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Babylon 5 officially being rebooted

The Dragon Demands

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We enjoyed it for what it was, which was a bit of a love letter to the show and its fans, corny humor and all. It was creaky in various ways, but they were largely understandable (some of the actors haven't been acting that much anymore, and are 20 years removed from their characters; some of the animation was less impressive than one could have hope, but it had a straight-to-Bluray budget; JMS indulged a little bit more in the humor than I had expected, but I guess he was influenced by the animation), and it was nice to be back with those characters and with that setting again.

Hopefully it did well enough for more, but I won't hold my breath. I did find the way it intended intriguing, and made me wonder at where some of the changes lay. In particular...


You get the sense that Sinclair was not ever B5's commander, much less its first commander... so who was? Does this also mean he does not have the holes in his memory, wasn't at the Battle of the Line, is not in fact Valen? Hrm...


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