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Hodor is evil

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Repeat after me: Hodor is not evil!  He's just angry and getting ready to blow his top.  Why?  That damn crippled kid!  He treats Hodor like a mule by making him carry the fool to the cave all the way from Winterfell without even a thank you.  Then he gets inside his mind to use his body and Hodor hides his mind because, gods damn it, it hurts and is also terrifying!  Because of all this running around with Bran on the brain, he misses meals and dog gone it, he's hungry.  Plus, and this is the kicker, the crippled kid keeps Hodor away from the pretty young maiden with the net.  Hodor's not evil, he's just really, really pissed!    :angry2:


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How else can we scream that we are bored and need a new book?!:/ not coffee table books, picture books, calendrers, asoiaf encyclopedia, and not the 100th edition of Targaryen history! But winds of winter! That would keep us from EVIL threads

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Hodor is the accomplice of the Others and evil. He is a part of Bran's party who will betray humanity and let Others through the Wall. Bran is going to the dark side and Hodor is helping him. Once he reunites with Jon (who is a traitor to the watch and ruined it) and Arya (who is an evil psychopath killer that needs to be locked up forever), Bran will lead an army of Others upon Hodor's shoulders together with his siblings. The hospitable Freys and friendly Boltons will hold the line of life and humanity until Daenerys arrives with her dragons. She, accompanied by totally peaceful Dothraki, Barriston, Tyrion and others, will defeat them and create a new Empire of Dawn, becoming the true, perfect magical dragon queen. How do I know this? Well, I cannot present any actual evidence, but you have to trust me. I am actually a mind reader and have read George's mind. 

Insert any other argument made by Dany cult members and their potential (alt) accounts.

PS: In case anyone actually takes this seriously, I feel the need to clarify that I am being sarcastic. :D

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