be ranked having into account weapon skill, book and word of grrm feats, physical and mental advantages for armed and unarmed combat...

1. Barristan Selmy (VS sword) 9.8

2. Robert Baratheon (Warhammer) // Arthur Dayne  (Dawn) 9.7

3. Jaime Lannister (VS sword) 9.6

Those are my mount rushmore of asoiaf, with Robert and Jaime having had a potencial + 0.1 each if the first had not stopped fighting before prime age and the latter had not lost his hand prior to top experience.

The rest are all below 9.5 imo and each can be 5. or 10. like the cleganes, oberyn, loras, garlan etc. Great warriors +100 years past like Daemon Blackfyre or Aemon the Dragonknight (who could be 5. and 6. ranked) do not make my top 4 while being elite because advances all those years in combat knowledge and nutrition are to be accounted in my view...

To justify my first pick, Selmy is the elite of elites in almost every field of combat, feats that make him look like the author's fetish martial god, there is no way i can read his deeds in this story and not make him out to be the standard


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